So Sweaty at the Coffee Shop


The last 3 years of my high school career I spent with a bit of a crush and a bit of a sexual fascination with girl in my grade, Kiah. For all of those 3 years we had always been with someone else most of the time and never had the opportunity to turn our little crushes for one another into anything more. We made out once when we were 17, but since then had kept our fancy for each other in secrets and in text messages to one another. After we graduated in the spring and were now college bound, a physical payoff to our 3 years of longing seemed inevitable and completely necessary. Though, neither of us had come out and said that just yet.  
She worked in a little coffee shop a few blocks from my house where I went to visit her for hours almost every day she worked. It was sort of a miserable little place. Probably no more than 5-10 people came in the whole day, which meant little to no distraction for Kiah and I to talk and flirt. She was also always left alone to run the shop, her boss trusted her and you really only need one employee to handle the minimal amount of business they got each day.  
So, I went to the shop on a Thursday just like usual to see Kiah alone behind the counter working, also as usual the shop was just as empty as any other day. It was the middle of summer so it was scorching hot outside, at about 98 or 99 degrees and inside the shop I could tell Kiah was at her wits end dealing with a broken air conditioner and flimsy fans like she had been doing all summer. The temperature inside the shop was probably in the low or mid-80s. After I got over the initial little shock of the heat inside the shop all that really came to mind, to put it bluntly, was how motherfucking hot Kiah looked that day. She was a gorgeous girl with such a pretty face, dark shoulder length hair, she had a pretty pale complexion but she tended to get hot easily so her cheeks and chest were a little red. She was tall and very trim; she probably stood about 5’8 or 5’9, so she had legs that went to straight to the heavens and perfect round ass atop them. The fact that her legs and ass were always so perfect sort of steered my away from her breasts that were also nothing less perfect.

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   I’m not too versed in the world of cup size, but if I were to make a guess I would say the fell in the range of a small c-cup. They were enough to make the most of a low cut shirt, and on a day like today, perfect a small tank top. She didn’t really wear much to work, and when it was as hot as it was it made perfect sense. Today she wore a pink tank top, with what I could tell was a white bra underneath, judging from the visible strap on her shoulder. She had on the tightest little pair of jean shorts, she wore them all the time and every time I had to contemplate the physics of how hard they must be to get on and off. And in that moment I wanted to know so badly what her panties looked like I could barely stand it.  
“When is someone going to fix your AC dilemma, Kiah?” 
“Gah! I dunno. It really is about to kill me. My boss would never even know how bad it is since she’s never here!” She said laughingly.  
We talked a little while longer about how hot and sweaty she was getting, which she seemed embarrassed by but I was all for it. We only got to talk for a minute longer when much to my astonishment someone else actually came. Some older woman came in to order a few drinks for her and the other women her worked at the bookstore across the street. Right before she ordered, Kiah gave me a little wink and I took a seat by the counter and told her I would be back in a second. I watched her work behind the counter and it was starting to drive me crazy. How sexual she looked being so hot in her tight little clothes, all that skin, all those legs.

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   I went into some strange sort of sexual coma and as the woman left her order I without hesitation got up and followed Kiah into the back of the shop where she was going to get something. She turned around to see that I followed her and she seemed a little surprised. She laughed and asked “What are you doing back here?”  
“Take a break for a minute. ” I told her, and then I pulled her into me by her waist.  
I put my hand on the back of her neck and we started to kiss. She didn’t miss a beat with anything. She put her arms around my shoulders and met my tongue, measure for measure. I ran my arms up and down her back, squeezing her hips and loving the idea that my hands were so close to her ass. I pushed her against the wall and this intensified the whole event. I ran my hands up the back of her tank top as she pressed her hands against my abs and chest beneath my shirt. I could feel how horny she was getting in her breath. The way it danced on my ear as I kissed along her neck and collar bone. She was giving me so much support and so much cause, I felt the only right and proper thing to do would be relieve her off her tank top. It came off like a bottle cap, she didn’t think twice about shedding the little piece covering her perfect frame. I pulled her again closer to me; her hot skin felt like it was melting on mine.

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   Before I could even react she had taken my shirt off as well. Now that were had passed the point of shirts I thought it was the perfect time to feel that ass for the very first time. I grabbed it low and lifted her up onto a counter for dirty plates in the back, with the small amount of demand for plated items at the shop the counter empty and the counter would prove to play a pivotal role in the romp. I continued to kiss along her neck and explore the boundaries of her back. I kissed along her bra-strap. I pulled down her shoulder, leaving it bare. I did on both sides. I looked her in the eyes as fondled with the snap in the back. I felt the release of pressure as her bra fell to the ground. I grabbed her bare breasts and kissed her again. I lowered my head down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. She had been pretty vocal for our entire encounter, but she was now passing vocal all together. I circled her nipples softly, then quickly with my tongue as she moaned for me and told me how much she loved what I was doing. I continued to lick her nipples, then her entire breast; I would switch between them ever so often until my steady flow was stunned as I felt her hand creep along my belt. I kept my cool and squeezed her hips which had been speeding up her breathing the whole afternoon.

