The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 20


It was getting in to August now. Mike was being driven nuts over histense pas de deux with Jennifer. The more he thought about it, the morehe came to the conclusion that he was giving her too much power overhim. Yeah, she would bare her tits, ass and pussy whenever he wanted andthese days with a big smile on her face as she accepted Mike's spellover  her. However, he was effectively allowing her to cocktease him,which usually resulted in him then going and sexually taking it out onJessica but good, and he felt that as a dominant male he couldn't allowthat to happen any longer. It was time to bring things to a head and hedecided to do it right then so that if things blew up in his faceJessica would have enough time before school started again to get overit and get on with what he projected would be a successful life.

Tuesday during the second week of August was the big day. With sometrepidation, he packed his goody bag with not  just the things he used on Jessica, but extra rope, another set of locking nipple rings andother things he was going to use on his girlfriend's mother. He knockedon the door and Mrs. Hamada answered it as always and then pulled hertop up to show Mike her breasts. "Let's go to your bedroom Jennifer," hecommanded. She placidly led him to her sleeping quarters and Mikeclosed the door behind them. "Okay Jennifer, strip," he intoned gravely. Her heart fluttered when he said that, but she quietly dropped herbikini on the floor. "Now stand at attention while I inspect you," hecontinued. She could feel his eyes enveloping her and her pussy reactedby dripping lubricant into it.

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Jessica was playing  guitar and didn't hear the knock at the door andshe thus had no idea what was going on no more than 50 feet down thehall from her. Mike grabbed Jennifer's lefthand and bound it to herright. Then he had her kneel and he cuffed her ankles together andanchored her hands to those restraints. He removed a posture collar fromhis bag and snapped it on her neck, straightening her head so that hershoulders were square and her eyes looking  forward. Mike attended toher hair next, pulling it into a pony tail, encasing it in a rope corsetand tying it to the chain of the ankle cuffs to ensure that her headwould remain upright. She was subsequently blindfolded and gagged  Helocked the nipple rings into place and then stepped back to absorb withhis mind the vision before him. "Fuck, I so want to rape that mouth ofhers," he thought to himself.

For Jennifer, this was by far the most elaborate thing Mike had donewith her and she wondered what he intended to do from there, especiallysince Jessica was in the house. Mike told Jennifer that she would remain there silently or she would be severely punished. Jennifer'sheart was now doing somersaults as she had allowed a teenage boy toimmobilize her and her nipples were beginning to thump and her pussy wasfilling with wetness. She felt a little rush inside of her like she wasbeing drugged and her mind was embarking for sub space.

Mike opened the door to Jessica's room. "Hi fucktoy!" "Hi Master!" shesquealed. Jessica immediately pulled the halter top she was wearing overher head and within seconds she was starkers. "Good girl, fucktoy,"Mike complimented.

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   "Fucktoy will now get into her wheelchair," hedeclared. Jessica was puzzled at this. Unless he was going to fuck herwhile she sat in it, how could he take her anywhere without a stitch ofclothing on? Mike opened the door and then walked around behind thewheelchair and pushed it into the hallway and toward her mother'sbedroom. "What the fuck!?" Jessica panicked. "That's my parents'bedroom! What is he doing?" she wondered to herself. He stopped her infront of the bedroom and reached over her and twisted the knob and thedoor popped open. He eased the chair and its nude passenger into Mr . andMrs. Hamada's sleep chamber. Jessica's eyes just about popped open whenshe saw her mom tied up and impeded from seeing or speaking. "Mom!" sheblurted. "Fucktoy shall remain silent until she is spoken to," Mikewarned her.

"Was that Jessica's voice?" Jennifer, beginning to panic, thought toherself. 'And did he just cal my daughter 'fucktoy'?" "Here is what isgoing on, fucktoy," Mike observed. "Just as how you were ashamed of yourhandicap, which was symbolized by your legs, your mom is ashamed toadmit that, like her daughter, she is a submissive.

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   Like too many otherpeople, she has surrendered to the social hypocrisies of the herd and ithas not only kept her from being her real self, it  has resulted in hernot serving her husband as she should," Mike analyzed.

