The Highschool Parking Lot


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  " when I finished off Jennea's pussy giving her the best sex of her life, leaving my cock gushing all over my and my car. Jennea was spent and went back to Jills car. As Jill just watched what her friend just expierenced she was dripping wet and even screamed in pleasure watching me fuck her friend. So Jill jumps on my cockand rides me very very fast, then askes me to butt fuck her, i nod in agreement and she turns around and fucks at the same pace she did with her pussy. Her ass felt awesome, almost better than her pussy did, it was definitly tighter. As she raps her asshole around my girth she screams in such pleasure, Jennea in the other car is squirting again. Jill finished me off with a good blowjob and I glazed her face with my hot steaming cum that i squirted all over her face and it went down her neck to her tits. She zips me back up and walks back to her car with her face still glazed with cum. The End.
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