Teacher Captive


"Oh quiet down Alex," she said in her beautiful voice, as she walked towards him and sat down. She was a hot 5'3 with C cup breasts and the hottest ass you had ever seen. "You know why you're here," she began again as Alex put on his most innocent face, but she continued. "You have constantly been rude and negative in this class, yet you seem smart and truly nice. I was suspicious so I talked to your other teachers," she paused here but only for a second. "Your teachers adore you, they say your kind, sweet, and get straight A's. Even your phys. Ed. Coach enjoys you. He said you're the fastest kid he has seen in years," said Miss Aleay. It was true, all of it, in truth Alex had a genius IQ and could beat every kid in school in any race imaginable. Due to the positive remarks, he had lightened up a bit, but only slightly. He shrugged his shoulders "So?" "So!" Miss Aleay repeated. "If you are so nice and smart in other classes why not this one?" Now Alex stiffened up more then he had before; he definitely did not want to reveal his true reason for being rude. But Miss Aleay paid no attention to this; she just leaned forward, looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Do you have a little crush on me Mr. Bartson?" Alex was shocked, his eyes widened and his mouth literally flew open! That was enough for her "I see," she said.

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   "Come with me please,"Miss Aleay grabbed his arm and half dragged him down the hall and out the school door. The busses had already left, but Alex had no time to worry about how to get home. He was in a daze, one minute in the parking lot, the next being dragged right up to a silver Austin Martin, which he assumed was Miss Aleay's. The front passenger side was opened, and there was just enough time for Alex to be shoved in before the door banged shut. As Miss. Aleay was getting in Alex tried to free himself from this strange prison. But his door was locked and the only way to unlock it was to do it on the driver side. As her door was shut he began assaulting her with questions. "Why am I here? What's going on? Where are we going? How will I get home?" He was cut off by the soothing voice of Miss Aleay "Just calm down sweetie, everything will be taken care of," she finished. So Alex relaxed. You might think that if you were in his situation, you would do things diffrently. But you have know idea how hard it is to refuse that body. Plus, Alex just assumed that since he had missed the bus, that she would take him home. After all she must have had encounters like this before, even though she just started teaching, lots of kids most think she was beautiful. It really was a great comfort to be inside her car.

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   Sitting in a heated vehicle, in a leather seat, out of that furious October wind. If Halloween is anything like this, no kids will go out he thought. Then things went wrong. Alex saw streets unrecognizable. They were not going to his house. As they entered a small corner of town with lots of houses large and small, Alex began, again, the questions. "Where are we?" he asked worriedly. "Why aren't we going to my house? My parents will be worried if I'm not home soon," now fear was in his voice. "Just relax, I called your parents and told them you would be staying the night at my house for a tutoring session, then I would take you to school tomorrow. I am actually surprised they bought it," Miss Aleay said, with a little laugh. Alex wasn't surprised. His parents loved him very much, and could probably figure out that he did not need tutoring, but they held very demanding lives so they were often busy. "I have an A+ average in all my classes, so why am I really here?" now Alex's very voice was demanding an answer. "I think you need to learn a lesson, don't you?" she said softly. "After all, a little punishment is needed for your behavior," At these words Alex cringed.

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   She obviously was not just going to forget about his rudeness. And the fact that he had a crush on her didn't help. "Punishment?" he repeated, now very worried, but he was cut off by Miss Aleay. "We're here," she said, as she grabbed his arm and pulled him out her door, towards the house. It was a white, medium sized place that looked positively nice. In other circumstances Alex would have been happy to walk in. But as they walked up the front steps and Miss Aleay unlocked the door, a new more terrible thought hit Alex. All of his books and his bag were still siting in her room. It was a good thing he didn't have any homework that night. He would just have to get there early the next morning and pick up his stuff. They were now in a small living room with nice, white carpet. Even better, she had finally let go of his arm. "Take off your shoes, and follow me," she commanded, with a hint of mischief in her voice. They walked through the living room and up a pair of carpeted stairs. They were now in a hall covered with pictures of Miss Aleay and other people, who Alex assumed were her family and friends.

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   There was one door on the right and two doors to the left, she chose the right and grabbed the handle. As the door was opened and both teacher and child walked in, Alex felt total awe. It wasn't just the room itself, although that was enough to impress many. There was a large queen-sized bed, with Grey covers to his right. To his left was a whole bunch of drawers and exactly in front of him was an open door, which led to a gigantic closet. You could fit 5 people sitting in there, even with all the clothes. But the real reason Alex was astounded was that he was standing in the love of his life's bedroom. This is where she slept, dressed, and even better undressed. He could already see some of the stylish things she wore. Who knows what fun he could have in here? Unfortunately, Alex was jolted out of his fantasy world abruptly, because Miss Aleay was speaking, now loud and very commanding. "The punishment will start shortly. I think you deserve a spanking, a very long and hard spanking," she said as she opened up the large purse she had been carrying all this time and produced out of it a paddle. At least Alex thought it was a paddle, now that she held it in her hands he could clearly see that it was the hall pass she used in her classroom. Many kids joked about the pass that had a wooden handle and a large, thick area at the end with ROOM 117 written on it. He could just not believe she was doing this, she could not spank him.

