The Night Audit: Third Night


“Daddy’s gonna cum, Baby Girl!” he growled in my ear, “Daddy’s gonna cum inside of you!” His large body had me pinned to the bed and my pussy was gushing cum all over his dick, so I had no choice in the matter.

“D-ad-dy-y-y!” I gasped with each thrust of his cock. And then his body tensed, and I felt his hot butter filling me up.

“Aaaaaagh!” he groaned, pushing his cock so deep into me it almost hurt. His hips shuddered and bucked, and he squeezed every last drop of cum from his bloated dick. When he was done, he went limp and just lay there on top of me. His large, hairy body was wet with perspiration but I held tight to him, catching my breath. “Oh my God,” he finally sighed, and began kissing his way down my body. I squirmed and rolled my hips while he sucked his cum from my pussy, and then he kissed me, spitting it into my mouth.

“I wanna see you again,” he begged while I pulled my clothes on. He didn’t need to beg. The truth was, I didn’t want to leave. I would have gladly stayed in that room and let him do all the things he fantasized about doing with his Baby Girl, even if his wallet was empty. But the clock on the nightstand read 2:23, and if he hadn’t already, Cory would soon notice how long I’d been gone? Too long to deliver a pillow. I used the pen and pad of paper sitting on the little table to scribble the number for my cheap flip-phone.

“Wait about fifteen minutes before you leave,” I told him.

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   The bedspread was rumpled up and there was a large wet stain in the middle. I didn’t care. I pulled the door closed behind me, hoping Cory wasn’t watching the security monitors. I hurried down the stairs, slowing up as I reached the lobby, trying to look as if I hadn’t just been fucked.

I didn’t need to worry. Cory was still out front. He gave me the tail end of his joint and I pinched it between my fingers to get the last toke. We went back inside and settled behind the counter. It was 2:30. Four-and-a-half hours to go.

“Do you have any more of those pills?” I asked.

“Sure,” Cory grinned, and he turned around and dug into his bag. “Here you go,” he said with a smirk. He turned back to me with his hard cock sticking out his fly and the little white pill wedged into the slit at the tip.

“Come here,” I smiled, slipping off my chair and on to my knees.

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I slept all day the next day, and ignored the call from Jason to cover another Night Audit shift. I woke feeling slightly terrified by what I’d done, but I also had six hundred dollars tucked away in my bag. I laid the bills out on my bed and just stared at them for a long time. Not only had I made the money back for the speeding ticket, but I could also buy a new iPhone and still have money left over.

“Are you keeping that?” my friend Kelly asked the next day when we went to the mall. She was nodding at my cheap flip-phone.

“Might as well,” I said, tucking it into my bag, “In case I break my new iPhone. ” That wasn’t really true though. The truth was, the cheap phone was suddenly very useful. I gave my new iPhone number to all my friends, and if my parents ever looked at my phone they would just see all the stupid pics and texts we sent each other. I used my cheap phone for guys like JohnB, and Gerry. Gerry was a new guy from Craig’s List. He was forty-two and married, and I sucked him off in his SUV in the mall parking lot. He put a hundred-dollar bill between my tits and a load of cum down my throat before I met Kelly at the food court in front of Taco Bell.

“I thought you spent all your money on that speeding ticket?” Mom said when I got home and showed off my new iPhone, “Where’d you get the money for that?” Uh-oh! I was so excited about the phone I forgot that I spent the last week bitching about how broke I was because of the ticket.

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“I’m not that broke,” I said, trying to act cool while my brain kicked into high gear looking for a way out of the mess I just created.

“The way you spend money,” Dad said, butting in on our conversation, “I’d be surprised if you had two nickels in your account. ”

“Ha!” I snorted, stepping behind the couch to hide my new Uggs, “I’ve been saving my tips. ”

“What tips?” Dad challenged.

“People tip me when I carry bags to their rooms and stuff,” I said, inventing on the spot.

“They make you carry bags?” Mom frowned.

“Cause I’m the new person,” I lied, “The new person always has to take bags up to rooms. ”

“Why can’t I get you to take the trash out in the morning then?” Dad teased.

“Cause you don’t tip,” I grinned, thinking I was in the clear. “I won’t be carrying bags anymore anyway,” I said offhandedly.

“Why not?” Mom asked.

“I have my phone,” I said, holding up my new possession, “I don’t need to work anymore. ”

“Ha!” Dad barked. According to him, I made a commitment to Jason to work part-time through the summer. And according to him, I was going to keep that commitment.

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“Dad!” I whined, but he might as well have been def. He said if I was old enough to work, I was too old for an allowance, and if I wanted spending money, I needed to have a job. Thanks to Craig’s List, I already new how to make money, a lot more than I would earn all summer at the motel, but I could hardly tell my Dad that. “It’s boring,” I pouted, and that was no lie. There was no chance to get high or fucked on my regular after school shifts, and on Monday they hired a regular Night Audit person to work with Cory.

