School Physical – Part I - The Jock


Topic: School Physical – Part I - The Jock “So, Ms. Thompson, you’ve probably been wondering when we’d get to the part of the tour where you actually get to see your new office”, said Vice Principal Mike Troyer. With a slight chuckle, the new nurse nodded her head in agreement.
Such a shame that the tour has to end, thought Mike. But at least I’ll get to see this hot piece of ass any day I want. He smirked to himself and unlocked the door to the new nurse’s office. Just this day the maintenance crew had added her name to the door: “Head Nurse – Kendra Thompson”. He motioned Kendra into her new office.
As the high school was not overly large, at just around 400 students, the office was not that big. Inside the door, to the right, was Kendra’s desk. There was a few chairs set against the opposite wall, and to the rear left was the entrance to the “sick” room, where students would go to lay down if they weren’t feeling well. In the rear of the office, separated by a curtain, was the examination room. Through a door in the right side of the office lay the bathroom.
Mike turned around to watch the pretty young nurse walk into the office. She was fairly tall, standing at about five-foot-ten. She was dressed in conservative clothes, appropriate for a school, but he could still make out her shapely figure.

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   He showed her around the office, mentioning various tidbits. After the brief tour he wrapped it up with “It’s great we were able to find a nurse in time. Hopefully you’ll be ready to handle the masses next week” he said with a laugh. “With all the help you and the school have given me, I expect I’ll be able to handle everything just fine”, she replied.
“I’ll give you some time to look around in here by yourself, I have a few other things to take care of,” he said. “Just a word of advice – it’s going to be very busy the first several weeks of school, with mandatory and sports physicals needing to be done. Just… be prepared”, and with that Mike left the office.
“OK Jason, that’s everything I need, just make sure you get this form to your coach if you want to be ready for the JV soccer season” Kendra said. Jason nodded to her and left through the curtain. Kendra grabbed her water, took a sip of it, and then went out through the curtain herself.
There was only one student left in her office, and Kendra recognized him from several football practices she had stopped to watch a few minutes of at the end of her days. He wasn’t entirely attractive in the way that most people expected football players to be, yet she always saw a different girl waiting for him after practice. As she thought about it, she realized the only reason that many girls would be going with him would be due to a more… hidden physical characteristic.
Kendra realized that thinking about this player was making her a little warm. She loosened her collar a bit and wondered to herself why that was.

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   The answer it seemed was obvious: Since she had graduated from college at the start of the summer, she had been obsessed with finding a job. She had always had a steady supply of men before graduation, and she realized the absence of them was getting to her.
Being a nurse, she had learned to take care of herself, and with a flat stomach, tight ass, and perky boobs, she had always attracted most anyone she wanted. However, dressed in her current outfit that was more for utility than for showing off, and after having done physicals for most of the day, she wasn’t looking her best. This train of thought led her back to the player.
Picking up her chart she saw his name. “Sam,” she said “please head into the exam room and remove all clothes except your underwear. I’ll be right back there. ” Sam, clearly used to this drill every year, headed back into the exam room with a quick “kay” to her. Kendra watched him go, admitting to herself that he wasn’t the most attractive man around. Hopefully, she thought with a grin, he’ll make up for it in the cock department. She walked to the office door and closed it behind her.
Wanting to make herself look better, she called “I have to go to the bathroom, and then I’ll be right in. ” Once again, he just answered with an OK. Quickly, she went into the bathroom, and gave herself a quick wash.

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   After that, she removed her over-shirt, leaving her in her tank top. The dark blue tank top concealed, although barely, her black bra containing her 34C breasts. Not the most subtle, but he will definitely notice me now. She headed back out into the main room and through the curtain to the exam room.
As she went in she noticed that Sam was sitting on the exam table looking at some of the posters hung around the room. Among them were posters advising teens not to drink and drive, not to do drugs, and to always practice safe sex. She noticed and laughed to herself that he was looking at the safe sex poster. With a slight cough she got his attention. “As a senior I’m sure you’ve had to go through this several times before, so, I’ll try to make it fast. ” As she turned to grab her clipboard she saw him appraising her out of the corner of her eye.
Turning around Kendra said “Alright, let’s start with your height and weight. ” Sam hopped up off the table and headed over to the scale/height measurement. Walking up to the scale, Kendra told Sam “Ok, face the wall, and stand with your back straight against the machine”. After quickly writing down his height and weight, Kendra thought of a way to begin luring her catch in. “This doesn’t seem to be reading right, sometimes it gets a piece of trash jammed underneath” she said to Sam.