Jessica raised her hand. "Yes fucktoy?" "Master, have you fucked mymom?" Jessica, trembling, inquired. "Fucktoy, as a dominant, takinganother man's sub or wife from him would exhibit a lack of self controland he would show himself to be a slave to his sex drive. So the answeris no, your Master has not fucked your mother. That is not to say thatshe isn't attractive. Indeed, fucktoy, you and your mother are two peasin a pod. You're both intelligent, nice and beautiful with sparklingbrown eyes and submissive. Your father is a very lucky man, but he hasnot been able to draw out her need to submit and she has had to keepthat repressed, which can lead to neuroses. "

"Now Jennifer, I am going to take your gag off and you will remain quietuntil you are spoken to. Do you understand?" She nodded slowly, as herconscious was battling with her subconscious. Mike carefully removed theball gag and Jennifer inhaled deeply. "Jessica, I'm sorry," Jenniferblurted. "Quiet Jennifer! That's five swats, which will be assessed atthe end of this session. Any other outbursts and I will double thenumber of swats each time.

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   Do you understand?" "Yes. " "By the way, youwill now refer to me as Master. Do you understand?" "Yes Master. " "Goodgirl Jennifer," he complimented.

Jessica was experiencing a lot of different feelings here. On the onehand, Mike's subordination of both she and her mother made him seem likehe was ten feet tall and enhanced the aura of power he had seemed to beimbued with to her. On the other hand, it upset what she thought sheknew about her mom and she wondered what effect this new turn of eventswould have on the stability of her family.

"Okay Jennifer, is there anything your husband wanted you to do sexuallybut you rebuffed him? And I warn you, if you aren't truthful, you willbe severely punished," Mike sternly averred. Jennifer hesitated becauseshe knew Jessica was there. But she also didn't want to endure whateverpunishment Mike was going to impose on her. "Uh, he wants to do anal sexwith me but I'm afraid of it because it seems so dirty and possiblypainful. " She revealed. Mike bent down and snagged a little notebook anda pen and made a note. "Won't do anal sex," he talked to himself. "Bythe way Jennifer, at the end of each statement, you shall recognize yourMaster's presence.

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  " Yes Master," she quickly retorted. "Now Jennifer,do you deep throat your husband's cock?" "No Master. " "And why not?"'Because I gag on it, Master. " "Okay, needs to learn to deep throat,"Mike muttered whilst making another note.

Mike then turned to Jessica and told her that he was going to train hermother how to be a good sub to her husband. "Now because the tenets ofBDSM recognize that submission must be freely and wholeheartedly given,does this disturb fucktoy so that she would want to be released from herduties serving her Master?" Mike's heart was in his throat now. Thiswas the moment of truth. It would demonstrate how much of a hold he hadover Jessica and he was prepared for the worst. "No Master," Jessicaanswered. "Your little Asian fucktoy loves and needs Master's guidance,"she said. A huge smile crossed Mike's face and an even bigger sense ofrelief set his mind at ease. "Your Master is moved by his fucktoy'sloyalty and devotion," he noted.

Mike paused for a minute and faced Jessica again. 'Because Master can'tbe with her 24 hours a day, fucktoy shall watch her mother and reportany episodes of defiance or undignified behavior, does fucktoyunderstand?" 'Yes Master. " "Good girl fucktoy.

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   And Jennifer, you are tobe submissive to your daughter until further notice, do I make myselfclear?" "Yes Master," she wanly replied. "Good. Now, Jennifer, I haveanother question for you: what is the kinkiest thing you have ever donein your life and, again, you will be truthful or you shall be severelypunished," Mike interrogated. Because Jennifer's will was pretty wellsapped at this point, she deliberately recounted for Mike and Jessicathe spring break incident and how she got used by several black guys. "Does your husband know about that?" Mike asked. "No Master. " Jessicaraised her hand. "Yes fucktoy?" "Master, may I ask my mom a question?"

