The James Family Pt. 2: A Reluctant Cristina


I woke up Saturday morning a little after dawn, shaken awake by a strange hand, lying naked in a strange bed and a strange room. Oddly enough, I only noticed the white girl sleeping naked in my arms second.


I noticed the person who had shaken me awake last. I turned over and there stood Simone, a black woman in her early thirties who made up half of the 24-hour staff at the James family home, the other half being Marie. If Simone thought any part of this was funny, she didn’t show it. “Mr. Wright isn’t it?” she asked. “I looked in the school directory and called your father last night. He knows you’ll be arriving this morning, and if you get dressed quickly you can leave as soon as the driver gets here. Kelly’s still passed out; I suggest you leave before she wakes up. I’ll let Cristina know you went. ” Obviously she was used to this routine.


Embarrassed, I mumbled some thanks and slipped past her with my head down. I could’ve sworn I heard her giggle a bit.


True to Simone’s advice, I gathered my books and clothes from where I’d left them last night and sat on the James’ front step, gathering my memory. It all came back to me quickly enough once I had my bearings: how Cristina had gotten drunk, how we’d started downstairs before proceeding to her bedroom, how I lost my virginity as we fucked like animals.


   The whole experience seemed surreal in the daylight, and I had to keep assuring myself all of it really had happened.


The driver arrived quickly enough and drove me back home. If he knew as much as Simone did, he didn’t show it, staying silent the whole way. When I got home, my parents suspected nothing was wrong, and I gave them no reason to. The previous night may as well not have happened.


Cristina must have been thinking the same thing, because I didn’t get a call from her all weekend. I called her cell twice, once each on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and got nothing but voicemail. I messaged her on Facebook and got nothing but Internet silence. Not wanting to seem clingy or needy, I left the matter alone till Monday morning.


Monday everyone was back in school and midterms had begun. The whole week would be nothing but tests with a max of two tests per day for any given student; you showed up, took whatever exams you had to, and went home when you were done.


Cristina and I, being in the same class, took our chemistry final in the same session Monday morning. Not once before the test did Cristina make eye contact with me. During the test I ignored her as well and set about my business. The exam was fairly easy, and I was the first one out.

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   I had another test in an hour, so I pushed all thoughts of Cristina out of my mind and was on to the next one. I didn’t even see her again that day, something I think she arranged herself.


The next morning went the same. I didn’t see Cristina until after my morning exam. I had no way home again, it being the middle of the day and neither of my parents off from work, and I saw no reason to rush to the student lounge so I could be bored for the next three hours. I was idling by my locker when Cristina happened to walk by with a group of her friends. I waved and smiled, secretly determined to force the issue.


“Cristina!” I called out her name, jogging towards the group. I stopped in front of her, ignoring the rest of the girls, and put on my brightest grin. “We haven’t talked since last Friday, how do you think you did on that chem test? I’d hate to think all that time we spent ‘studying’ went to waste. ” I put a special emphasis on “studying” to make sure Cristina got my point.


Anger flashed in her eyes and faded away just as quickly. She smiled sweetly to her friends. “Go on ahead guys, I’ll text you later. My tutor’s probably going to want the full run-down of the test.

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  ” Cristina’s friends left, and as soon as they turned the hallway corner, Cristina’s modest smile was replaced by a look of pure venom. “What the fuck are you trying to pull!” she berated me in the most controlled voice she could manage.


I accepted her anger with a flat look. “Let’s take this elsewhere, shall we?” I turned away and walked off without waiting for Cristina. After a moment though, I heard her frustrated sigh and the steady rhythm of her footsteps as she followed me.


I let her to the theater storage room under the old stage. A lot of the stuff that had been there had been moved to a new theater that had been built in a new wing of the school. The stage above was still used to make school-wide announcements and for small shows, but nobody bothered to lock the storage room below anymore, and there was never anybody in there. All that remained were racks of old costumes and props that hadn’t been used in years.


