The Barber 2


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The Barber 2 – Raven

My dick was hard almost as soon as I heard the words.

“Daddy! Raven has a problem with her new bikini. Can you come help us?”

I was beginning to believe my 13-year-old daughter, Alexis, had contrived the whole 'bikini bottom smaller than her pubic hair' debacle that had lead first to me shaving her pussy, then taking her virginity the day before. Now, she and her 14-year-old friend Raven had returned from the mall where, apparently, Raven had purchased a new bikini with, I'm sure, a similar problem.

“Daddy!” Alexis called. “Are you coming?”

Not yet, I thought. But I bet I will be before too long.

“Be right there, Lex,” I replied, shaking my head. This could either end amazingly, or really not end well, depending on how you looked at it.

I walked down the hall, steeling myself for what I'd find. Did I really want to do this, I asked myself. This could be opening a can of worms I wasn't sure I was ready to fish with.

Knock, knock, I tapped on the door.

“Come in, daddy,” Lex said.

I opened the door, half expecting what I'd find.

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   And I wasn't disappointed. Standing in front of me was my 13-year-old daughter, wearing her new, tiny bikini. Standing beside her, a big smile on her face, was the delectable Raven, Alexis' 14-year-old best friend, wearing an equally tight and tiny bikini in fire engine red.

As Alexis' had the day before, Raven's bikini did nothing to hide her lush, full bush of pubic hair. Jet black, it matched the hair on her head. It was still early in the season, so she didn't have much of a tan yet. Her pale skin contrasted sharply with the black hair and the red panty.

“I've got a little problem, Mr. G,” Raven said. “Lex said you helped her with her bikini. Would you help me with mine, please?”

My mouth was dry, my palms were sweating and my cock was throbbing in my pants. A big part of me wanted to just rip the bikini from her body and ravage her. A smaller, but insistent, voice kept screaming that I was going to hell.

“Um, maybe your mother should . .

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  . ” I began.

“Oh, I could never ask my mother to help me with this problem,” Raven said. “She doesn't have the expertise. Plus, she'd absolutely freak if she saw my new bathing suit. She thinks I'm still her little girl. ”

I leaned against the wall, resigning myself to the fact I was going to do this. After all, I'd already shaved and ravaged my own daughter. What was one more teenage girl in the grand scheme of things?

Then I got an idea.

“Lex,” I said. “How'd you like to help me with Raven's, um, problem?”

Both girls looked shocked. The Alexis looked at her friend, a new realization dawning in her eyes.

“That might be cool,” she said, quietly.

“What!” Raven said, turning to my daughter. “You want to … I mean you'd, like, touch me, you know, there?”

I stepped out of the bedroom and into the hall, heading for the bathroom.

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   I collected all the tools we'd need, basin full of hot water, towels, trimmer, shaving cream, razor. I returned to the bedroom to find the girls still discussing my proposal.

“I mean, we've seen each other naked in the school locker room lots of times,” Alexis argued. “How would this be so different?”

“But, you'd be, like, touching my, you know,” Raven countered, but without as much force in her voice as before.

She was caving.

“What'll it be, girls?” I asked, holding out my supplies.

“Oh, shit,” Raven said. “OK. ”

“Goody!” Alexis cried, jumping up and down, giggling and clapping her hands, making her firm little tits do wonderful things inside her bikini top. Raven rolled her eyes and I laughed at my baby girl's enthusiasm.

Alexis ran over and grabbed a towel, almost upsetting the whole works in the process. Still giggling, she spread the towel on the bed, then motioned to Raven.

“Get you little butt on the towel, girl,” Alexis said.

I started to tell Raven to pull her bikini bottom as tight as it would go, just as I had with Alexis. I was immediately overruled, my daughter making it clear we were going to remove all the offending public hair, whether her friend liked it or not.