“She’s, like, fifty and she worked the Night Audit at the Best Western for twelve years,” Cory told me, “She’s not going to be one of those flakes who work two shifts then disappear. ” He came in early on Wednesday and I let him fuck me in the laundry room at the end of my shift in exchange for some weed. He wasn’t happy about the new Auditor. He liked me filling in. I wiped his cum from my tits with one of the freshly laundered pillowcases and assured him I felt the same.

“Can’t you talk to your Dad?” I asked, “I’m almost done with school for the summer. ” JohnB was texting me, like, ten times a day wanting to do the hotel room thing again. I was still kind of freaked out about how turned on he got me and was definitely up for trying it again, but he said he was married and couldn’t do it unless it was at the hotel.

“I did,” Cory shrugged, “He said you have to be eighteen before he could schedule you regular for nights. ”


“Cory tells me you’ve been wanting to pick up more shifts,” Jason said to me about two weeks later.

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   Tammy, the other front desk girl, had just gone out to smoke a ciggy.

“Um, I don’t know,” I stammered. Stupid Cory! I didn’t want more shifts. I wanted Night Audit shifts. I couldn’t stand working the three a week I already had, and besides, I didn’t need the money any more. The forty-two-year-old married guy was giving me a hundred bucks a week to suck his cock, and he told me his wife and kids were going out of town in a couple of weeks and he was going to pay me a thousand dollars if I spent the night at his place. I met a new guy on Craig’s List, too, who paid me eighty bucks just to come to his house and wash his car while I was naked. He didn’t even want to touch me. He just sat in the driver’s seat and jacked off while he watched me.

“I can work more Night Audits once school is out,” I told Jason, and I couldn’t help but think about JohnB, “But I’m kind of busy with finals and stuff coming up to work any more after school shifts. ”

“This actually isn’t a front desk shift,” he said, “It’s more like hosting a private event. ” Then he explained that once a year the owner of the hotel franchise met with all the hotel managers in our part of the state. This year it was Jason’s turn to host the meetings. “It’s two long, boring day of seminars and financial analysis,” he sighed, “But on Saturday we get together in the executive suite on the third floor and play poker. ” Apparently the owner sucked at cards but they always let him win.

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   “I just need someone to host,” Jason finally said, getting back around to the job.

“Host?” I asked, wrinkling my nose.

“Just keep cold beers on the table and refill chip bowls basically,” he said, “Like you did that time at your Dad’s poker night. ” I frowned. My Dad grounded me for racking up a three hundred dollar phone bill when I was thirteen and he made me stay home on a Friday night and fetch beers for him and his buddies. Jason laughed at the look on my face. “This time you’ll get two hundred dollars and the guys always tip the hostess,” he grinned, “And I’ll make sure they’re generous with the tips. What do you say?”

“Is my Dad gonna be there?” I asked.

“Your Dad’s out of town this weekend, isn’t he?” he said.

“Oh ya,” I remembered, “He’s delivering a truck for my Uncle Tim. ”

“The game is only for managers anyway,” he said.

“Sure, I guess,” I shrugged. Two hundred bucks and tips sounded good, and it would be money I could spend without having to hide it from my parents. I had almost five hundred dollars rolled up in a sock in my dresser from sucking cock on Craig’s List, and I had no idea how to spend it with out my parents getting suspicious.

“Just keep it on the low down,” Jason added, suddenly looking around like we were plotting a crime, “It’s good money and the other front desk staff would get their panties in a bunch if they knew I was playing favorites.

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  ” He gave me a funny wink and patted my shoulder awkwardly.

“Um, okay,” I said, trying not to roll my eyes. Men in their forties shouldn’t say things like, “Keep it on the low down. ”

“And maybe don’t mention it to your parents,” he said, hesitating just as he started to walk away, “Technically, since you’ll be serving us alcohol, you should be eighteen to host. I’m not sure your Mom would be cool with that. Maybe just tell them you’re working a regular afternoon shift on Saturday. ”

“Okay,” I shrugged. I was used to lying to my parents, so no biggie.


“You look nice,” Jason smiled, holding open the door to the service entrance at the back of the hotel.

“Thanks,” I said, slipping in past him. He mentioned the guys would be tipping so I slutted it up a little to work the room. Nothing too crazy, my boss was one of my Dad’s best friends after all, but I wore a skirt and one of my Mom’s silk blouses. I looked sexy, but classy. “I’m not going to be, like, mixing drinks, am I?” I asked, “My Mom will kill me if I get anything on her blouse. ” He laughed.

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“No, this isn’t a mixed drink kind of crowd,” he said, pulling the door shut behind us, “It’ll be mostly beer and maybe a few scotch and bourbon drinkers. Let’s take the service elevator up. ” The housekeepers used the service elevators so they didn’t disturb the guests, but it was almost five o’clock and they had all gone home.