"First, let us dispense for now with any titles or names for her. Untilfurther notice, she is to be  known simply as 'trainee'. And trainee,you are forbidden to use personal pronouns to describe yourself and willspeak in the third person. Do you understand?" "Yes Master," traineeresponded. "Good. Fucktoy?" "So was trainee a slut in college?" Jessicapondered. "Before trainee could answer, Mike interjected. "Fucktoy willnote that there is no such thing as a true slut.

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   Trainee has, or atleast had, a high sex drive similar  to fucktoy's. So it is natural forher to seek cock frequently. If men can be rewarded for fuckingeverything that moves with esteem from his buddies then Master seesnothing wrong with a woman sleeping around, either, as long as she isresponsible about it. ": "Yes Master," Jessica acknowledged. "Trainee,"Mike said, "what is your answer for your superior's question?" "NoJessica, trainee was not a slut in college. " "Trainee, you will refer toyour superior here as 'Mistress'. Do you understand?" "Yes Master. ""Restate your answer, trainee. " "No Mistress, trainee was not a slut incollege. " "Good girl," Jessica complimented.

"Now fucktoy, it is not permitted for a man to touch another man'spossession without that man's say so. So fucktoy must perform thefollowing task for her Master. " "Yes Master. What is it?" "Untie traineefrom her ankle cuffs first and have trainee lay on her stomach. Also,remove her posture collar for now.

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  " Jessica did that, Jennifer now flaton the floor and her backside totally exposed, her hands  still tiedbehind her back. Mike took a new vibrating butt plug out of his bag aswell as a bottle of lube. "Now fucktoy, insert this into trainee's ass. ""Yes Master. " Jennifer/trainee wanted to raise an objection, but thenshe remembered the threat of punishment and stopped short. Plus herdaughter was going to do it, so she wasn't going to hurt her, shethought. Jessica took the plug from Mike, lubed it up while alsodrizzling some of the oil on and into her mother's asshole. "Relax andtry to breathe trainee and this won't hurt as much," Jessica instructed. Jessica pointed the head of the plug at Jennifer's sphincter and thengingerly pushed it in about an inch before stopping. Jennifer's mindsummed up the situation: two teenagers, one of them her daughter, hadher tied up and were now trying to press something in to her anus. Jessica nudged the plug an additional inch and Jennifer could feel itbegin to push the walls of her poop shoot apart. Jennifer panted andJessica continued to force the plug into her mother's backdoor. Jessicapoured more lube around her mother's opening and another couple ofminutes the plug was in to the hilt. "How does that feel, trainee?" Mikewanted to know. "Trainee is experiencing some pain and she feelsstuffed," Jennifer reported.

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   "The pain will subside if trainee justrelaxes," Mike urged. Jennifer laid that way for the next five minuteswhile her asshole was allowed to get itself used to the object that hadinvaded it.

Mike then clicked on the vibrator at about 25% of full strength. Jennifer felt the buzzing deep in her ass. It was weird at first, butafter a few minutes, it was beginning to strike her as kind of nice. Mike withdrew the gel dildo he had Jessica train her throat on andhanded it to Jessica, who slid it into her mom's wet cunt. She was ableto take the full length of it. Jennifer's vaginal muscles clamped aroundit and her entire groin area now felt full. Mike upped the vibrationsto 50% and her pussy could sense it through the thin wall that separatesher anus from her pussy.   "Ohhhhhh" Jennifer moaned and her hipswiggled to try to fuck herself on the dildo while she also felt thethumping from the tight nipple rings on her  milk ducts. Mike boostedthe vibrations to 75%. Jennifer was still blindfolded, so she wasn'tgetting any visual crosstalk, which helped concentrate the sensations inher ass and twat in her mind. She was moaning more frequently now andMike heard a few small pants escape her lips as well. Mike then went infull bore and the vibrations of the butt plug were resonating off of thesurface of the dildo, Jessica watching as her mother writhed, tried tohump herself on the artificial cock and was panting and sighing. Finally, the torture shoved her over the falls and she was cummingharder than she ever had, her pubococcygeus muscle contracting like itwas almost snapping, dispatching the pleasure through her with whatseemed to Jennifer to be near nuclear force.

