The Gym Teacher: Part Two


The next morning Samantha was late for her first period class and she fumbled with her books while trying to open her locker! It was a miracle that she didn't spill everything onto the floor, and much to her surprise, taped to the back wall of the locker was an envelope with her name printed in large block letters on the front of it!!! "What the heck," she said to herself as she tore it open, "how could anybody get into my locker!?!" As she began to read, a twinge of desire stabbed in her pussy, it was a note from Miss Denton with instructions that read: "After school, 4:00 PM sharp, 36 Cedar St., apartment 3, don't be late, I have a surprise for you!!! A.D." For the rest of the day Samantha's pussy was in a constant state of near arousal, and while it was not enough to be uncomfortable, it was still a constant reminder of what was sure to come!!!At precisely four o'clock, Samantha pressed the button for apartment three and quickly buzzed in!! She climbed the stairs to the third floor, knocked softly on the door, while waiting anxiously for someone to answer it! After about thirty seconds or so, the door swung open revealing a diminutive blonde who was wearing only her bra and panties!!! "Come in," she said quietly, "we've been waiting for you!!!" Almost gingerly, Samantha peeked into the room and slowly moved inside, still not quite sure what was going on!!! The blonde closed the door and took Samantha by the hand while leading her into the bedroom!!! What she saw when she entered left her stunned and open mouthed, because there on her knees was Alicia Denton sucking on the gigantic pecker of a huge black man!!! The blonde dropped Samantha's hand and quickly joined Alicia on the floor, patiently waiting for her turn at the turgid piece of black meat that Alicia was greedily sucking!!! The black man calmly looked over at Samantha and in a voice that left no doubt who was in charge said evenly, "Take of your clothes and be quick about it!!!"Samantha was still frozen in place and unable to move, but a harsh admonition from the black man jarred her back to reality, and as if on automatic pilot she slowly began stripping!!! When she was completely nude she stood nervously while the black man eyed her from head to toe and thought, "God, he probably thinks I'm as fat as a cow!!!" She needn't have worried, however, because her eighteen year old voluptuous body was an immediate turn on for the black master, a pleasant change from the tight hard bodies of Alicia and Emma!!! He pushed Alicia off his cock and motioned Samantha to join him on the bed!!! Her legs had become rubbery while watching Alicia suck him, so she wobbled from side to side as she made her way over to the bed!!! He pulled her down on top of him and offered, "I like a woman with a little meat on her bones, and baby, you got a lot of meat in just the right places!!!" Her pussy flooded with a spate of fluid as his hands felt every inch of her body, especially taking a great deal of time on her plump bottom!!! "Have you ever sucked cock," he asked softly?!? "Yes," she whispered, but nothing as magnificent as this!!!" He chuckled a bit and said, "Well, baby, you do a good job on Joshua's cock, and he promises you the best time of your life!!!" With the sexual tension between her legs growing by the second, she slid down to his lap and after spending a moment or two kissing the velvety head, she opened her mouth and let it slide gently inside, she was now in heaven!!!Hearing Joshua sighing as she sucked encouraged Samantha on even more as she licked and sucked the thick black wand!!! The fury in her pussy was now a burning fire that threatened to race out of control, so when she felt a soft warm mouth engulf her vagina, she let out a long low moan and quickly had a hard convulsive orgasm that barely began to quench the fire raging in her cunt!!! Joshua chuckled a bit and offered, "Emma here is first class cunt lapper, but you already know that, I guess that within another minute or two you'll be having another one!!!" And she did to, in less that three minutes her pussy did a flip flop as Emma's slithering tongue wrapped itself around her clit, sending her crashing onto the rocks of another brutal orgasm!!! With her pussy partially satiated, Samantha took her time giving Joshua the kind of blowjob a cock like his deserved, and it wasn't long until her efforts were rewarded by a huge gusher of cum in the back of her throat!!!Unlike her old boyfriend, Joshua was still erect and ready after shooting his load, so Samantha was a little surprised when he quickly shoved her down on the bed and mounted her missionary style!!! "Alicia tells me your a virgin," he said softly, "well, baby, you're in luck, cuz old Joshua here is gonna get you off to the right foot, and fuck your pussy like it was meant to be!!!" A pang of fear raced through her as she looked down and saw the now menacing cudgel pointing directly at her pussy, but it was too late now to do anything but lay back and take it!!! She tensed up as he ran his head up and down her opening, ready for that moment when he would bury the ten plus inches of black magic into her now steaming pussy, but he did no such thing, instead he kept moving his head up and down her slit, taking a lot of care to make sure he tickled her very erect little clit!!! She began to gasp at his teasing and stammered, "Y-you're trying to drive me crazy aren't you, p-please, do it, I-I can't take this much longer!!!" She didn't think it was possible to get even more aroused, but incredibly, both Alicia and Emma slid along side of her and popped a hard nipple into their mouths and began nursing while Joshua tormented her now bulging crack!!!She was growing delirious with desire and in a futile attempt to get him to fuck her, she reached down and tried to grab his erection and pull it into her drooling cunt!!! "Not so fast," he said with a laugh, "take your time, make it last, you wanna let the tension build!!!" "Sweet jesus in heaven," she moaned half begging, "I'm on fucking fire, please fuck me, it's the only way to put it out!!!" He teased her for another minute or so before asking, "Do you really want it, I mean really want it, cuz if you don't I can always fuck Alicia here!?!" "God, you bastard," she spat between moans, "if you knot do it quick I'm gonna fucking scream!!!" "My, my, Alicia" he said softly, "you didn't tell me she was such a potty mouth, does she talk like this all of the time!?!" Alicia just chuckled without letting the nipple out of her mouth, and just as Samantha was distracted by her laugh, she cunt exploded in a cacophony orgasms as he buried his manhood all the way to the hilt in her unsuspecting pussy!!! The pain and the pleasure were a dizzying mixture in her cunt, with one or the other dominating for a second or two, until slowly only the pleasurespread like a wildfire throughout her loins!!! He was long, thick, and like a piston, working in and out of her with brutally efficient strokes that induced climax after climax from her now totally defenseless vagina!!! "Do you want me to stop," he asked softly while pounding away at her cunt!?! "N-no," she gasped, "d-don't stop, fuck me harder, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, god that's so fucking good!!!" That's what he liked about white chicks, they just couldn't seem to get enough of the big black bamboo, and this big titted bitch was no exception!!! In one last furious assault, Joshua rammed his pecker in and out with such ferocity that both of them nearly passed out as their orgasms melded into one gigantic climax!!!As all four of them lay in bed luxuriating in the afterglow of great sex, Alicia said softly, "I guess you got my note!!!" The two woman exchanged a long deep kiss before Samantha replied, "And what a note it was!!!"THE END

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