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“It's so cool looking,” Alexis said, stripping her bikini bottoms off and kicking them into the corner. “See? And it feels soooo sexy. ”

Raven sat down on the end of the bed, whereupon Alexis immediately pulled her desk chair into position, placed her hand on her girlfriend's chest and pushed. As soon as Raven was reclined, Alexis grabbed the waistband of her bikini panty and stripped them down her legs and off.

A year seemed to make a big difference, as Raven's 14-year-old bush was fuller and lusher than my 13-year-old daughter's. It looked fine and soft and I just had to feel it before it disappeared.

“Just a minute, baby,” I said. “I have to, um, check to be sure she's … ready. ”

I put the rest of the supplies on the floor and knelt between Raven's spread thighs. She looked down her body at me, a mix of lust and trepidation in her eyes. I reached out and gently placed my hand on her thigh, above the knee.

“Have you ever …?” I asked.

“No,” she said, quietly.

“Just relax,” I said in as reassuring a tone as I could muster.

I placed my other hand on her opposite thigh and gently slid them up her legs.

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   I felt Raven stiffen slightly as my fingers approached her virgin opening, taking my first close-up look at her teenage pussy.

Her hair was definitely thicker than Alexis' had been, and there was more of it. Her labia, somewhat thicker than Alexis' as well, were completely covered in fur. I reached the juncture of her thighs, running my thumbs gently up her external lips, feeling the softness of the hair there.

“Oh,” Raven moaned, her head rolling back on the bed. “Mmmm, that tickles. ”

I gently parted her labia, revealing the coral-pink interior of her virgin pussy. Her delicate inner folds glistened slightly in the light coming from the window next to the bed.

“Does that feel good, baby?” I asked her, continuing to rub my thumbs slowly and softly up and down her dampening opening.

“Oh, jeez!” she groaned. “Yeah!”

“Lex,” I said, looking over at my daughter, who was staring, mesmerized, at her friend's inner recesses. “You try. Gently, though. Just barely touch them. ”

As if in a trance, Alexis' hand reached up slowly, coming to rest just below mine on Raven's left thigh.

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   Her index finger snaked out, just barely dipping into the moisture pooling in the older teen's pussy hole.

“Oh, wow,” Alexis breathed. “That feels cool! It's like soaking wet!”

To both my and Raven's surprise, Alexis pulled her finger back, looked at it for a second, then stuck it in her mouth.

“Is that what I tasted like, daddy?” she asked.

“I don't know, baby,” I said. “Pussies usually taste different on different girls. ”

“You try,” Alexis said, dipping her finger back into her friend's wetness and offering the glistening digit to me.

“I will, baby,” I said. “In a bit. Now, it's time for you to go to work. ”

I handed Alexis the electric trimmer, showing her how to turn it on. I instructed her briefly in its use, telling her I'd handle trimming the more delicate lips of Raven's pussy.

Alexis rolled her chair back into position and gently pressed Raven's thighs further apart. Flicking the switch on the trimmer, she positioned it at the top of the dark haired girl's pubic mound, just below her little innie navel.

“Well, here goes nothing,” Alexis said.

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   “Try not to move too much. I don't want to cut you. ”

Raven closed her eyes, bringing her hands up under her chin, as Alexis began to draw the buzzing trimmer downward through her bush.

“Try to make a slow, steady pass, baby,” I said, keeping a close eye on her progress. “It will be easier to shave that way later. ”

“Oh, god!” Raven moaned as the vibrations of the trimmer passing over her Mons reached her clit. “Oh, shit, that feels good. ”

Alexis kept moving the trimmer over her friend's mound, removing a one-inch strip of hair with each pass, revealing the soft, pale skin beneath. Raven continued to moan as her pubes fell away, settling on the towel like a tiny herd of jet black caterpillars.

As the last of the hair on her mound fell away, my Alexis got an evil grin on her face. She looked to me, mouthed the words, “Watch this,” and pressed the shaft of the still-buzzing trimmer directly on Raven's exposed clitoris.

It was like she'd touched a live electrical wire to her friend's body. Raven's back arched, pressing her pussy harder against the rapidly vibrating tool, as the sensations rocketed up her body. As quickly as she'd done it, Alexis pulled the trimmer away.

