The Moon's Sun: Part 2


Topic: The Moon's Sun: Part 2 “But you promised!” I threw a pillow at Dane’s glorious face.
He laughed and caught it in the air before it hit him. He was lying half-naked on the bed, wearing a pair of white pajama pants.
I was sitting at the end of the bed, wearing a silky baby doll. It was black with red embroidery, which matched my damp hair. The brown ribbon tied around my neck matched my eyes, which were busy glaring at an angel at that moment.
“You… shameful man!” I launched another pillow at him.
It hit his naked chest that time, but he hardly seemed to notice. He was too occupied laughing at my rage.
“Sorry, sorry. ” He covered his face, trying to muffle a few chuckles. “It’s just impossible to take you seriously when you’re in that cute little outfit, kitty. ”
I pounced at him.
“Whoa. Bad kitty. ” He laughed.

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“You…promised…today. ” I was sitting on his stomach, my hands on his broad chest. His green eyes were light with enjoyment.
“So?” He replied casually.
“So I got ready and didn’t hide! And I wore this…” I looked down at my embarrassing outfit. “I wore this stupid thing!” I pounded his chest with my firsts, fuming.
He sat up, seemingly unperturbed by my weight. He held me in his powerful arms, and cradled me like a child. “You look lovely, Darelle. ” His eyes glowed with sincerity.
My heart ran a marathon. His skin felt so good, I wanted to rest my head on his warm flesh forever.
He got off the bed and walked out of the room, with me still in his arms. “Are you hungry?”
“No. ” His warm skin soothed my anger.

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“Good, because I have a little activity planned for you to receive more points. ”
My ears perked up. “An activity?” I looked up at him, confused.
“You’ll see. ”
He took me to the living room and placed me softly on the couch, then sat next to me with a blank expression.
I reached for his hand. “What’s wrong, Dane?” I tried to search for an answer in his eyes.
He heaved a sigh. “Cain is coming back, he’s got some things to take care of, so he’ll be staying with us for a few days. ”
I squealed with joy. “Cain is coming home! Oh, that’s excellent news!”
He glared at me. “Oh, is it?”
I blinked innocently. “Of course. I miss Cain. ”
He suddenly got up and marched to his room.

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   “I’m glad you’re looking forward to his visit so much. ” He spoke over his shoulder. “He’s going to be so happy to see how much you’ve missed him. ”
I impulsively ran to him and hugged him. He was upset with me, and it hurt. “I’m sorry, Dane. ”
He stopped and turned around, to lift me in the air.
“Dane!” I gasped.
He didn’t respond, he only plopped me on his shoulder and took me to his bedroom.
“I didn’t think you’d be so happy at Cain’s return. ” He muttered through his teeth.
I remained silent. Why was he so upset with me?
He threw me on his bed and kissed me fiercely. I had never seen him act that way…
“Dane, what’s wrong?” I tried to push him off, to no avail.
“I was thinking of giving you a night off, because of Cain’s return, but I see that you’ve missed him terribly.

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  ” He squeezed my breasts, making them sting. “You’re not even worried that we won’t have any time to play once he’s here. ” He snapped.
I had nothing to say.
He misinterpreted my silence and with an angry snarl ripped my baby doll off my body with his teeth.
“No, Dane, you’re wrong…” I tried to tell him I’d just been happy to see Cain again, that I hadn’t thought about what his visit meant. The new Dane was scarier than usually, he’d never been so violent before. I trembled in the dimness.
He plopped me around in a second, holding my wrists above my head by the headboard.
“Why are you shaking? I’ll give you what you want. Unless you’re disappointed it’s not Cain?” He slid a hand under my stomach and pulled my hips high in the hair. His other hand still held both my wrists in place.
“No, Dane. How can you…” I gasped when he pressed his hand on my sticky cunt. He rammed his expert fingers deep inside me, making me scream.

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“Do you like that, kitty?” He licked my back while he stroked me intensely with his fingers.
I couldn’t answer, my body shook with pain and pleasure. “Ughnn…”
He freed my hands and took out his fingers from me. I looked over my shoulder to see him removing his pants. He held his long and thick manhood with one hand, with his irritated glare upon me.
He grabbed a pillow resting next to him and pushed it under my hips. My ass was sticking up in the air, awaiting punishment.
“Dane, I only want you…” Tears streamed down my flushed cheek to his bed.
He paid me no attention, and rubbed the head of his penis against my moist slit. I breathed in heavily, feeling his pressure on my needy flesh.
He glowered at me one more time, before gliding his throbbing tool in my dripping pussy.
“Ah…ah. . ugh! Dane…” I moaned. I loved his thickness and the warmness of his body on top of me.

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   I needed more.
I lifted my hips higher, pleading for his body to start moving and sending me to heaven. “Ungh, Dane… ahh…”
I couldn’t see his face, but he was now gripping my hips securely with both hands, I was his alone.
I continued to rock my hips, making him move inside me. “Ah. . ah! Dane… more, please. . . ohh…” My body was burning with necessity.
Then, after letting a few seconds tick by, his hands let go of my hips, and he placed them around me, supporting his weight with his arms.
“Tell me what you want, kitty. ” He ordered; his voice was earnest.
“I want you to take me. ” I cried.

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   I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Say please. ”
“Please fuck me. Fuck me now!” I bit my lip. I could feel his penis twitching inside me. I couldn’t be the only one needing relief.
He brushed my flaming cheek kindly, and then thrust his hips in sharply.
“Dane! Unh! Yes. . oh, faster…” I gasped.
I heard his soft moans, and smiled. He had forgiven me.
 He slid two fingers into my mouth, and rammed his body faster. His manliness overpowered my senses, my head spun with delight.
“Ahh…Ah… deeper, Dane… you feel so good…” I twirled my tongue around his fingers.

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“Ungh. . . ” He groaned, sliding in and out of me, leading the dance.
My body swayed under his; he was my favorite tune. “Oh…” He was rubbing my right breast with his left hand, electrifying me.
“Darelle…” He moaned under his breath.
“Ughh…I love you…Dane. . ahh… I love you so much…” His tool jerked inside me, and I felt the warmness of his ardor fill me completely. “Dane!” I sucked his fingers, enjoying the feel of his spurts on my body as I reached an orgasm. “I’m coming…so good. . ! Ahh…”
“unh…” He separated his body from mine and plopped me on my back. I gasped for air.

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He moved his body upwards, and pushed his sticky head on my parted lips. I licked the tip and curved my lips around it, tasting him.
He pressed his hips forward, filling my mouth with his warm, dripping fresh. I sucked and rotated my tongue around it, gulping down the hot and gooey remains of his pleasure.
He rocked his hips slowly, allowing me to drink every remaining drop. He grew again, pulsating on my tongue.
“Kitty, you’re mine forever, you know. ” He pushed his body deeper, burying his entire manhood in my mouth.
“Uhn. ” I agreed, sucking him greedily as he thrust himself deeper into my throat with every shove.
He ejaculated soon after, filling my mouth with new, warm fluid. I gulped it down as fast as I could, but a few drops dribbled down my chin.
He continued to move in my mouth, until he finally removed it, panting intensely. “I’m still not done with you. ” He warned with a half smile.

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My lips curved, and I licked the remains of his cum from my lips. “I’m yours forever, my jealous sun. ”
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