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Mike turned the vibrator off and had Jessica extract the butt plug fromher mother's anal cavity. "So how did that feel trainee?" "Oh GodMaster, that was amazing!" Jennifer, still catching her breath,enthused. "Okay fucktoy, remove the blindfold and dildo from trainee,"he ordered, "and have her suck it. " Jessica pulled her mother's hair toencourage Jennifer to sit up. Jessica put the dildo at Jennifer's lipsand slid it in. "Let's see how much she can take," Mike elaborated. Fiveinches down and Jennifer was gagging. "Relax your throat mom, er,trainee," Jessica said. Jessica forced it in again and same result, shegagged on it. "Fucktoy will sit with her mom every night instructing herhow to deep throat, Mike stated. "Let's see how she usually sucks. Fucktoy, untie her hands and get on your knees and hold the dildo as ifyou had a cock. Trainee, you will suck her cock," Mike demanded. Aftershaking her arms out, Jennifer got into a half upright position andlicked up and down the length of the gel dildo and then swirled hertongue around the head. She sucked very briefly on the head and thenslid her lips down the shaft.


   "The head is really sensitive trainee, soyou need to spend a little more time sucking on it," Mike pointed out. ,"Yes Master," Jennifer answered. She went back  to the head and,sandwiching it in her lips, sucked gently on it for a minute. "Yes, justlike  that," Mike approved. Jennifer pushed her lips back down theshaft and held it in her mouth to suck on it and then began to bob herhead up and down. "Looking good there, trainee, carry on," Mike said. "Now relax your throat and see how far you can get down on it. " Jennifergagged at the same point she was earlier.

"Here trainee, let me show you how that is supposed to be done: fucktoy,suck it!" Jessica instantly turned her head toward Mike's rigid dickand allowed it to slip halfway in and began to bob her head on it, and,when she was ready, accepted Mike's thick prong into her throat beforepulling back and then going balls deep again. "Fuck, that feelsincredible fucktoy," he assented and Jessica continued to to make hisneat stick flip in and out of her throat. "When I cum, show it to yourmom fucktoy. " Jessica answered with a muffled "Yes Master" and kept attrying to get him off. She  was tasting his precum. Mike held herimpaled mouth against his abdomen, before permitting her to pull off andgulp some air. "Trainee, you have no idea how insanely good what I justdid feels," Mike inculcated.

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   Jennifer felt odd watching her daughterdeep throat her 17 year old boyfriend's erection. Having this done tohim in front of Jessica's mom was just so kinky that Mike's balls werein launch sequence. "I'm going to cum fucktoy!" he disclosed and thenJennifer saw her soon to be high school senior little girl take his seedin her piehole. When she was done sucking it out of him, she turnedtoward her mom, opened her mouth to let her see the goo on her tongueand then swallowed it. "Do you swallow your husband's cum trainee?" Mikeasked. "No Master. The taste is gross. " "Trainee," Mike began, "thetaste of a man's cum is mostly due to his diet. You make the meals inthe household, so you also control the taste of his cum. You willresearch the question of how to make your husband's cum taste good onthe internet and put those instructions into action. Does traineeunderstand?" Yes Master. " Jessica raised her hand. "Fucktoy?" "Trainee,Master's cum didn't taste very good at first, but he did something tochange it and now I enjoy swallowing it. Daddy will love it if you canstart drinking his cum. " "Thank you Mistress," Jennifer acknowledged.

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  "Trainee will report to Master when Carl's cum is being swallowed. " "YesMaster. "

"By the way, does trainee like being spanked?" "Trainee would never sayso herself to her husband, Master, but yes, very much. " "Trainee willrelay that to her husband the next time they have sex and she willindicate to him what severity level she prefers. " "Yes Master. " "Traineewill report back when she is being spanked. " "Yes Master. ":

"Okay, so here is the lesson plan then," Mike summarized. "Fucktoiy, youwill start trainee working on her deep throating with a toothbrush. ""Yes Master. "Oh, also, trainee will take these benwa balls ," Mikestarted, pulling the balls out of his bag, "and put them inside ofherself for an hour a day  to start then next month for two. This willhelp strengthen your pubic muscles and it  will give you better  orgasmsand make the friction on Carl's cock more intense. Fucktoy will explainthem to you later. " "Thank you Master," Jennifer retorted.

