T.C. and Lindsey(& maybe someone else)


T. C. and Lindsey(& maybe someone else)
(I wrote "T. . C. & Lexi")

So it was a couple weeks after me and Lex "did it". I was sitting in Choir looking over at Lindsey making funny faces and laughing with her. So class was over and walked by her and she stoped me and kissed me(we were dating at the time). So we walk down the hall holding her(Lindsey) hand and Lexi walked up behind me and grabed my ass like always. She then grabbed my hand and I had to walk her to class. (What can I say Imma P. I. M. P. ). So me Lindsey's date was the next week at Ryan's Party.

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   So then we get there and we both get Tipsy as HELL. So we go Upstairs and lay in a bed,and start playing around. Eventually we gonna go for it,but she notices the time and shows 1:00 am & she was supposed home now so it didn't happen (Ya'll that it was). So we go back to school on Monday and somehow everybody is talking bout' us fucking and she thought I said something so she comes up to me and is yelling and shit,so I have to kiss her to make her stop talking & tell her I didn't say anything. So we go on as normal till' the middle of 6th thats when it happens we meet in the hall,so she says come here so I go she takes me to the bathroom and tells me to drop my pants I was like what. She says they said we did this so lets make it true. She then said and I quote"They don't call me the Tennesee Ho for nonthing. "I said who the hell calls you that. She didn't answer and took my 8ins. and says Holy Shit. And teases a little then sticks it in her mouth it was so warm and moist. She then deep throats. My jaw dropped. then she stops and the stall door opens and it is Lexi. She heard her say Holy Shit.

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  She then told us she was the one who said we fucked at Ryan's Party. And she then said that if we didn't let her join tonight well she would go the office and tell what we were doing so we said okay. She says my house 8:00 tonight. We say 0k. I am thinking HELL YES!

So now it is 8 and go over they are there laughing and shit. And I figure out that they had this shit planned all the way back to when Me and Lexi Fucked. I never knew my dick was such a prestige. So we go up to Lexi's Mom's Room. We all get undressed. And they start to play with my dick I feel them licking and sucking all on it. It felt great. So we go lay on the bed and Lindseys says I go first,Lexi says fuck that,you had your chance,and Lindsey said and already had some and I said can I choose they yell No. Lindsey eventually wins the argument and climbs up on top. She bounces up & down slowly at firs and she picks up a little bit momentum and tits are bouncing. She get stopped by Lexi and yell my turn and I'm laying there and climbs on top and rides the shit out of me.

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   I cum in her now I'm just laying her wonderin' what have I got my self into. Now I say anybody wants to try my fantasy they say yes. Okay my Fantasy is I'm with a girl we doin it doggy and I'm beatin' dat pussy up, when all of a sudden another girl walks in not saying a word walks over gets undressed lays down on the bed and the girl I doin' starts to lick the other girls pussy. And then thy Switch. Except that we can't switch cause Lexi doesn't won't lick another pussy but she will get down and take from another girl.
So me and Lindsey get started I'm gettin' a good swerve goin and Lexi comes in and I'm like yes this going to happen. And it does so A succesful threesome planned on my part.