Tabitha Stern's First Time


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Tabitha Stern was originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She lived there until she was four, then moved to Los Angeles to be with her mother, and then moved back to Tennessee again when she was fifteen. A few years later she was in L. A. once again, this time to stay.
It was her time in L. A. that lead to her becoming a porn star by the time she was eighteen. She'd had many sexual experiences by that time, of course, but the first time was the most memorable.
She had been sick at school all day. The teacher let her go home early. Her mother was at work so she was alone in the house with no one to care for her.
She lay down wearing her school uniform, which was a dark, knee-length skirt with a matching top, black shoes, and white stockings.

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   She lay still for a moment and started moaning in discomfort.
She didn't have the slightest clue what medicines to take, so she figured she'd take a shower and go to sleep until her mother got home. Instead of getting dressed when she got out of the shower, she only put on a clean pair of panties and a tank top without a bra.
At this age, Tabitha was just getting to know her body. She had been masturbating almost every night before she went to bed. Lying in bed feeling drowsy like she did had brought out a desire to masturbate right there in the early afternoon.
She rubbed her pussy through her panties so she could feel the sensation of the thin material rubbing against her clit.
She thought of all the handsome boys in school. She imagined her fingers being theirs, and it was someone else who was making her feel so good right now.
She moved her panties to the side and touched her clit. Her leg twitched and her breathing got deeper.
She massaged the juicy outer lips with her palms, enjoying the way the heat felt. Then she slipped her middle finger between the inner lips and started humping her hand.
Soon, her finger was covered in pussy juice. She started licking it off while she used her other hand to pleasure herself some more.

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   She kept switching like this for a few times more, just savoring the taste of her own sweet pussy.
She used one finger most of the time, but every now and then she would try to slip a second one inside and go as deep as she could until she felt pain. Then she'd pull it out, hornier from the pain, and thrust into her hand but faster and harder.
Her eyelids were terribly heavy. She could barely stay awake. The only thing that kept her from falling asleep was the need for an orgasm.
Her legs were wide and her pelvis rose off the bed to hump her hand. Her pussy muscles started jerking as she imagined a hard, thick, throbbing cock pounding into her hot, virgin pussy.
When her orgasm was over, she wiped her juices on the bed, turned on her side, and fell asleep within seconds.
She woke up when she felt the bed shaking. When she opened her eyes, Dell, her mom's new boyfriend was sitting next to her.
She really didn't like him that much. She blamed him for her mom and dad splitting up, and he always seemed to be watching her when he thought she wasn't paying attention.
He asked her why she was home so early. She explained that she was sick and the teacher told her to leave.

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He touched her forehead. She pushed his hand away and said, "I'll be alright, Dell. "
"I'll be the judge of that," he said. "Look, I know you blame me for your mom and dad splitting up, but I didn't have anything to do with it, okay? They were broke up long before me and her got together. "
Tabitha didn't say anything. It felt odd being with him now that he had come right out and talked about it. Up to that point, neither of them had said anything about it. Their interaction with each other mainly consisted of evil looks and one-sentence conversations.
"Well, are you gonna be okay with me now?"
She was quiet. There was something strange happening that had never happened before. Just that fast, she had developed a fondness towards Dell.
"I'm sorry, Dell," she said extending her hand.
Dell shook it and said, "Let's see if we can get you feeling better. " He turned her on her side so he could have access to her back.
"It's okay, Dell.

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   I'll be okay. I just need some rest. "
He ignored her and started massaging her shoulders. "I was a medic in the Gulf War. "
"Really? Wow," she replied.
She turned completely the other way. She was nervous with him massaging her back, but it felt so good she didn't say anything. Plus it was their first good time together and she was afraid of ruining it. Their conversation had actually made it past one sentence. Amazing!
She was relaxing and feeling a little better. On top of that, she was starting to get these funny feelings in her private area-feelings that reminded her of the way it felt when she masturbated.
She really got frightened when he worked his way around to the front and started touching her breasts.
"What are you doing, Dell?"
"I'm the medic. Just relax. "
What could she say? Dell was a real medic so she figured he must have known what he's doing.

