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Topic: Dhaka Bangladeshi Sex Story Hi, All the readers & Fans of this site. I am Loverboy. I am 22 years old. I am from Dhaka city of Bangladesh. I'm smart, attractive & 5’10” tall. I’ve fit body & fair complexion.   I’m very much friendly, naughty and fun loving boy. Now I’d like to narrate one of my true sex experiences of my life. Here I did not disclose the name of my student because I always maintain privacy.
My student is studying in reputed Girls’ School and College of Dhaka city. She’s a student of Bangla medium but English version. She is beautiful, lovely, sexy, modern, stylish and fun -oving. I teach her English, computer and modern dance. Although she’s my student, a friendly relation exists between us. We go to DJ parties and dance together during the vacations. She’s a shy girl and doesn’t talk to everybody but she shares her feelings and emotions with me and likes me a lot.


   Sometimes we also give French kisses to each-other. She lives near my home. It happened in the week. My semester final exams were just finished. So I went to my student’s home quite earlier. It was 3. 30 pm. I knew that her parents are in their offices. I found the main door opened. Their temporary servant might have left the flat and my student forgot to lock the door. Or was she sleeping? Thinking those, I entered into the drawing room and saw my student. She was wearing tight choodidar pajamas with a frock. She was sitting in a sofa chair with her knees lifted up, feet resting at the seat, legs wide open, and her heels touching her buttocks. She was studying some novel, while scratching her slit innocently unaware of my arrival in the room.
I was bewildered to see her pajamas torn from its stitching exactly in the centre of her legs; creating a four to six inches wide window and her hidden treasure was clearly visible to me while sitting on the opposite chair.

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   Her face was hidden behind the novel and she could not observe my lustful eyes staring at her hidden assets. She was so engrossed in the novel, probably reading some paragraph on sex and was continuously rubbing her slit. At times, I saw her fingers pressing and pinching her pink cherry and slowly entering in her wet pussy. I was only in my pants without underwear and soon I felt my meat growing in size. She was pressing her clit and pussy lips continuously and was driving me crazy to reach a breaking point. I took my meat in my hands and started kneading it while watching my student’s gorgeous pussy needing something really hard to scratch it. I slid my penis out of the hem of my pants and started massaging my shaft while taking another novel in my hand and continued enjoying the live show. Soon my hand became wet with my pre-cum dribbling down the hole of my cock. I kept monitoring whether she knew what we were doing or not but I remained clueless as she pretended to be ignorant of my presence. She was now rubbing her pussy lips ferociously and I also started stroking my shaft violently. Soon I felt a spasm in my body, a quiver down my spines and a twitch in my balls. I felt my anus hole getting tightened and my ass cheeks stiffened. I could hold no longer and exploded violently in my hands, some of my juice shooting at my face. I got flabbergasted and tried to cover up the mess with the book, but my student watched it with amusement and gave me a cheeky smile. “What is going on sir?” She asked me with a wicked smile while closing her legs and covering her pussy with the book.

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   “if you study like this in front of somebody else, even something more could have happened” I replied with a broad smile at my face. “What something more sir?” She insisted. “Well I can’t spell it unless you really desire” I replied impulsively. “I don’t know you what more could have happened” she again said with cheeky smile on her face, while watching my love soaked penis. “Well I can only tell you if you sit in the same position and close your eyes” I replied and she removed the book uncovering her pussy and reopened her legs innocently. “What something more sir” she insisted again, looking into my eyes wickedly. “Okay doll, close your eyes and I will tell you what a nice thing could have happened to you” I said and she closed her eyes.
I sat between her legs with my palms at her knees, pulling them a little more apart. I took my mouth close to her pajamas window and sniffed her pussy. It smelled like a fresh pussy juice and pee. I leapt my tongue out and touched her cherry with its tip. She hissed mildly and kept her eyes closed. She opened her legs a little wide, giving me a little more access and I licked her pussy lips gently. She moaned a little louder giving a silent approval to my gesture. I felt suffocated due to her tight pajamas and put my fingers in the elastic band to pull her Pajamas down.

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   She lifted her ass up, allowing me to roll it down her legs easily. Her eyes were still closed and her legs were wide open, giving me the splendid view of her stark naked and amazingly sensual womanhood. I started fondling her cervix and slit with my tongue and fingers and she was mumbling and moaning. Soon I removed her shirt and bra and her stiff and pointed breasts pounced out. I made her lie on the sofa with her legs wide open; giving me a stunning display of her hidden treasure. She laid there with her eyes closed and looked like an angel from the heavens. I squatted between her legs and started fondling her nipples with my fingers. I swirled my finger in her cleavage, belly button and then around her round ass. I cupped her melons in my hands, kneaded and fondled them passionately and took her tits in my mouth. I nibbled and suckled them mildly and moved my tongue down to her belly button and caressed it gently. My tongue soon found its way down her legs and I licked her inner thighs up to the corners of her pussy lips and then her whole cervix area.
 I could feel her hissing, moaning and mumbling Yes man!!! you are doing well. These were small but you made it bigger!!! OHHHH!!!!! Man!!! your hands & mouth are just making them feel bigger!!". Usssssssss oohhhhh. .