We went in through the door and I locked it behind us. “Now, to answer your question…”


I never had the chance to finish. As soon as I turned away from the door and back towards Cristina, I caught a stinging slap across the mouth. Surprisingly, it caught me off guard enough to make me stumble to my right. Even more surprisingly, I tasted blood in my mouth.


Cristina stood in front of me, all righteous fury and no restraint.

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   “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” she demanded, shoulders heaving with her breath. “Why the hell were you trying to bring…what happened up in front of other people?!”


I wiped my mouth and stood up straight. “First off,” I began slowly, “hit me like that again, and we are going to have some serious problems. ” I let the threat hang in the air. “Second off, I really am curious how you did. With so much at stake, Mrs. Calloway must have let you on to your grade early. Third off, you’ve been avoiding me like the fucking plague, and I’d like some answers. You know, if that’s not too much trouble Ms. James,” I added sarcastically.


Cristina looked down at the floor, her wrath fading away. It was a long time before she answered. “My dad told Mrs. Calloway to grade my test right away if she could. She’d just told me my grade a few minutes before I passed you in the hall.

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   I got an 88. ”


I nodded. Honestly, I’d been expecting her to barely get up above 80. “Okay then, that’s out of the way. Glad to know I could be of service. You still haven’t answered by most important question though. ”


Cristina paced towards the back of the storage room and sat down on a couch that looked like it had been long abandoned. “Friday night was a mistake,” she began hesitantly. “I was scared of this test, I got drunk, things just sort of…happened. Let’s just forget about it. ”


Now it was my turn to get mad. “So what, I’m just supposed to accept this reverse hit-it-and-quit-it?” I asked, walking towards her with my hands out in exasperation. “Fuck that! I realize being an uppity bitch is your nature, but you are not about to just brush me off! Fuck! That! SHIT!” I yelled in her face, my voice steadily rising.


She bared her teeth at me and stood back up. “Look, you were my tutor, and now we’re done, alright? You’re lucky I don’t accuse you of rape! You totally took advantage of me!”


I laughed in her face.

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   “See, what you don’t realize, princess, is that it’s impossible to take advantage of a complete slut like you. ”


She slapped me again, but this time I saw that swing coming and took it anyway. I relished the feeling of my anger boiling up and washing over me. I turned my head back to her and looked Cristina dead in the eye. “I told you we were going to have problems if you hit me again didn’t I?” I said in a soft, menacing voice that surprised even me.


With no warning, I lashed out my hand and grabbed Cristina around the throat. She was unprepared, and I was able to force her toward the back of the room onto an old prop coach. I laid down on top of her, keeping her down with my body weight.


“I know how you usually treat other people,” I said, grinning maniacally. “You’re a stuck-up bitch who thinks she’s God’s gift to the fucking world. I put up with you for a week and a half, trying to help, and just when I start to think that maybe, just maybe, you’re a halfway decent person, you pull this shit. I’m going to tell you right now,” I continued, roughly grabbing her breast with my free hand, “this shit will NOT fly with me. ”


I let go of Cristina’s throat and used the opportunity provided by her coughing fit to tear open her button-down blouse. All the buttons popped off her shirt as her chest was revealed, her breasts encased in a baby-blue bra. I threw her shirt to the side, pinned both her hands down above her head and licked her exposed skin.

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   She began to yell out for help, but I cut off her words by biting into her chest.


“Shut up bitch,” I growled. “This is a lesson you had coming. ” I grabbed a nearby piece of cloth off the floor adjacent to the couch and used it to tie her hands to the coach’s arm. Having done that, I got nose to nose to her again and looked her in the eye. “If you start yelling, this is going to get a whole lot worse for you,” I threatened. Cristina’s lips pressed together so tightly they turned white, and the fear in her eyes egged me on.


I unclipped Cristina’s bra, and for the second time, her pale breasts were bare before me. This time though, I had no intention of being gentle. I went right for her nipples, pinching one between my forefinger and thumb and biting the other one lightly. Cristina squirmed, but with me on top of her and her hands tied up, there was nothing she could do to get away.


