The Girl Down The Street Part 2


After the incident with Amy in the bathroom the rest of the day drug along slowly and no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of the constant hard-on in my pants. I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for me tonight when we went back to her place. Class after class I fantasized about all the things I could do to that gorgous body of hers until finally the 3 o'clock bell was only minutes away from ringing. I sat in the front of the room in the seat closest to the door as i stared at the clock waiting for it to turn. Finally, like music to my ears, I heard the bell ring and before most of the students had gathered their things I was out the door of the classroom. I practically sprinted down the halls dodging people like I was a running back for a pro football team. I finally made it to the south entrance and she wasn't there yet.
I continued to wait and wait as I watched the school empty of students, until finally, just before I was about to give up and go home I felt her wrap her arms around my shoulders and kiss my neck. "Did you miss me?", she said as she reached around and fondled my cock through my jeans. I turned around and planted a hard kiss on her lips, snaking my toungue into her mouth and pulling her close to me. "I guess so," she said as a smirk crossed her face. Then she looked me in the eyes and asked if we were going to get out of there anytime soon. We went out to my car and I helped her into my GTO and climbed into the drivers seat.
Just as I started to pull out of my parking spot I felt her hand on my thigh rubbing up and down moving closer to my rock-solid cock. I began to drive towards her place when I felt her working the button on my jeans. I couldn't believe my luck, this gorgous babe was making my dreams come true.

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   She freed my dick from my pants and it sprug out of my boxers. She wrapped her soft delicate hands around my bulging shaft and began working it up and down. We were a few more blocks from her place when I felt her lips open around my shaft as her head lowered onto my lap. Her head between my knees licking and sucking on my cock had to be the best feeling in the world, or so i thought, until she wrapped her hand around my balls and began milking my balls while deep throating my shaft. I felt my balls tightening up as I was about to blow yet another load down this babes throat. Just as I was about to cum she stopped saying she didnt want me to cum just yet, leaving me on the edge as we pulled into her driveway.
She climbed out and ran for the house, leaving me in the car to quickly put away my cock and follow her in. As I opened the door she was nowhere in sight so I called out her name and heard her yell from upstairs for me to wait on the couch and that she would be right down. Interested I did as I was told, and waited for her. I thought I was going to blow my load in my pants when she came down the stairs in high heels, a black leather mini skirt, and a white blouse with only the middle button buttoned. She had on no underwear and her hard nipples looked as if they were about to bust through her blouse. My pants were tighter than ever as my cock pressed to bust loose from its constraints. She came over to me and straddled my lap saying that she had been planning this since the day we met. I kissed her neck as I lifted her up and tossed her onto the couch.
Tossing her on the couch caught her by complete surprise and before she could gather her thoughts I was planting warm kisses all over her gorgous body.

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   I kissed up the side of her neck while my hand quickly released the button holding her blouse closed. As her beautiful breasts popped out of her shirt my head roamed down her body to suckle on one nipple while working the other between my fingers. Then I switched and began to suckle the other nipple while working the other nipple with my finger. She started moaning and I lowered myself down and lifted her skirt and buried my face in her shaven pussy. As I did this she let out a moan and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face hard against her dripping cunt. I began to toungue around her asshole and lick up the outside of her swollen pussy. I could tell what I was doing was working because she began bucking her hips and pressing my face harder against her sweet, wet, pussy. I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and sucked on it for all I was worth while I snaked my finger into her pussy. I couldn't believe how tight she was! Doing this sent her over the edge and she screamed out as she started bucking wildly, and arching her back as her orgasm hit her.
Before her orgasm had even subsided I stood up, spread her legs, and lined my pulsating cock up against her pussy. She screamed for me to fuck her so I pressed in with the intention of pounding this sweet pussy hard, but as I pressed my cock into her TIGHT pussy I felt my cock hit her hymen. All I could think was "OH MY GOD, SHE'S ACTUALLY A VIRGIN?! HOW COULD THAT BE!" I couldn't believe that an 18 year old woman this gorgous could still be a virgin. I began pushing more lightly until I felt it break and she let out a quiet whimper as I buried my cock to the hilt. I held my cock in long enough for the pain to subside and for her pussy to relax and I started slow, long strokes. Pressing deep into her pussy.

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   She started going wild and bucking hard against me screaming "fuck me, fuck me, YES, UNGG, YES, YESSSS," as I felt her pussy clentch tight around my cock as her pussy began to spasm. This sent me over the edge and I grunted out that I was going to cum and began to pull out when she screamed out, "I'm on the pill, fill my fucking pussy with your hot seed. " That was all I needed to hear as I pressed back in all the way to the hilt and felt my cock explode sending jet after jet of hot cum deep into her until now virgin pussy.
We collapsed together on the couch, and held each other until. . .
Part 3?
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