Secret Admirers Chapter 6


Without much delay mask boy decided to join in, she didn't see him coming, the only thing that clued her in was the enormous pressure building at her ass. She was amazed she could even feel it since almost all the blood flow felt like it was going straight to her quickly stretching vagina. But it was there, no doubt about it, and to top it off, this guy was bigger than the last one who had driven her hershey highway. "Mmmmhhhmmmm, could this get any better?" She asked herself. Then the masked man drove all the way into her, filling her bowels girth, almost totally. He then slid around somewhat easily because of all the come the last fellow had shot in there, but at the same time, his dick being nearly as wide as her anus was, and her anus' persistance on clamping down on things too large for their own good, made it a challenge. Ashley couldn't even focus on the pain back there now though, she was building toward her very first orgasm of the day. She had only come one time when she had stole her friends vibrator for a night and watched Pirates of The Carribean, making sure to stop at all the spots with Jonny Depp in them. But that night was nothing like this, that night was just a little bit, almost not noticeable. Having these three big men fuck the living crap out of her, with the added bonus of being video taped, and knowing ever guy in the neighborhood would soon be seeing her scream in exstacy for a large stud to fuck her, was making her feel like her pussy was going to explode. She was moaning so loud, all three guys could hear it, even through the muffle of sucking an eleven inch dick. Tom, thinking of what could make the movie better decided to get her to come faster, so he positioned his mouth right at her sexy tits. Then he placed his mouth right over her left nipple and started sucking and biting harder than he thought any normal person would like. But Ashley was game. . .

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   Her quickly approaching orgasm made her continuously hop on Tom's dick faster and faster, while her anus clenched down on mask boy in the back completely, forcing him to fuck her ass slowly and really push it in as hard as he could. Eventually though he was up to speed again, pummelling her ass with more force than ever before. Ashley was coming any second now, no she spread her legs as wide as they would go on Toms body, completely sat down on his dick, and attempted to make her asshole clentch up again. All three worked beautifully. She had such a violent orgasm, that every muscle in her body seemed to contract at the same moment. She couldn't help pulling her mouth off Logan for a minute. "EEeeeeiiiiiiiiiiihhhh!!!!   UHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she bellowed. And as she felt her warm juices flooding out of her, she could feel Tom's semen flooding into her. It was the greatest feeling of all, like feeling the big bang go off inside you. Her anus closed hard enought to milk the masked guys cock clean, and then he immediately pulled out. Tom wanted to make sure he was absolutely done before he finished so he continued fucking her for a few more minutes.
    When he was done he shoved her violently off on the floor behind where she was, so that she lay on her back. She then saw the camera man move the camera directly over her face, looking down on her. What he said would stick with her for a while. "Smile for the camera, star.

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      . " he said with a smile of his own, wide enough for the both of them. To be a sport, she did though. She then saw Logan come over to her with what looked like a set of keys for her handcuffs. He slid it in and unlatched both sides and threw them into the audience. Then he wispered in her ear to just lay there with her eyes closed, and rub her tits seductively. She thought she had a pretty good idea what this was, and really. . . who was she to question tradition?She started rubbing her breasts, the way she had seen the pornstar do before. She then saw the three guys come over to her and partially kneel with their dicks in hand right over her face. All at once they began stroking them quickly, and she knew that if she didn't close her eyes soon she would regret it, she also wanted to keep her mouth open, and didn't think the boys would have much of a problem if she did. The first one to come on her face was Logan, who had missed the opportunity to do so in her mouth during their four way a few minutes ago. Then was the masked guy, whose sperm she had recently started enjoying for the taste, and lastly good old Tom. Then she moved her hands up and smeared the cum all over her face and then back down to her wonderful chest.

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       Eventually the cameraman focussed in on her, and asked he the last thing that would be on that tape. "Would you like to say anything to all the lonely men out there that are gonna be watching this?" "Yeah" she said with a seductive smile that only a real actress could make, "you wont have to wait long for a second tape. " And blew the camera a kiss. (email at no1fanboy@yahoo. com).

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