“Is the game started yet?” I asked when we got off on the third floor and headed down the empty hallway to the suite. I couldn’t help but blush slightly when we passed by the security camera.

“No, they’re still down stairs finishing up,” he said, slipping his manager’s key into the door marked Executive Suite, “I’ll be bringing them up in about twenty minutes or so. I just wanted to get you situated. ” He pushed the door open and ushered me inside. “Nice, huh?” he asked.

“Ya, it’s pretty cool,” I said, “I’ve only been up here once though, on my first day when you gave me the tour. ”

“Well, you can get comfy,” he smiled, “You’ll be hanging out here most of the night. ”

“Cool,” I said, looking around. It was a pretty decent room for a not too fancy hotel. You walked into a small foyer that opened up into a large sitting room. There was a bar against one wall and where there was normally a sofa, some chairs, and a coffee table, there was now a circular poker table covered in green felt with six chairs arranged around it.

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   The chips and cards were waiting in the center of the table. There was a giant TV on the wall above the bar. Jason turned it on with the remote and changed the channel to a basketball game.

“I’m not sure how long the game will go, but you’re only expected to be here until ten,” he said, hitting the mute button on the remote, “If the tips are good, you can stay longer, but that’s up to you. ”

“Okay,” I said, “I told my Mom I was going out after work anyway, so I can stay later if you need me. ” I checked out the master bedroom. It had a big king size bed and a not so fancy master bathroom. On the other side of the sitting room there was a bedroom with two full size beds and a smaller, even less fancy bathroom. The only real cool part about the room was the balcony.

“This is my favorite part,” I said, sliding the glass door open. The entire wall was made of glass so the room had a perfect view of the setting sun. But even better than the view was the Jacuzzi hottub sitting right in the middle of the balcony. I stepped outside and peered down into the crystal blue water. “This is so awesome,” I said. The jets weren’t on but I could feel the heat rising from the pool.

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“Ya, Karen and I stayed here for our anniversary,” he said, standing next to me and looking out at the view, “It’s amazing at night. ” He checked his watch then and we went back inside so he could show me behind the bar.

“Looks pretty simple,” I shrugged, checking the beer filled fridge and the bottles of scotch and bourbon. There we’re bags of pretzels and chips and some dips too. “I think I can handle it,” I said.

“Good,” he said, checking his watch again, “I need to get downstairs. They should be finishing up. You can use the bathroom in there. ” He pointed to the smaller room. “And here’s your money. ” He pulled a blank envelope form his pocket and slid it across the bar to me. “There’s also an outfit in on the bed that you can wear if you don’t want to get your Mom’s stuff dirty. ”

“Okay,” I said.

“We should be up in about twenty minutes or so,” he said, heading out the door.

“An outfit?” I frowned.


   There was no way I was going to get big tips wearing the ugly front desk uniforms. I’d take my chances with Mom’s blouse. I poured a small glass of scotch and took a sip. It nearly made me gag but I liked how it made my head spin, too. I forced myself to down the whole shot, and then I opened a beer and chased away the awful taste. I didn’t really like beer either, but anything was better than the scotch. I tucked two more beers into my bag, there was way too much for anyone to notice a few were missing, and I went to hide them in the small bedroom.

“Kaley,” read the hotel stationary taped to one of the bags sitting on the bed. I froze at the sight of it, my heart suddenly thumping. One of the bags was white without any markings.

The other bag with the note taped to it was from Victoria’s Secret.

“Thought this might help with the tips, J. ”

The words were written in Jason’s familiar scrawl on the back of the stationary. I reached into the bag. The first thing I pulled out was a skirt.

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   Well, kind of a skirt. I think they call them micro-minis. This one was black and pleated.

“Oh my God,” I gasped, picking up the bag and turning it over. The contents spilled out onto the bed. Along with the black micro-mini, there was a white, satin blouse, white stockings, a black, lace thong, and a matching bra. “Oh my God!” I repeated out loud, sifting through the things and touching them to make sure they were real and not some trick the shot of scotch was playing on me. I picked up the stationary and read the note again.

“Thought this might help with the tips, J. ”

Jason was one of my Dad’s best friends. I had known him almost all my life. I thought I was pushing it with my Mom’s blouse and a skirt that came up above my knees. I had no idea how to react to this. I stood there and stared for a full minute. Then my new iPhone buzzed and I literally jumped.

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“We’re on our way up,” Jason texted me.

“Oh my God,” I said again, my eyes darting from the text to the clothes to the note.

“Thought this might help with the tips, J. ”

An image suddenly popped into my head of Jason sitting there watching as some anonymous man shoved a twenty-dollar bill into my stocking. A shiver ran down my spine, and I realized my panties were soaking wet.

“Fuck it!” I said, tossing the note and my iPhone onto the bed and tugging at the buttons on my Mom’s blouse.


