Perfect Prom Night


First i will establish each person in the story. theres me a 6' 150 lbs athletic build brown long shaggy hair. Hazel eyes, 6-pack and a 7 inch dick. Then my date in the story is a very liitle 5' maybe 100lbs cute and sexy girl. Part indian so beautiful hair and a little darker tint to her skin tone. She had pirky little a cup boobs but stil nice and round adn full. A cute little ass and nice toned legs.  Like most people i couldn't wait for my senior prom. It was comng down to the end of the year and everyone just wanted to have fun and to be honest everyone just wanted to get some. I asked a girl i actually dated in middle school and grew to kinda not like so much in high school. But of course i was so curious what it would be like to actually get more phyisical then just kissing her. We had started to get along alot and catch up towards the end of the school year and we were always very flirtatious together. I asked her a very cute way by sneaking over to her house late at night (her house was about 45 minutes away) and spelled out prom with tea candles on the street in front of her house. I lit them all called her and asked her to come outside and thats when i was standing there with flowers. She came out wearing these tiny little shorts and a sports bra. She got the biggest smile on her face and jumped into my arms and the whispered i was hoping youd ask me and got down and yes yes.


    Two weeks later it was a saturday and me and my buddies were getting ready for the night. There were 6 of us guys and 6 girls going in our group on the limo and such. I decided i would cook everyone dinner. So throughout the day me and my buddies were smoking and drinking getting ready and cooking. Eventually my parents came home and finsished up the cooking as the girls came. I was wearing a black suit with a peridot green vest and bow tie. My date a very little girl seemed like she didnt change much from when i dated her in 8th grade. she was wearing this sexy little dress, strapless the top around her breast was white and then the rest was black. It had a beautiful design printed on it. She was also wearing some high black heels. I couldn't help myself but walk up give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her how beautiful she looked. She thanked me and we as well as everyone else sat down for dinner  We all sat back talked and ate. it was quite a fun dinner with everyone lots of laughs and memories shared. Throughout the dinner me and my date would be playing foosy or her hand would accidently fall in my lap for a few second. then once we were done the limo came.

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   We all got inside and once we pulled away from my house we start playing some music and drinking. We drove around partying in the limo for a while then we got to the dance. We all went out and started dancing. Because my date was wearinf heels she was actually a pretty good height for dancing. she started moving her hips and grab my jacket and pulled me behind her grinding up on me. i grabbed her hand woth on of my hands and her hip with the other and started d=grinding back up on her. Now i love dacing its a great foreplay for me maybe my favorite so i was loving this. We danced together and sepratly with epople throughout the night but found eachother again. We started dancing again this time much more sexual and intimate then before. She was really pushing up on me and me her. She wrapped her arms around my back to hold me right next to her and i would have my hand right on her inner theigh pulling her back towards me. She looked back at me and we started kissing. The kiss was as if we were back in 8th grade, two little kids making out. After we went to look for where everyone else was. One coule had gotten kicked out and another needed to go now before they each got sick so we left.

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   we dropped of that couple at one of their houses. the other 3 wanted to go to a party so we dropped them off but me and my date decided to stay.   Needless to say we were drunk as well so i was expecting pretty much instant action. But at first she just came cross the limo to the backk where i was sitting and sat on my lap. She kissed me once but then we started talking. one thing led to another and we started argueing a little, about the past about us just not really liking eachother. But throughout the entire arguement we staring into eachothers eyes seeing the fire that we each wanted to explore so bad. She beat me too it and moved on leg so she was now straddling me. she grabbed my hair and pulled it back as she started kissing my neck. she worked her way up and started making out with me. i grabbed her by the waist and just picked her up and i just moved straight forward till i was on top of her. right then the drived rolled the window down and asked where we wanted to go. He couldnt see either of us but my date answered and asked if he could just drive around. He rolled the window up and she pulled my face tpwards hers agan as we started kssing. We would pretty much take turns sucking on echothers bottom lips and tongues.