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   He had to know what was best for her.
As she was thinking it over, she felt his hand move slowly from her shoulder to her breasts. Then it went straight down the side of her body and stopped on her pussy. He was touching her special spot.
She couldn't say anything to stop him. It felt so good. It was like she was masturbating again, but this time it was someone else touching her and it made it feel so much better.
The only problem was that she thought it was wrong. He was a grown man and her mother's boyfriend at that.
She looked over her shoulder and asked, "Are you supposed to be touching me in my private area like that?"
"Just relax. "
"Would mom like this?" she asked.
"Yes," he said quickly.
"Do you think I should tell mom how you make me feel better?"
He looked away and his eyes started flickering back and forth like he was trying to think of something to say. He said, "Uh…no, we shouldn't tell your mother. She wouldn't understand.

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   Well, you are eighteen, right?"
"No. "
Dell snatched his hand away from her pussy like he'd touched a hot stove. "How old are you?"
"Just eighteen. I just turned about a month ago. "
"Oh," he said, and resumed fondling her pussy through her panties.
Tabitha wasn't as naïve as she let on. She knew it was wrong to have sex with her mother's boyfriend, but like so many teens before her, Tabitha couldn't control herself now that her hormones were racing.
Dell was cute. He was older and more experienced, which turned her on a lot more. Above all, she was probably the last virgin in the senior class and wanted to experience sex before she graduated.
He started rubbing harder on her teen pussy, giving a lot of attention to her clit and pussy hole. She spread her legs a little wider. She closed her eyes and let out a low moan.
"Does that make you feel better?" asked Dell.
She looked up at him and smiled with her eyebrows arched.

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   She nodded and said, "It's pretty good. "
She was lying totally on her back now. Dell continued fingering her teen cunt with his left hand and used the other for her upper body.
He rubbed her all across her tits and belly in small circles. She opened her legs a little farther again, and Dell slid a finger a little deeper into her snatch. It met with some resistance, which let him know she really was a virgin. Used pussy could never be this tight.
She was a really sexy blonde. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. She had a petite figure with ample tits and big, juicy nipples.
Her panties and tank top were pink and had little flowers in them. They made her look so sexy lying spread out on the bed like that.
"I'm kinda scared," said Tabitha.
"Don't be scared. Just relax, I told you.

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   Something that feels this good can't be wrong, right?"
She didn't answer. She closed her eyes and moaned as Dell continued finger fucking her. She slowly ground her hips in sync with the movements of his hands. She was seriously soaking wet now and tingling all over.
He helped Tabitha take her panties off. His cock stiffened like a brick when he saw what was underneath.
Her pussy was shaven even though it looked like the hair had started growing back, and it was very juicy like somebody had given the outer pussy lips a collagen injection.
Without the panties in his way, Dell could get much better access to her genitals. He used his index and ring fingers to hold her pussy open while he massaged her inner pussy lips with his middles finger. Soon, he had the whole room smelling like pussy.
"When I was in the Gulf War," Dell said, "there was a technique that we used to use to relax the ladies. It eased a lot of tension. Want me to do it?"
She nodded and whispered, "Okay. "
For the first time all day, Dell seemed like he was in a rush. He pushed her legs as far apart as they would go.

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   He spread her pussy lips, revealing a split that was pink and glistening wet.
He hungrily lowered his face into it and started flicking his tongue on her clit. He slid his tongue down her pussy and into the hole and went back to the top.
It tasted good and smelled equally as nice. It smelled like a combination of soap mixed with the natural scent of pussy.
Every part of Tabitha's body was tingling. She couldn't keep still. Her legs kept shaking as she wallowed in the feel of having her pussy eaten for the first time.
"Do you do this to mom? It's working," she said.
"Yeah, this is one of her favorite things to do. "
He licked and sucked and slurped every part of her vagina. It got to the point that she was struggling to keep her legs from thrashing as her juices poured into his mouth.
Satisfied that she had had her first orgasm, Dell said, "You don't have a sore throat, do you?"
She nodded and said, "I do have a soar throat. "
"Well, we also had another remedy when I was in the Gulf War. " He stood and pulled his cock out.