“You okay in there?” came Jason’s voice from the other side of the bedroom door. He wrapped lightly with his knuckles and I thought his voice sounded different, nervous maybe.

“I’ll be right out,” I answered, trying to hide my own nerves. I could hear other voices and I tried to remember how many mangers there were. “Five, I think,” I muttered to myself, “No, wait. There were six chairs around the poker table. ” I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom studying my image. There was no doubt in my mind that this outfit would help me with tips.

The white stockings hugged my legs tightly, reaching up to the middle of my thighs.

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   The bra turned out to be a bustier that simply cupped my tits from underneath. The straps were off to the side and my nipples were completely exposed, poking up above the black lace, hard as diamonds. The white satin blouse was hardly a blouse. It had short sleeves and a hem that left my tummy bare. Two buttons snapped between my tits, barely covering my exposed nipples. When the light was right, the satin was sheer, almost completely see-through.

“Fuck,” I muttered, chewing on my lower lip. I slipped the micro-mini around my waist. It fit tightly there and flared out to my hips. The black, pleated cloth barely covered the tops of my ass cheeks. The bottoms were bare and with the black thong wedged into my crack like floss, it looked like I wasn’t wearing any panties at all from behind except for the lacy black strip of fabric covering my pussy lips. I lifted the hem half-an-inch in front and touched the sensual lace cupping my pussy. It was already wet.

“Kaley?” Jason called again, definitely sounding anxious now.

“Coming,” I said, sliding cherry lip-gloss over my lips.

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   I stepped into the black pumps that were in the unmarked bag. They fit my feet perfectly and the three-inch heels made my back arch and my ass stick out. My Mom would have called them, “Fuck-me-pumps,” but only when she thought I wasn’t in the room. “There’s five managers and the owner,” I muttered to myself before pulling the door open.

“Here she is,” Jason beamed when I stepped out of the room.

“Sorry,” I smiled as six sets of eyes feasted on my scantily clad sixteen-year-old body.

“Well worth the wait,” said a man sitting at the poker table. He was a big man. Even sitting down, I could tell he was well over six feet tall. He stuck a cigar in his mouth and started clapping as he looked me up and down. The other men around the table followed his lead, applauding me as they smiled and nodded. I blushed, but smiled brightly and did a little spin so they could see my outfit.

“Goddamn,” someone gasped.

“Definitely going to be a big tip night,” Jason whispered to me, and then he introduced me to the group. “Kaley, this is Charlie, Steve, Kyle, Rob, and this is Mr.

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   Henning. He owns the hotel. ” Each man nodded and smiled at the mention of his name. Kyle looked to be the youngest of the group, in his early thirties, maybe. The rest of them were around Jason’s age, late thirties or early forties, except for Mr. Henning. He had white hair and was at least in his fifties, maybe pushing sixty.

“Just call me Mr. Henning,” Mr. Henning boomed, laughing at his own humor. The rest of the men laughed too. I could tell Mr. Henning was the owner before Jason told me. He commanded the room with just his presence, and everyone around the table seemed to be following his lead. He was the only one still wearing a tie, the others had shed theirs and rolled up their sleeves, but he still looked more relaxed than his managers.

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   “Come over here, Sweetheart,” he bellowed, holding out his hand to me.

I looked at Jason and he gave me a quick nod. I stepped over to the table next to Mr. Henning’s chair. He pulled me to him, his large hand on my hip, and then blatantly slipping down to my ass. “How old are you, Kaley?” he asked, giving my bare cheek a squeeze. Again, I looked at Jason, and again, he nodded.

“Sixteen,” I told him.

“Sixteen!” he cried, devouring me with his eyes while his hand mauled my ass.

“Uh-huh,” I blushed nervously.

“And you’re going to be taking care of me and my managers tonight?” he said.

“Ya,” I grinned, suddenly shy with all eyes on me.

“Well, why don’t you start us off with some beer then,” he said, and he gave my ass a playful swat. Jason offered me an encouraging nod and I slipped back behind the bar and loaded a tray with beers. “Now that’s damn good service,” Mr.

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   Henning said, slipping his hand up between my thighs as I set his drink down, “Here you go, Sweetheart. ” His fingers pressed up against my pussy and he pushed a fifty-dollar bill in front of me.

“Thanks,” I smiled, and he gave my ass another slap. I went from man to man delivering each his beer. They all thanked me and dropped fifties onto my tray, but none of them touched me.

“Let’s play some cards, Gentlemen,” Mr. Henning commanded, and he started tossing cards around the table. Over the next hour, I brought out three more rounds of drinks. Each time Mr. Henning took the chance to squeeze my ass while the others simply followed me with hungry eyes.

“You know how to play poker, Sweetheart?” he asked when I brought out the next round. He had switched from beer to bourbon and there was another fifty waiting for me when I dropped it off.