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   she would bite but very lightly. Since i was so much bigger then her her pussy was around where my belly button was and her feet were around my knees. she then wraped each leg around each of my theighs and had me pinned on top of her. This was one of the sexiest moves ever done to me. after a while of kissing she un wrapped her legs off of me and got back to straddling me but we were just sitting on the floor. I was sitting indian stlye with her in my lap and her legs wrapped around me. We just sat that kissing and feeling eaothers body.  i started unzipping her dressonce it was all the way un zipped she just seemed to back out of it and slipp right out of it. Once she slipped out i saw what she had on under it. A very very sexy red and black lac bustier and matching sexy little boy shorts. Shae crawled her way back to the bench right ebhind the window. She knocked on the window and he rolled it down just a tiny bit and she asked him to turn up the music and looked back at me and smiled. she sat there laying back with her legs apart. i started taking off my jacket shirt and vest and went up right inbewteen her legs and started kissing her again. my hands were on her thieghs sqeezing and rubbing them.

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   I moved them up to the top of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs, she started giggling at 1st and was just smiling at me the rest of the time. once i got them all the way off pushed her ober to where the bench on the limo went down the side so i had a place i could be. she stayed so she was partially sitting up and got down lying on my stomach and placed my face right in front of her pussy. Sh was already getting a little wet just in anticipation. she put her legs over my shoulders and rest rest them across my back.    I licked fromt the bottom of her pussy all the way up then kissed her clit. she let out a big sigh as i kissed her clit so i decided to kiss it again. she sighed again so i i did it again but this time wropped my lips around it and as i pulled away slowly left it in my lips for a little. i did this again but this time as he clit was inbetween my lips i played with it with the tip of my tongue. She let out a little squeal and started breathing really heavily. I started playing with her boobs with my left hand and then i stuck my rigt muddle finger all the way up her pussy. i kept kissing/licking/sucking on her clit as i rubber her nipples and finger her pussy. she grabbed my hand that was on her breasts and started sucking on my fingers. i took my other fingers out of her pussy and held those up to her mouth and she started sucking those clean aslo. i decided i would slide my tongue in her pussy now wand right when i did her legs on my back grabbed me and she turned us both over so now she was on top and sitting on my face.

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   my tongue was a few inches into her pussy and she just started moaning. i lay there just sticking my tongue out as she grabbed the end of the bench that she was just leaning back again. she then started rocked her body back and forth on my face having my tongue go i and out of her incredibly tight pussy. she was face fucking me. . . and i was loving every minute of it. she kept humping my face at a fairly slow and gentle pace until i felt her warm juices flowing down my tongue and kinda getting everywhere on my face.    I got up and whipped off my face i went and sat next to her. She pulled my face to hers and started making out with me and rubbing my dick through my pants even after my tongue was going in and out hf her wet pussy. sfter the kiss she smiled and say mm i taste good and giggled. I knew she didnt get blowjobs but there was no need after having her on my face i was already plenty hard. She got down on her knees as if she were gonna suck it though. she un zipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. She was shocked at how big i was and didnt really know what to do at firtst.

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   She then grabbed it and took the head in her mouth and came back away. I told her she didnt have to suck my dick since she i knew she didnt realy like to but i told her she would have to let me dick slap her instead. She just sat there so i grabbed hte base of my dick and she closed her eyes. i came straight across and got her right on the cheek hard. I loved doing this, this was part of the hate i had for her coming out and it felt great. it left a little red mark on her cheek and just smiled and almost enjoyed it.  She did get up and say one's enough though and put one knee on the bench seat and swung her other leg over. my dick was two big to just go under her as she did this since shes so small so her pussy ened up being right over the bottom part of my dicking pushing my dick up against my stomach. her pussy was still a little wet from before and she started rubbing her pussy up and down the bottom part of my dick. I reached into my jacet pocket pust a condom on and looked her in the eye and said your all mine now and she just smiled. I grabbed her waist and pickedup her up over my dick. she grabbed my dick and directed it in. i lowered her down on top of it and the 1st inch was on once her knees hit the couch. she kept lowering herself down till my dick just wouldnt go in any futher. she had been almost crying during this she was so tight. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   but she knew what she was doing and slowly worked herlf up and down on my dick. she also moved in circles and figure 8's to help herslef loosen up. once she was loose she took the reigns and took over. she started riding me att her speed and her intensity. She would ride me really hard and fast and would then slow down but would fuck with the same insensity and hardness. She started slwoing down and then stopped moving with my dick inside her. she started leaning backand then laid down on my upper legs. i grabbed her hips and started bringing her back and forth at a very slow and easy pace. her breaths would come and come with the mtion and timing of her fucking as i brought bac towards me and my cock went deeper into her she wuld breath out slow and easy and then as i left her off she would breath in.   Now i pulled her off completely and put her on the bench again i got down at the end of it where there was no arm rest or anything and it just stopped. she crawled down the bench and swung her body around so her pussy was by me again. She was laying on her back fingering herself until i got situated to start fucking again it was a perfect possision like her being at the end pf a bed. she lay there legs wide apart rubbing her perfectly shaved clit grinning at me as i grabbed the base of my dick. But instead of thrusting it inside of her i grabbed it and slapped her pussy with it. the head comming right down on her clit and she gasped and squealed a little i did it a few more times to show her who was boss.

