The babysitter


Jean was the girl next door type.   Kinda plain, but in a cute sorta way.   A tom-boy looking girl, she really did like being around me and my wife, and especially enjoyed playing with our two kids; John (6) and Katey (4).
Becky and I needed a babysitter as we both had a community meeting to attend, and Becky's mother, who usually does our sitting was out of town visiting an ailing aunt.   I mentioned to Becky that I thought Jean was old enough and mature enough to watch the children as they would be in bed early, and we would be home before 10pm.   Becky called Jean's mother, as she lived over a few blocks away, and Jean's mother gladly accepted for her, and volunteered to drive Jean here on her way to the meeting herself Becky made the kids some macaroni and cheese and went to the local burger joint and grabbed 3 burgers and cokes for the kids.  
When I got back Jean was playing on the floor with the kids and Becky was in the front bath running a comb through her hair.   Becky wasn't showing any signs of age, nor was she holding any fat from previously giving birth to our youngest a couple of years ago.   She could still make me as hard as granite, but getting her 'to give it up' took more time than I was willing to put out.  On the weekends we made love way into the early morning, but during the week, I was lucky to get any sex at all.
Becky and I waved to Jean and the kids and told her how she could get ahold of us in an emergency and Jean said everything would be fine, and she'd let us know IF she needed anything.   We walked out the door and got into the car and drove off to the community meeting.   Once we got there, we started conversations with our neighbors concerning the neighborhood watch programs that were recently implimented, and who's lawns were looking the best this year.   Before we knew it the meeting was rolling along and it was getting late.   We excused ourselves saying the babysitter needed to get home, and we had work in the morning as well as the people we were chatting with.
We loaded back in the car and hummed to the music on the radio as we drove the short drive back home.

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    Becky said that she enjoyed the few hours out of the house, even IF it was just for a community meeting.   I smiled at her and said, "Well now that you know Jean is available and perfectly capable, why don't you use her more often, and spend a little more quaility time on yourself?"  Becky said,"I just may do that!"   We pulled into the driveway, and Becky quickly said "Ahhh shoot, I promised I'd make cupcakes for Katie's daycare, and I don't have those little cups that you cook them in.   I need to go to the store and get them. . . . Mind IF I go alone?"  "No, I said, go right ahead, I'll let Katie know where you've gone, and call her mother and let her know that I'll drop her off after you get back. "  I leaned over and kissed her, and left the car running as Becky came around and got into the driver's seat.   "Be back in about 20 minutes," she said.  
I walked into the house, and Jean was sitting on the couch watching some late night comedy show, and she nearly jumped through the roof when I came around the corner.   "Sorry I scared you,"  I said.   "The meeting was a little long, and we both have an early morning, but Becky had to run to the store to get some things, she'll be right back and then I'll take you home. " 
"That's ok" Jean said.   "I like being here, would you mind IF sometime I spent the night and played with the kids the next day?"  "I'll have to check with my Mom and you'll have to find out IF it's ok with Becky, but I really would enjoy it, as there aren't many kids living in this community. "  I smiled and thought that she was giving me ideas and then the idea of Becky getting some free time away from the kids might give her more time for herself and maybe that would make her think twice about being so tight-assed at night with me.

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"i'm going to step outside in the backyard and have a smoke, would you mind?"  "No" Jean answered, "can I come out there with you?  It's kinda warm in here, and the kids are asleep. " 
We stepped out into the backyard and I lite my cigarette, and pulled the first of many drags deep into my lungs.   "Nasty habit I wish I never had started. "  I said.   Jean smiled and just looked at me, kicking her feet in the soft grass and watching the stars in the sky.   She was wearing a cute flowered shirt with elastic at the neckline and a beige pair of shorts, and had a worn pair of flip-flops on her feet.    There was a picnic table in the back yard and the only light was the back porch light that glowed with a dim gleam.   "How's school?" I asked, making small talk.   "School is school, I don't like many of the kids there.   They are all too stuck up for me. "  she answered.   "Yeah, I understand".   I answered, even though I didn't as I was one of the popular kids when I attended.   (which now seemed like an eternity ago).   "What's your plans for the future?'"  (Gee I felt like a high school councelor asking these dumb questions, but I didn't know what else to say to make conversation with this 15 looking year old girl.

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  )  "I seem to enjoy being around your kids and other kids so much I think I'm gonna take some early childhood classes in college and get my degree to become a preschool teacher," she answered, and I smiled, thinking she'd make a good one.
 "How much longer you got in school?" I asked.   "Just one more year," she  answered.   She sure didn't look 17 to me. . . . as I said she resembled a 15-year old to me.   The night was getting cool and she shivered a bit as a lite breeze floated by us.   She rubbed her arms trying to bring the blood and warmth up to the surface.   As she did this her breasts danced inside her shirt, showing that she wasn't wearing a bra.   This made my cock jump against the zipper of my pants and I rocked my hips back trying to keep from showing her that she was having some type of an effect on me.   "It's getting cold out again. . .