“A little,” I said, passing out the rest of the drinks.

“Why don’t you come here and help me play a round,” he frowned, “Jason there is handing me my ass tonight. ” He nodded at Jason who was pulling in a winning pile of chips.

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“Okay,” I said, and Mr. Henning pushed his chair back and invited me to sit in his lap. I didn’t hesitate. I crawled onto his lap, blushing slightly and trying not to meet the other eyes around the table.

“You hold the cards,” Mr. Henning said, and with his left hand tickling my bare ass, his right hand slid right up under my skirt. He pressed his thick fingers against my lace-covered pussy and I had to chew on my lower lip to keep from crying out. “How we looking there?” he grinned.

“Good,” I muttered, showing him the cards and spreading my legs wider. He coached me through the round, telling me what to bet and which cards to play. I dripped hot juices onto his fingers while the rest of the guys pretended nothing was happening. We lost that hand, and the next one, but Mr. Henning didn’t complain too much. His hard-on was pressing into my thigh and I shifted, dropping one hand into his lap while I held the cards in the other.

“I think Jason just brought you here to distract me,” he said, pulling his hand from between my thighs to grab his drink.

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   I just smiled and massaged his bulge under the table. Jason raked in another winning pot and Mr. Henning downed his drink in one gulp. “I think Kaley and I need to have a little strategy meeting,” he declared, standing me up on my feet, “Deal me out on this hand. ”

“Sure,” Jason said, shuffling the cards and avoiding my eyes. All the men at the table avoided my eyes too and acted as if nothing was happening as their boss led me by the hand to the master bedroom.

“You like that?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I sighed. I was on my knees in the middle of the king size bed. My ass was in the air and he was fucking me from behind with long, slow strokes. He wasn’t much for foreplay. He simply told me to take the blouse off and get on the bed. He pulled my panties off, positioned me on all fours, and slid his cock into my pussy. I was more than wet enough to take him, but I was shy about making too much noise.

“Let me here you then,” he said, pushing my tiny skirt up over my back and giving my ass a slap.

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“Ung!” I grunted, and he squeezed my cheeks and really started fucking me hard. If the guys on the other side of the door couldn’t hear me moaning, they could definitely hear the sound of flesh clapping against flesh. “Oooh, fuck,” I gasped, dropping my head to the mattress. His balls hung low between his thighs, and with each thrust of his hard dick, they swung forward and slapped against my clit.

“That’s it, Sweetheart,” he encouraged me, reaching around and pinching my nipples. “You like that old-man-cock inside your little teenage cunt, don’t you?” he teased.

“Yes,” I purred, pushing my ass back to meet him.  

“Ya, you do,” he said, and he had a fistful of my blonde hair and was driving his cock hard into me.

“Nnnnngh!” I cried, and I thought of the men sitting in the other room listening to their boss fuck me. I knew they were listening, too. The sound of the basketball game on the TV was gone, and so were their muted voices. I thought of Jason, one of my Dad’s best friends, sitting at the poker table. He knew I was getting fucked. That’s why he brought me here. Did he have a hard-on listening to me? The idea excited me and my shyness suddenly melted away.



“Mmmm, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!” The words just rolled off my tongue, surprising even me. I didn’t whisper or mutter them into the mattress, either. I cried out, loud and clear, my own voice ringing in my own ears. “Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!”

“Oh, you nasty little slut,” Mr. Henning howled behind me. I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was smiling from ear to ear. The words were like jet fuel to his engine and he rocked my ass with such force that I could only stutter the words, “Da-a-ad-dy-y-y!” If the men sitting around the poker table weren’t hard before, they had to be now.

“Go-oddamn, Little Girl,” Mr. Henning cried out, and he jerked his dick from my pussy and pulled me round by my hair. I caught his spitting cock with my mouth and hugged his ass to me, swallowing most of his long shaft and all of his load. “Suck it, Sweetheart,” he panted, holding me by the hair and bobbing his dick in between my lips, “Suck Daddy’s cock dry with that sweet little sixteen-year-old mouth. ” And I did.

I couldn’t help but blush when I followed Mr. Henning back out into the sitting room. I still wore the stockings, the skirt, and the bustier, but the blouse, my panties, and the pumps had been left behind.

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   My tits were there for everyone to see, and if they couldn’t tell from the noises coming from the bedroom, it only took one look to know I’d just been fucked. My hair was messed and my eyeliner smeared, and my bare ass sticking out from under the micro-skirt was still red from the pounding I took.

“Why don’t you grab us some more beers?” Mr. Henning said, giving my ass one last squeeze before dropping into his chair.

“Okay,” I muttered, heading for the bar. The guys were just finishing up a hand and pretended not to notice our return. I passed out the beers and then stood next to Mr. Henning while he ran his hand up between my thighs.

“Steve, you’ve got a daughter Kaley’s age, don’t you?” Mr. Henning suddenly asked, interrupting the hand.