“Oh, FUCK!” she cried.

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   “Oh, Mr. G. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cuss, but, geez!”

“I know, baby,” I laughed. “It's alright. That kinda caught you by surprise, didn't it? How'd it feel?”

“Like my pussy and my head were going to explode at the same time,” Raven panted. “Do that again!”

“Hang on, baby,” I said. “We still have to trim your lips. That should feel pretty good, too. Try not to move too much. ”

I took the trimmer from Alexis and, carefully, began removed the hair from her labia. Left side first, using my fingers to pull the skin tight to make it easier, then on to the right side.

Raven was moaning by the time I was done, her hips twitching slightly as she fought to keep them still. I looked up at her, winked at Alexis, then leaned in and ran the tip of my tongue around her clit.

The trimmer had made her moan.

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   Licking her virgin pussy made her screaming. Raven grabbed onto my head, gripping my hair in both hands, and slammed her hips upward, driving her pussy into my mouth.

“Oh, shit!” she moaned. “What … what are you doing to me? Oh, fuck, what's happening to MEEEE!!?”

Just that quickly, she came, her legs shooting up in the air and her pussy opening like a delicate pink flower. Her juices were literally flowing from her pussy hole as I probed with my tongue, drinking her virgin essence like a thirsty man at a well after a week in the desert.

I pulled away as the first orgasm wound down, giving one last swipe the full length of her pussy. My face glistening with her juices, I turned to Alexis with what I hoped was a thoughtful look on my face.

“No, baby,” I said, licking my lips.

“No what, daddy?” she said, her eyes wide and her face flushed with arousal.

“No, Lex, that's not what you taste like,” I said, grinning. “Raven is a little spicier. Your pussy juice is sweeter. ”

Alexis laughed, slapping me on the shoulder.

“Very funny, daddy,” she said.

Raven lay panting on the bed, her legs spread, as I walked to the bathroom to get a heated towel.

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   Returning, I found Alexis between her friend's thighs, her face buried in Raven's pussy. Raven was moaning and groaning like she was running a marathon, her fingers twined in Alexis' hair as she ground her hips up and down her younger friend's face.

“Hey, greedy,” I said. “Give the girl a rest. We've got a job to do here. ”

Alexis slid backward in the chair, her face looking like she been gorging herself on glazed donuts, a shit-eating — pussy eating? — grin on her face. Raven again collapsed on the bed, her lips moving soundlessly, her eyes rolling back in her head.

She gave a slight groan as I laid the hot towel over he pussy, settling it into place to soften the hair while I prepared the rest of the shaving equipment. I shook up the shaving cream and, just like the day before with Alexis, removed the towel and sprayed a generous dollop directly in the center of her Mons.

I wet my hand slightly in the bowl of water and massaged the cream into her mound, dipping down between her legs to coat her labia. Raven continued to moan deep in her throat as I covered her pubis in the white foam.

I handed Alexis the razor. As with the trimmer, Alexis would shave Raven's mound, leaving the more sensitive and difficult labia to me.

“Just like I did you yesterday, Lex,” I said. “Just take it easy and let the razor do the work.



She began carefully stroking the blades down the length of her girlfriend's pussy. It was actually amusing to watch. She had a look of intense concentration on her face, the tip of her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth, just like when she was working over a particularly difficult math problem in her homework.

“Clean the razor in the bowl, Lex,” I said. “Don't let it get clogged or it could cut her. ”

Dutifully, she followed my instructions. Soon, Raven's mound was devoid of shaving cream — and hair. I took over the razor and made relatively quick work of the labia. I pushed her legs up to check her asshole, finding a few stray hairs.

Instead of reaching for the shaving cream, though, I wet her hole with my tongue. Raven moaned louder as, with two quick swipes of the razor, her ass was a clean as the rest of her.

“Holy shit!” she groaned. “You licked my butt! Why did you lick my butt?”

