The Babysitter


Evan's parents were going out again and he still didn't realize why he needed a babysitter. He was quite tall for his 14 and medium build, not fat at all, but a good amount of muscle he could even see a six pack coming in. He had short spikey hair that he liked to jell up.

"But mom why do I need a babysitter?" whined Evan

"Because with such a big house we don't want you to get hurt!" said Mom

"What!?? Come on!!" whined Evan

"Oh he she is. " said Mom ignoring Evan's comment "We'll see you later Evan! Bye. "

The door closed and Evan walked over to the couch and sat down. He knew that this babysitter would probably yell at him, make him go upstairs, invite her boyfriend over, and have loud wild sex that Evan would masturbate to. It wouldn't be totally bad he guessed.

The door opened and in came in a young women. Long. Beautiful. Straight. Brown hair that reached the middle of her
back. Long slender legs that were revealed by a tight pair of shorts. Luscious round boobs that were perfectly firm and not to big.

She walked in and looked around slowly licked her lips and walked over to Evan.

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"Hey, my name is Jenna! So what do you wanna do? she asked

"Wait! So your not going to send me upstairs and call your boyfriend and have him come over?" Evan was shocked

"Ahh no I don't have a boyfriend. " Jenna said

Evan just sat there and ran upstairs, he was in such shock he din't know what to do.

Evan just sat in his room, laying on his bed thinking of what he would do. Maybe he would watch some porn and get off now and go to sleep, maybe he would take his shirt off and do somecurl ups . . . . Or maybe he would spy on Kloe and see if she was doing anythin. . . . naughty.

While in deep thought he heard a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?" Jenna asked

"Yea I guess so. " Evan said

"What's wrong? Did I say something?" Jenna asked

"No not at all.

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   It's just that most of my babysitters just yell at me and call there boyfriends over to have crazy, wild sex. I don't know what to do. " Evan said

"Well. I don't have a boyfriend, but I do like some wild sex. Jenna laughed "I think we just got off to a bad start. . . . . . Sooo aren't you a little old to have a babysitter. " Jenna asked

"Haha, yea. But my parents won't listen. " Evan said

"Well some one as cute and as mature looking as you sure doesn't seem to need a babysitter. " Jenna said"I bet that's pretty tough having to hear a girl moan without seeing or fucking the shit our of her.

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  " Jenna laughed "Don't you get horny? How do you put up with that?

"Well I would usually jack off to her, but that's still not enough. I would still like to be that guy fucking her brains out until I come on her face. " Evan said

"Well! What were going to do before I walked in here?" Jenna asked

"Well I think I was going to do a few curl ups. " Evan said

"OK cool. . . I'll watch!!" Jenna said

Evan got up while receiving a seductive look from Jenna. He took his shirt off to reveal his thick bi and triceps, and his some what of a six pack. He lied on the floor a looked over at a obvious horny Jenna winking at him. He started the curl up motion and within a few curl ups. . . . . Jenna jumped on top of him.

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"Hey. . . Evan you said you wanted to be "that guy" well here's your chance. You make me so fucking horny, and my pussy so wet. Let's have wild sex.

Evan slid his hands up Jenna's shirt and grabbed her right breasts.

"I like it rough, do me hard!!" Jenna yelled

Evan ripped Jenna's shirt of and grab both her boobs, he pulled and rubbed each nipple. He sat up and bit on one of her nipples, making her let out a very loud yell. He turned her over and slid her thing down her thighs and dove into her thighs. He ravaged her pussy making her squirt he every direction.

"Fuck!! Stick it in me already!!" cried Jenna

Evan rammed his hard cock into her tight pink pussy and within a few seconds he pulled out and cummed all on her face. She sucked up all the cum , moaning while swallowing.

She got up and said. .

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  . .

"I'll be waiting downstairs if you wanna finish me off. ". . . . .