The Morning After... (The End Of Term, The Beginning Of Something Great Pt2)



This is my first ever story that i've written on here and its about what happened the morning after i lost my virginity. Hope you like it and comments are welcome :)


I awoke to the familiar sound of rain and an irritating noise made by the downpipe. I laid in bed recounting what had happened in the past hours. All I could remember was imense pleasure then nothing. Behid me lay my now boyfriend Brett. He was still asleep and showed no sign of waking. I could feel something wet on my inner thigh. I slowly and carefully moved my hand down my body, and felt the liquid, it was very much like water in concistency.


My hand continued toward my tender pussy. I spread my lips only slightly, and was greeted with a small trickle of juices. I brought my fingers to my face slowly, trying not to disturb Brett. My fingers had a sweet smell and tasted even sweeter. I decided that I needed a shower, so very slowly began to move out of the spoon that we were intertwined in. I stood up, and slowly walked out of the room. I felt another little trickle of juice begin to flow from my butt, remembering the crazy moments when I was shaking uncontrollably the night before. My tits were still hard and I wondered what else hadn't changed overnight.

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   I eventually found the bathroom and began to run the shower.


The cool water felt invigorating against my bare tits. I stepped backward as I continued to adjust the temperature. After awhile I had finally come to terms with the sophisticated shower controls. I detached the shower head and began to spread my pussy as wide as it could naturally go, which wasn't all that wide even after the amazing night before.

I used the shower head to clean my pussy as best I could, but after a while I gave up as the water spraying and massaging my now exposed clit was making me more horny.


I continued to massage my clit with the shower head, occasionally producing a small moan. Unlike before, I came softly and quietly, but i still felt amazing as I sat on the shower chair, with my breasts and head pressing against the cool shower tiles. I had replaces the shower head and enjoyed the feeling of my bare breasts against cold tiles while warm water rushed over my back.


I began to think about what had happened since yesterday and what my life was now like. I know that apparently 15 year old girls don't know what true love is, but i was the exception. I thought about the amazing guy that was in the room next door (or so I thought. . . ) and not only the amazing sex, but also the sensual conversations and the laughs.




I suddenly snapped back into where I was as I felt hands wrap around my shoulders and continue down to my breasts and to my pussy. I began to moan as bretts expert hands pinched and twisted my nipples and massaged my breasts. I could feel his other hand cupping my pussy as I stayed seated facing the wall. I felt a finger gently slide into my tight cunny producing an even louder moan. I felt bretts monster of a cock pressing against my upper back smearing his precum between my shoulder blades.


He sensually kissed me on the neck which turned me on even more. I was lost in lovely fog when I felt strong hands cup around he and gently lift me up. I leaned forward, bracing myself against the wall. I turned the water off as I was almost sweating. Steam filled the air as I felt the familiar feeling of bretts cock gently sliping between my lips and slowly into my waiting hole.

    I moaned and buckled as he put more and more in me. I felt my pussy walls cup around him, his hands massaging my tits. He  began a slow but effective  rhythm, sliding his full length all the way in, then slowly back out as his hands continues their work.


    I was in heaven as the first of many waves of pleasure washed over me. My legs buckled as Brett began to support my light frame while he quickened his pace.

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       He was now moving quite rapidly, his balls slapping against me, turning me on even more. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear " I'm sorry baby" I was puzzled but quickly knew what it meant as I felt him ram deeper into me, producing a high pitched squeal. I could feel him shooting rope after rope of cum deep into my pussy. This all proved too much for my 15 year old tight pussy.


    I began to convulse and scream with pleasure. I slammed backward forcing him even deeper inside me. I felt him withdraw and felt him move his tounge against my open slit as I started to squirt. It felt so amazing as I felt his expert tongue burrow deep inside me as I came. As I settled back down, he rose back up to me, turning me around and placing his hands around my ass cheeks, his cock pressed against my love button, we began to french kiss.


    My tongue explored his mouth as I tasted my pussy on his tongue and my god did I taste great! I cupped my hand below my pussy as my slit leaked our sweet love juices. I sucked my fingers dry, getting every last drop down my throat. He locked my deep in the eyes. "good morning beautiful, how did u sleep?"