“Ya, Wendy’s fifteen,” he answered, looking like he was about to hear a good joke.

“What do you think of these young girls today shaving their little cunnies bald?” Mr. Henning asked, sliding a finger over my slit from behind, “Does your daughter do that?”

“I think they all do it,” Steve grinned.

“Is that right?” Mr. Henning said, looking up at me, “Do all you little girls shave your cunnies?”

“Pretty much, I guess,” I shrugged, “All my friends do anyway.

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“Is that right?” he cried, tickling my wet gash with his finger, “Why is that?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged again, blushing slightly, “It looks sexier, I guess.

“It looks sexier?” Mr. Henning gasped, “You hear that, Steve? She says your little girl shaves her cunny to look sexy. ”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Steve laughed.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you show Steve how sexy your bald little cunny looks?” Mr. Henning said, and suddenly he grabbed me by the hips, lifted me off my feet, and sat me down on the edge of the table.

“Okay,” I gasped, still blushing. All eyes were on me now. Steve was sitting next to his boss, so I only had to scoot over so my legs dangled from the table in front of him.

“Let’s have a look,” Steve said with a wink, and he put his hands under me knees, lifting and pulling them apart. I leaned back with my hands behind me on the table. There was no need for him to lift my skirt. It was so tiny that when he pushed my knees up my pussy was completely exposed.

“What do you think?” Mr. Henning asked.

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“That’s pretty fucking sexy,” Steve said, and the forty-something father of a fifteen-year-old girl named Wendy slid his thumb along my puffy, recently fucked pussy lips. “Feels nice, too. ”

“How’s she taste?” someone behind me asked, and I gave a little shudder when he bent forward and licked me from slit to clit.

“Like sixteen,” he grinned, and his strong hands pulled my thighs apart while his slick tongue burrowed into my cunt.

“Oh my God,” I breathed, throwing my head back. I was sitting on the table in front of a group of men having my pussy eaten out. My bare tits rose and fell in the semi-cups of the bustier, and I closed my eyes and tried not to hyperventilate while five set of hungry eyes devoured my body and the man between my thighs devoured my pussy.

“Mmm, Daddy,” I gasped when his tongue struck a nerve. The word was just there without any thought, and the men around me tittered like excited little girls.

“She likes that, Daddy,” someone teased, and Steve obviously liked it too.

“Fuck ya,” he growled, and his tongue twirled like a ballerina inside my pink walls.

“Let’s get a little game going here while Daddy has his snack,” Mr. Henning called out, and he started flipping cards to the rest of the guys around the table.

“What’s the game?” Jason asked.

“Low card wins,” Mr.

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   Henning answered, and when each man had a card he ordered them to turn them over.

“What do I win?” Kyle, the youngest of the group asked, showing a two of spades.

“Pick one,” Mr. Henning said, sliding three cards face down in front of his employee.

“Jack of hearts,” Kyle said, choosing the card in the middle. ”

“You get your cock sucked by the lovely lady,” Mr. Henning smiled. I had been trying to keep up with their game, but Steve was still sucking my clit and I was on the verge of cumming. The announced results caught my attention, though. This night was getting serious.

“Goddamn!” Kyle cheered, receiving a couple of high-fives. He scrambled up onto the sturdy table jerking his pants down as he climbed. “You like sucking cock, Baby?” he grinned.

“Mmm, yes Daddy,” I purred, turning to the side and scooping his hard dick into my mouth. Steve was so close to pushing me over the edge that my lips hummed around Kyle’s hot flesh.

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“Fuck, I love this girl,” Kyle declared, fucking my face with slow, steady thrusts of his cock. Behind us, I could hear another round of Mr. Henning’s game being played. This time Charlie was the winner and he turned over a queen of hearts.

“My turn,” Charlie sang gleefully, nudging Steve away from my pussy. The queen gave him dining rites between my legs, which Steve gave up reluctantly. Charlie was the oldest manager there and his short stocky build and bald head reminded me of JohnB. I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t help but whine a bit when Steve’s mouth was pried away from my pussy. But Charlie wasn’t about to disappoint me.

“Let’s get comfy,” he said, and he grabbed my leg and lifted it over the other so that my hips twisted and I was suddenly on my belly with my legs dangling over the edge of the table. Kyle dropped down, sitting in front of me, and I took his cock back in my mouth.

“That’s what I’ve been wanting all night,” I heard Charlie sigh behind me. He was squeezing my ass cheeks and lovingly pulling them apart. He used his thumbs to pry open my pussy, and then he buried his face in my ass and his tongue in my cunt. He went in so far I had to look back over my shoulder to see that it was his tongue and not his dick.

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“Oh my God, Daddy,” I moaned, rubbing my face with Kyle’s cock.