I relented in my assault and began to lightly lick her nipples, sucking on them hard and moving my tongue in circles. I didn’t just want to hurt Cristina physically; I wanted to completely dominate her. I was rewarded when a soft moan escaped from between her lips. I stopped and looked at her again.

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   “See? Like I said: it’s impossible to take advantage of a slut like you. ”  Cristina turned her eyes away in shame.


I got up off of Cristina, but only long enough to remove my clothes. I stood there naked, stroking my dick in anticipation while Cristina tried very hard and very unsuccessfully to look elsewhere.


I got back on the couch, placing my knees on either side of Cristina’s chest. “You ever gave a tit job before?” I asked. All I got was silence, so I smacked her across the face, just hard enough to get her attention. “Answer me slut. ”


“…Y-yes. ”


I nodded. “Good. ” I spit on my dick and her breasts, lubing up the area as much as possible. To help things out, I rubbed the tip of my dick between her breasts, spreading pre-cum in her cleavage. Cristina whimpered as I slid my cock in between her breasts and shoved her tits together around it. My cock poked out the top of breasts and pressed up against her lips for a moment, but she tilted her head to the side to avoid it.

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My grin widened at her obvious discomfort. I began slowly, sliding in and out, enjoying the softness of her breasts. With each thrust her breasts would jiggle deliciously under my hands; the overall feeling couldn’t match the blowjob Cristina had given me Friday night, but it sure beat the hell out of masturbating.


To get Cristina’s attention, I started pinching her nipples as I fucked her chest. I started off lightly, pinching one or the other for a second or two, and quickly worked my way up to holding on to her nipples as my dick slid back and forth beneath them.


Cristina’s face showed the slight pain I was causing her, but I could tell the pleasure was already stealthily overcoming it. Little by little, Cristina’s head had turned back to center, and now she was staring at my dick sliding in and out between her tits like she was hypnotized. She had her mouth open, little squeaks escaping from time to time.


I quit pinching Cristina’s buds and went back to groping her breast. The feel of her breasts finally sent me over the edge, and without giving her a warning, I sprayed my seed all over Cristina’s face. Her mouth was still open when my orgasm came, and most landed right on her tongue, with the rest spreading out on her chin, lips, and cheeks. I could hardly contain my pleasure when Cristina swallowed reflexively. Her tongue had already snaked out to lick cum off her lips when she realized what she was doing. Her tongue shot back in and her mouth clamped shut. Her cheeks turned red with embarrassment under the white of my sperm.

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I laughed. “Enjoying yourself Cristina? Maybe it’s time you just admitted that you want this. That you want ME. ” I moved off of her chest and down to the other end of the couch. “You didn’t have such a problem saying all that Friday night, if I recall. ”


Cristina continued to say nothing, so I carried on with a mental shrug. I took off her shoes and socks, letting her soak in her shame. I relished unbuttoning her pants, slid off her tight khakis, and threw them to the floor too.


I shook my head in disbelief. “Would you look at that?” I wondered out loud as I pressed a single finger to Cristina’s panties. They light blue above her pussy had already turned dark with her juices. Just like Friday night, she was flowing like a river. I shallowly fingered her through her panties. “Looks like your body wants it Cristina. So what’s stopping you? Afraid of bringing a black guy home to daddy? Afraid of what your ‘friends’ will say if they find out you’re fucking a nerd?”


This time, I got an answer.


   “Please stop,” Cristina sobbed quietly. “I’m sorry, so please stop. ”


Her words struck at my core. This whole situation had spiraled out of control; I had gotten to like Cristina, and I didn’t come to school that day planning on raping her. But my pride had been cut too deep and wouldn’t allow me to turn back now. So instead of stopping, I snorted. “Like you’re going to get off that easily. I taught you chemistry, now I’m going to teach you this lesson too. ”


I peeled off her wet panties and gagged her with them. Now we were both naked. I flipped her over and forced her up onto her elbows and knees. I walked around behind her, drinking in the site of her exposed pussy. Experimentally, I rubbed on her clit with two fingers. She moaned slightly through her gag before she managed to restrain herself. I pressed on.


