The Sex Follies (Georgia)


To keep anyone that hasn't read the starter where I described everything up to 
date I'm going to put that in.

The Sex Follies Part One

Recently I had miraculously been getting a lot of girls easily, like I had been 
doing it for years. Now let me get this straight. I'm 5'9", 140 pounds, and have 
an athletic build to match my almost always hard 7", 15 year old cock. Oh and my 
name is Jon.

Georgia and Sam

So as I said recently I have been getting girls like there is no tomorrow. The 
first girl I'm going to talk about is Georgia. Georgia is a senior who is in one 
of my classes. Georgia is about 5'7' and has great boobs and a pretty nice ass.  
And along with her stellar attributes she is drop dead gorgeous.  

Another character in this story is Sam. Sam is about 5' 8" and has beautiful 
blonde hair that goes about to her nice perky 28B boobs. Along with this 
stunning body she has a beautiful ass which makes me feel blessed when I get to 
catch a look at it. I will tell the story of my first time hooking up with her 
some other time.

At first I thought I had no chance with her, but god damn was I wrong. It all 
started one day coming back from break.

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I had stayed home and hadn't gone anywhere other than my friends house as usual.  
But Georgia went to the Bahamas and by the looks of it she probably tanned the 
whole time. When she got back I still had no idea that she was interested in me.  
But I was partially suspicious when I caught her staring at me when she 
should've been staring at her boyfriend.

"Hey, Georgia," I said while she started to sit down next to me in class
"Oh hey Jon," she replied as she did a head to toe check on me.
"Jesus, you need to get some sun more often you look like a sheet of paper!"
"I mean hot damn, I got a better tan than you. And I stayed here. "
"Shut up Jon. " 
"Haha, I'm just playing you look really good. . "
"Thanks you do to. Wow I've never noticed this but you have gorgeous eyes. "
"The next thing you know her leg is going to be creeping up your leg-" the guy 
that sits next to me said before getting cut off by Georgia.
"Only in your dreams Jon, only in your dreams"
"Nah. I'm thinking that's what's going on in your dreams.

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Then I got up and walked over to the door to go take a piss. As I was walking 
down the hallway I started thinking about what just happened.

'could she really like me' I thought 'I mean she is staring at me all the time 
and showers me with compliments every single day. . . '

By this time I was already in the bathroom and I was starting to get a boner so 
I started to stop thinking about Georgia.  

By the time I got back to class I realized that my boner was now pretty damn 
hard, but I thought nothing of it, and went back to sit down.

"Oh oh. It looks like I'm lost in a dream. "

Georgia then put her hand on my pants directly on top of my raging boner. As she 
did this I had no idea what to do. Do I play it off like nothing happened? Do I 
pretend it was something in my pocket? Do I tell her that I'm horny? All of 
these thoughts were racing through my head.

"Oohh. " Georgia whispered. She than started to move closer to my ear.

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like I'm not the only one who was enjoying that thought before. "

With that Georgia took her hand off after a quick stroke which I'm pretty sure 
was a quick 'let's see how big it is'. Then playing it off all cool she just 
continued on like nothing happened. While I was semi-blushing and couldn't 
really talk let alone think about school.

Then I slowly felt a hand creep into my jacket pocket, and grab my phone.  
Slowly, Georgia took her hand out of my pocket with my phone and started to do 

"Here ya go," she said with a smile as she placed it back in my pocket. "I put 
my number in you phone. Call me sometime this weekend and I'll come and pick you 
up. "

"Alright. " I responded semi shaking. "Here I'll give you m-"

"Don't worry Jon. All you need to do is call me. Nothing else. I have it all 
planned out.

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"Wait Georg-"

"Jon if you don't stop talking to Georgia I'm going to have to separate you 
guys. "

Me and Georgia both apologized and before we knew it the class was over and we 
were both heading different ways.  

As we walked out the door Georgia was right in front of me and too my surprise 
her boyfriend was standing right in front of the door to greet her. As she was 
giving him a hug she shot me a glance and winked at me, and then proceeded to 
make out with her boyfriend.

The rest of the day went painstakingly slow. Each minute felt endless and by the 
end of the day I just wanted to get out of this damned place. Through out the 
day I toned out in most of my classes and in numerous occasions the teacher 
yelled at me because I was 'acting weird'.

