Shona and friends - Epilogue


Topic: Shona and friends - EpilogueEpilogueI've decided to end this story at this point as it really could go on for ever. Although written in the present tense it actually happened a good number of years ago now. Little has been changed from the truth except, principally, surnames. These have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. What became of everyone? Well me, I continued to suck and fuck my way all through high school aided and abetted by Shona who kept my virgin habit well supplied. The seldom broken rule was that any girl of thirteen was fair game and the number of times I arrived at Shona's house in the morning to find her in bed with somebody new was incredible. "Its so-and-so's birthday today Jim. Come and say happy birthday. " I didn't need to be told it was the girl's thirteenth birthday or that she was a virgin. Shona had (and still has for that matter) a knack for attracting girls enticing them into lesbian sex followed by me in due course. The basic proviso was that Shona got to fuck the girl with the dildo once I had broken her in, quite often with Shona videotaping the event!Not long after the week described my Gran died after a long happy life and left me a small legacy. My parents still think I spent it on an expensive camera outfit but in truth the camera was a second-hand bargain and I used most of the money to buy Shona a very discrete 'friendship' ring which she still wears on her pinky next to her ring finger. Just after her sixteenth birthday, she and I accompanied by Katie and Cath went to see Katie's tattooist friend who removed all of Shona and Cath's pubic (and leg) hair before showing them the selection of tattoos they could have, projecting them onto their cunts while they watched in a mirror. Cath choose a butterfly like her Mum but much different in detail while Shona choose a dragon's head motif with it's mouth positioned right over her love hole. The tattooist was beside herself as she did that one. I must expand this story for you someday but for now suffice to say it is an incredible thing to watch when I make love to her - or even when we fuck!Our different academic talents led to us going to different universities so we didn't see very much of each other during term time but the holidays normally saw us shacked up in Katie's spare room making up for lost time often not appearing out of the flat for days on end.

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   Katie and Cath (among others) often joined us in our orgy but to my knowledge no one but the four of us and Linda know about the goings on between mother and daughter which continue to this day. They often discuss moving away somewhere where no one will know their true relationship but never have - in truth I think they look too much alike for it to work for long anyway, although you'd probably put them as sisters rather than mother and daughter if you didn't know. Katie did an MBA by distance learning and is now the MD in a factory which set up in town which is another reason for them not to move. Cath did an apprenticeship as a tool maker (honest!) at the factory before joining her mother on the board ("So she knew the basics of the business and the value of money. " Katie always explains. ) The business? We'll come to that when I get to Linda. During term time I was enjoying a very full relationship with Alison and a beautiful slim Irish lass called Teresa with both of whom I shared a flat - with Shona's blessing and active participation when she could make it through - among others. Prior to this Cath was away at her Gran's every second or third weekend and often at these times Katie would introduce Shona and I to one of her girlfriends including the blind Mercedes who was indeed of Spanish origin and very sensuous. Other weekends Shona and I would cycle to Dot and Sally's farm where as often as not we would be joined by Bambie and Thumper for a roll in the hay. This ended abruptly after about a year when the two brothers who were their fathers if you are with me got so ticked off with sheep farming in this country that both families sold up and emigrated to New Zealand and I haven't see any of the four girls since but I do get an occasional hot e-mail from Sally. Eileen and Angie still live together, their flat was another favoured venue for Shona and I to 'party'. It was (and still is) a house rule that you had to strip naked as soon as the front door was closed. The two girls never wear a stitch around the house unless a guest other than Shona and I is expected. We soon adopted the rule at Katie's too. Wendy was game for anything but one day got caught with her head between the thighs of a naked first year girl.

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   Everything was hushed up neither the girl's parents nor the school wishing to get the police involved and Wendy having the sense not to say anything about other goings on in her office but she was obliged to leave the school. Shortly after she too emigrated, this time to Australia. Eileen, who could drive by now and had acquired a very handy camper van, Shona and I drove her to the airport. As I gave Wendy a farewell fuck in the back she told me that she was going via Thailand. "Might never leave! I've already fixed myself up with a couple of teenies!" There's a lot more to that story too which I must share sometime. Linda, it turned out, worked in prosthetics at the City Infirmary. Her eyes lit up when she first sampled one of Shona's dildos and before long I had been sneaked into the hospital lab where she took a couple of new castings of my cock. The next weekend she appeared at Katie's with a box of a whole new design of dildo - it was moulded round a powerful vibrator the intensity of which could be controlled by a switch in the balls and two could be coupled together obliviating the need for separate double-enders. Shona absolutely loved it and soon arranged for all my girls to get one each. Linda is very gifted in her work besides this and by the time she was eighteen had a couple of patents in advances in the manufacture of prosthetic limbs although she was technically still an apprentice. She tried hard to persuade someone to take the ideas through to manufacture but the established companies simply dismissed her as a 'silly wee lassie' as she put it so one weekend not long after Katie had finished her MBA the pair of them cooked up a business plan and took to the Katie's bank and the inward investment people. With the aid of a lot of grant money from the EEC and other sources they set up a small factory making the new devices with Katie in charge of the business side and Linda the technical. The banks and everyone insisted on appointing their own directors to the board of course. The product was well received in the medical world but cash flow was initially poor so one day Katie had the bright idea of adding sex toys as a 'cash cow' to give the company revenue. At first the board didn't want to know but Katie had done her homework well and when they saw the profit margin involved, return on investment, projected revenue and all that sort of stuff they soon changed their minds.