   Slowly, I slipped on finger into her cunt and held it there. The fit was as tight as I remembered it, but I felt like there was room for a little more. I slipped a second finger in and felt her tighten as her juices continued to flow.


I began to pump my fingers gently, in and out, in and out, trying to force her to acknowledge the pleasure. I licked the smooth skin of her ass and bit her cheeks lightly in places.


Cristina’s moaning increased in frequency with every passing moment, but I still felt I could push her further. I eyed her asshole and thought, why not. I took a quick whiff, and she didn’t smell like shit at all. Spreading her butt cheeks with my free hand, I licked all the way from the bottom of her pussy to her asshole before forcing my tongue deep into her ass. Cristina cried out through the gag and shuddered as a miniature orgasm passed out of her body.


Cristina’s ass tasted vaguely like her pussy, undoubtedly due to all the juices that had leaked out of her and down to her butt since my assault began. At the time, I could only describe it as a new taste, but I wasn’t really getting off on the flavor. What really got me going were the moans Cristina couldn’t hold in, the way her butthole spasmed and tightened every time I pressed into her, and the sheer knowledge that I was in Cristina James’ ass. It was like being high.


I was almost too absorbed in what I was doing to notice, but Cristina was steadily losing her self control.

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   Rather than attempting to squirm out of my hands or bite back her voice, she was now panting openly and rotating her hips to the rhythm of my steadily accelerating fingers. Encouraged, I took my tongue out her ass and roughly replaced it with my left index finger.


Cristina’s back arched at the sudden pressure. “Oooooh God,” she moaned. I wasn’t even sure she was aware what was happening anymore. “Finger my ass, this is so dirty!” Still bound at the wrists, she grabbed onto the coach’s arm and pushed herself up so she could look over her shoulder at what I was doing. Not wanting to disappoint, I put a second finger in her ass and a third in her cunt. That was about all she could take. The moment I added fingers, Cristina squirted onto my hand and her butthole turned into a vice grip around my fingers. She grunted, too caught up in the throes of her orgasm to make a coherent sound, and I could see all the tension go out of her muscles as she sagged back towards the couch cushions.


Tenderly, I leaned over her back, pressing my body against hers. I smelled her hair; I could feel her ragged breathing, her quickened heart. It was only when I rested my chin on her heaving shoulder and kissed her jawbone that she noticed me.


When she looked back at me, there was a feral look in her eyes. She didn’t look scared, or angry, or happy, she looked…wild.

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   Before she could say anything, I pushed my dick between her legs, rubbing her clit gently with the top of my revitalized erection. I lifted one of my hands up off the couch so I could rub her breast. She closed her eyes halfway and moaned gently.


“I’m sorry about all this,” I said. It was the simple truth.


Cristina opened her eyes again and looked dead in mine. “We can talk this all out later. Finish what you started. ”


I moved my hand off her breast and untied her wrists from the couch. I kissed her neck while she reached back between her legs and grabbed hold of my cock, adjusting its position and rubbing it against the entrance to her pussy, coating my head in her wetness.


I leaned back up and put my hands on her hips, pulling myself into her. Just like last time, the first push in was the best. It was pure ecstasy feeling the walls of her vagina conform and cling to me again.


I pulled out almost all the way, and pressed slow and hard as deep as I could go. Cristina’s back arched, giving me the angle I needed to press even deeper.

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   I kept a slow, steady rhythm, teasing her by nearly pulling out my entire length, and then pressing all eight inches of me back into her. Cristina bit her lip and reached back with one hand, tracing slow circles on her clit. Far from the pace we’d set Friday, we were fucking aggressive and slow.