“Mmm, ya, Baby Girl,” Charlie cried from behind my ass. He spread my cheeks wider and I cried out again when he moved his talented tongue from my pussy and wedged it into my little pucker hole.

“Daddy!” I gasped. No one had ever licked my asshole before, and Charlie wasn’t just licking, he was forcing his tongue inside me.

“Aaaaagh!” Kyle suddenly cried, and he pushed my mouth back over his cock. I let his hot seed spill out over my tongue and fill my cheeks, while I tried to adjust to the wet, slick penetration into my ass.

“Nnngh,” I moaned around Kyle’s spitting cock, bobbing my head while my hips bucked and trembled.

“Oh, Baby Girl, Daddy loves your ass,” Charlie cried out while Kyle fought for breath. There were whoops and cheers around the table as Charlie tongued my puckered hole, and Kyle slid out from under me. I gripped the edge of the table, my breathing somewhere between a giggle and a moan while everyone watched.

“Another round,” Mr. Henning declared, and he shot cards around the table, “Looks like we have a tie. ” Jason and Rob were each holding fours and Mr. Henning laid three cards out between them and told them to choose.

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   Charlie had two stubby fingers in my pussy, his thumb deep in my ass, and was licking all around my cheeks, but I turned my focus to the draw.

“Jack,” said Rob, turning over the blowjob card.

“King,” Jason grinned, “What’s that mean?”

“You get to fuck me,” I said, guessing at the rules. Charlie eased up on my ass and a heavy silence filled the room.

“The little girl catches on quick,” Mr. Henning laughed, “Think you can handle two at once?”

“Ya,” I said confidently, sitting up, “I’m gonna fuck all my Daddies tonight. ” Charlie stepped back and I could tell I had impressed and even shocked them with my boldness. I don’t know exactly when I knew, maybe it was when Mr. Henning took me to the bedroom and fucked me, or even before that, when I saw what was in the Victoria’s Secret bag, but I knew I was at the party to be their fuck toy. If I was honest about it, I think I knew what would happen the minute Jason asked me to host his party. The only thing I did know for certain was that it wasn’t about the tips anymore. There were six hard cocks for my entertainment and each one, along with the load of cum it contained, was like an adrenaline rush. I was already high as a kite and all I wanted was to go higher.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Jason smiled, sliding in between my spread thighs. I sat at the edge of the table and tugged at his belt and zipper, pushing his pants down his hips.

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“Mmm, yes, Daddy,” I grinned, taking hold of his cock, “I’m glad you got me this job. ”

“If your Dad could only see you now,” he whispered, and then he kissed me, sliding his tongue past my lips. I moaned into his open mouth and stroked his cock. The thought of my real Dad seeing me now terrified and thrilled me, and I felt Goosebumps up and down my spine.

“You’re my Daddy tonight,” I purred, biting his lower lip.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” he breathed, and then he laid me back on the table and lifted my knees. I sat up on my elbows, eager to watch my Dad’s best friend, a man I’d known all my life, side his cock into me for the first time.

“Mmm, Daddy,” I sighed, watching his fuck-tool disappear inside me, “That feels so fucking good!” The men around me watched with wide eyes and open jaws. I lay back on the table, arching my back and reaching for Rob who had been waiting patiently to have his cock sucked. Rob was the only black manager in the group. He was in his early forties with a strong, muscular build. His cock wasn’t very big, but I loved the oil black color of his swollen skin and I pulled him eagerly to my mouth.

“Goddamn,” someone cried out in inspired tones. There was movement and activity all around me, but between the two cocks I could barely tell up from down. Jason was fucking me with long, deep strokes, and Rob had climbed up on the table and was slowly fucking my mouth with his heavy balls draped over my face.

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“Nnnngh!” I hummed around Rob’s cock. I was the first to cum with Jason’s cock finally pushing me over the edge. Rob was right behind me though and he shot his load deep into my throat. I gargled his salty sauce and sat up on my elbows to watch my Dad’s friend fuck me.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, looking down between my spread thighs at his cock pumping in and out of me. Like a light turning on, it hit me and it was suddenly so obvious. I recognized Jason’s cock. It was the one in the video Cory gave me. He was the anonymous man fucking my sister, Jamie. Cory fucked my sister with his Dad!

“What?” Jason panted, seeing the shock on my face. I looked up into his questioning eyes.

“I’m so fucked up!” The thought immediately raced through my brain as I realized the man fucking me had not only fucked my sister, but had shared her with his own son, and not only did it not sicken me, it triggered another orgasm.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” I suddenly burst out, my toes curling and my back arching, “Fuck me and cum all over my tits, Daddy!” I was desperate and begging him. The words just spilled out of my mouth like a slutty sewer, “Cum, Daddy! Fuck me and cum all over me!”

“Aaaaagh!” Jason growled, jerking his cock from inside me and showering my body in a hot deluge of jizz. It splashed across my face, dowsed my tits, and spit across my belly.

