Sammi's Adventures


Their team ended up winning the game thus allowing them to proceed to the playoffs; they went down and congratulated Zach on the game winning point. Sammi decided to go to the bathroom really quickly and so she would just use the one in the cheerleaders locker room since it was closest. She walked in and headed toward the stalls where she proceeded to allow the warm liquid to slowly trickle from in between her pussy lips. As she finished up she heard a strange notice from the stall next to her, this was followed by a loud giggle and a moan. "What the heck?" she thought to herself. She took a glance under the stall walls expecting to only take a peek, but was stopped in her tracks by the spectacle laid out before her. Jenny was leaned back against the door with her cheerleading outfit still on and her skirt flipped up to her waist exposing her pantiless vagina. All the while another cheerlead who was also in full cheerleader outfit was down on her knees eating Jenny's cunt. Sammy didn’t know the other girl but watched as she reached behind her and lifted up her skirt, stretched her small pink thong out of the way and began to finger herself. "Oooo" another moan escaped Jenny's mouth causing the young girl to giggle into her clean shaved cunt. Sammi could see as the girls tongue flicked in and out of the shinning pussy, as she had two figures spreading it open. As Jenny leaned there with her pink vagina completely exposed and another women tongue fucking her Sammi began to feel a small tingle in her stomach followed by a small trickle of liquid. This site of two girls engaging in sexual activities was actually making her quite horny! She felt her hand go down instinctively to her leaking cunt. She slipped her hand into her tight blue jeans gathered up a small sample of the fluid and then slowly licked it off. She began slowly inserting her finger into the small opening, spreading the vagina lips slightly. She was not stranger to masturbation as she did it quite a couple times a week, but she was still a virgin and had never gone past the point of making out.

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   She hadn’t even seen a male naked nor had one seen her naked. She just never felt the right time with Scott, and they had only been going out for a couple weeks and she liked to take things slow. So her vagina was still tight and very little insertion or movement was required to cause pleasure. As she worked her cunt, she heard the moans from Jenny begin to become more rapid. Sammi gazed from under the stall around the room wondering if anyone could here the commotion, she saw that they were the only ones there. She decided to take advantage of that and slide her own jean off as well as her panties. She lay on the cold bathroom floor with her head peering up at Jenny's cunt in the next stall, with her hand roaming her now naked lower body. She began inserting a second fingure and really working her pussy, she checked to see if Jenny or the mystery cheerleader could see her but she decided that the angle was blocking her and they were too busy in their "activities" to notice her. Sammi started to feel a orgasm build up in her stomach as she heard Jenny's moans become shouts of pleasure. Then all of a sudden a long moan escaped Jenny's mouth as Sammi saw a small stream of excretions flow out of her pussy and all over the other girls face. The girl let her fingers fall from her now spread vagina and rose up from her knees. She was now eye level with Jenny and Jenny began licking her own excretions off the face and out of the mouth of her fellow cheerleader. As their tongues began to exchange saliva and Jenny's excretions, Sammi could feel her own orgasm near complete. As she worked the two fingers in and out of her now shimmering vagina and massaging her clit, the two cheerleaders retrieved a bag that had been sitting on the top of the toilet she had missed. The unknown girl bent over resting her hands on the bars on each side of the stall and spreading her legs wide.

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   She then leaned far forward so that she was facing the ground. Sammi quickly slid a little the side so as not to be spotted. Samantha then noticed what Jenny was looking for in the bag, she pulled out a strap on dildo harness! "Oh" Sammi gasped as she looked at the size of the large dildo, "It must be 11 inches long and 4 inches around" she thought. Finally she realized what was happening, Jenny strapped the harness on and rested the head just in front of the other girls stretched cunt. She slowly moved forward allowing the head the spread the lips of her pussy wider. Sammi's hand fell from her own pussy as she gaped at the spectacle before her, she had never watched pornography nor seen a penis. Even the site of a fake one made her breath sped up, and the site of it being inserted into this other girl was making her sweat with anticipation. Jenny started rocking forward sliding the dildo in inch by inch until it was a whole 7 inches in the girls cunt. "Here cums the rest" Jenny said no louder than a whisper and she forced the other 4 inches into the girls vagina with force that Sammi never thought Jenny capable of possessing. "Gooooood" a long moan came from the nameless cheerleader as her cunt accepted the long instrument into her body. Sammi gazed as the long fake cock slid all the way out and then back into the now swelling vagina. Sammi's hand drifted back down to her pussy and she worked 3 whole fingers up into her tight pussy. This was more than she ever had in her at one time and it brought unspeakable pleasure mixed with smidgens of pain. As she worked her hand sliding the fingered in and out of her tight cunt spreading the lips farther than they had ever gone, Jenny was working the long dildo in and out of the cheerleaders cunt. Sammi watched as the vagina was completely warped out of shape, the lips making a sucking sound as they engulfed the dildo smearing her fuck juices all over it.