After the last bell rang I couldn't have been any happier. I slowly got my stuff 
together and headed for the bus. On my way there I talked to some of my really 
close friends. And almost had a act of pda with Sophia, but I didn't want 
anything to happen where Georgia might see me. So I ended most of the convo's 
quickly and headed over to my bus. Unlike my normal departure I was purposely 
being decently anti-social so I could get home and give myself a good wank.

"Hey, Jon!" Sam said as I got on the bus.

I decided to pretend I didn't hear her and would wait until we left the school.

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So I just pumped up my new favorite song Congratulations by Drake and just sat 
down in one of the middle seats of the bus. As I sat down I thought about 
Georgia and how badly I've wanted to get with her since the beginning of the 
year. However Sam was ruining my moment. She was wearing solo's that nicely 
displayed her ass and her thong was ever so slowly creeping out of her pants. On 
top of that she was wearing a low cut shirt and by her nipples poking through 
her shirt I could tell that she decided to go bra less today.

'Fuck it' I thought to myself 'Sam looks way to good to resist. ' And with that I 
turned off my ipod and went to sit next to Sam.

"Hey Sam"
"Oh hey Jon. It's not like I said hi to you before. "
"Oh you did I'm really sorry I didn't even hear you. It must've been my music. I 
was playing it really loud before so I could just tone everyone out and think. "
"It looks like you did just what you wanted to do,"
"Don't worry Sam I'll make it up to you. "

I then crazily started making out with Sam. As we were starting to heat up the 
bus had finally started moving and what luck there wasn't anyone within 10 seats 
of us.

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   While I was making out with Sam I was getting so horny thinking that this 
could be me and Georgia over this weekend. As I will talk about in some of my 
later stories me and same have been hooking up whenever there was time for the 
past month or two.

Slowly I started to caress her lovely ass with both of my hands. Then I moved my 
hand to her stomach and slowly creeped down her pants into her panties. As I 
reached her moist cunt I was getting really hard, but of course the middle 
schoolers had just started getting on the bus.

"Sam we need to turn this down a notch. "
"Jon my parents are going to be out for the rest of the night why don't you come 
to my house. " 
"Sounds like a plan. "

As the middle schoolers got on the bus we moved to the back and made sure no one 
sat in the back three rows. Then immediately as the bus started moving I had my 
hands down Sam's pants and my tongue in her mouth. I moved my hand to her 
dripping cunt that I had been inside so many times, getting a boner within the 
first minute of fingering her.  

At this point Sam had her shirt up to reveal her lovely tits and had her pants 
down to her ankles. I couldn't take it anymore and I knelt down and dug my head 
into her pussy. I alternated speeds with my tongue while she was grabbing on to 
my head to pull me in closer. I felt her start to tense so I put my finger up to 
her mouth to remind her that we needed to be quiet.

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   She then bucked her knees 
and was squeezing my head right into her pussy as she moaned trying to keep it 
as low as possible. Then we both put on our clothes trying to get ready to go 
with out letting anyone know. So much for turning it down a notch.  

"That was great Jon. Why don't we do this more often. "
"Sam we hook up almost 4 times a week. If we did it any more we would probably 
be considered sex addicts and then we'd have to go to one of those meetings. "
"Fine. I still think 4 times isn't enough. "
"Whatever we need to get off the bus. "
"Alright. I'll return the favor when we get to my house. "

Me and Sam walked off the bus exchanging small talk as we walked to her house 
which was conveniently really close which allowed me to have her not 
spontaneously jump on my dick. As we walked into the door we yelled like usual 
to make sure there wasn't any response. A little after we decided that there was 
no one in the house me and Sam we on each other like jack rabbits.

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   And were 
making out intensely as we made our way up into her room.  

A door slammed open and a voice yelled up to us right as Sam was pealing of my 

"Saaammmm! Are you home?"
"What the fuck" Sam whispered in my ear. "No one is supposed to be hear until 
like 10 tonight. "
"Saaaammm! Where are you?!"
"Oh shit it's my dad quickly get your pants on. Yea dad I'm in my room. "
"Ok I'll be up there in a second. "
"Oh shit. Hurry up get your pants on. "
"I'll pretend I'm in the bathroom"
"Go quick he'll be here soon. "
"Hey sweetie. Did I hear you talking to someone?"
"Yea Jon is here, he's in the bathroom though"
"What the fuck. You know what I said about not having people in the house when 
I'm not home. Jon get your skinny ass outta Sam's bathroom and leave before I 
throw you out. I'll be downstairs reading you better be out of her in 5 minutes 
or I'm calling the cops.