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  . ” uuufffff squeeze them hard aaaahhhhh ooouuuuu usssssssss suck my nipples harder & faster. Bite them. ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaahhhhhhhhh!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! SuCCCCCCCkkkk it OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh it's fellig goooooodddddddd  along with quivers and jerks in her body. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue in her pink love canal. My tongue was doing the magic and my student’s ass was rhythmically moving up and down, pushing her warm and steamy pussy against my mouth. I opened her legs further apart and entered my whole tongue in her wet pussy. Her hips were hopping up and down vigorously. she was moaning, "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyesssssssssss deeppperr" pressing my head on her pussy and raising her hips to enter me deeper. my tongue was moving faster, "yyyesssssssss oohhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssss lick me harder yyesssssssssss" my tongue moving deeper, faster and juice splashed from her pussy, she held my face tight on her pussy and all juice splashed on my face. “Oh God yes suck me! Ohhhhhhh!”Eat my cunt fully…. . aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh. . .

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  . drink it  aaaaaao. suck it u blady sucker suck it till it cums reallllly ard aaahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmShe was soon losing her control. I felt a spasm in her body, her legs twisting around my neck and her toes curled. “I am cum sir, sir, I am exploding” she opened her eyes and moaned loudly. All of a sudden, she exploded her love load in my mouth. I could see her cheesy cream oozing out of her love tunnel and dribbling down her white legs. I squished, ate and licked her clean till she again started hopping her ass up and down and was rubbing her pussy lips against my pouted lips. I took my 8 inches long throbbing penis in my hand, gently touched her pussy lips with its tip and felt her thighs rising to swallow her sir’s love shaft in her pussy. I applied my saliva at my shaft and slid its head in my student’s slippery pussy. She lifted her legs up and opened her pussy lips with her fingers like a tulip. I was so enthralled that I immediately penetrated my hard rock penis with full thrust in my doll’s warm, moist and tight pussy. That felt like being in heavens. She took it easily and started hopping her hips up and down. My lips were now pouted over her lips, kissing her passionately.

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   “Ooh my baby, my lovely doll” I moaned while pumping her pussy ferociously. I pulled her legs further up, making her to lie in a frog position. The whole length of my meat was in her love tunnel and I was grinding my cock in her pussy, touching all the right spots in the inner walls of her love canal. Her eyes were fully open and she was hopping her hips up and down ferociously. I felt her pussy spasm around the crest of my balls and penis and she shook her body violently. She twisted her legs around my ass and curled her toes. ' PLEASE!!! FUCK MEE!!! MY PUSSY'S ACHING FOR YOUR BIG TOOL!!!!". OH MY GOD! IT'S SOOO BIG!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! PLEASE!!! FUCK MEE!!! oooohhh Ahhhhh ittss fffiinnne I lliikke ittt vveerryy mmuucchhh“AHHHHHHHNNNNNNN UHNNNNNN AAAAAEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  YESSSSSSSSSSS”. “AHHHH AHHH UHNNNNN UHNN UHMMMM AEY JAANU FFUCKKK AHNNN GOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHN GOD YESSSS YESSS FFUCK ME FFUCK ME OHHH MORE SPEEDER AND HARDER OHHH AEYYY YOUR BIG COCK AND MY LITTLE CUNT OHH GOD AHNNNN”

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  " "OOOOOHHHHHHHH YYESSSSSSS FUCCCKKK ME HARDERRR YYESSSSSSSS OOOOOOHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYESSSSSSSSS DDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEPPPPPERRRR" I AM CUMMMMMMMMING. I was ramming my cock harder in her and it’s touching her g-spot. She was gasping hard “Sir, something is happening to me, oh , sir help me, sir I am cumming” she cried loudly. I felt a spasm in my ass hole; a twitch in my balls and squirted my load in the deep and slippery pussy, further slipping down the deep uterus of my lovely little girl. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and saw a cheesy cream dribbling down her legs. I gave my limp and burly cock in her hands. She played with it for some time and then swallowed it. She rolled her tongue around my Shaft and caressed my balls until we felt hot and steamy.
We were soon ready for another fuck, as my student had submitted her lovely pussy to me for consented love fucking. Soon we had another lovely session in which we ate each other’s genitals for hours and even fucked my baby’s anus as per her desire. Send me your comments and please at topromance@ymail. com. Shy girls who want to talk and interested about sex but is hesitated can also email me. I am very much cooperative, friendly and helpful to you. Your privacy is always assured.

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