The Moon's Sun


Topic: The Moon's Sun   I couldn't stop shivering in fear and longing.
   The white T-shirt I wore was my sole source of warmth in the dark, empty closet. My heart pounded beneath my chest, and my breathing accelerated at the sound of soft footsteps.
   “Darelle? Please come out, kitty. ” I heard his silky voice from my sanctuary.
   God, please don’t let him find me, I prayed. I was alone in an empty house, with my new big brother, Dane.
   My parents had died a year ago, leaving my uncle as my only relative. He couldn’t take care of me, so he sent me to an orphanage. Life was hard, and all I wished for was a home to go to, a warm place to welcome me. I had waited in the orphanage, until a man appeared and changed my world. When I first laid eyes on him, I believed he was an angel come to rescue me.
   His big gray eyes smiled kindly at me while he offered his hand and asked if I wanted to be his daughter. I couldn’t help crying, my prayers had been answered. He took me to a great house, and for the first months, happiness overpowered my heart.
   I suddenly had two big brothers and a father who loved me.

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   My new father’s name was Finn, and my brothers were Cain and Dane. Finn’s wife had died years ago, leaving them alone in a cold, great mansion. Cain was the kindest of his two sons. His glossy black hair brought out his large coffee eyes. He was tall and lean, and behaved like a prince.
   Then there was Dane. He had the loveliest face I had ever laid eyes on, but his gaze chilled me to the core. Whenever he smiled, I felt the urge to run away, his confidence terrorized me.
   “Kitty, be good and come out. ” I could see Dane from a small crack in the wood, he was looking around the large room; his blonde hair shimmered under the dim moonlight that streamed through the open window. He looked like a lost, fallen angel. “I promised I wouldn’t hurt you. ” I held my breath, afraid he would hear me.
   Why did this have to happen? Even though Dane frightened me, I had been very happy, until the day Finn died.
    As the eldest son, Cain had to leave for France to take over the family business, and Dane was left in charge of his sixteen year old sister, me.

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   I had begged Cain to take me with him, but he said he couldn’t. He promised me he would return soon, and that Dane would take good care of me.
   At his request, we immediately moved to another house. It was smaller than the mansion we’d come from, but it was big enough for two people.
   Dane showed me my room and left me completely alone for a few weeks. I took care of the house, and began to believe he had left me the house all to myself.
   That’s when I made my first mistake, I went into his room.
   “Are you there, kitty?” Dane turned his radiant green eyes to my hiding place. Oh no, oh no. I shut my eyes and covered my face with my hands. I heard the closet door squeak open. “There you are. ” His cold fingers seized my wrists and swung me to my feet.
   I didn’t open my eyes. “Look at me.

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  ” He ordered; his voice was velvety.
   I could feel his hard stare upon me. My eyelids opened slowly, and I stared up to his angelic face. His eyes were cold. “Why are you hiding?”
   “I-I…” I gulped; my head was spinning. “I’m sorry. ” His firm grasp was numbing my hands. “Dane, it hurts. ” I managed to whisper through my terror.
   His face changed instantly, and I swore I saw regret and pain in it before it settled in an unreadable expression. He didn’t release me, but his grip softened. “Sorry. ”
   I looked down at my feet; the wooden floor was colder than his hands.
   Why did I have to be so curious? If I hadn’t gone into his room that night, this wouldn’t be happening. It was my entire fault.

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   It had been a cold, thunderous night, and I couldn’t sleep. I hadn’t seen Dane for weeks, and his room concealed a mystery that drew me to it.
   I ignored it at first knowing that it would be rude to invade his privacy. Nevertheless, as the days passed by, the need to find out what was inside pushed my curiosity to its limits. I twisted the knob and it opened with a slight push. I peaked inside and found Dane lying motionless on his bed. I swallowed a scream and walked to his side, thinking he was dead. His face was pale and I couldn’t see his chest moving, he wasn’t breathing.
   I lifted my hand to touch his face; it looked like porcelain skin. I almost fainted when he grabbed my arm before I could lay a finger on him. “What are you doing?” He had asked; his eyes remained closed.
   I had been shocked speechless. And even if I could have spoken, what was I to say?
   "I’m asking you a question, Darelle. ” I didn’t reply; that was my second mistake.
   His lovely eyelashes shifted open, and the full power of his eyes were on me.