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I wasn't gonna think twice about what I was gonna do next. I quickly put on all 
my clothes and then attempted to rush out the house. And to my surprise Sam was 
trying to stop me.

"Please stay Jon. I want to fuck you again. My pussy is soaking. "
"As much as I want to I really can't. We can't fuck in your house or my house. I 
guess we'll have to wait for some other time, but one last kiss is fine with 
me. "

I quickly gave Sam a slap on the ass and made out with her for a minute or two 
before I made a run for my house trying to get as much space between me and 
Sam's 300 pound brawlic dad. As I was walking home I couldn't help but thinking 
about calling Georgia yet I didn't want to seem to desperate. However it did 
seem like she was pretty desperate at school.
"Fuck it" I said out loud. "I'm calling that bitch and were gonna fuck"

So I picked up my phone and looked for Georgia's name. Nowhere to be found I 
decided to just look through my whole contact list.

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   When I got to the name 
Georgia listed herself under I was stunned and partially really turned on by 
what I saw. In my phone Georgia had listed herself as 'fuck buddy' and as I 
opened this a alarm went off scaring the shit out of me. I guess I should call 
her now. I mean she set an alarm saying so. So I clicked on her number and gave 
her a call.

"Hey Georgia its Jon. "
"Are you ready Jon. "
"Ok so I looked you up in the phone book and I'm pretty sure I know exactly 
where you live in fact I can see you walking down the road. I'll pick you up. "

Slowly a car pulled up to me and the door opened as it stopped.  
"Hop on in gorgeous" Georgia said
"Jeez. I should be the one calling someone gorgeous" I said as I closed the 
door. "I mean sweet jesus, you look so pretty. This is meant as a compliment so 
don't take it in the wrong way. I'm already fully hard.


"Save that for later youngin. You haven't even seen the goodies yet. "
"Well I'm god damn ready. Where are we going?"
"Well my parents are gone all week so we are going to hang at my place. I have 
it all set up. Do you like scary movies?"
"Usually I don't really get scared of them but yeah I fucking love 'em. "
"Good, because I always get really scared watching them and I have a really good 
one for us to watch. Oh look were at my house already. Let's head on in. "

I quickly undid my seat belt and started to walk into her house with her. I was 
so excited for the movie. Most girls I had gone out with hated scary movies so I 
always took them to the scariest ones so they'd have an excuse to hold onto me.  
Before I knew it I was in Georgia's house wondering around.

"Quit stumbling around. We're gonna go to my room.

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  " Georgia said
"Alright. " I replied as we walked in
"Its getting a little hot and I kinda want to sit under the covers so I think 
I'm gonna strip some layers, I hope that's ok with you. "
"Yea sure go ahead. I think I might do the same. "

As I started to take my shirt off I had to stop and pinch myself to make sure I 
wasn't dreaming. I was just about to strip off some of my clothes and as a 
freshmen get into bed with a smoking senior who probably wanted to fuck sometime 
that day. And what she did next made me have to pinch myself even harder.  
Georgia was slowly peeling off her pants to reveal her perfect huge ass in a 
nice small thong that matched her bra. As she turned around I was still staring 
so I quickly looked down and then started to peel off my shirt to reveal my 
finely toned abs from years of wrestling.  
"Ooohhh. Someone is looking good. " Georgia said.
"Yea and that someone is you. I mean jesus look at you your fucking gorgeous. "
"Let's stop talking about this and get to the movie.

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   Wait. . . Do you drink?"
"Of course I do how old do you think I am 5"
"Ok then. So I'll make some vodka OJ's. How does that sound to you. "
"Amazing. "
"Alright I'll be right back startup the movie. "

I quickly ran up to the dvd player and started up the movie as soon as possible 
so I could snoop around her room a little bit. I figured I had about 5 to 7 
minutes and I would make the damn best of it. First I went to her closet to see 
what was in there. To match her giant house she also had a giant walk in closet.  
I quickly decided what I wanted wasn't going to be in her so I explored her room 
a little more. As I was looking around I stumbled into her hamper. Jackpot.

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opened it at thankfully there was a pair of panties laying right on the top. I 
picked them up, took a whiff of their fresh beautiful scent, and ran over to put 
them in the pocket of my pants. I then got up onto her bed and laid down in only 
my shorts and boxers. About a minute later Georgia walked in with a pitcher and 
two glasses.
"Her ya go" Georgia said as she poured some of the concoction into my glass.
"Thanks yo, now hop on up her and watch this movie with me. "
"Alright. Get under the covers with me so we can cuddle. "
"I'm definitely not turning that offer down. "

As I started to get under the covers I couldn't help getting hard but I used 
every single muscle in my body and managed to keep it soft.