I started picking up the pace, moving halfway between the teasing strokes I’d started with and the jackhammering I knew I was capable of. Cristina’s breaths fell into rhythm with my strokes. Still feeling a bit sadistic, I dug my fingers into her ass cheeks and pulled them apart as roughly as I could, revealing her asshole for the second time. I spit on it before digging my thumb in. I worked my thumb in circles, pushing in and out, exploring every corner of her asshole.


Cristina’s lust was quickly outpacing my own. She was moving her hips back into me almost faster than I could keep up with, and her labored breathing told me she was near orgasm. I held back as much as I could, continually frustrating her. Before she could cum, I pulled out of her completely, taking my thumb out of her butt at the same time.


Cristina twisted around furiously to face me, brown hair flying over her shoulder. “The fuck do you think you’re doing?! I was this close!”


I slapped her ass, just hard enough for her to jump a little and let out a small shriek. “I’m trying something different.

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  ” With that I took my dick in hand and started sliding it in her butt crack, slather it with her own juices.


Now the look of fear had returned to Cristina’s eyes, and it goaded me even more. “No you can’t! I’ve never had more than a finger in my ass, you can’t do this!”


I spanked her again to shut her up. “Don’t get me wrong Cristina. I don’t really want to hurt you, but didn’t I tell you earlier I’m not putting up with your shit?” I tilted myself and pressed the head of my cock against her butthole. She grunted an instinctively moved away, but I kept a firm grip on her hips and pushed forward, getting the tip just insider her. With no further protests coming from Cristina, I just kept pushing. Cristina kept up one long moan, getting louder and louder as I pushed further inside.


Then with a pop, the head of my cock went into her butt. Cristina screamed her loudest, and I quickly muffled her with my free hand. I didn’t know if anybody could hear us from outside, but I had no intention of getting caught like under the school stage.


I held there for a few seconds, letting Cristina get adjusted. Putting both my hands back on her hips, I pushed further in with a grunt. Tears slipped down Cristina’s cheeks, but the painful notes in her voice were already being replaced by ones of pleasure. I was enjoying everything; her pain, her pleasure, the unbelievable tightness of her asshole.

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   It took every ounce of willpower not to just jizz right there.


“What was all that about ‘no stop,’ huh whore?” I asked, getting lost in the sensation and fucking her as fast as her tight ass would allow. “Fucking rich slut. You think you’re so good you can’t have your asshole fucked?” I got nothing from Cristina but more moans, so I spanked her, hard this time. She hissed and her butt tightened around me. “Answer me slut!”


Cristina was just as caught up as I was, and was taking the submissive role as eagerly as I was taking my dominant role. “No I don’t,” she gasped. “Oh God, I’ve never had it in the ass before. Make me your bitch, fuck me raw!”


“You already are my bitch. ” With that I slammed in as hard and deep as I could.


Every muscle in Cristina’s body twitched simultaneously as she came. A veritable flood sprayed out from her cunt, wetting the couch and both our legs. I pulled out again dove back in even faster than before, Cristina’s ass loosening with every stroke. She came again, twitching all the while like an epileptic. With one final slam, I went over the edge, emptying my ball sac deep in her ass.

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   My cum buried itself inside her while she screamed, caught in one continuous orgasm.


 Eventually, we both came down from out sexual highs. I pulled my still erect dick out of Cristina’s ass and watched my cum dribble out as the muscles in her hole worked involuntarily tightened and loosened. Cristina clung to the couch for support, recovering. I kneeled behind her, rubbing her reddened ass.


After she’d caught her breath, Cristina slowly turned over to face me, breasts moving gently up and down with her breath. She eyed my dick with an expression that was half amusement and half disbelief. “You’re still hard,” she stated flat out.


I absentmindedly took my dick in hand and started stroking it, my own cum acting as lube. “Yep. ”


Cristina looked up at me; the wild look had come back to her eyes. “How long until you have to leave?”


“Not for a while. ”


She reached out and scooped some cum off the head of my dick, looking it over shortly before putting it in her mouth and tasting it. Cristina then took hold of my cock and replaced my hand, stroking it for me.


“Then fuck me however you want until you’re done.

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