"Oh, and when you and Carl are alone, you will strip naked and remain sofor him.

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   You will also service any sexual needs he has," Mike revised. "Yes Master. " "Your Mistress will let you out of the nipple rings whenshe deems it necessary. If trainee whines about them being on, she willbe punished. Does trainee understand?" "Yes Master. "

Finally, if trainee wishes to masturbate, she will call her husband andshe must ask permission to get herself off with him over the phone. Doestrainee understand?" "Yes Master. " "Don't worry about him thinkingtrainee is crazy. He will just think of it as some sexy new game traineeis playing. If he is not available for any reason, you will refrainfrom pleasuring yourself" "Thank you Master. "

"Oops, almost forgot: you must ask your husband if he wants you to shaveyour pubic hair off. If he does, you will do so right away. Doestrainee understand?" "Yes Master. " "If trainee has any other questions,first ask your Mistress. " "Yes Master.

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  " "You are under no circumstancesto disobey your Mistress. And fucktoy, you will under no circumstancestake unfair advantage of trainee's diminished position or you will getthe punishment of a lifetime, do you understand?" 'Yes Master," Jessicaresponded.

"Speaking of which, who has a spanking coming?" Mike archly asked. "Trainee does Master," Jennifer confessed. "A good subbie is alwayswilling to take responsibility for her transgressions. Trainee, ifMaster or Mistress fails or forgets to provide the proper correction atthe end of a session, trainee will voluntarily remind Master or Mistressthat a correction is required. When a sub is honest that encouragesmore trust in the relationship and deepens it. However, trainee shallnot do something to provoke punishment merely because she loves thepain. Does trainee understand that?" "Yes Master. " Mike produced a blackwooden paddle he had recently obtained and sat on the bed and invitedJennifer to lay on her stomach with her butt on his lap. "Trainee willcount how many swats she has received and she shall express gratitudefor each. If she forgets either the number or to show her gratitude, wewill go back to one. Does trainee understand that? "Yes Master. " Mikeraised the paddle above his head and brought it down hard. "Owww!Jennifer yelped loudly.

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   "One! Thank you Master!" Mike, after rubbing herass, thundered another impact on her lovely posterior. "Annnnggg!"Jennifer writhed. "Two! Thank you Master!" By the end of the five swats,Jennifer was crying and her butt was hot and sore. "Wow, that is alovely shade of red your Master gave you there trainee," Mike critiqued.

"Trainee will also understand that she will do nothing to jeopardize hermarriage or her health just to please Master or Mistress. You are beingtrained so that you may love who you are more and be a better partnerfor your husband. " "Thank you Master. Thank you Mistress. " "Good girl,trainee," Mike and Jessica nodded. "Fucktoy, I am going to leave now. See that both of you remain naked until Carl leaves from work. " YesMaster, " the two women obeyed.

After Mike went home, Jennifer raised her hand to Jessica to saysomething. "Yes trainee?" Jessica replied, half laughing. "Mistress isso lucky to have a man such as Mike.

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   Trainee wishes that Carl would belike that " Jessica thought about that statement for a second. "Traineewill be punished for wishing for more than she has after her husband hasgiven her so much. A good subbie learns to live in the moment and isgrateful for being so fortunate. " "Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress. "

Jessica called Mike and informed him of Jennifer's greed. "Wow, that'sbad fucktoy. Thank you for informing your Master of it. I will have todevise a special punishment for thinking like that. " "You're welcomeMaster. Your little Asian fucktoy loves you!" she chirped. "And Masterloves you," he confirmed for her.

After dinner, Jennifer and Jessica sat in the latter's bedroom. Jenniferput the benwa balls in her pussy and Jessica watched while her momtried to deep throat the toothbrush. "This takes a while trainee, soit's okay  to be careful.

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  " Thank you Mistress. "Don't forget to ask dadabout how he wants your pubic hair trainee," she reminded. "YesMistress. " When the hour was up, Jessica had Jennifer take out and cleanthe benwa balls and then Jessica played guitar until she fell asleep. .
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