"Come closer, you shy little thing" Georgia said while she grabbed me by the ass 
and attempted to pull me closer to her but since she couldn't I helped her out a 
bit and got as close as I could possibly get.
"Is this close enough for you hun? I could probably get closer if you wanted me 
to. "
"Perfect. I love being next to you. "
"Alright let's watch this movie.

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I quickly pulled Georgia closer to me and we started watching the movie. At 
first it wasn't that bad but as the movie progressed it got a lot scarier, and 
as this happened Georgia would start to shake and hold onto me as tight as she 

"I'm so glad your here Jon I don't know what I would do if I was watching this 
alone. " Georgia said looking right into my eyes sending off the 'fuck me' 
"No problem. " I said as I gave her a nice full kiss on the lips.
As I started to pull back she refused to let me go and held onto the kiss 
longer. And hot damn was she a good kisser. Usually I try to keep it really 
lively by moving my head around but Georgia was always one step ahead of me. I 
then went to grab her boobs and when I reached out and grabbed a boob covered 
only by a bra a was shocked and then remembered we took some of our clothes off.  
As I was feeling her up whilst having an intense make out session I unclipped 
her bra with one of my hands. After unclipping it I threw it on the ground and 
started kissing down Georgia's neck.

"Yesss. Don't stop Jon. This feels so good.

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  " She said in between moans.
'Yeh like I would stop' I thought to myself as I started sucking on her firm 

I slowly twirled my finger around the nipple I wasn't sucking on. I was so horny 
I couldn't wait to fuck her so I started to move down her body more. I kissed my 
way all the way down to her clean shaved pussy and started eating her out, to 
try and get her wet. As she got wetter I would stick another finger in and 
before I knew it I could've fit my whole hand into her beautiful soaking pussy.  
I wanted to fuck her so hard but I also wanted to make her cum first. So I 
quickly started moving my tongue faster and then with two fingers in her I slid 
them in and out slowly. After about a minute Georgia's moans grew louder and 
more frequent.  

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum Jon. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. I'M CUMMING. AWW SHIT SHIT 

I quickly sped up the pace until she came in my face. I licked up some of the 
juice from her pussy.

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   Then I stood up and positioned myself so that I could 
easily slid in.  

"Quit waiting and fuck me already you whore!

I didn't need to be asked that twice. I quickly rammed my cock right into her 
pussy going its full length. I had the pace pretty fast but then I decided that 
I wanted this to last so I slowed it down, and went to go suck on her beautiful 
tits. After about 5 or 6 minutes I was ready to cum but didn't want to so I 
decided to switch it up. I pulled out my cock and laid down on the bed as I 
pulled her on top of me, so I could let her do some work. And god damn was this 
bitch horny she hopped on immediately started going up and down. She was going 
so fast that I knew I wasn't going to last long so I grabbed her thighs and 
started slowing her down.  

"Lets slow it down babe. I'm not ready to cum yet. "
"Maybe if you were more experienced we wouldn't be having this problem"
"Babe, babe, babe. I have more experience than a porn star. "
"Alright then I guess you won't mind me speeding up. "
"Definitely not. Go as fast as you like.

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Georgia definitely had a lot more experience then I was at the time. Right away 
she started going at it. She was going faster then a jack hammer and I was in a 
state of ecstasy. I could think about anything other than what was going on in 
front of me and I couldn't move a single part of my body. My mind was screaming 
at me to pull out before I came yet I couldn't do anything.

"Wait not yet I want you to cum in my mouth. "

Georgia quickly jumped off my dick and started sucking it like a pro. She had 
her tongue swirling around my dick while she was caressing my balls, and moving 
her other hand up and down my shaft. I couldn't take it any longer. I released a 
huge 6 string load right into the back of her throat, and she swallowed every 
last drop of it. And then I passed out on her bed.  

Later I woke up to Georgia lying next to me completely naked and passed out as 
well. I lifted up the covers and then decided to wake Georgia up by eating her 

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   As I started to eat her out she slowly woke up.

"Morning hun. I need you to drive me back home its 6 o' clock my mom is gonna be 
home soon. "
"Alright but we need to do this again sometime. Your so much better than my 
boyfriend. "
"Of course. "

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