“It looked so cute,” I said. “I'd like to do it again, if you'd let me. ”

“Ew,” she said.

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   “I don't know. ”

“You can lick my butt, daddy,” Alexis said. “If you want to. ”

“ I think I'd like that, baby,” I said. “Why don't you kiss Raven's pussy again while I do. ”

She grinned.

“OK!” she said. “It was yummy. I see what you meant about it being kinda spicy, sorta like ginger ale. ”

Alexis all but dove into Raven's crotch, plastering her lips to her friend's labia. Raven moaned, arching her back, as Alexis began tonguing her snatch. Moments later, Alexis was moaning, too, as I spread her ass cheeks and drove my tongue up her tight little shitter.

“Oh, fuck, daddy,” Alexis said, her voice muffled by her older friend's pussy. “That feels amazing. ”

I slapped her, not too hard, on her right ass cheek.

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   She squeaked at the sting of my hand.

“Don't curse, baby,” I said. “It's not ladylike. ”

“But licking a teenage girl's pussy while your daddy licks your butt IS ladylike?” she said.

We all three devolved into laughter, which quickly returned to moans of pleasure as we began tonguing each other again. Within a few moments, Raven cried out and came, coating my baby girl's face in her juices.

“Wanna fuck me, Mr. G?” Raven said. “You can take my cherry, if you wanna. Alexis told me you popped hers after you shaved her. ”

I crawled up on the bed, pulling Alexis with me, settling ourselves on each side of the 14-year-old, dark-haired beauty.

“Do you want me to, sweetie?” I asked her, gently stroking my hand up her stomach and cupping her tit, still encased in the top half of her bikini.

“Um, yeah,” she said. “I mean, I think I do. ”

“Well, you have to be sure,” I said.

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   “Once it's done, you can't take it back. ”

“Go ahead, Raven,” Alexis said. “It's great!”

“Shh, honey,” I said. “Don't pressure her. It has to be her decision. ”

Raven was quiet for a moment. She looked at me, more than a touch of fear in her eyes.

“Will it hurt?” she asked in a small voice. “Some of the older girls said it really, really hurts. ”

“Alexis?” I said.

“It kinda hurt a little bit, when he first put his cock in me,” she said. “But he was really slow and gentle and I was like sooo wet, that it was over before I really noticed any pain. ”

Raven was quiet again.

“If I don't like it, can we stop?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said.

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   “I'm not going to force you in to anything. ”

“OK,” she said.

I pulled her into a sitting position, laying myself down in the center of the bed. I instructed the girls to take my pants off. As soon as it sprang free, Raven's eyes got wide at the size of my rock-hard cock.

I'm not huge, not porn-star huge, anyway. But at seven inches long and quite thick, my cock is still somewhat imposing. Particularly, it seemed, to a 14-year-old virgin.

“God, it's huge!” Raven gasped. “That'll never fit inside me! I'm too tiny. ”

“No, baby,” I said. “It will fit. And if it doesn't, or if it hurts too much, we'll stop. Get on top of me. ”

As she settled herself into position with Alexis' help, I reached up and removed her bikini top.

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   Her young tits sprang free, standing proud on her chest. The were slightly more than a perfect handful as I cupped them, eliciting another moan from her throat, her nipples a dusky pink and hard as diamond pressing into my palms.

“Get my cock wet, Lex,” I said. “Suck it for a minute to get it good and slippery. ”

“OK, daddy,” my baby girl said with glee before she dove onto my cock.

    It was my turn to moan as her hot mouth engulfed my shaft, the head coming to rest against the top of her throat. I could feel her slobbering all over the shaft, coating it in her saliva, preparing me to deflower her girlfriend.

    “I think it's ready, daddy,” Alexis said, pulling her mouth off my cock with a wet pop. “It's pretty slickery. ”

    I loved it when my baby girl made up words.

    “OK, baby,” I said. “Put the head of my cock against Raven's little pussy hole. Raven, settle yourself into position but don't press down yet. Get used to the feeling of just the tip spreading your pussy lips. When you're ready, settle down slowly onto the shaft.