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  . looks like we're in for an early winter", I said.   'Man  I sounded weird', I thought to myself.   "Shall we go inside, Becky will probably be back in a bit" I suggested.   "Can we stay oustide just a few more minutes Mr. Brown?  I'm really not ready to go back inside just yet".   "Please call me Tim," I suggested; "Mr. Brown was my dad. "  "Tim" she replied like she was trying it out on her lips.   With that she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me running her tongue over my lips and nudging my mouth open.   "MMMMMMM" she mewed as our tongues wrestled with one another.   "I've always wanted to kiss an older man".   I stepped back, thinking 'I really shouldn't be doing this especially since my kids are asleep not 40 feet away and my wife is on her way home from the grocery store. '  She pulled my hands up and cupped her soft breasts with my hands, and then pulled her hands away and grabbed my belt loops to pull me closer to her while she rubbed the buldge building between us.   "I want to experience making love with an older man", she said as she rubbed against me, again kissing me with the expertice of a much older woman.

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    She slid down kneeling in front of me, and I swear the neighborhood could hear the sounds as her hand found the front of my pants and pulled the zipper down.   Her hand quickly found my growning penis, and she slipped it out into the cool night air.   Her warm tongue and soft mouth quickly engulfed my tip, and my hips became alive as I slide deeply into her mouth and down into her throat.   "OH GOD, Mr. . . . . . Tim" she mouthed.   "I knew you'd taste good, but not this good. "  All I could do is look down and see this beautiful young thing, with her nipples jutting out like tacks, swallowing my cock and shaft, sucking me deep to the balls.   "Jean, IF you don't stop this, you're gonna make me cum, and I don't want to do this here and now. "  I said.   "IF not now, then when," she looked up at and said; and continued her tongue thrashing against the underside of my shaft.

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    I knew that I was gonna cum soon, and quick IF I didn't do something soon, so I pulled from her suctioning mouth, and popped the button on her shorts and grabbed the waistband of her panties, and in one quick motion pulled them down to her ankles.   I pushed her back against the edge of the picnic table and dove into her steaming box like a tiger attacking a rare steak.  
I pressed my nose deep into her slit and inhaled her womanly scent and roared as my tongue lavished her hot box.   The juices were collecting on the tip of my tongue and I swallowed like someone who had been on a desert island without water.   She rolled her hips and pressed my lips against her pubic bone, and I took two fingers and shoved them deep into her slit.   She rode me like a bronco, making the table rise and fall.   I pushed it back on four legs and held her down as she continued to hump against my face.   My cock was now hard as concrete and aimed at the underneath side of the table.   I stood up and looked at Jean with a look that asked 'ready?'.   She was already laying back and pulled her knees up and drapped them over my shoulders and shook her head 'yes'.   I pointed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her box and gave a smooth slip until just the tip slid into her.   I asked her IF she had ever done this before, and she just shook her head 'no' but she was ready now.   Her pussy lips gripped the head of my cock and I gave a bigger shove until I was at her hymen.   I told her it would hurt for a second, but afterwards she would love it.   "Just do it, and do it NOW".

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    she said.   I gave one hard shove and slide into her well-oiled cunt.   With a couple of deep thrusts I was banging her cervix and rubbing the walls of her cunt.   "OOOOOOHHHHHH GOD TIM, YOU FEEL SO GOOD!!! YOURE HITTING SO DEEP"  OH BABY, I LOVE THIS CUNT" I said as I continued to slam home deeper and deeper into her box.   I could feel the tingles of impending cum rushing up towards the tip of my hot cock.   "I'M GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" I yelled.   "NO, NOT INSIDE, I'M NOT ON THE PILL".   "No worries", I said.   "I had a vasectomy when Katey was born. "  With that I blew stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her, all the while chewing and sucking her hard nipples.   I pulled my withering cock from her hot box, and kissed her softly on the lips as Jean sat up and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me close.   "OH MY GOD, I knew it would be good, but not that good".   "You better get straightened up and ready to go as I'm sure Becky is gonna be here soon to take you home. " I reminded her.   "Can it be you who takes me home, it'd be a whole lot more fun.

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Just as I got my pants back up on my hips and Jean got her shorts buttoned and her shirt back on, we heard the beep-beep of the car horn.   We went through the house and out the front door.   "Go ahead and go into the house and start those cupcakes for Katey's daycare and I'll run Jean home", I said.   "Thanks hun" Becky said and grabbed the bags out of the backseat.   Jean got in the passenger seat and I in the driver's seat.   "Talk to Becky about my sitting more often for you guys, and I'll do my best to make the best of it for both of us; IF you get my drift" Jean said as her hand rubbed over my again rising groin.   I pulled up in front of her house and she leaned over and sunk her tongue deep into my mouth, and rubbed my cock again.   She leaned across the seat and kissed the tip through my pants.   "I can't wait until next time.   You're gonna take my ass virginity too!" 
I pulled away from the curb as she ran up the walkway and into the front door blowing me a kiss upon entering her door.   My cock gave an appreciative nudge against the zipper and I hummed along with the song on the radio as I drove back home.   I can't wait until the next community meeting.  

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