The Academy: Part Three


"Anyone for another piece of pizza," Carol asked, "there's still a couple left!?!" "I couldn't eat another bite," Kenny said while patting his belly, "I feel like I'm about to explode!!!" Me too," chimed in Mindy and Nicky, "just save it for tomorrow, somebody will eat it!!!" "Wow, it's really late," Mindy said after glancing at the digital clock radio on the night stand next to the bed, "we better hit the sack cuz tomorrow is the first day of classes and we don't wanna be late!!!" "You're probably right," Nicky said while stretching his muscles, let's hit the hay!!!" Everybody kinda milled around for a moment until Carol offered, "What the heck's wrong with us, let's just get undressed and hop into bed, holy smokes, we've already seen each other naked, am I right!?!" "She's right," Kenny said in agreement, as he slipped out of his boxers and pulled of his tee shirt, "Is anyone gonna join me!?!""This is gonna be tough," Mindy said while she stared at the heavy cocks hanging between the boy's legs, "every time I see that meat I just wanna suck on it, I'm sorry but I can't help it!!!" "That's okay, Mindy," Nicky said while hugging her around the shoulder, "let's get into bed and you can suck yourself to sleep, how does that sound!?!" "Oh god that sounds great," Mindy said after kissing Nicky on the cheek, "are you gonna give Carol the same deal, Kenny!?!" "Uh sure, if she wants to," he answered haltingly, "it's up to you Carol, what ever you want!!!" Mindy and Nicky were already under the covers and the soft muffled sound of Mindy's mouth engulfing Nicky's giant head could be heard coming from under the sheets!!! "Noisy isn't she," Carol whispered while they climbed in their own bed, and as much as I like sucking you off, what I'd really like to do is go so sleep with your erection buried deep in my pussy, I mean if that okay with you!!!" "Wow," he replied thickly, "that sounds just great, how do you want it!?!" "How about if I just lay on my side with my butt up against your groin, the you can just stick it in from the rear," she suggested softly!?! They quickly moved into position and it only took a second or two for Kenny to line up his monster organ with Carol's tight little cunt hole!!! "Ohhhhh, yeah," she said huskily, "okay now, push it in real slow, oooooooooh fuck that's nice, you are fucking huge, I feel like I'm being torn apart!!!" Kenny stopped abruptly and asked in a concerned voice, "I'm not hurting you am I, cuz if I am, I can stop right this instant!?!" "You're such a silly boy," Carol teased, "believe me, if it hurt at all I'd be the first one to tell ya, so go ahead, put it all the way in!!!"And that's how they fell asleep, with Nicky's prick in Mindy's mouth, and Kenny's huge organ shoved all the way into Carol's seemingly bottomless pussy!!! At six thirty sharp the alarm clock blared it's wake up call and four very tired seniors were roused out of a dead sleep!!! "Oh man," Kenny moaned, "I could sleep for a week, what time is it anyway," while he pulled the covers over his eyes!?! "It's time to get up sleepy head," Carol said playfully as his soft pecker slid out of her well lubricated pussy, "let's get going so we can take our shower first!!!" After Carol had whipped off all of their covers, she grabbed the unsuspecting Kenny by his pecker and gently pulled him to his feet and led him by his cock into the bath room for their shower!!! "How do you like it," she asked while turning on the water!?!" "Uh, pretty hot," he said while stifling a yawn!! After working on the knobs for a second or two she finally announced, "Okay, feel that," while she stepped in under the burning fingers of soothing water!!! A moment later he joined her under the jets, and their bathing turned playful as they took turns washing parts of each other's bodies!!! After finishing with their backs, Kenny took great pains to make sure that Carol's breasts were clean as a whistle, while she on the other hand concentrated her efforts on his massive cock, taking the time to make sure that every inch of his cock and balls were spic and span!!! After a few minutes of silence, and the resulted heavy breathing, Carol asked huskily, "If you don't mind, I'd like to climb onto your spike and just hang from it, is that all right with you!?!" Kenny took Carol under her arms, and with a little effort, he hoisted her pussy over the end of his pecker and slowly lowered her down until she was hanging there impaled on his boner!!! She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and held on for dear life while Kenny's hardon bored deep an long inside of her pussy!!! She pressed her breasts against his chest and in a small voice sighed, "I just love your penis, Kenny, I truly do!!!"Kenny and Carol let the hot jets of water soothe their muscles while Carol rode his pecker and let orgasm after orgasm wash over her just like the water that was running over her lush body!!! A knock on the bathroom door momentarily startled them when Mindy yelled, "Hey you guys, how long you gonna be in there, we're out her waiting!?!" Uh, sorry, Mins," Carol shouted, "we'll be out in a minute!!!" "I don't wanna get off of it," she whispered into Kenny's ear, "can I stay on it, please can I!?!" Kenny rolled his eyes and kissed he on the cheek before replying, "Sure, baby, what ever you want," and with that, he walked out of the bathroom with Carol's pussy gripping his cock like a fucking vise!!! Both Nicky and Mindy giggled when they saw Carol just hanging there, but Carol just leaned against Kenny's chest, and with a simple tightening an untightening of her cunt muscles, she induced still another orgasm from her well fucked pussy!!!The eight o'clock bell rang which brought Mrs. Owens' senior high history class to order!!! "Good morning class," the teacher said brightly, "I'm Mrs. Helen Owens, and I'll be your U. S. history teacher for the first semester!!!" Everyone in the room was quiet as she