The Lustful pt. 1


Topic: The Lustful pt. 1 The Lustful, part one.

"Are you ready yet, love. . ?" Taylor said, scratching her thighs and slightly wiggling on the couch nervously and excited. I yelled a confirmation from across the house, as I rushed in and jumped next to her, displacing her slightly (The couch was damn bouncy) and she playfully pushed me back in the other direction. My love, Taylor, was 17 and turning 18 in a couple of months, while I was 14 then; she was tall (6'1, while I was 5'9-5'10 then) a bit chunky, nice C-cup breasts, and an ass to die for. She was also tanned, and had long, black hair that flowed slightly past her shoulders. Despite the age difference, we fell in love months before (Still amazed that she's still with me today, long time after. Almost 6 years) and we were now alone and undisturbed in my house.
She smiled at me, stopping her excited and nervous moving, and shivered as I lightly kissed the side of her neck, breathing on her. I softly kissed her neck again, -this time longer- and she shivered again, as she pressed her cheek up against mine and whispered softly into my ear. "I need you. . . Love me, please.

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  . . !" I quietly nodded, as I crawled up and ontop of her body. Turned on, she leaned her head up and latched her lips on my neck, and sucked lightly. I traced my hands up along her thighs while teasingly moaning her name loudly against her ear, causing her to suck on my neck harder. When she latched her mouth off, she traced her lips up along my neck to my chin, kissing the spot once. She moved her lips farther up, before giving me a deep, passionate kiss, moaning into it as I continued to roam her body with my hands and slip in my tongue in between her lips.
She pulled away and grinned evily, as she looked down and saw the bulge in my pants, pressing against her stomach. I leaned inwards, and licked her lips teasingly; then I kissed her lower neck. Excited, she reached down with one hand and slipped it into my pants, and began to stroke my cock. I stopped kissing her, and turned my attention on taking off her top and bra, while she still stroked my cock, slyly grinning at me as I did so. I lowered myself down on her body, as I trailed down her neck and shoulders with kisses. I kissed down her chest, stopping right above her right boob, near her heart, as I kissed it softly, before I continued downwards again. I placed my mouth down on her dark, hard-looking nipple and sucked ligtly on it. A moan escaped her mouth, and she squeezed down on my cock for a second, enjoying every lick and kiss that I gave her breasts.

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   I kissed my way downwards from her breasts onto her stomach, and began working on her pants.
She kicked them off as I slid them off her ankles quickly, before glaring at me playfully, as she laid there, naked. "Love, it's not fair if you only get to see me. . . I want to see your body too!" Finishing the sentence, I slid off my shirt and began unbuttoning my pants, before she helped and almost tore them off of me (Including boxers) and eyed my cock hungrily. It was a bit over 6 1/2", and pretty thick. She stroked it several times, and looked up at me hungrily, as she did when she first saw my cock. "I want it, love. . . I need it. . . " I teased back, pressing my naked body against hers.

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   "Need what, baby?. . . "
"Your dick. . . I need it inside of me, please. . . !" She whined softly, moving her hips and rubbing the shaft of my cock with her pussy lips. I lifted myself up off of her and held myself up, letting her take a view as I would deflower her and be the first person to take away her virginity. I wanted her to want it as badly as I wanted her, though, so I took my time as I pressed the tip onto her entrance. She continued to whisper to me that she needed it even more, and began to whimper and whine as I rubbed the tip up along her pussy's entrance. She let out a soft moan, and that was when I entered her, slowly. She crooned very loudly, feeling me as I filled her with my meat.

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   I continued to go inside of her, slowly and delicately, as one would do when tending a rose, not wanting to break her. Halfway inside of her, she wanted all of me inside of her.
Doing as she said, I -a bit quicker now- slipped inside of her. She let out a small gasp and winced, but then let out a low, loud moan. I began to move my hips back up, pulling out of her, then, gently going back inside of her. Instinctively, she squeezed the muscles of her pussy around my cock, making me stop for a second and breath deeply, taking in the pleasure at the same time. I could see a bit of discomfort as I began to move in and out of her again, and casted her a worried glance, stopping. She winced slightly, and tried to make what was a smile and turned into a grimace, but leaned up and gave me a reasurring kiss that told me to continue. After I began to move, she let out another deep, low groan as her pussy squeezed around my dick again.
I began to quicken my pace, and she moved her hips up against mine, trying to keep pace of my thrusts.  She slided a hand down onto her clit, and began rubbing it furiously, as I continued to fuck her. "Oooohh. . . " She let out another loud croon, as I kissed her neck.

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