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   At this point Sammi felt the largest orgasm she ever had sneak up on her sending her body convulsions of pleasure. Moans began to escape from her mouth but she kept silent for fear the two fucking teenage cheerleaders would hear her. She felt large amounts of fluid begin to pour into the palm of her hand. She often enjoyed the taste of her own juices as she slowly poured them onto her tongue and letting them swish around in her mouth. As she lapped her own liquids and licked them from her lips she saw the other two still going at it hard. "Oh crap! Scott is still waiting for me" she though as she jumped up and hurriedly yet quietly pulled up her panties and jeans. She quietly sneaked out of the locker room taking one last look at the two pairs of lean cheerleader legs being harshly forced together. She noticed the small trickily of blood and cum flowing from the girls cunt. Chapter 2--Sammi's First TasteAs she left the bathroom Scott threw a fit over her health, asking if she was sick or what took her so long. When she asked how long she was in there he said 35 minutes. "Wow" she though "that is the longest I have ever masturbated before reaching orgasm". Scott informed her of a party that was taking place at Zach's house in celebration of the game. His parents were letting him have this party as a reward and decided to step out for the night and leave the kids be. She told him that she wanted to go home and clean up beforehand, not telling him the reason was because of all the excretions soaking her panties and jeans. As she was walking the short distance home (Insisting Scott not drive her, for she would have soaked the seats with cum) she started to notice a large van following behind her.

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   It was not going much faster than 10 miles an hour but was quickly gaining on her. As she made a couple turns just to make sure it was following her she broke into a sprint rushing the rest of the way home. She dodged through a alley and climbed a fence but made it to her front door while losing the van. Still a little rattled but trying to convince herself she was overreacting she went up stairs and changed clothing. She stripped naked wiped the remaining cum residue from her body and then changed into a small black dress that was tight fitting. She had put on a push up bra as it was the only way the dress looked normal. The bottom of the dress stopped just above her knees and the top was a tube top kind of design with a cut off that stopped revealing maximum cleavage. This was Scott's favorite dress so she figured she would wear it. As she walked down stairs she wondered if she should tell Zach of Jenny's bisexuality. But then again she wondered if it would risk them finding out about her little show. Just as she reached the bottom of the steps she heard the doorbell. "Wonder who that could be" she though. She glanced out a window only to see the van that followed her right in her driveway. The doorbell sounded again, she could feel her skin get Goosebumps, her nipples becoming hard and pressing against the tight dress. She moved toward the door and peeked through the peephole.

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  To her surprise she saw a cheerleader. She did not recognize her, and she didn’t believe it was the one from the stall. Then again she did have her face in cunt or facing the opposite direction the whole time. She slowly opened the door and stepped around the corner. "Hi" the girl said, "Could I have a word with you outside?". Sammi stepped outside and the girl began to talk, "I believe that you watched me and Jenny today, Jenny said she caught a glimpse of you but wanted to see if you would stay". Sammi's heart rate sped up, It was the girl from the stall! "Ummmm. . . I. . . I mean. . .

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  I didn’t want to. . . " Sammy stuttered, when the girl cut in "No, its ok, we like being watched. But we need to ask you not to tell anyone, or we could tell how horny it made you. "Sammi agreed on this and when the girl offered her a ride to the party Sammi began moving to the van and her heartbeat returned to normal. As Sammi opened the sliding back door and climbed in she got a view of what was inside. The back had no seats in it, and instead had blankets spread out all over. She could only assume that this van was another place that the two cheerleaders engaged in their forbidden sex. They talked on the way about the basketball game, there were a lot of awkward silences but at least she found out her name, it was Stephanie. They arrived at the party and it was a madhouse, the music was loud and the living room was getting trashed. There didn’t seem to be any alcohol but she did see some smoking in one corner of the kitchen. She danced for a while with Scott and they decided to stop and get a drink. As she was pouring some cola from a liter a person bumped into her spilling it all over her dress. The person was Stephanie, she apologized a lot and Zach instructed that the towels were up in his parents room.