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   Now my belt was undone, she worked the front of my pants quickly. My top button was undone and my zipper was down in no time, she stuck her hand down the front of my pants on top of my black boxer-briefs to grab and caress my cock what seemed to be almost furiously, but intensity was driving the whole the thing, so I welcomed it. She got tired struggling for room in the front of my pants so she pulled a sexy little move by pushing pants down with her legs. This drove me crazy and stiffened my already insanely erect cock. She started breathing so quickly as she stroked away at my cloth covered tool, the longer she went on the more and more turned on I became. I broke the kiss that we been holding for minutes now and looked out into the front of the store, seeing that we were still clear from any spoilers I turned back Kiah. As I turned around I could see the sex in her eyes, it was painted all over her face and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I gave her one kiss and pushed her further back on the countertop. I kissed my way down and around her flat, pale stomach before I reached the bottom at the top of her shorts. I pulled it open and unzipped its zipper. She lifted her hips almost immediately to let me pull off her shorts. They hit the floor and sight of her black panties set me spinning. I told her that she was beautiful and I leaned my face toward her panty covered pussy. I rubbed her through her panties where there was already a sizable wet spot from all her excitement. I pressed my finger down and kissed the top of her panty line.

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   I wish I could’ve appreciated how sexy she looked in just her panties a little longer, but I couldn’t contain myself anymore.  
I ran my hands down her sides and hips, finally catching the sides of her panties and bringing them to the floor. My 3 year wait to see Kiah’s full naked form and finally come to fruition. Her pussy looked perfect to me. She obviously hadn’t planned this whole thing, she must have not shaved for at least 2 days, but that meant nothing to me. Her legs dangled over my shoulders and I again pulled her closer to face using her hips. Her pussy and my tongue met in the middle and it was just the taste I needed. She began to move her hips a little as I ran my tongue around the outside of her pussy and over her clit again and again. I worked a finger inside her pussy and I focused my tongue in on her clit. Her hips moved from side to side, she swayed her pussy back and forth in front me. My tongue continued to glide over clit and plunge deep into her pussy, listening to her moan and take in her breath was driving me wild. I was willing to do anything to this girl at this point, I put my hands on the backs of her knees and pushed her legs back into the air bring her little asshole into the air, I went for this as well, tongue out. I started to drag my tongue from her ass to pussy and back again, this was driving her wild. I finally needed to have my reward. I stood up to remove my underwear.

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   Just as I started she sat up and insisted that she do it, so I took my hands away and she pulled them down, my cock sprang out toward her and as she stroked it up and down, all the way, she could only say, “Oh fuck,” as she continued to stroke and look up at me. She licked her hand once, stroked my cock a final time, and laid back onto the counter. We were finally ready. I held my dick toward her soaking pussy and pushed my hips forward. She let out a little gasp, closed her eyes, and threw her head back. The excitement was all in my head and I began to pump away at her, just as my heart was pumping in my chest. I threw my whole body into her again and again, reaching the very back of her pussy. I watched her mouth fall open again and again, she had nothing to grab onto so she balled her fists and was nearly shrieking at this point. I leaned forward and held onto her hips so that we could see each other’s face. I slowed down to let her open eyes and focus on my face. Our eyes locked onto one another as I kept pushing deeper and deeper into her. I brought my face to hers as we continued grind into each other, and we kissed. She then pushed my chest back and told me she wanted to try something. I stood back a bit as she turned around and slightly bent over the countertop, “come on,” she told me. I couldn’t have rushed to her any faster.

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   I pushed her further down so that her ass faced me even more. I took hold of my cock and guided it between her beautiful thighs and into her perfect pussy yet again. This was bliss. This time we started slow. I held her ass cheeks and wanted her to feel every inch as I pumped deeper. This was her position, obviously. She was talking dirty to me now about loving how I fucked her and how her pussy has never been this wet and never felt so good. I took off after this; I pumped harder and harder as I squeezed her hips. Then suddenly we heard the front door. There was a costumer.  
“Hello? Is there anyone here?” The woman said 
“Uh, yeah, just give me a second,” Kiah told her.  
“Ok, no problem. ” She replied.  
“Finish first,” Kiah said to me, with the sex still burning in her eyes.  
“No problem.

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  ” I winked and told her.  
We kissed again as I slid back into her. “Faster, cum in me,” she said. My hips were like horses at the Belmont now. I rammed into her so hard my balls hit off the front of her pussy as she tried to hold in her shrieks. My hands gripped tighter onto hips I reached the final seconds before I finally exploded and a massive load into her pussy. I could see it begin to ooze out already as I stepped back. She frantically gave me a kiss and got her clothes together as quickly as she could to get out to the ordering counter.  
“Sorry, I have to go. Call me tonight?” 
“Of course,” I told her. We kissed again and she ran out to the counter.  
As I walked past the counter I could still see my cum running down the back of her leg, I loved this. We caught eyes one last time before I walked out the doors as she was taking this woman’s order and I dangled the pair of panties she didn’t put on in the back room right before I stepped out. Her face got even redder and I got one last wink.  

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