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    She looked down at me and nodded. As Alexis slotted the head of my cock into her opening, Raven pushed gently. I could feel the ring of muscle protecting her inner sanctum spread, like an elastic band being rolled down the shaft.

    “Slow, baby,” I moaned. “God, your pussy is tight. You feel so good, so hot, Raven. ”

    “It feels weird,” she said. “Good, but weird. ”

    “Just take it slow,” I said. “If you take it a little bit at a time, it won't hurt too bad when your cherry pops. Just rock up and down, slowly, a little bit at a time. ”

    She did as she was told, the gripping mouth of her pussy squeezing and releasing my cock head. I'd been aroused for so long, it was all I could do to not grab her by the hips, roll her over and force my cock deep into her untried body.

    “Slow, baby,” I said. “Slow and steady.

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       Stop when the head hits your cherry. ”

    In just a few more strokes, the tip of my cock was nestled firmly against her virgin barrier. She squeaked a little as the pressure built, stretching the thin layer of tissue almost to the breaking point.

    “OK,” I said. “Now, push down, slow and steady, until it breaks through. ”

    She pressed down one more time and, with a popping sensation, my cock tore through her cherry, making her squeal. Her legs gave out and, with a small cry, she settle down onto my hips, my cock buried completely in her no longer virgin cunt.

    “Oh, wow,” she said. “That stings. ”

    “You OK baby?” I asked.

    “Yeah,” she moaned.

    “How's it feel,” Alexis said, her voice husky with her own arousal.

    I looked over at her for the first time. Alexis had stripped off her bikini and was kneeling on the bed, one hand mauling her tits while two fingers of the other were buried deep inside her own bald, glistening pussy.

    “Weird,” Raven moaned.

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       “Good, but weird. ”

    “Do you want to stop?” I asked.

    “No,” she said. “Just let me sit here for a minute and get used to it. ”

    Her pussy conformed to my cock like a velvet glove. She was so wet and hot, it felt like I was buried in a living, surging vat of hot honey.

    I continued palming and teasing her tits with my right hand, squeezing and pinching her nipples, eliciting moans from her tense body. I slid my left hand slowly down her body, sliding my thumb between the tightly-spread lips of her pussy, flicking her clit.

    “When you feel like you can, try lifting up a little bit, then sitting back down,” I told her. “But go slowly. ”

    She raised up ever so slightly, then settled down again. When the world didn't explode and she didn't split wide open, she tried it again. This time, she moaned, enjoying the sensations of my thumb tweaking her clit and my shaft sliding in and out of her tight hole.

    “Oh, yeah,” Raven moaned. “That feels reeeallly good.

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    Soon, she was riding me in ernest, taking half my cock in and out of her pussy on each stroke. Raven was moaning constantly now. I grasped her hips, holding her on each downward stroke, grinding her clit into my groin with each thrust.

    “Ready for the next step?” I asked.

    “Yeah,” she said. “I think so. ”

    I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over, my cock never leaving her pussy, until I was on top. I told her to wrap her legs around my waist and hang on for the ride of her life.

    I began slowly stroking the full length of my cock in and out of her pussy, tip to base to tip and back again. I looked down between our bodies, watching my cunt-slicked cock sliding between the taut lips of her pussy, the inner labia gripping my cock and sliding out then in with each thrust.

    “Oh, shit,” Raven moaned. “Oh, yeah. Oh, fuck me. Oops, I'm sorry. ”

    “That's OK, baby girl,” I said.

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       “It's alright to say 'fuck' when you are. ”

    “Are what?” she said, grinning.

    “Getting fucked, of course,” I said.

    “Well, then,” she said, suddenly sounding simultaneously older and younger than her 14 years. “Fuck me … daddy. ”

    I almost came when I heard her call me daddy. I looked over at Alexis, wondering how she was going to take it.

    “Oh, geez,” my daughter moaned. “Oh, oh, oh!”

    Apparently, she liked it. She was cumming on her own fingers.