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   “Just stand there a second while I fish out. ”
With that, she stepped to the side of Sam. Glancing down, she could see through his boxers that there was a slight bulge forming. Kneeling down beside him, she kept her head facing the ground as if trying to remove something. She leaned her head in closer, causing her hair to slightly brush the front of his boxers. Huffing in mock anger, she leaned forward even more, and began to wiggle her head a little as if it was well wedged under it. As she did this she could feel his hard-on begin to extend outward in front of him, caressing the side of her head with it. With a quick grin, she quickly stood up and said “There that should do it. ” She looked at him and saw him quickly turn his head away from his cock that she had just taunted.
Now, he seemed kind of nervous, his cock half hard and her standing there seemingly oblivious. She motioned back to the exam table, and asked “Sam, could you please lie down on the exam table, I need to do the spinal examination. At this he seemed eager to lie on his stomach, most likely wanting to hide his dick where she couldn’t see it. “No problem Ms. Thompson” he said on his way over. He lay down on the table, shifting his boxers several times to accommodate his hard on.

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Kendra walked over to the exam table. “Now, if you feel any pain, I need you to say something to me”, and with that she pressed her fingers lightly across the top of his back. She could feel that he was well muscled, as she had expected a football player to be. She continued pushing and kneading her way down the center of his back. “Any slight pain at all” she asked. He shook his head and replied with a “no”. Slowly, she slid her hands down his back, lightly pressing against it. As she reached the bottom of his back she noticed he held his breath, anticipating her to be done. Instead, she very gently began to rub his lower back. Slowly, she lifted the back of his boxers with one hand, while continuing to gently rub down his back, then began rubbing his upper ass. She heard him draw in a sharp breath and he shifted a little.
Knowing that she had certainly excited him, removing any progress he had made at forcing his erection away, she then told him “Time to check your breathing, please roll over on your stomach. ” She walked slowly over to her stethoscope, and heard him shuffling on the table, trying to hide his cock from her as best he could. Grabbing the stethoscope, she turned around and almost dropped her jaw. His cock must have been almost completely hard, as she could see it straining to escape the boxers.

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   He had managed to aim it down his leg, however, that didn’t really help matters. She realized that he had to be at least seven inches, and he most likely wasn’t completely hard yet.
With a glance at his dick, she then looked at him, and saw a strange mixture of nervousness and pride in his face. Definitely more nervous than proud she thought with a smile. She cocked her eyebrow at him and headed back over. “I’m so sorry Ms. Thompson I really don’t know what came over me” Sam said to her when he saw the expression on her face. She chuckled “Don’t worry about it Sam, it’s only natural, and it’s not my first encounter with one”. With that statement she saw him blush.
Heading over to him once more, she put her stethoscope on, and put it to his chest. “I have to admit, Sam, that I’ve been to some of your practices. I’ve seen you leave with a different girl almost every time I was there. ” With another glance at him she said “If you are having sex with them I hope you are keeping it safe. ” She winked at him and pointed out the poster he had looked at before. Not knowing what to say, Sam just replied with “umm, yes… we do…” As they had this conversation she noticed that his cock was twitching and attempting to escape its confines more than ever.

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   This has gone on long enough she thought.
“Sam, there is a new part to the physical this year, where I have to determine if you are truly practicing safe sex” she said to Sam. “What… what exactly does that entail, Ms. Thompson?” He replied. “Well. . . ” she murmured, “we do conduct a thorough exam…” With that she pulled her stethoscope off her head and began to trail her hand down his chest and stomach. She could feel his muscles tensing as she neared his boxers. Looking up at him, she saw Sam looking at her. With a wink, she quickly put her hand down his boxers and wrapped it around his cock. Sam let out an “ahh” and groaned at the sensation.
She started to slowly stroke her hand up and down his cock, and saw him close his eyes in pleasure. Slowly continuing she reached down with her other hand, and began to pull his boxers down, never taking her eyes off his face. With the boxers pulled down to his knees, his giant cock was free to spring up.

