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Nobody uses the showers in the locker room. Just about everyone dislikes the idea of being naked in front of their whole school, or at least the female population of their grade. So when Cindy, returning to the locker room because she forgot her backpack three periods ago, is surprised to see steam coming from the shower room. She remembers, vaguely, that Dani and Katie are on the fencing team. Or at least, Dani is, and Katie likes to hang around and sketch everyone thrusting big pointy things at each other.

Now, Cindy didnt actually want to go see who it was that was showering, but, well, the lockers were right by the showers, and in order to get her bag, she needs to go to the lockers. So hopefully, shell just cover her eyes and not, well, see anything. Oh, Cindy isnt adverse to a little bit of nudity now and then, but, well, she always gets kind of. . . flustered, and then everyone involved is embarrassed.

So shes turning the corner to the locker room when shes met with the sight of Dani and Katie naked. Very naked. Not naked in the -ill be putting clothes on in a second, once I find my bra-, but naked in a -I intend to stay naked, at least as long as this other person is naked- type naked. Although Cindy doesnt know much about that second type of naked. Shes kissed a few guys, sure, and once she let Pence feel her up after a long make out session, but the majority of her sexual knowledge comes from, well, porn.

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   Which she mainly borrows from her brother, honestly! Out of curiosity!

But Dani and Katie are both naked, and Katie has Dani up against the wall, kissing her silly while her hand does something thats out of Cindys line of sight. Danis hands are easy to see, at least, grasping at Katies back as she rocks. . . her. . . hips. Oh god! Cindy covers her mouth to stifle her gasp. Theyre having sex! Her friends are having sex! With each other! Thats so weird and wrong (well, not wrong because theyre both girls, Cindy isnt a bigot or anything, it just seems weird for her friends to be doing. . . each other) and. . .

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   hot. Really, really hot. Cindy swallows, squeezing her thighs together and peeking around a locker. They cant see her, which is lucky, because then she thinks that everyone involved would probably die of humiliation.

When Dani comes (and Cindy is vaguely surprised, both that she can tell that Dani came and how, well, turned on she gets by it), Katie gasps, because apparently Dani is the type who believes in -share and share alike- or something like that, one of those sayings that Cindys mother is always using that Cindy started to tune out when she was about six. Cindy usually remembers things, but right now shes more preoccupied with the fact that her good friend Dani is dropping to her knees in front of her other good friend Katie, doing. . . something with her mouth, something that makes Katie cry out and arch her back. Cindy has to fight the urge to slide her own hand between her legs and rock against it, because. . . Well, its. . .

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   hot, and she hasnt really thought about this. . . option, as it were, and now that its been opened to her shes. . . interested. To say the least.

Cindy watches raptly as Danis mouth does things to Katie that make Katie squirm and moan and arch against her, while Cindy presses, not so much masturbating as attempting to alleviate the pressure. Cindy doesnt have much talent, when it comes to masturbation. Maybe shell ask Dani or Katie to help. . . No! No, no, no, Cindy is not going there. She is now going to go back home and tell her teacher that she forgot her backpack and thats why she didnt do the homework.

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   But Cindy cant do that, because, well, shes Cindy, and how would she be Cindy if she forgot her homework? So shell wait until Dani makes Katie. . . Makes Katie come, and then shell go in and make a flimsy excuse and grab her backpack and. . .

-Cindy?- Katies voice is wobbly, but she sounds normal otherwise. Cindy thinks she may have come already, while Cindy was thinking. Pity.

-Where?- Dani stands up, rubbing her knees and wincing. Seems even perfect Dani has bony knees, which get imprints of tiles when she kneels on them.

-Shes behind the locker. - Katie stretches, arching her back and. . .

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   Cindy tries to think, and she does try, quite valiantly, but she isnt thinking the right thing. Shes thinking about how very. . . pretty Katies breasts are. She wonders how they would taste, then snaps out of her reverie.

-Cindy?- Dani pokes her head out of the shower and looks at her friend, somewhat surprised. Then she grins, because Cindys face is a dark, dark, red. -Sorry. -

-Um, its alright. Its my fault. I shouldve, um, knocked before I. . . -

-Its alright,- Katie says lightly.

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   -We shouldnt have. . . gotten together in a public place. Were sorry. - She elbows Dani in the side and gives her a Look. -Arent we, Dani?-

-We are? I mean yes, we are!- Dani smiles at Cindy and covers her breasts with her arms.

-ill just, um, get my backpack,- Cindy mumbles, her eyes on her feet, and tries to walk so that she doesnt press any cold, slimy cloth up against her more. . . sensitive bits.

The locker room is silent, but for the slam of a locker door, the showers, and then, the tapping of Cindys feet as she leaves and the slam of the door.

Dani turns to Katie, somewhat accusingly. -How long was she there?- She asks, pushing wet hair out of her girlfriends face.

-Pretty much since we started- Katie says lightly, and kisses the palm of Dani hand.

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Danis eyebrows go up. -What, really? Why didnt you stop? Or, yknow, say anything?-

Katie grins and wrinkles her nose in that silly, endearing way of hers. -If I convert one more straight girl, I get a free toaster,- She jokes, and leans in to kiss Dani.

Dani snorts but kisses her back. Katies sense of humor is a bit. . . odd.

In her bedroom, Cindy groans and covers her face. Shes still wet and slimy and. . . And maybe she will talk to Dani and Katie. Just for advice, mind you, nothing else. Although some help thats going to be right now.

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   With a groan and a sigh, she slides a hand between her legs and begins to grind.

to be continued. . . .
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