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   It was rock-hard and jumping in her face.
She said, "Isn't that wrong?"
"Just relax. "
"That's gonna make my throat feel better?"
"It'll make it feel much better," he assured her.
She knew he was full of shit, but she was curious to see what it was like to suck a dick. She was very horny and didn't want to spoil the mood.
And why not suck his dick? He'd already fingered her and ate her pussy, so what difference would it make if they went all the way?
Tabitha asked, "What do I do?"
He said, "Just suck it. Just put it in your mouth and-"
Tabitha leaned forward and sucked the head of his swollen member into his mouth. She opened her mouth wider and engulfed the whole thing almost, which surprised Dell because he thought he was dealing with an inexperienced teenager.
She sucked hard and let it slip from her mouth, then sucked him deeper. It went so deep that the head of his cock touched the back of her throat.
"Yeah, just like that," he groaned.
She was a natural. She was so good that it made him wonder if she was one of those girls who had sucked a lot of dicks by the time they got fucked in the pussy. Apparently so, because she was doing one hell of a job at it. She sucked him deep every time and let it out slowly as she looked up into his eyes for confirmation.


"Yeah," he moaned. "You're doing it just right. "
She sucked his dick for a couple more minutes. It was one of the best blowjobs of his life, a lot better than Tabitha's mother. Tabitha even made her tongue spread wide and wrapped it around his cock while she was sucking it. She was driving him crazy.
Dell took his pants all the way off. His cock was pointing straight up. It was so hard it hurt.
Tabitha let a substantial amount of saliva build up in her mouth and went down on him. Dell guided her in and out by her blonde hair.
He had a nice view of her tight ass while she sucked his throbbing cock. He could imagine what the view from the other side must look like. The thought of Tabitha bent over with her body moving back and forth-pouty pussy lips squeezed between two supple ass cheeks. Yum.

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He wanted to fuck her bad! He lay down in a hurry and told her to mount him like a bicycle and face away from him. He wanted a view of her ass.
She sat on his cock and put the head at the base of her pussy. There was a lot of heat coming off her crotch and it was dripping wet.
Tabitha paused as she was easing herself onto his dick. There was too much pain, but then Dell grabbed her hips and forced her all the way down.
She opened her mouth in shock, but she held the scream back because, as bad as it hurt, the pleasure outweighed the pain ten fold. Dell made small movements in, out, and side to side so her pussy could adjust to his dick.
After a couple of minutes of doing this, she leaned back and started grinding on his dick. She rocked back and forth, sometimes lifting up to feel it sliding out of her so she could lower her pussy and feel it sliding back in.
They rolled on their sides with Dell still behind her. She was out of breath and still moaning as he slowly penetrated her and fucked her from the back.
"You like that?" asked Dell.
She couldn't talk. She was too busy screaming and moaning.

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   The bed was rocking all over the place from dell's aggressive thrusts.
"Ohhhhhh!" she cried as her pussy spasmed and a rush of cunt juice saturated his eager prick.
She closed her eyes and bit her fist as Dell got on his knees and rammed her harder than ever. He was excited that his own orgasm was approaching fast.
He looked down and watched his cock beating her tight little teen pussy. It was so tight and wet and…
He pulled back. His cock came out with a loud swish. There was cum already at the tip. It was jumping as streams of man juice were making their way up his shaft. He grabbed his cock and started jerking it until Tabitha's stomach was covered in his DNA.
It didn't help her cold much, but now she felt like a true woman.
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