continued, "As this is the first day of the new school year and this is the first class of the day, I think it only appropriate that we come up with a way to make sure the boys are nice a settled down for the morning sessions, do I hear any suggestions!?!" No one made a sound, but finally a cute little red head in the front row raised her hand and offered, "Well, this is just an idea, but I was thinking that maybe we could have one giant circle suck, you know, with the boys in a circle standing up and the girls on their knees sucking them to completion!!!" Mrs. Owens nodded her head and thanked the little red head for her suggestion and asked the class, "Does that sound like a good plan to you!?!" Everyone nodded and murmured that it was fine with them, except for one girl who raised her hand and asked, "I agree that a circle suck is a good idea, but I think that the boys should suck us too, after all, after we suck off the boys we're gonna be hot as fire crackers, isn't that right girls!?!" All of the girls nodded and in subdued voices agreed with what the other girl had just said causing Mrs. Owens to reply, "So, do you boys go along with that, I happen to believe it's only fair!?!" With a few nods of the head and some mumbled "that sounds good to me's", it was agreed that each day would begin with the girls sucking off the boys and then the boys returning the favor to the girls!!!After shuffling into a large circle, the boys sheepishly dropped their trousers and shorts, allowing the most incredible array of cock meat to hang freely in front of the mouths of fifteen very excited young women!!! Mrs. Owens made sure that everyone was ready and instructed, "Okay, girls, you may now commence sucking!!!" Within seconds the sounds of sighs filled the classroom as fifteen thick cocks were gently being sucked by fifteen pretty mouths!!! "Oh, god," one of the boys moaned while his pecker spasmed hard, filling his personal assistant's mouth with huge load of hot sperm, which seemed to be the trigger that opened the flood gates to a torrent of orgasms all around the room until each and every cock was drained of its precious cum!!! When Mrs. Owens was satisfied that all of the boys had climaxed, she commanded, "All right children, let's change places, boys of the floor and girls standing with panties off and legs spread wide apart!!!" The boys moved a lot slower than the girls, but in a few minutes everyone was readyand upon their teacher's signal, the boys pressed their mouths forward into the girl's vaginas and quickly began tonguing them to orgasm!!!Mrs. Owens looked on with approval while the boys ate and sucked the plump vaginas of their classmates, and while she knew that the academy had been set up to help young men with large penises get along in the world, she also knew that it was important for the girls to be kept relatively satisfied, which was the reason she always encouraged the boys to give as well as receive!!! About half of the girls were cupping their breasts through their clothing while the boys continued sucking their clits and vaginas, and again, it was one girl's shuddering to a stunning orgasm that induced everyone else to climax in kind!!! As the girls slumped against the wall with their legs still spread, the boys practically leaped to their feet, and in a brutal display of sexual primordial aggression, all fifteen males as if on cue, slammed their huge erection into the unsuspecting vaginas of the still stunned girls!!! "Boys, boys," Mrs. Owens yelled, "Take it easy, we don't want anyone to get hurt, please, take your time, this isn't a race!!!" While she hadn't expected the boys to begin fucking the girls in such a vicious fashion, she wasn't surprised that their urges had overtaken them, as it was obvious from looking at their peckers that they were sexual athletes of the first order, and now, while she watched in fascination as the girls were being ravished by these giant erections, she couldn't keep her hand from slipping under her own skirt and vigorously fingering her by now burning cunt!!!One of the boys noticed out of the corner of his eye that his teacher was furiously masturbating her vagina, and since he still held his nut and his personal assistant had just exploded in a crashing orgasm, he sauntered over to Mrs. Owens and said forcefully, "Lift up your dress, I've got something for ya!!!" "W-we're not suppose to interact with the students," she gasped while staring at the nine inch hammer standing erect before her!!! "Oh, fuck the rules," he said evenly while jerking her dress up and guiding his meat into her drooling cunt, "you need it and so do I!!!" Instinctively she put her hands on his shoulders and whispered, "Okay, you're right, now fuck me hard!!!" As the other children had their orgasms and realized what was happening, they all, boys and girls alike, formed a ring around the young man and Mrs. Owens and began masturbating in time with the piston like strokes of the young stud!!! "Fuck her, Freddy," one of the girls said softly, "show her what it feel like to get fucked by a real stud boy!!!" Another girl asked while viciously fingering her pussy, "Does you hubby have a cock like that, Mrs. Ownes, is he hung like a fucking horse!?!" Mrs. Owens' eyes rolled back into her had while replying with a moan, "N-no, he's like a little boy compared to Freddy, t-this is incredible!!!" Now everyone was becoming more emboldened as they encouraged Freddy to fuck the middle aged teacher to death, and in a matter of moments, the teacher and Freddy were roaring as orgasms rocked their quaking genitals, which brought cheers from the circle of children furiously jerking their own organs!!!Ten minutes later when everyone was back in there seats, a red faced Mrs. Owens said softly, "Now we can get started with our daily lesson," to which a boy in the back row retorted, "I thought we already had!!!"THE END.

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