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1 Most high school teachers have reputations among students. One teacher will have the reputation of being hard, one will be considered easy, another will be thought to be a fair teacher, and another will be considered to be a bastard or a bitch. At Claremont High School there were two teachers in particular who had reputations: Mr. Rocklin who taught physics and algebra, and Ms. Struthers who was a social studies teacher and counselor. In Mr. Rocklin’s case, he had a complex reputation among students. He was considered to be a hard ass, a bisexual, and one who was not adverse to bribery. Mr. Rocklin passed out the test papers to the students in his third period class, and gave out a little grin as he heard the groans from some of the students. This is an average class, he thought. Two get A’s, four get B’s, eight get C’s, and the rest get D’s—or F’s. The bell rang, signaling the end of the class and the beginning of the lunch hour. There was a mad rush and scramble by the students, as they headed for the door. Mr. Rocklin went to his desk and sat.

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   He noticed that one of the students had not made a rush for the door. She had walked up to his desk instead and was standing there holding her test paper. “Mr. Rocklin, I don’t know what—uh—what I can do. . . " she trailed off. He studied the student, looking her over. Sandy Coxon, sixteen—maybe seventeen, long sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, tight silk blouse, short tight skirt, pretty pink lips, curvy—nice body…sexy. His cock stiffened and rose. “About your test score?" he asked. "Your grade. ” “Yes, sir. I’m failing, and I just don’t know what to do about it. Is there anything I could do to…?" Mr.

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   Rocklin stood and faced the student. "Anything you could do?” “Yes, sir. You know, to raise my grade, to improve it. ” He looked her over, and his prick stiffened still more. He now had a stiff throbbing hard-on. "Well, I don’t know, Sandy," he said. "Your grades are low, you know, and at the rate you’re going, you’re going to fail. " His cock jutted out, hard and throbbing. She looked down at his crotch and saw his bulge. “I’ll do anything, Mr. Rocklin, to improve my grade. ” “Anything?" he asked. “Yes, sir, anything. " She moved up close to him, and reached out her hand and cupped his crotch. “Hmm, well, you can start by sucking me off," he said.

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   He unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, and pressed her shoulder down. She went to her knees, grasped his prick, and opened her lips. “Yeah, that’s it," he said. "Suck my dick. ” He clutched her head and drove his cock between her lips. "Yeah, suck it, that’s the way—suck that dick. ” He thrust his prick in her mouth, and began pumping it, fucking the pretty sixteen-year-old’s mouth. “Yeah—keep sucking it, ah yeah—I’m fucking your mouth now—yeah. ” He heaved his dick in her mouth, down to her throat. "Unhh—yeah, here it comes," he gasped. "Keep sucking—suck the cum—yeah—suck it, swallow it, gulp it down. ” He spewed sperm down her gullet, and she sucked it all. “Ah, yeah, your grade will go up, don’t you worry about that," he huffed. 2 Ms. Struthers sat at her desk in her office at the high school.

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   One of her students sat beside her. “Tommy, she said to the boy, your grade is, as you know, low. ” “I know, Ms. Struthers," Tommy sighed. "I just don’t know what to do about it. I try, and I can’t seem to improve it. ” She looked at the boy. She saw he had a hard-on. She could see the bulge in his crotch poking up. “I know you try, Tommy," she said. "I know. ” She saw the imprint of his cock straining and thrusting against his pants. She suddenly lowered her head to his crotch and started rubbing it with her lips. She unzipped his pants and opened her lips and took in his prick. She licked and sucked it down to the base.

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   He clutched her head and drove his dick into his teacher’s mouth. He couldn’t believe it—his sexy attractive teacher was sucking his cock and he was pumping it in her warm wet sucking mouth. She sucked him for a few minutes and then slid her mouth off, tugged her skirt up and pulled her panties off. "Come here," she said, tugging on his prick. "Come here and give me a good licking. ” He went down on his knees before her. She spread her legs and drew them back. "Lick me," she said. She grasped his head and pulled him down. He clutched her ass and buried his face on her cunt and began licking it. “Ah yeah—umm yes," she panted, "ah—lick me, Tommy, lick my pussy. ” He jammed his tongue into her cunt and began tongue-fucking her. She reached down and clutched his prick and stroked it. "Give me that cock," she panted. He slid up and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and he thrust his dick into her pussy.

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   “Unh yeah—ah yeah—ooh yes—oh baby," she gasped. "Fuck me—oh yes—fuck your teacher. ” He pumped his prick in her, fucking her good and strong. “Oh, ah, you don’t have to worry about your grade," she panted, "you’ll get an A for this. ” He gave a heave and thrust his cock up her pussy and squirted a gob of cum deep in his teacher’s cunt. “Ah—squirt it in me," she gasped. "Pour it in me—pump it in deep. ” Her cunt squeezed on his dick, sucking up his cum. “Ah yeah—umm—oh, you sweet student," she cooed. "Ah, you sweet fucker—you A student. ”
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