Sneaking Off During School Play


So I promised to not tell this story, but I feel I need to get it out someway. Tell me what you think.

So last year around October, I was sortve dating this guy from my brother school (we are both juniors). . . it had been a lustful relationship from the start. . and I being a virgin was really horny this particular night.

After fighting with my mom about going out that night to "go see the school play for extra credit", I got a ride from my friend and went to see the play. At intermission, me and the guy started walking slowly behind our friends and he asked if I was sure. . . I told him the play was boring and I wanted it. So, when everyone else walked back, we slowly went behind the building in the dark near the bleachers and we started walking together to the field behind the tennis courts and football field.

Just to give you a quick info, I'm about 5'6. 5 brown hair hazel eyes and DDs, smart and go to an allgirls school.

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  He was about 6'3 dark curly hair and was easily turned on everynight when we would text. We happened to be at the allboys school that night.

When we got to the field. . . we started cuddling on the moist grass. We were talking when slowly he started to unbutton my shirt and then started rubbing my boobs. Then we started making out and I felt his boner right against me. . . IT WAS HUGE!He asked if I was still sure about this and I told him yes, then he went and unbuttoned my jeans and started fingering and sucking my pussy. . .
    . I was soaking and super horny.

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      After a bit of that, I told him I wanted to suck his cock, but first we kissed and I tasted my pussy. . . I was super turned on.

    I pulled out his cock and started running my hand up and down watching as precum starting oozing out. He was rock hard, at least 7in and thick!I slowly stuck his dick in my mouth and started sucking him and going crazy as he starting moaning.

    Everything was going great until I took a quick glance at my phone. . . 5 Missed Calls! We had lost track of time and almost got caught by our friends. . . I won't even mention the texts he got from certain people.

    True story. .

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