Teenage Fantasies 3


Topic: Part 3- The party [cont. ]i was still panting from my amazing fantasy but we all had to pull back on our party outfits and go out. so we were jumping around the limo, pulling up thongs, bras, finding cellphones. And we were ready. we got out and went straight to the ballroom where the party was. lets just say it didnt look like a ballroom at all. more like a club. not alot of people were there yet. Ty was there, and when i came in, he looked over at me anxiously, as if he wanted to come and talk to me. but he stayed put. i was mesmerized by his look so much so that when i got bumped on the shoulder, i shrieked. everyone tunred towards me and then looked away when they realized it was 'me'. 'look who decided to show up' sneered Jessica. i just walked toward the bar with max, and trish while sara met up with her boyfriend. i was leaning over the table, looking for some Hieneken wen i felt someones finger in my ass. then i realised i had forgotten my panty in the limo.

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   i bolted up and turned around to see a drunken guy i didnt know fingering my pussy. . . and it felt good. i bent back over and pretended to be looking for some beer all the while groaning with pleasure. then i felt something big touch my pussy and i looked up and saw him try to take me with his dick. i cracked some miller over his head and he staggered away, drunk as a sailor. i found my beer,popped it and drank it all down in 3 swigs. i found another and tried to drink some but what i saw when i looked up scared me. ty was looking angry and jessica had her face in her hands, apparently crying. i walked over and asked her what was the matter. she looked up and said 'you wanna know whats wrong with me bitch?' she stood up, flames in her eyes 'YOU ARE!' with that she slapped me hard across the face. i staggered back, recoiled and punched her square in the nose. she grabbed my hair and i slapped her hands down. 'you want some of this bitch? come and take it' i said.

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   she came at me and i stopped her with a kick in her stomach then a knee in the face and she dropped to the ground. her nose was bleeding and she vomited her drinks all over the floor. 'well well well. guess alls wel that ends well. fuck this party then. ' i told sara, trish and max i was leaving and if they needed me id be in our hotel room.
 Ty tried to speak to me on my way out but i ignored him, swung my tight ass a little, and left. i got on the elvator, and pushed the 8 button. Ty came just in time and slipped in with me. i let out a sigh. 'look i know what i did was wrong. i know you have feelings for me and i do too. but you know why i cant show them. ' i looked at him, my eyes already wet with tears and said 'why is that? your social status is more important than us? you want to fuck that beanpole for publicity? fuck that ty! if you had any true feelings you wouldn't care about your damn social status. ' he hung onto my every word and i could see him pondering my words.

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   ' DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU? HOW MUCH? you dont! on the way here, in the limo, max used a strap on on me and as i orgasmed i imagined it was you fucking me. you filling me with your hot juicy cum' i began to cry as the elevator reached the 4th floor. 'im so sorry' i loooked up to see him looking at his shoes in shame. 'i didnt know you felt that much. or i wouldve told you. . . i feel the same' we met each others gaze. i could feel it pulling me in. i walked toward him and he grabbed me into him and he held me in his arms as i let out long gasping sobs. 'i dumped jessica' he said when i was done. and just then the elevator popped open. 'wheres your room?' i said. '826' i looked for my room key and saw that my room was 825! i almost did a happy dance right there. i knew this was my night.

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'mines 825' i said. he smiled and i said 'will you wait for me? i have to get something out of my room' he said 'my room door will be open. ' i darted into my hotel room and looked for the sexiest thing i could find. id brought my hot pink thing that said 'naughty' on the front and 'bitch' on the back. but i couldnt find the matching bra. io began to panick. but then i thought. . why wear a bra? its gonna be taken off anyways. so i pulled off my clothes and stepped into my thong. i sprayed on my moonlit evening musk and took the scrunchie out of my hair. i left trish and max a note saying 'im in with Ty, dont miss me too much' i knew they wouldnt. they would probably get some hot lesbian action tonight. i looked in the full length mirror. i was absolutely the sexiest thing in the hotel.

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   i pulled on my black silk robe and slipped out into the hallway. i knocked on tys door. this is it. i thought. Ty was going to take me.