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   When he finished, I slid to the floor and sucked him deep into my mouth, milking him dry with my lips.

The guys were hooting and hollering around us. They applauded like fans at he Super Bowl and I sat there on my knees with cum dripping from my face and tits.

“Who’s next?” someone asked.

“I think it’s lady’s choice,” Mr. Henning answered, and all eyes focused on me. I looked down at my tits and massaged the cum into my hot nipples. The bustier was stained with jam, so was the skirt, and as sexy as I looked in them, I suddenly wanted to be naked. That’s when the setting sun caught my eye through the window.

“I wanna take a hottub,” I beamed, pulling myself up off of my knees.

“Perfect,” Mr. Henning said, and Kyle was already there, pulling the door open for me.

“Will people be able to see us?” I asked, looking out over the railing as I reached back and unhooked the bustier.

“It’s almost dark,” someone answered, and that seemed good enough. I shimmied out of the skirt and rolled the stockings down my legs.


   The guys made a show out of watching me undress, and I climbed into the hot bubbling water alone.

“Mmm, it’s perfect,” I said, and I slipped below the surface and let the jets wash the cum from my face and body. I burst up through the foaming water, breathing deeply with my back arched, pushing my hair back over my head. Water cascaded from my large tits and I felt it running like a river down the small of my back.

“Fuck me,” someone cried, and before I knew it, five naked men were plunging into the pool with me.

“What am I going to do with all my Daddies?” I giggled like a little girl. It was amazing. I was surrounded by a wall of flesh. More hands caressed my naked body than I could count, and everywhere I reached a hard cock waited for me. I didn’t know whom I was stroking, or who was touching me, I just knew I was in heaven.

“Come here, Baby Girl,” Charlie grinned, and I let him guide my mouth to his cock while he sat up on the edge of the tub. Someone slipped behind me and pushed his dick into me from behind, fucking me while I sucked Charlie off and stroked a cock on either side of me.

They passed me around between them, taking me two and three, and sometimes four at a time until I was ready to pass out from the heat of the pool. It wasn’t until they helped me out of the tub that I realized Mr. Henning hadn’t joined us.

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   He was standing naked in the doorway aiming a video camera down at me.

“Perfect,” he said, standing back to let my entourage escort me into the room. “Perfect,” he repeated, following with his lens.

“You want a beer?” Jason asked, twisting the top off of a cold bottle and handing me one.

“Sure,” I grinned. I didn’t normally like beer, but after the hot tub, the coldness of it felt great. I downed half of it in a couple gulps and my brain did a little spin inside my skull. “Are we on TV?” I asked, looking up at the screen above the bar.

The guys followed my eyes and saw what I was watching. It was confusing. It seemed like we were seeing ourselves. “Is the camera hooked to the TV?” I asked, peering into Mr. Henning’s lens, and then back up at the screen. It was the same room, and seemed like the same people, but I couldn’t see myself anywhere.

“That’s another party,” Jason said, downing his beer.

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   He came up behind me and put his arm around me, pulling me to his naked body. “Watch,” he whispered, kissing my ear.

I watched. It was the same room, and most of the same people, although there were two guys I didn’t recognize. They were all men and all naked with hard-ons, except the one girl on the couch. She was straddling Mr. Henning’s cock while a line of men gathered behind her, each one stepping forward to push his hard cock into her ass.

“Oh my God,” I giggled feeling Jason’s cock pushing against my ass, “How often do you guys do this?”

“Often enough, when we find the right girl,” he said, sliding a finger over my clit.

“Was she the right girl?” I asked, nodding at the screen. And then, “Oh my God!”

A man who wasn’t at this party just climbed up onto the couch next to Mr. Henning, and my heart nearly stopped when the girl getting DP’d on the couch lifted her head to suck his cock. It was my sister, Jamie.

“She was definitely the right girl,” Jason breathed in my ear, “The question is, are you the right girl?”

I barely heard the question, my pulse was suddenly pounding so loudly in my ears I could barely hear anything, but I let him lead me to the couch where Mr. Henning was waiting. He was reclined back against the cushions, looking relaxed except for his stiff cock pointing up in the air.

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   Jason helped me keep my balance, and I straddled his legs and pushed my cunt down onto his cock.

My eyes were still locked on my sister’s image above the bar, and I didn’t look away until I felt the chill of icy lube dribbling onto my lower back and the cheeks of my ass.

“Just relax,” Jason coaxed me, pushing the wet lube into my crack with his finger. I was breathing fast, looking over my shoulder with anxious eyes. Mr. Henning kissed my tits and spread my ass cheeks apart while Jason rubbed lube up and down the length of his dick.

“Um…” I stammered, but I couldn’t find the words to protest.

“Just relax,” Jason repeated, and he pressed the tip of his cock against my tiny pucker hole while the others stood watching and waiting with their hard-ons.


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