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   “Did a cat eat your little tongue?”
    He shook my shoulders, and I returned to reality from my reverie. “You know, hiding is going to cost you extra points. ” He reminded me.
   I sighed. “I know. ” He pulled me to his bedroom, and I fallowed silently. I didn’t wish to anger him. Shadows swallowed every corner of the room, the enormous window allowed in the only illumination. The moon looked in at me, a mute witness to my fear.
   Dane turned around and lifted me in the air in a swift motion, then he plopped me on the bed effortlessly. I bounced lightly on the frosty mattress, shivering in expectation.
   His eyes drank the sight me of on his bed, a frail creature under his power. My breathing sped up as I saw him unbutton the buttons of his shirt.
   I attempted to rise from the bed, but he was already on top of me. “Did I give you permission to rise?” He panted inches from my face, and I tasted his sweet breath.

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   “No. ” My gaze lowered to his lips, they turned up at the corners.
   “You are such a sweet kitty. You fear me, yet you can’t stay away. ” He lowered his face to place a cold kiss on my collarbone. He opened his mouth and swirled his hot tongue along my neck and jaw, finally reaching my lips. The burning sensations in my chest were a mixture of terror and desire. I was terrorized of him, and yet I was addicted to the feel of his skin.
   He raised his left hand and mingled his long fingers in my crimson hair. The kiss deepened, and I pressed my aching breasts to his hard chest. I broke my lips away from his face in a sharp gasp. “Dane, stop, please. ” He ignored my plea and kissed my chin, gliding his tongue downwards slowly.
   “You want me to stop, kitty?” He muttered on the corner of my jaw, before ripping my shirt open.

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  ” I lied.
   “Hmn. ” His tongue returned to my scorching skin. This time there was nothing separating my flesh from his kisses. He turned his attention to my erect nipples. He flicked the tip of my left breast, smiling wickedly when I gasped. He placed his lips around my nipple and sucked lightly, his eyes never leaving mine. He bit it softly, extracting a moan from my throat. Then he whirled his tongue around it slowly, torturing me. I sunk my fingers on his golden head.
   “Dane. ” I gasped. “Hm?” He didn’t remove his mouth to answer.
   “Stop. ” I begged.

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   He chuckled noiselessly. Then he devoured me. I groaned aloud, lifting my chest higher, enjoying the pleasure he was giving me.
   “Dane, Dane…Ah…” He massaged my other breast with his left hand, pinching my nipple from time to time. I slid my hand down his broad shoulders to his back, trying to pull his shirt off. He lifted his head and shrugged off his open shirt. He was on me, like a lion playing with a prey before feasting on it. I looked out the window, the moon shone brightly on me.
   My hands unconsciously moved to unbutton his trousers. He stopped my hands with his, “no. ” I opened my mouth to protest, but he covered it with his lips. “You don’t make the rules, kitty. ” He whispered on my lips. I remained silent. He wanted to punish me.

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   He shifted his body downwards, and traced a soft finger from my neck to my stomach. He pressed his hand on it softly, stopping my breathing. I looked down at him, brushing his hair. He lowered his face to the naked warmness of my femininity. His fingers played up and down the sticky slit, making me shiver. He kissed the inside of my thighs, taking his time moistening every inch of my skin. His tongue avoided my throbbing clit, I trembled whenever his kisses got near it, but he always changed their path.
   The minutes passed and I couldn’t cope with the torment he was causing me.
   “Dane! Please…” His eyes shifted upwards, he looked smug. “Yes?”
   “I’m sorry. ”
   “What for, kitty?”
   “For hiding. ” I gasped.
   He had placed an unmoving finger on my clit. “Why did you hide?”
   “I was scared. ” I confessed.

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   His finger left my pleading skin. “Why?”
    “I don’t know. ” I murmured.
   His stare penetrated the depths of my core.
   The green of his eyes reflected the moonlight. “You always do that, kitty. If you don’t control your fear you’ll never get enough points. ”
   I groaned. “I try, but I can’t help it. Please, don’t punish me anymore. ” I shifted my hips to his face, trying to tempt him.
   He snickered. “Fine, Darelle. I’ll overlook what happened tonight. ”
   “No extra points for you?”
   He shook his head.


   “No. But you will pay me next time. ” He warned.
   “Thank you, Dane. I already owe you ninety. ” I sighed. He had seven hundred points, while I had negative ninety.
   “You’re welcome. It’s only because you’re so adorably horny tonight. ” He kissed my right thigh lovingly. I rocked my hips from side to side and up and down, imploring more caresses from his divine tongue. He accepted and suckled my rosy clit softly.
    “Ah, ah…” I threw my head backwards, shivering from pleasure. “Dane, ah…ugh…” I felt the pressure of his fingers on me, and lifted my hips higher, invitingly. He slid two fingers in the hot wetness of my body.

