The New Freshman


    So it’s the first day of the new school year and as I’m sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch I see this really pretty freshman sitting alone at the table across from ours. I ask my friends what her name is and they tell they’re not sure and they think she’s new. Because she’s freshman and I a junior I pretend not to take interest because my friends might think its weird, so I push my thoughts to the back of my head.     When I got home later that night I checked my facebook and saw that I had a friend request from a girl I didn’t know named Danielle. Seconds after I accepted I get a message from her. After trading messages for about an hour or so I get her number and started texting her. We talk regularly through out the week and saw we both want to see each other that upcoming weekend.     Saturday afternoon around 12 I got a text from her saying she’s at the mall trying on bikinis and needs my opinion on which one looks best. She sends me a few pictures of her with them on in front of the mirror and I am blown away by how nice her body is. I would say her boobs are about a 36C or so, flat stomach, toned and smooth legs leading up to an amazing ass. I tell her with her body she would look amazing in any bikini. So in response she sends me a picture of her topless with her arm over her nipples. As I’m staring at the picture letting my dick get hard she sends another message saying “I just left the mall. Meet me at my house in 30 minutes and ill give you a show of what I bought. ” I quickly jump in she shower, jack off, and then get in my car and drive over to her house. When I get in she tells me her parents just left and wont be back until later that night, so we have the house to ourselves.

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   We walk up to her room and she starts modeling the bikinis for me. By now I have a huge bulge in my pants and I see her looking at it when she comes out with the next bikini. It’s a small black thong bottom with an extremely tight and basically see through top because I can see her nipples through the thin material.   She does a few spins for me as a stare at her, drinking in her gorgeous figure. She walks over and sits in m lap and grinds her ass a little onto my now rock hard cock. She asks if I like what I saw and I respond by looking her right in the eyes and then kissing her. She responds immediately and within a second our tongues are locked in a battle in our mouths. I reach up behind her back and untie her top, which she throws to the ground. I break the kiss and begin to ferociously suck on her nipples making each rock hard.     Next she gets off of my lap and begins feeling my dick through my pants. I stand up and take off my pants and my 7-½ inch dick pops out in front of her. She stares at it in amazement for a few seconds before I lie on the bed and tell her to give me head. After sucking my dick for a few minutes she swings her legs around my head so her black thong bikini is right in my face. With my hand I start rubbing her pussy through the fabric and once her juices sink through the fabric I push the bottoms aside, revealing her dripping wet and shaved pussy. This thing looked so good I had to taste her.

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   I immediately start eating her out and she loves it. Soon she’s moaning on my cock and grinding her pussy into my mouth. I’m really getting her worked up now and as soon as shes about to cum I stop and tell her to get off. She does exactly what I say and lays on the bed and spreads her legs. I get between her legs and take aim with my dick. I start pushing in slowly at first, inch by inch until I am finally all the way inside her. The expression on her face was pure ecstasy. I pulled all the way out, put my head back up to her pussy and in one long, smooth stroke I went balls deep into her and started fucking her like crazy. She starts screaming things like “OMG YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD”, “MATT FUCK ME HARDER”, and “YOUR DICK IS SO BIG”. This sends me over the top and I pull out and tell her to get on all fours. As I start pounding her doggy style she yells shes about to cum. I thought this is perfect cause im about to cum too. After a few more strokes I explode inside of her. The feeling of my cumming in her sent her over the top and her arms gave out she she had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen.   We lay there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath when we hear the front door open and her sister call out “Danielle, I’m home.

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   Whos car is that out front?”.
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