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   He would surely tell his parents about this, but he kept that little detail to himself, not wanting to anger her more. But the worst fact was that Alex would NOT enjoy this. Spanking was one of the sexual fetishes Alex enjoyed the least, it required too much pain and not enough sex. He had only had one spanking before, and that was one he had given him himself. The pain surely would be much worse in this case since Alex could tell just by her voice, that she was pissed off. It didn't happen often in class, but when it did, you better watch out. "Come over here Alex," Miss Aleay said as she put her purse on a shelf and sat down on the bed. As Alex walked over and stood beside her she spoke again, "Lean over," she said as she smirked at his dilemma, and patted her legs. Alex leaned over putting his head near the floor, his legs just grazing the ground, and his rear totally exposed. Now he became aroused, his penis grew larger and larger, for obvious reasons. He was over her knee! Not just that, but the pure closeness of their bodies, the feeling of her jean skirt, with slits that revealed quite a bit when she walked, the edge of the black sweater on his arm, and the short brown hair just slightly touching parts of his body.
    All of this was enough to get his pre-pubescent penis, larger then it had ever been before. "It's time," she said now more quietly, but still with the satisfaction of her revenge. She grabbed the top of his sweats and slowly brought the down his powerful legs. Next she reached for the waistband of his underwear.

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       As she grabbed it she slipped two fingers under the white cotton and Alex thought he would explode. She held that position for a few seconds, letting him savor this moment. Then ever so slightly, she began to pull. Slowly but surely the underwear began to slip down his legs, until it finally reached his ankles. "Now for a little pain starter, this is what my mommy did for me just before every spanking," she explained as if this were a happier occasion. Then she opened up the two sides of his ass, reached in until she reached the skin right outside his hole and used her long nails to pinch with all her might. The pain was ecstatic! He screamed for at least 5 seconds. Then the pain subsided as quickly as it had came. He took a deep breath. And he braced himself, and then first blow came. As he turned his head to watch, it looked like it hurt her more then it hurt him. Alex knew from experience, that it burned the hand bad. Stroke after steady stroke, right in the middle of his right butt cheek. After ten of these, she switched until it again numbered ten. Then ten more for each cheek.

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       Now it burned more, just enough to really hurt. Once that was done and the burning had started, she grabbed the pass in a tight grip. SMACK, right in the middle of his ass. The pain grew greater and greater. Alex started to cry harder then he ever had before. "Please stop. Please! I promise I'll be good really I will," his heart was totally sincere. "Have you been naughty?" Miss Aleay asked loudly. "Have you?""Yes! Yes I have, now please stop," Alex said through a sob. But she continued to spank him. He lost count with so many strokes and so much pain. "Please, have mercy!" Famous last words, at least that's what Alex would think, looking back on the situation. Because in truth, with the next action, his current life had ended. He began to pee ad pee and pee. The milk from lunch was coming out now, in his time of most embarrassment.

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       He did need to go bad, and with all the pain, he just couldn't hold it any longer. He didn't know he had so much urine in him. Luckily, she was wearing a thick jean skirt, so none leaked through. But it was pretty obvious that she could feel the large dark circle on her legs. The only good thing about the situation was that the spanks stopped. The burning pain however continued. As she guided him off her legs as she spoke "Stand over there," there was no anger in her voice, just pure calmness. Alex covered up his gentiles immediately however, seeing his butt was one thing, but his penis? She slapped her hands away and Alex could see how much damage he had done. The entire front of the skirt was covered with wet, hot piss. "Don't cover up," she told him. "If I can spank your nasty little bottom, I can see that. And its not like I haven't seen it before. This may have been true, but they both knew she was a virgin. In a conversation in class Alex had brought up relationships, and in the course of the conversation he got her to say she was a virgin. It actually turned him on.

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      Well now Alex was totally nude in front of his hot teacher, who he had a crush on, with her clothes covered in his still warm pee. Not to the mention the fact that she had just spanked him brutally, and his butt was on fire. He wasn't sure whether he was happy or sad, with the emotions of pain, embarrassment, and sexuality within him; it was pretty hard to tell. What would she do next, and more importantly could things get any worse?TO BE CONTINUED….

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