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DJ was my protecter, my friend. I remember waking up once, right before I lost my virginity on that cold september night, with him sitting over me, his hand hovering just above my pussy. His eyes intent apon me. I do not doubt in the least that he was my mothers lover. He drove us patiently, the beer he pressed between my thighs, the cool damp perspiration leaking down between my legs. Leaving me with a hazy sensation in my mind, and a wet, hot feeling deep inside me. My boyfriend, Ben slid his hand down, acting as though he wanted a drink, but instead, slipped his fingers closer to my hot little cleft, ignoring the beer bottle all together. I let him touch me, my slick sticky cum making his fingers slide so easily back and forth. Until finally, I could take no more and grasped his wrist, sliding his middle finger inside me. My panties pressed to the side, the cotton ever so gently sliding back and forth against my throbbing clit, as his fingers took on a mind of their own. I let him finger me, and before I knew it, I moaned loud and long and hard. I gasped and covered my mouth. I watched as DJ slowly pulled the car over at a road side stop, it was completely deserted. I thought he was going to kill us. I couldnt read what was going on in behind his eyes, so I sat waiting for him to say something. Finally, he turned in the seat and shook his head.

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  . I looked from my boyfriend to my chaperone, astonished and terrified. My boyfriend laughed and pushed my shoulders back against the seat. I mumbled something not really a denial, because I didnt know what he was going to do. He slid to his knees in the floorboard, lifting my skirt up until he revealed a good view of my mound. I pushed at his hands but he just ignored my protests. He grabbed my ankles, givng them a hard jerk, so that I was slouching, with my legs spread wide, before him and DJ. He slid his fingers under the cotton. . . edging my panties down to my ankles. He gently pushed his face into me, licking me, making me moan, and wriggle. I could feel his tongue rough on one side, slick on the other, gliding back and forth along my clit. Just when I felt an orgasm threaten, I dug my claws into his shoulders. .

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  . he pulled away. I was disappointed to say the least. He shoved me violently on the seat. . on my back. . and started to tear at the buttons and zipper on his jeans. I screamed no, and looked for DJ, but at some point he had slid out of the driver seat, and was standing just outside the car door where my head lay. DJ jerked open the car door, and I thought he was going to make Ben stop, but he didnt. He grabbed my wrists instead with one of his big hands, pressing them down, hurting me. I saw him make the same motion Ben was, but he was older, better at getting out of his pants quickly. He jerked down his zipper, and pulled his large already swollen cock out. I gasped, and he rammed himself into my mouth, filling me. He chuckled, and said, Ben rubbed his cock back and forth along my slit, coating it with his spit, and my cum.

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   I had already been so wet, it didnt matter that I no longer wanted this. Suddenly he rammed himself into me, I felt the tear, and screamed around DJs cock in my mouth. So he just rammed it further down my throat. I felt tears come to my eyes, but thats where they stopped, they were never given a chance to slide down my cheeks. Ben slowly slid back out, and even though I was in an awkward position, I couldnt help but enjoy the feeling of every ridge and vein on his cock as he slid out. Slowly he guided his rod back into my wet little pussy, moving his hips in round circles, making me moan around my gag. DJ saw that I was no longer fighting and pulled himself from my mouth. Stepping back he grasped his own silken pole, and started to rub it with two fingers. I watched, as Ben slid in and out. . increasing his pace with the need to fill me. I clutched at his shoulders, and gasped, moaning against his collarbone. I shook violently, on the edge of having an explosion myself. But before I could clamp down around his stiff cock, I felt him cum, shuddering against me. I felt a warm rush that filled my insides, creating a most delicious pleasure.

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       But I didnt get to hold on to that for long, as he went limp inside my pussy, I felt something pulling him out. I looked, only to see DJ, dragging him back by his shoulders. Pushing him aside, DJ knelt in the seat, viewing my cunt, dripping with cum, and a slight tinge of red. He pushed my legs up, put his hands behind my knees, and put my feet flat against his chest. He was still standing erect, so much bigger than my boyfriend, I was in awe of him. I shifted my hips, only managing to spread my ass and cunt wider. He grasped my hips, trying to stop my wiggling. I began to beg but he didnt seem to hear me. He looked as though he was in a daze. He rocked forward, pushing himself against my dripping pussy. I felt his cock hard, ready, wanting to be inside me and held my breath. Finally he slid in, slowly, taking his time, as though enjoying the feel of me so tight and juicy wrapped around him. I clenched, thinking in my foolish little girls way, that I would make him stop. He only moaned, and asked if I liked to be fucked. I laid there looking at him, never answered.

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       He started to rock back and forth, pleasuring me, hitting a spot that made me feel as though I was coming apart. I tightened my pussy further to better hold on to the sensations. He groaned louder now, and I closed my eyes. I knew now what he wanted, so I rose up and took him, pumping his cock for all it had to offer. I wanted him to cum inside me, to fill me up. But he had different ideas, he moved faster, digging his fingers into my hips. In a gruff, hoarse voice, he told me with a loving malice behind his words, He got louder, and began to pant heavily with each word. . . gasping them out He pounded my pussy with a ferociousness I didnt know he could posess. I rocked back and forth, taking him ever deeper into my wet little cunt. Until finally I couldnt handle any more, and sobbed his name, letting the tears roll down my cheeks, I came, feeling my sweet juice squirting around him, squeezing him. He moaned And he released his hot, thick load into me. He sat back, breathing hard for a moment. Then slid out of the back seat.

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       I hurriedly jerked my skirt back down, and my panties back up. He patted my boyfriend on the shoulder and closed the back door behind him. I watched my boyfriend out of the corner of my eye the rest of the drive home. He just sat there with his hand clenched on his leg. . . looking angry. We broke up shortly after that. Momma didnt stop seeing DJ. . . . . . .

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