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  i slide my dick in her pussy and started slow but deep. my entire dick was going inside her for the first time and she was loving it. biting her lip squinting light moaning she loved every bit of it. she moved her legs up no against my chest so her legs and upper body were at a 90 degree angle. i started fucking her so hard that my balls were slapping and clapping against her ass. she started moaning loader and loader.  before she got so load that the driver could hear her over the music i fliped her over on her stomach. her face then in the bench pillows so she could screeam if need be and not be too loud. her legs fell open ofcourse and of course i was right between with my dick in her this enitre time. i grabbed her wrists and started pulling her back towards me as i would come toward her fucking her harder then antyhing so far. as i was fucking her she started sticking her ass up a little let me get to her pussy a little easier. she ended up on her knees with her ass up in the air and me hitting her pussy from the back doggystyle.  The whole time before this we had been fucking while she had her crsett on the whole time. but now with her back facing me i started untieing it and taking it off. i had her top off but i still couldnt see her tits.

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   so as i was fucking her fro beind i started grabbing her boobs and rubbing her nipples with my fingers. as she was backing up on my dickk her ass cheeks would sread apart and i could see her ass hole. i started grabbing her ass and my right hand moved closer to her hole. i started playing with the outside of it with my thumb and she didnt seem to mind i pressed it up against her whole and she squirmed a little but not in resentment but in enjoyment. as she kept backing up and forth against my dick i stuck my thumb into her ass. she screamed lightly but the pillow helped mask it and then she love it she would start working her body against my dick so both my dick and thumb would go in as far as she wanted them to. wheni took my thumb out of her ass it was open a little so i decided to spit down. the hot wet salvia in her ass helped her get even more wored up and she started boucning off my pelvis and bouncing right back. i started rubbing her clit with on hand and played with er titties with the other. she started orgasming again but this was a very long one 10-15 seconds, the whole time i slowed down alwost to a stop and went in and out of her slow milking her orgasm for all it was worth.    She fell to the ground with a huge smile on her face and said thank you. i finally got to see her boobs, that were amazing. little peny or nickle shapped nipples that when they were hard just poped out a tiny little bit. i smiled at her and said how now im not done yet though. .


  . she got up on her knees pushed me into a seat and ripped the condom of my dick. she then took my head in her mouth just like last time sucking hard having my dick head rub up against the top of her mouth. she focus on my head for the first little bit then came up and took about half of my dick in her mouth pulling away from it nice and slowly. she worked that half of my dick back and forth as her hand worked my other part. i lay back and closed my eyes as she kepting going back and forth on my dick. she would love it when my dic would twitch a little in her mouth cause she knew she was doing something right. the time she was liking just the very tip of my dick was an example of this. i brought my head up and looked at her as soo as i did she looked up at me and gave me the okay. so i placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward down to the bas of my dick. she took the 5 1/2 inches well then gagged though and had to start over. we tried again and the same thing happened. she was determined this time and looked into my eyes as she went down on my dic she got to the same place and saw my eyes roll to the back of my head. then she forced her way down to the rest even grabbing my ass to bring the entire dick n her mouth. my pubes were in her teeth and then she realeased and gasped for air.


   she sat back and i got up and start masterbating telling her i was about to come. and when i did i came, all over her tits around her mouth in her mouth on her forehead and i even got a little in her hair.    We then each kinda cleaned off as best we could then had the limo drop us off at my house and then go pic up the other people. when we got into my house we went to straight to my bedroom but not for more just to pass out cause we were already so tired from the 1st time  Please comment/rate. . . .

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