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   She broke off from Scott and as she headed toward the stairs. She went upstairs, there was no one up there since this was off limits and this was a fairly organized party and few rules were being broken. She went into the room and reached the closet. Just as she opened it she felt a pair of hand slip around her waist. These were not the big strong hands of Scott or another man but they were small and delicate. She turned around and there was Jenny standing there in her panties and bra. At the corner of the room her small red dress was neatly folded. "How long has she been here?" She then realized that Stephanie knocked into her on purpose. She gazed down at the dark red bra and panties and felt the fluttering of her heart. Jenny stood a inch over her and pushed up against her, into the corner with her breasts right up against Sammi. "I saw you watching me and Stephanie" Jenny whispered as she leaned foreword and nibbled on Sammi's ear. "I know how wet we made you, how much you wanted to join in" She began running her hands through Sammi's hair till they were at the back of her head. Sammi just stood there wide eyed with no idea as to what to do. She felt the desire in her, she knew she did want her, but it just didn’t seem right. Jenny then pulled Sammi's head forward into a long passionate kiss.

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   She began putting her tongue in Sammi's mouth moving it around, massaging her tongue with her tongue. And before she knew it Sammi was kissing back, in fact she now had dominance over the kiss. She could no longer fight the decide. She reached behind her and unzipped the dress letting it fall the ground. And there they stood, Jenny in here red bra and panties and Sammi in here black pushup bra and thong. The next thing she knew she was on the bed and her hands were running all up Jenny's body, massaging her breasts, rubbing her long legs, palming her cunt through the panties and passionately licking and sucking on her tongue and neck. Soon they pulled apart both gasping for air, Jenny slowly slid her bra off and Sammi did the same. For a second Sammi stared astounded at how large Jenny's breasts were once they were released from their prison. Then off came the panties and again they both threw themselves at each other grasping each other breasts, pulling the nipples, sucking on them. Sammi lay sucking on Jenny's large breasts all the while Jenny began copping a feel of Sammi's ass and cunt. "Take me now" Sammi said, wishing to have the same treatment that had made her so horny earlier. As she laid back on the bed Jenny stuck her head down in the lap of Sammi, then flipping herself over as to allow for Sammi to suck her also. They were in a 69 position both sucking and licking hard on each other clits. Sammi slid here tongue in and out of the loose opening that was Jenny's obviously very un-virgin cunt. She lapped at the pussy lips pulling them open.

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   Sucking the juice that drizzled out, then sucking hard on her clit. Jenny began darting her tongue in and out of Sammi's tight virgin pussy leaving long strings of cum and saliva connecting her cunt and Jenny's face. Jenny began darting her tongue between her clit and her anus, creating a sensation that Sammi could never have imagined. Both were on the brink of orgasm but it was Sammi that came first. Just as Jenny darted to the pussy and shoved her tongue deep in between her cunt lips, a large fountain of fluids flowed out. The cum squirted her face although she got most into her mouth. While Sammi moaned and screamed in the tides of a orgasm she still managed to massage the deepest part of Jenny's cunt with her tongue. Almost as soon as her orgasm ended she felt the slimy cream flow into her own mouth. She could taste a suddle difference between Jenny’s and her own cum. Finally they both lifted away and lay on the bed looking at each other, both were covered in glistening sweat and had cum all over their face. As they lay there lightly fondling each others breasts waiting for their energy to return, two figures entered the room. Chapter 3--Sammi's First TimeScott and Zach walked up the stairs, "I told her to go into the bedroom and get a towel, wonder what happened?". "I haven’t seen Jenny in about 20 minutes either. . .

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  ", Zach said as they reached the door. They swung the door open, "Sammi?" Scott asked before seeing the scene taking place on the bed. Zach and Scott seemed to see the two laying naked with cum flowing from their cunts and faces almost at the same time. "Holy SHIT!!! They both cried in unisons. This had been Scott's first time seeing Sammy in the nude although he had seen Jenny a few times before. His eyes wandered from her perky nipples still erect from the pulling Jenny performed, down to her spread vagina still leaking her own fuck fluids. Scott could feel his penis begin to grow at the site of his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend massaging each others breasts, they still didn’t seem to notice him or Zach. Scott began to move foreword and when he reached the bed slowly climbed on nearing Sammi. They then noticed their company. "Oh my god!" Sammi cried "This isn’t what it looks like!". "But I like what it looks like" Scott said being extremely aroused by the sight of his own girlfriends lesbian acts. Zach also began to climb onto the bed, he was already proceeding to undress. It seemed he didn’t have to say a word and Jenny was already removing his belt and pulling off his shirt. Scott passionately kissed Sammi driving his tongue into her mouth, massaging her soft sweet saliva. While doing this he noticed another flavor in her mouth, he soon realized this was his ex-girlfriends cum! He was kissing his girlfriend and sucking another women’s cum out of her mouth.


