Teacher teach so meany things!


            I was sitting in health class in my normal set in the front row. I had a low cup top and a white lace bra on that displayed my beautiful 36D boobs. I also had on a vary short jean mini shirt. As my teacher was teaching use about sex ed I saw him take a long look at my boobs and decided I liked the attention. So I gave him a sly smile and push my pencil of the edge of my desk. When he bent over to pick it up for me I uncrossed my legs to let him see my see threw white lace g-sting. He looked up at me and I smiled.
I could see the bulge in his pants where getting bigger. After a wile I looked up and saw that she caught me staring and he gave me a wink and I winked back. After he finished talking about oral sex he went in to anal and it was making me wet just thinking about it. So I started to talk to the boy next to me and Mr. Jones gave me a stern look and said that I need to stop or I will have to stay after class and give and oral exam. Well since my school was known for talking back I stood up and said “Promise?” and gave a big smile.
“If you don’t sit down right now you will sit in my office and wait till after school and give me an oral!”
So I bent over far enough to give him another view of that I had to offer looked back and him smile and said “Ill be waiting. ”
As I sat in his office I saw that his computer was on so I thought I would so some research on him. I opened his internet history and saw a lot of porn.

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   So I could tell his wife wasn’t doing her job so I though I would. I went threw some of the web sites and saw that he had a few of girls getting spanked and a lot of anal and so much pussy pounding. I was getting a little to excited.
When I heard foot steps coming I leaned over his desk towards my backpack pointing my ass right at him. When he stepped into the room and stood and admired his view until I looked back and giggled.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you coming. ” I said with a playful smile on my face.
“It was vary rude of you to be talking when what I was teaching is vary important. ” He said as he picked up the ruler next to the door. “What should I do to keep you in line?” He stepped close to my ass and slid his hand up my leg slightly lifting up my skirt. “I think u have what you need to do that. ” I said as I looked at the ruler.   He lifted the ruler and smacked it agents my perfectly shaped ass.
“OHH” I cooed “I don’t think that’s good enough to teach me Mr. Jones” I said wanting to satisfy his spanking need.

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“Oh you think you can handle more?” He said in a taunting voice.
He lifted my skirt as high as it would go and ran his fingers from the back of my knees up to the top of my round ass.
“How convenient it was of you to be in such a position for me to teach you. Its almost as if you want me to teach you a good lesson!” He said to me in a wanting way.
“The things u teach in class confuses me, I’m more of a hands on person. ” I said has he stuck my ass harder with the ruler. His fingers run up and down my ass feeling the welt he left behind and said in a proud voice “Now do you understand that you need to fallow my instructions?”
“Yes Mr.   Jones but that still doesn’t solve my problem. You said I would have to give you an oral exam but I don’t know anything about what u where teaching I need hands on. ” As I said that I stood up and started to take off my skirt. I walked closer to him. “ I tried to listen to you but when u started to talk about all that sex all I could think about was getting that cock of you in me. ” I said as I leaned forward and put my hand on his vary big bulge in his pants.
“Well how far back do you not know what’s going on? Because we will have to start there if u want to keep you grades up!” he said wile he looked at my as if he was going to take advantage of me.
“I don’t under stand this whole unit Mr.

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   Jones we will have to start from the top. ” I said in the most innocent voice I could.
“Ok we will have to start with the condom. . . you will learn every possible way to put it on. Because you are so far behind you will have to get extra help. Like after school tutoring, probably at lunch too. ” He said with a smile. “Let’s get started”
            He pulled out a ring of keys and unlocked his top desk drawer. As he opened it slowly he looks up at me and smiles. He pulled out a big package of condoms that said magnum, and a big bottle of lube.  When I saw the box of condoms it made me wonder how big was his cock really was. I walked over to his desk and cleared everything off it climbed on top and sat on the edge facing him. I reached over grabbed his belt pulled him close and stated to take of his pants.

