summer school is so much fun!!


Topic: The First Sleep OverI worked in my schools summer camp this year, and every other week the kids stay to a sleep over. I worked in the kitchen, along side two other counselors, two girls in their early twenties. They are both very pretty, and one of them had been teasing me for a while. She has very big breasts, and she would go with out bra and show off.
Around two in the morning we closed the kitchen, since everyone had had their food. All the other counselors had gone off to the other areas of the school, and so their was no one left in the building except the lead counselors. Claudia and Nayeli, the two girls, stopped me and asked me where i was going to sleep. i thought for a while and then said "probably in some abandoned class room on the second floor. " Thats when Nayeli, the one who flirts around me, said, "why dont you stay in the kitchen? we are staying there. " i thought of nothing, so i said sure.
Ten minutes later i had pulled in a big cushion from the broom closet for the girls and they were looking around for their stuff in their bags. I had set up camp by the sink, and when i looked up they were both changing. they had their backs to me, so i got a glance at their beautiful asses.
Next time i looked round Claudia was getting into her sleeping bag, but with a short t shirt on only. Nayeli was locking up, and then she turned around. I was stunned with the lace underware she had on.

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   they both insisted that i go over and sleep with them. feeling a bit naughty, i consented. Nayeli turned off the lights and lay down on the other side of me. It did not take long for everyone to go to "sleep", since we needed to get up early. i dont go to sleep easily, even though i closed my eyes. i suddenly felt Claudia's arm go up across my chest, hugging me like a pillow, while Nayeli's arm went down over my crotch.
It was an awkard moment. I didnt know what to do. My sleeping bag was to hot for me, so i just used as a blanket. A few minutes later they both took their arms off me and with their hands explored under my blanket until they found my boxers. Thats when it suddenly occured to me what they were doing. So i said "alright there?" they both jumped, and my guess is that they blushed. I asked them what they were doing and i listened to a few feeble excuses. Finally i gave them my theory, wich was that they wanted something from me. The both nodded, shyly.


   I got up and said, " who is going first?" they were both surprised, and didnt answer. So I chose Claudia, since she didnt have any panties on.  
I zipped open her sleeping bag, and pulled my boxers off. i was topless already, but i pulled her t shirt off. She had a well trimmed bush, not much any way. My cock was really hard, all eight inches. with the little light there was they both looked at my cock breathlessly. I knew Claudia was a virgin, so i went easy. God was she tight. My two inch thick cock was too big. i just barely got the head in, but i couldnt go any further with out hurting her, so i pulled out.
I turned to Nayeli, and we made out, while Claudia played with herself. I pulled all of Nayeli's underwear off, and i put her on her back and lifted her legs, while Claudia got oral from Nayeli. I slowly pushed into Nayeli. She was tight, but i could get all the way to her cherry.

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   i popped it, but she didnt complain. very soon i had found her g spot, which is my speciality. I leaned back and let my cock push on her g spot until she was bucking with orgasms. With out letting Nayeli rest, i started pounding her, and thats when she started screaming. After a few minutes i was cumming inside her, and she was on her third orgasms.
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