   This made him so turned on he couldn’t take it any longer. "Take me" he said urgently while beginning to unzip his pants. Sammi gazed over at Zach and Jenny for one second noticing that Zach was now naked. She watched as Jenny began to lower her head down into his lap. For a few seconds she gazed at Jenny’s performance hoping to learn something quickly. Her gaze returned to Scott and by the look in his eyes she knew he wanted the exact thing that Zach was receiving. She helped him pull off his pants and shirt. She gazed down at his erect member and felt her breath catch, this was her first time seeing a penis. It was 9 inches in length and 3 in diameter, much longer than she ever imagined Scott having. "Suck me" he gasped longingly as he lowered her head to his lap. When he lowered her, she then lowered the rest of the way volentaringly and let the cock get a inch from her face. She then slowly rested her tongue at the bottom of the long stalk and let it travel up the shaft until she reached the head. "Ooooo" he moaned feeling her saliva slowly roll down his penis, she began to flick her tongue in and out of the piss hole. "Take it in your mouth!" he said urgently, almost as if he was about to orgasm right now. She let her lips spread down the stalk till she had half of it in her mouth, "Let it go down your throat" he urged.

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   She was uncertain about this but he provided a little bit of a hump against her face, allowing the penis to slide the head into her small throat. She then accepted the long cock letting it slowly slide down her throat and back up, she could feel a small shudder begin to travel down his penis. "Grab my balls!" he instructed, and she began to play with his testicles as she slid the penis in and out of her gaping mouth. After a couple more minutes he said "I am going to cum!" he pulled his penis out just a little bit so the head was resting along her tongue. She began to massage the massive head with her tongue just as the first taste of the salty liquid spilled out. Then a large jet of it shot its way to the back of her throat. She felt herself begin to gag, but forced herself to swallow shot after shot of hot seed until his penis seemed dry. She lifter her head off his lap and then gazed into his eyes with passion. She grabbed him kiss him hard, giving him a taste of what she did for him. He gently began to lower her back onto the bed. His now soft penis was becoming hard again. She just seemed to notice the outside world and realized there was still a lot of noise in the room. She looked over at Jenny and Zach astounded to find them in a doggy style position with Zach’s even larger than Scott’s cock feeding into her ass! Sammi always imagined that would hurt way too much but at the time Jenny seemed to be loving it. She saw Scott lower himself on her, she knew this would be when she would lose her virginity. Before they could begin though they were interrupted by Zach and Jenny who had just finished their own pleasuring.

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   Jenny laid down right next to Sammi with her head by her crotch. She then had her own cunt inches from Sammi's face. Zach begin to lower his 10 inches of meat into Jenny's slightly loose pussy. Scott gazed at Jenny wondering what they had in store. He lowered his dick till the head was resting on Sammi's cunt. "I will give it to you slow" he said. He gave a small push that spread her pussy allowing the head to pop into her cunt. He then fed it inch by inch into her tight vagina, "This isn’t so painful" she though, no pain had come yet since he hadn’t reached the hymen. Finally a few more inches in his penis what at the thing membrane, "I am going in" he said. And then thrust foreword allowing the rest of the penis to shoot through the hymen and deep into Sammi's womb. Her world became nothing but pain! "How could women like this!" she though, but as he removed and reentered her tight cunt the pain slowly and surely became pleasure. And a minute later she had the bottom of his shaft in her hand and was forcing it in farther. As the cock slid in and out between this young tight cunt, Jenny began to lick at his cock and Sammi's cunt as they joined one another. "Do the same to us" Jenny said. Scott was shocked when he then saw his own loyal girlfriend licking at the cunt and penis of two of his friends.

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   The feeling though of Jenny's warm tongue sliding over his penis as it beat into a virgin pussy was something incredible. He never wanted this to end but he could feel his orgasm gaining. He looked up to see Zach just pull off of Jenny and fall back on the bed. Sammi liked at the flow of cum, both man and woman, that flowed from Jenny's still spread vagina. That was so hot he felt a unexpected orgasm jump out at him. "Ooooohh" he moaned as a jet of hot semen that shot into Sammi's womb unexpectedly, more and more semen flowed deep into her until she wasn’t sure she could hold it all. Finally he pulled out of her and fell back on the bed. Jenny clamped her mouth over the still open cunt allowing for all the fluids to seep into her mouth. As they all lay there on the large bed recovering from the mind blowing orgasms, they heard a sound as the door opened. "What’s going on in here?" a provocative voice asked. The four of them looked up and saw Stephanie and 5 other cheerleaders standing there completely naked. "This is going to be the time of our lives" Stephanie said as they all climbed to the bed. The End(Possibly to Be Continued if the readers want)Tell me if you do. . .

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  . .

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