    “Fuck me, daddy,” the girls moaned in unison, breaking into laughter as they realized what they'd said.

    “Lay down here, Lex,” I said. “Lay down next to Raven. ”

    As soon as she was in position, I ran one, then two digits into her pussy, replacing hers and finger fucking her in time with my strokes into her girlfriend. I was determined not to cum in Raven.


       I wanted to fuck Alexis again and dump my load in her, after I made Raven explode.

    It seemed that was going to happen sooner than I initially thought. I built up speed once she was adjusted to being fucked, pounding Raven for all she was worth as she urged me on.

    “Harder, daddy,” she would moan. “Please, fuck me harder! I think I'm going to … Yeah, I'm going to cum. ”

    “Give her an organism, daddy,” Alexis moaned. “Make Raven cum on your cock. ”

    “It's called an 'orgasm,' silly,” Raven moaned. “Not organism. ”

    “Whatever,” Alexis laughed. “Give her one of those, too. ”

    We stopped talking, the bedroom wall echoing only with the sounds of two teenage girls and one adult man, moaning and groaning to the counterpoint of fingers and cock sloshing in and out of two extremely wet teenage pussies.

    “Oh, fuck, daddy,” Raven moaned. “I'm cumming!”

    Her body stiffened, her muscles locking as her pussy clenched in a death grip, milking my cock for all it was worth. It took all of my self control not to loose my sperm into the depths of her possibly fertile womb, coating the walls of her pussy with my baby-making seed.

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    As soon as Raven's orgasm peaked, I pulled my cock from her spasming pussy and drove it into Alexis, who cried out at the sudden penetration. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, hugging my neck and squeezing my hips between her thighs, using her legs to pull me into her deeper until the head of my cock banged against the top of her womb.

    “Oh, fuck, daddy,” Alexis moaned. “I'm cumming! Cum with me! Fill me up with your sperms!”

    I banged her through her first orgasm and into a second before I felt the inevitable tingling in my balls.

    “I'm going to cum, baby,” I moaned. “Put your face next to Raven's. I want to cum in your mouths. ”

    Raven looked a little shocked as Alexis scrambled into position, pulling herself off my cock. I knee-walked up the bed until I was kneeling beside my daughter's head, wanking my girl-slicked cock right above their open mouths.

    “Here it cums, baby,” I said. “I'm going to cum all over you. ”

    The first shot blasted out of my cock like a rifle shot, reaching across Alexis to land full on in Raven's mouth. She swallowed involuntarily, sputtering a little bit before she really got the taste of my cum.

    “Hey,” she said. “That's not too bad.

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    The second shot hit her lips, with the bulk landing on Alexis' tongue. She immediately swallowed, making yummy noise as she opened her mouth for more.

    It was like a mother bird feeding her babies. Both girls tongues were out, flicking and questing for each blast of my semen. I shot another four massive loads before my orgasm slowed, the remainder flowing onto Alexis upturned face. As I dribbled the last on her lips and tongue, Raven leaned across. The girls took turns sucking my cock into their mouth, milking the last of my cum from my exhausted cock.

    “Damn, babies,” I said. “That was amazing. ”

    I looked down at Raven.

    “You alright?” I asked.

    “Yeah,” she said, a contented, well fucked little girl look on her face. “A little sore, maybe. But definitely alright. ”

    I collapsed on the bed between them as they scooted out of the way to make room for me.

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       I ended up with my daughter's head resting on my right shoulder and Raven's resting on my left. Both girls curled up against my sides, a leg each thrown over my thighs, a dripping pussy leaving wet trails on my skin.

    I awoke two hours later to find both girls gone. I climbed in the shower for a quick rinse to get the perspiration and cum off various parts of my body. I pulled on a pair of sweats and wandered shirtless into the living room, searching for my two young lovers.

    I found them, huddle together on the sofa, heads pressed together as they spoke on the phone.

    “Hey, Natalie,” Alexis said. “Wanna go bikini shopping tomorrow?”

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