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   I screamed his name at the moon, blinded by bliss. His mouth merged with the stickiness of my desire, and his fingers penetrated me faster and faster.
   “Stop, Dane. Ah…ah… ughh! Stop, please… it’s…so good…unngh. . ” I gasped, intoxicated. His tongue danced on my clit, and then he sucked all my juices greedily while his fingers stabbed me deeply.
   “I’m coming, ugh. . ahh. . !” I shuddered, but his hand held me firmly in place. I trembled violently, my fingers piercing his shoulders. I’d never felt such warm delight. When I had calmed down, his hand released me, but his tongue and fingers continued their dance.

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   He took out his fingers, and raised them to my face. I sucked and cleaned them, staring at his jade eyes. His tongue ran down my slit, and he pushed it inside me. I moaned softly, gripping the sides of the bed.
   “Dane, you’re going to kill me. ” I huffed.
   His tongue twirled in circles inside me, making me see stars. My flesh burned for him, I needed to have him.
   “Take me now, please. ” He elevated his face and sat on his heels, smiling slyly.
   “It’s not up to you, kitty. ” He reminded me.
   “Please. ” I begged, giving him my sweetest smile.
   “No, you hid from me again.

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   I told you the consequences of your actions. ”
    “You said you’d overlook what happened tonight…” I pouted.
   “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give you want you want. ” He laughed.
   I blushed. “Then you don’t want it…?” His eyes glimmered warmly, squeezing my heart.
    “You know I do. But I’ve made up my mind. ”
   I sat up. “Then, tomorrow?” I blushed at my hands.
   He sighed. “Maybe, if you’re a nice kitty and don’t hide from me again. I’m tired of having to find you every day, you know. ”
   “I know…” He held my chin up with a finger and kissed me again, this time more kindly.
   “I want more points.

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  ” I sucked on his lower lips, feeling new juices sliding down my things. He glided his left hand up my leg to my wetness. The corner of his lips curved when he felt the moisture.
   “You’re certainly needy tonight, kitty. Is the full moon affecting you, perhaps?” He teased. I blushed deep scarlet.
    “Maybe. ” The feelings he evoked in me scared me, and I hid from that. I always hid, knowing he would find me. Dane was like no one I’d ever met, and his very presence drove me wild. The beauty of his eyes, the fierceness of his anger, I loved it all. I dreaded how much I wanted him; I panicked whenever he touched me. However, I knew I couldn’t stay away, I needed him like the moon needed the sun.
   He kissed my lips and sucked my tongue tentatively; he tasted like sweet wine. He captivated me.

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   “What are you thinking about?” He whispered in my ear as he stroked my womanhood.
   I turned my face to his, searching for his lips. “About you, my sun. ”
   He laughed heartily at that, “you flatter me, kitty. ” I stuck my tongue out, and he sucked it. His fingers continued to rub my clit. I moaned in his mouth.
   “Please take me, I can’t take it anymore. ”
    “It’ll cost you extra points. ” He bit my lip.
    “I don’t care. I’ll give you as many you want. ” My hips were moving on their own, and my right hand rubbed the bulge in his pants.
   He grabbed my wrists, but didn’t move my hands away. He was breathing softly.

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   “It’ll cost you a million points. ”
   “So be it. ” I squeezed him.
   He lowered his face to my right breast, and slithered his tongue in circular motions, coating it with saliva. I unbuttoned his pants hurriedly, before he had a chance to change his mind.
   I slipped my hand inside them, getting hold of my prize. It was warm and hard, throbbing under my fingers. I craved to have him inside me, to feel him moving lovingly in me, to have him burst within me.
   I squeezed it and removed my hand reluctantly, to allow him to take off his pants. He hesitated for a moment, and then smiled cunningly. My eyes opened widely in horror. “Dane!”
   “Sorry, Elle. I don’t ever change my mind. ” He kissed my nose, “but I promise I’ll drive you mad with pleasure tomorrow, if you’re a good kitty. ”
   I grumbled and jumped off the bed, planning to make a dramatic exit, but he grabbed my hips and forced me to sit on his lap.

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   I felt his hardness under my thighs, which made me hotter. “I didn’t give you permission to go. ” He licked my ear. “You fooled me. ” I accused, focusing on the feeling of his manhood beneath me.
   “Tomorrow, I promise. ” He massaged my breasts, sending shivers up my spine. I rested my head on his shoulder.
    “It’s not fair…”
   He kissed my cheek. “It’s very fair. I didn’t want you to lose a million points out of blind horniness. ” He chuckled. “I know you would regret it later. ” His touch was heavenly.
   “Will I lose a million tomorrow?”
   “No, tomorrow I’m all yours.

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  ” He rubbed my nipples. “I promise. ”
   “Ok. ” I said, before drifting into a deep slumber in his strong arms. I dreamed of the moon, which always hid from her beloved sun, only coming out when he wasn’t around. I was the shy moon, who breathed and lived for her green-eyed sun.
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