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My friends and ran around in the waves. When we where sitting we just started to talk. I started to talk about Rian and how much I liked him. Time went by and my cell phone rang. My mom was on the other line "Alicia hunny, your father and I are going to be leaving early, Rian is here and hes just going to be waiting, try to come home soon". I came home with everything from the beach walking in the door rian was sitting on the couch watching some wierd Tv channel. . . . okay no it was porn and I knew it. He didnt seem to mind that I knew. As i stepped in he looked at me. His eyes traveling down my body undressing me in his imagination. My body suddenly shuddered as I came back into reality. I walked into my room and bent over and set my things down, and hoped onto my bed, I was about to change when I turned over and saw Rian hovering over me. "ummm yes, can I help you?" I asked Rian.

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   He said I dont know can you help me. He pulled up a chair and just sat there looking at my body. My stomache fully exposed and my tits up in the air as I laid on my back with one knee up, I stil had my skirt on. "Its a nice size" Rian said I was shocked. He started to run his hands on my sun absorbed legs. Soft he said. I lay there in bewilderment. He started to get more firm with his hands. Caressing my stomache. He all the sudden stoped, and sat in his chair. I wanted more of whatever he just gave me. It felt good and sent jolds of energy strait to my pussy as my pussy quivered for more. He sat in his chair still looking at me, neither of us said a word. I got up and straddled him on his chair so we where face to face. I feld his strong cock press against my pussy under my skirt.

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   My skirt was scrunched up so my bikini bottom was showing. He was wearing Jean shorts and a whifebeater. The whife beater was soon off. I started to touch his abs and muscles. His dark black body was so detialed every muscle was showing. It was so hott. He leaned forward and started to kiss me harder plunging his tounge in and out. Then i felt his big hands grab my back and massage it up and down going lower and lower till soon he was grabbing my ass inward. His huge firm cock was almost trying to dig its way out of his pants. He told me to stand up and I did, I was in a trance I didnt know what to say or do. But it felt so natural. He started to kneel down as he unbuttoned my skirt. It fell to the ground and he grabbed my hips squeezing them and he pulled off my bikini bottom. My pussy was shaved even though I was a virgin, I still didnt want hair sticking out of my bikinis. He pulled the bottoms off and they fell to the ground he then told me to sit on the ground.

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   My back was against my bed. And he told me to sit with my knees up and my legs spread open. He started to kiss my stomache going lower and lowet till he reached my pussy. My juices had been flowing for quite some time. He started licking my pussy and sticking his tounge in and out my clit. I started to moan so loud and make sounds. It felt so good. He started to tease my clit with his tounge and graze it when it quivered. then plunge it back in. I stood back up as he did too. He pulled the string of my bikini top as the bikini fell on the floor. My nipples where hard as a rock and fully erect. My boobs size C where out there. He seemed so fasinated. I then realized how much i was enjoying this.

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   He layed me on the bed and got me in the covers with him. He started fondeling wiht my tits and holdign them in his hands. Squeezing and releasing licking and sucking. I moaned wiht pleasure and asked for more. Finally I couldnt take it anymore I wanted him to fuck me. I screamed "OOoooh Rian, Give it to me, give it to me now!" he laied atop me and pulled his shorts off. His dark black body still so fine. His rock hard cock sticking strait out. You could see the fluids. It was so big though. I asked him, Are you sure that can fit. he replied with "We will soon see my dear" He slid down to my lower body and somewhat kneled on his knees as i was on my back with my knees up and my feet on the bed his cock sticking strait out. He grabbed my ass and said "You better be ready because this is gona hurt" with no time for me to say okay, no or wait. He grabbed my ass and Thrust his cock strait in my clit I let out a loud "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhouch" it hurt so bad. I had never had any cock in my so it tore away all my virginity, tearing peices and peices of tissue in me.

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   He took his cock out and started plunging it in again and again. My pussy getting tighter and tighter. He kept thrusting with each moan i let out. I liked it so much. Soon my whole body started to shutter. He told me to try to hold it in but i couldnt then It all came out, my first orgasm, he said it was one of the biggest he had ever felt. My juices flowed everywhere as he was still thrusting His cock had to be at least 11 inches. thrusting with every movement i made I started to moan with his thrusts he then grapped my breasts without warning and squeezed. I screamed with pain but at the same time pleasure. Soon we heard keys at the door, It was my Be Continued. . . . .
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