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   It transformed the company and gave time for the Prosthetics Division as it became time to become established and today it is a world leader and occupies it's own nearby factory but to my mind the clever bit on Katie's part was not to keep everything secret but to licence the technology to anyone who was prepared to pay the not inconsiderable fee and royalty much like Pilkington did with float glass. Today the company derives a large percentage of it's revenue effectively doing nothing, money just rolling in from the worldwide licensees but Linda puts it all to good use and the company is still at the forefront of prosthetics development - she has a very fertile mind although a chance remark I made solved a big problem which had been bugging her for some time and I got named on the ensuing patent! The original factory where the offices still are were turned over to sex toys each proudly, if discreetly, stamped 'Made in Scotland'. When we turned 18 Cath, Shona and I were all appointed to the Board, Katie and Linda having amassed enough money by that time to buy out the bank - actually the bank's stake was small, much of the start up money being grants 'to create jobs in a deprived (depraved?) area'. Today the two plants employ around 100 people in an area where the traditional jobs in textiles have all but dried up. The five of us are all quite rich on paper but in reality it is all tied up in the company. And yes, the factory does do a special run of dildos based on my cock from time to time but these are not for sale being strictly given away at my personal discretion. i. e. if I fuck a girl she gets one, not otherwise! I always carry a small stock with me and these days there are girls all round the globe with examples. It is a strict rule that they are never used on someone who doesn't KNOW me (and therefore can produce a matching example - the only exception I know to this concerns Wendy but she only has some of the original rubber ones and I did promise to write more of her earlier - but not in this story. )Of the others, Shona was right Anne B was squared away with a few rubber dildos for her and the rest and never bothered Shona nor I again In fact she, Lesley, Judith, Anne Mac and Alice, especially Alice rapidly degenerated into the school tramps, regularly appearing on the post-match entertainment menu for the school first fifteen rugby team AND their opponents and I do mean the five of them taking on thirty-odd on a very regular basis. I didn't play rugby but my mate Martin invited me to take part one time. I declined. "Getting enough from Shona are you?" he asked.
    "Plenty!" I replied but as I walked away I heard him mutter "Virgin!".

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       I could only smile not being about to tell him the truth - the truth being that I lost my virginity to Shona more than two years ago at that point and had fucked all five of the participants first anyway! Later I did see a video someone had taken of one of the events - Alice was fucking two guys from the opposition team, one each in cunt and arse while another fucked her face. Her fists were coiled round two more cocks while yet more hands were groping at her breasts. Her partners changed places regularly as she wore them out and the scene finished with all fifteen plus - I presume the subs were there but I didn't count - of the away team wanking over her prostrate body bathing her from head to toe in cum. At the end she sat up and smiled into the camera licking sperm from her lips! I was told the other four were taking care of our victorious boys at the time and Alice was all they could spare for the opposition, losers as they were!Heather was the dark horse from that bunch. The next week she introduced me to her married sister who it turned out lived opposite me and to their cousin - story to tell there too sometime - and we had regular sessions together for a long time afterwards. Sheila still works at the school and she, along with Joyce, Babs and Kirsty were regular visitors mainly to Eileen and Angie's flat - Shona and I tended to keep Cath's, as everyone thought of it, to ourselves for obvious reasons. I, we, still saw the others from time to time but as time progressed they tended to drift off into normal boy-girl relationships. Many are now happily married with kids but most are still up for a good fuck given the chance and they all still have their dildo!These days Shona is a very successful author (under a pen name) of erotic women's stories (bit like Mills and Boon but with far more class - if you're into that kind of stuff you've probably read her and possibly noticed a bit of me in her heroes - I keep threatening to demand royalties!) while I made a packet in an Internet start up company before selling out just ahead of the dot com crash - these days I do what ever takes my fancy. We both are forever dashing here and there and don't seem to get together as often as we would like but our favourite venue when we do is still Katie and Cath's spare room. Sometimes we talk about cashing in our share of the company and retiring together on the proceeds but our loyalty to the others doesn't let us - not that we are otherwise paupers! Disregarding our directors' salaries and dividends we are still individually seriously wealthy but somehow it just hasn't happened yet. I still have a dream of making Katie and Cath an offer for their spare room as my 'retirement' flat! Strangely enough they still live in the same three bedroomed flat as when I first knew them (and read that any way you like) - something about emotional attachment!I'll leave this for now but as I've indicated there's lots more to tell. Look out for more stories in the 'Shona and friends' series (and perhaps 'Alison and friends' if I ever get round to writing that bit) at a website near you soon - well that's soon relatively speaking, it has taken me a while to get round to putting this on paper! It is however nice to look back on everything, sorry if the epilogue was boring after everything in the chapters but it needed said if only for me. JimP. S. Shona is still a 'one cock cunt.

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      ' She has dated other blokes but none have apparently measured up. Feel a hard on coming on in sheer pride - not that we've ever agreed on the true size of my cock. Shona still prefers her sewing tape measure but I feel it is more than a little generous to me but still as long as it does the job . . . P. P. S. Shona is still the greatest lay I've ever had and she still enjoys the occasional gentle spanking although we have never taken that side of things any further. P. P. P. S. Shona is here proof reading this for me as I finish. She disagrees with some minor points in the foregoing and says I overuse certain words and phrases but agrees most is spot on - the discrepancies are largely due to me trying to preserve anonymity.

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       Any spelling (remember this is English as in the Queen's English not American English (sic!)) or grammatical errors you can put down to her, she's an author after all, but I am currently looking forward to some great love making and even some raw sex 'real soon now'. P. P. P. P. S. Yes we are currently in Katie and Cath's spare room and expect the pair home from work at any moment! Possibly Linda too!.

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