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   I was just so eager to touch, feel, suck, and have his cock in me. We started to kiss deeply and worked are way up and down each others body. Then he just stepped back grabbed a condom and said “Time to learn. ”
He had me put a condom on his with my mouth. (I would get more into detail about the condom stuff but lets just say I mastered that fast. )
“Now its time to learn about yourself. ” He said as he flipped me over and bent me over his desk. He spread my legs as far apart as they would go and crouched down to be at eye level with my pussy.
“Nice to see you perfectly shaved! Not a single” He said as he ran his finger up and down the side of my cunt. He smiled at me wile grabbing hit cock and put the mushroom shaped tip of his cock on the edge of my pussy. Sliding his cock slowly down my pussy he said. “This is your clit” as he moved his cock around and on it working it and making me dripping wet. “These are you pussy lips” he said pushing them farther apart. “This is you vagian. ” He said sticking the tip of his cock into me.

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“Mr. Jones just fuck me please I can take it I want you in me!” I said looking back with wanting eyes.
“You gunna have to learn all this first. ” Mr. J said with a big smile. “This is you anis. ” He said wile running his cock over it teasing me and driving me over the edge. The next time I no it quiet but a splashing noise I look over at Mr. J and he was slapin lube all over his big hammer. By the way his dick was so thick I could barley get my hand all the way around the base. It was 8 inches around and 9. 5 inches long it was something to proud of! I smiled thinking I was finally gunna get what I wanted to be fucked hard by my health teacher. Boy was I wrong he bent me back over as far as I could go over his desk and said “Relax you’ll be glad that u did in a second. This is your anal ring. And this is my cock going right past it.

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  ” He said in a deep pleased voice pushing the full length of himself into my ass. I tried to pull away in discomfort not expecting that to happen. Mr. J slaped my ass in disciple and said in a deep bellowing voice. “If you want to pass the oral u have to learn this and you my hands on student that needs special help!” 
He pulled out of me all the way and slammed right back in, but this time I was ready and pushed back. We started to get into rhythm of each other and the speed started to pick up.
“Mr. J your gunna make me cum in gunna cream all over you! OMG here is comes. Mr. J pound my ass! Fuck me harder! Faster! Im gunna cum. ” I said as my body started to shutter. Mr. J only replied with  grunting noises of pleasure. “Shit im cuming!!” the nest thing I know I was squirting.
“OMG you a squirter?”  He said in amazement and excitement way.

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   As he keep pumping into my ass.
“It looks like I have things to teach you Mr. J. ” I said as my voice bounced from the amount of force he was using to fuck me.
“MMhhHMM… get ready for this Kelly. ” He bellowed in a low voice. The nest thing I no he pulled and shot a load of cum onto my face. “This is cum. Open your mouth and have a taste. ” I looked up at him as I grabbed hit cock and pointed it at my mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head and he went to give him self a hand. “Ill take care of what your wife was missing out on Mr. J. ” I said when I started to flicker my tough on the tip of his cock. I could see and feel his cock contract so I quickly tried to fix his massive cock into my mouth.

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   Once I got it in I got a good amount into my mouth and my jaw left like it was being stretched. I started to fondle his balls and when he felt the slightest touch he shot the biggest load into the back of my through. “ OOHHH Kelly suck the cum right out of my big prick! Drink it all down!” He grabbed the back of my head and stated to fuck my mouth. He got all 9 inches into my mouth and I gagged “That’s it take it all in your dirty little mouth. ” I looked up at him with eyes saying I want more. As I pulled him out of my mouth I stopped at the time sucked up good and flickered me tough right under the head and that sent him over the edge.
He picked me up and ripped my shirt off and kissed me passionately, took my lace bra off and threw me onto his desk pulled me to the edge and pleased his dick into my pussy. He grabbed my shoulders as I grabbed the edge of the desk and pulled me self down all the ways down on his dick.
“Mr. J your to big your splitting me in two. I can feel you in my stomach. I can’t take…” my words where cut off cuz my body started to shake and he sent me into my second orgasm that was way bigger then the first.
“That’s your g-spot he said with a laugh, I touch that and it will send you so far over the edge you’ll never be able to recover” He said as he rubber profusely. My body was shaking  I couldn’t handle it “OMFG im gunna cum I cant take it stop it Mr. J…OMG” I was gasping for air it was so shuddering.

