Tegan and I


One day after one of our thursday practices Tegan asked Stephanie and I if we wanted to hang out with her and Baby [Alyssa's nickname]. So we said sure. So Friday after practice Stephanie took me home and I got my things. And we went to Tegan and Baby's house.
Just a side note I've been dating a boy named Lakin for 4 years now. Were both Juniors in high school. And he's a everything everyone wants. 6'5", Varsity Football Quarterback. Captain of the Basketball Team. And starting Catcher for Baseball. He's got the dream body to go along with it.
We get to Tegan's house and we have dinner. We decided to watch Wanted and it was a great movie, well Stephanie and Baby of course fall asleep during the movie around 11:30. So Tegan and I decide to go for a drive. We didn't know much about each other. All I knew about her was that the guy she's dating is a guy I work with, she's got a 4.

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  6 GPA and a scholarship to play softball for Stanford. And all she knew about me was that Lakin and I were together for 4 years, I get along with everyone at school, and I'm constantly in trouble for being funny.
So we started talking. Asking about eachothers familys, friends, and things we do on the weekends. I started telling her about my family. I'm the youngest of 4 and she's the oldest of 2. I told her my oldest brother just got back from 16 months serving in Iraq, and how all my family has had scholarships for sports but me. She seemed very interested. When we got back, we went in her back yard and started asking about my father. I told her he walked about when I was 5 and I haven't seen him since. I started to cry. And she wiped my tears away. I looked into her eyes and she slowly started to inch her way towards me like she was going to give me a hug, but instead she kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss I've ever recieved in my entire 16 years.
Of course I kissed her back.

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   It was weird because I have never had any feelings for a girl. We stopped for a second. She asked if I wanted to go to her room without thinking I said "Yes I would love to!". As we walked up her stairs I followed behind her.
We reached her bedroom and started kissing again. Tegan and I are the same height and same weight[5'4" and 115 Lbs. ] but she picked me up and layed me down on the bed. I was so wet and had butterflies in stomach. I started to get nervous as her hands started to feel me up. She took my shirt off and I took hers off. I thought to myself just like Lakin without the penis. We lied there kissing with our softball pants unzipped and sports bras kissing. I felt her hands run against my chest, She ran her fingers against my wet vagina, and I slipped mine down her spandex and into her vagina. She was moaning. This went on for about 5 minutes until Lakin texted me.

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She went to the bathroom came back. And Tegan asked "Do you have feelings for me?" and I replied "Do you have feelings for me. . . ?" Tegan answered "No, I just had the weirdest feeling come over me so I kissed you. " and I said "I don't either. " That was that. And the best thing is that Tegan and I are still friends and it isn't awkward between us.
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