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   And giant it was. Looking down at it, she moaned “very nice, Sam”. She let go of his dick and saw it point straight up at attention, probably around nine inches and decently thick. “Alright Sam, for this next part, sit on the edge of the exam table. ”
“I can do that” he said in a rush, and scooted forward so his legs were hanging off the side. As he did, she walked to the front of the table, looked at Sam, and knelt down, never leaving his eyes with hers. Once down, her head was perfectly positioned in front of his cock. Very slowly, she released a hot breath, gently blowing on his balls. She giggled as his dick moved on its own with every breath she blew at it. Finally taking her eyes off Sam, she leaned forward and pressed her tongue to the underside of his cock and slowly licked upwards. As she reached his head, she slowly dragged her tongue down the side of his dick. As she reached the base, she lightly licked one of his balls, and then the other. Finally she sucked one in, and used her tongue to get it nice and wet. She let it out and then proceeded to the other one. As she sucked his other ball in she began to give him a hand job again.

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   After getting that ball nice and wet she pulled her head away to the tip of Sam’s cock again.
“You ready for this” she purred, looking up to him. “Fuck. Yes. I have never been more ready” Sam replied, gaining confidence. Without waiting anymore, she opened her mouth and leaned forward onto his engorged dick. Rubbing her tongue along the underside of his cock, she was only able to fit about half his beast in before it hit the back of her throat. Swirling her tongue around his dick, she pulled back, then sucked it back in again. She continued bobbing her head up and down on his cock, playing with his balls with one hand, and slowly reaching down into her pants with the other. She did her best to please herself while still giving a great blow job.
As she increased her speed and got used to his cock she was able to fit more and more of his cock into her throat. After a couple minutes she could fit all but a couple inches in. She was also feeling her underwear get very damp as she continued to finger herself.
Suddenly, Sam called out “I hope you are ready for this!” With that, he grabbed the back of her head with his hands, and as she was completing a down stroke, held her head in place as far as it could go. Kendra was totally surprised, and stopped playing with herself immediately.

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   Sam then began to push her head down further on his cock. It slowly became more difficult for her to breath and she started trying to say something to him. All that came out was slight mumbles however. The vibration from her trying to speak seemed to be driving Sam even more over the edge, and as she continued trying to speak she began to drool a little. At this point Sam had all but the last inch in her mouth, and he let her go.
Coughing, she pulled away a little, while Sam said several times “Oh my god I didn’t mean to it just came over me!” Kendra looked up at him and smiled “I’ve always liked it a little rough anyway, just… a little warning next time. ” With that, she leaned forward and again shoved her mouth over his dick. This time, she was ready for his hands, and she did her best to relax as he shoved her down on him again. This time, the head of his dick was almost in her throat, and he relented and pulled her head back again. She began to bob her head again, deep throating him as far as she could.
After just a few more bobs she could feel his muscles starting to tense up. He began to push her head up and down his dick even more frantically. Over and over she was deep throating his entire dick, feeling it push against the back of her throat. With one final thrust, he pulled her head down his dick and then held it there tightly. He began to come, and she felt it striking the back of her throat.


   Always loving the taste of cum, she tried to gulp it down as it came out, strand after strand after strand. Her swallowing only prolonged his come, as it made the sensation much more intense. Through it all, she had continued to finger herself, and was enjoying the feelings immensely. After many seconds of him cumming, he finally ran out of juice, and she pulled back to allow his cock to come free from her mouth. He fell back against the exam table exhausted.
Standing up, Kendra went and took a sip of water, then turned around to the tired Sam. Quickly removing her tank top and pants, she left them on the floor and walked over to the table.
Topic: School Physical - Part III - The Transfer Student.

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