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   “OMG your blowing my mind please stop my pussy cant take it I wont be able to walk Mr. J don’t…. ” Once again my words where cut off I stated to squirt every where. I was laying in a puddle of my own cum. “MMMmmmMM that’s so hot Kelly. Watching your boobs bounce like that is so hot you body covered in sweat and cum its so hot im gunna blow my load right into you! I hope your heady for the ride of you life!” he grunted as he shot a load even bigger then the first. “OHH im so glad you wife didn’t fuck you cuz you balls have so much cum built up I want it all over me! I want my body to absorb you cum I wont it all over me. ”
            He shot another hot load and I could feel his hot cum in me he just keep pumping into me shoving it into me. “Mr. J your fucking me so good I can taste you cum. Fuck me more I want more please!!” I said begging him. “Kelly I haven’t even started I want to shoot my cum all over you! Your gunna bath in my juices. ” He started to slow down into long slow hard pumps into my pussy. “You have the nieces tits… shape the color there size I have to get my dick in him. ” He said as he grabbed and squeezed him.

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   “Oh please Mr. J titty fuck me and shoot your load all over them. I want to absorb you cum into my body. I want to feel it all over me. ” I said as I thought about using his cum like lotion.
I was full of his cum and I wanted more. He pulled out and globs of cum came out of me it was like Niagara Falls. Mr. J bent over put his face on my snatch and started to suck the cum right out of me. “God dam this taste good! Its so good I would drink it with a snack. Here try some. ” He said as he stuck 3 fingers into my pussy and leaned over my body and put his fingers to me mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked each finger clean in a vary seductive way. When I was done cleaning his fingers I grabbed his hand and pleased it into my boobs and said with a big smile “How about that titti fuck?”
            He climbed on top of me and startled me stomach and dropped hit dick right on my chest, it was like it was staring at me I lifted my head far enough to lick it. Squeezing my boobs together he started to fuck my boobs.


   He was already gunna cum but when he felt me boobs just rap around his big hammer it shot him over the edge. “Ready for this Kelly?” right as I looked up he shot a load of hot cum in my face. The second into my hear and all over my boobs. “OOHH Mr. J just over me in your cum I want in all over me!” I let go of my boobs and rubbed him cum all over my face and through my hair and on my breast. He even shot some up my nose and his smell filled my sinuses. “Kelly you look so fucking hot with my cum all over you! I know you want more!” He said shooting more into my boobs. “Mr. J I think I have something to teach you. Cum is good for the skin…” I grabbed his dick and shoved it into my mouth to catch the next load. “ …is good for the skin! …it is also good for…” I stopped talking looked up and played with the tip of his cock with my tough. “… the hair. It also helps prevent breast cancer! And I don’t want that so I bet you… being the nice person you are would give me as much cum as you can to help keep me looking young, beautiful and healthy! Right?” I said as I started to suck his tip dry. I wanted more cum I could smell is wanting more. I was like a shark the smelt blood.

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   “Well if you need it for all that then you need a whole jar to use when I’m not around and I’m sure you will need lots of refills. ” He said as he pushed himself farther into my mouth. “That I will I need to stay on a strict diet of it!”  I mumbled with my mouth full. “You’re going to have to milk it out of me then. ” He said as he grunted.
            As soon as he said that I felt his balls jump agents me chin and I knew he was about to cum. “FFUUCCK you better grab a jar fast because I’m about to cum down your through. ” He said as be pointed at his desk. As I looked for a had in his desk Mr. J grabbed at my ass and stuck himself into my ass. Right when I pulled his deck cabinet and found a big glass jar and right when I looked back I could feel pre cum coming out of him. So I jumped up stuck his cock in my mouth and started to suck. When he started to cum I pulled it out and pointed it into that jar. As I pointed his big dick into the jar I climbed under him and played with his balls. When the jar was ¼ full he fell back into his office chair.

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   “Man you’re a good tooter Mr. J I think im starting to under stand. But I think ill need a little more tooter if I wan to get the rest of this. ” I said shaking the jar.   

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