The Sex Follies


The Sex Follies

Recently I had miraculously been getting a lot of girls easily, like I had been 
doing it for years. Now let me get this straight. I'm 5'9", 140 pounds, and have 
an athletic build to match my almost always hard 7", 15 year old cock. Oh and my 
name is Jon.


So as I said recently I have been getting girls like there is no tomorrow. The 
first girl I'm going to talk about is Georgia. Georgia is a senior who is in one 
of my classes. Georgia is about 5'7' and has great boobs and a pretty nice ass.  
And along with her stellar attributes she is drop dead gorgeous.  

At first I thought I had no chance with her, but god damn was I wrong. It all 
started one day coming back from break.

I had stayed home and hadn't gone anywhere other than my friends house as usual.  
But Georgia went to the Bahamas and by the looks of it she probably tanned the 
whole time. When she got back I still had no idea that she was interested in me.  
But I was partially suspicious when I caught her staring at me when she 
should've been staring at her boyfriend.

"Hey, Georgia," I said while she started to sit down next to me in class
"Oh hey Jon," she replied as she did a head to toe check on me.

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"Jesus, you need to get some sun more often you look like a sheet of paper!"
"I mean hot damn, I got a better tan than you. And I stayed here. "
"Shut up Jon. " 
"Haha, I'm just playing you look really good. . "
"Thanks you do to. Wow I've never noticed this but you have gorgeous eyes. "
"The next thing you know her leg is going to be creeping up your leg-" the guy 
that sits next to me said before getting cut off by Georgia.
"Only in your dreams Jon, only in your dreams"
"Nah. I'm thinking that's what's going on in your dreams. " 

Then I got up and walked over to the door to go take a piss. As I was walking 
down the hallway I started thinking about what just happened.

'could she really like me' I thought 'I mean she is staring at me all the time 
and showers me with compliments every single day. . .

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By this time I was already in the bathroom and I was starting to get a boner so 
I started to stop thinking about Georgia.  

By the time I got back to class I realized that my boner was now pretty damn 
hard, but I thought nothing of it, and went back to sit down.

"Oh oh. It looks like I'm lost in a dream. "

Georgia then put her hand on my pants directly on top of my raging boner.
To be continued. . .


The second girl I want to talk about is Marcine. Marcine is my most recent ex - 
girlfriends best friend. Her best friend was going out with me when this 
happened which is why she broke up with me.

The day that this happened was a day I would certainly never forget. Marcine is 
5' 5" so she was quite a bit shorter than me yet I loved this. Marcine was also 
kind of slutty, but it was ok because she had a nice set of 36B tits and a huge 
ass that was almost always well shown by the solo's she always wore.  

"Hey, Jon" Marcine said as I joined the video chat.

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   And to my surprise she was 
just in a towel.
"Well hi. Looks like you need to get dressed. I'll leave you alone for a couple 
of minutes. " I responded
"No, it's ok Jon I want you to stay. "
"Marcine your my girlfriends best friend I really can't be doing this. " As I 
said this Marcine took of her towel and reveled her marvelous body from the 
belly button up. "You know what. I think I might be able to stay I mean whatever 
she doesn't know won't hurt her right?"
"Now you have the idea Jon. "

And with this Marcine stood up and started to walk over to her dresser which was 
conveniently located right behind her laptop. As she was walking to her dresser I 
had a full view of her ass, and I pretty much got an instant boner. And with 
this I pulled out my cock and started openly masturbating. To my surprise 
instead of grabbing some of her clothes she grabbed a vibrator that was probably 
like 6 inches. This turned me on even more. However, after she grabbed her dildo 
she turned around letting me catch a view of her clean shaved pussy.

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To be continued. . .


Sam was one of my favorite fucks and unlike most people my favorite fuck so far 
was my first one. Although it might just be because I was with Sam.  

Sam is about 5' 8" and has beautiful blonde hair that goes about to her nice 
perky 28B boobs. Along with this stunning body she has a beautiful ass which 
makes me feel blessed when I get to catch a look at it.

It all started one day on the bus when we were just messing around. Now Sam and 
I had been friends for about 4 or 5 years but nothing had really happened, 
mainly because she was dumb ugly up until freshmen year. And of course she was 
pretty much my neighbor which allowed me to hang out with her twice a day on the 
bus pretty much all the time.

"Stooop Jon. Give it back. " Sam said after I had taken her phone.
"You can have it if you can get it. " I yelled as I  put it behind my back and 
then moved it around trying to keep it away from her.

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"I will get it all right" Sam said
"Oh yea well how are you going to do that?"

By the time that got out of my mouth it was two late. Sam tackled me and was 
wrestling me to try and get her phone back. During the process I had 
accidentally grabbed one of her ass checks  trying to stay up, but thankfully 
she didn't notice. Sam finally grabbed my arm and got the phone right as we got 
to her bus stop.

"I told you I'd get my phone. " Sam said mocking me.

She then went to grab her bag and get off the bus, and to my delight she dropped 
something out of her bag. This caused her to bend over and grab the thing she 
dropped, which gave me a full view of her gorgeous ass.

"The only thing your going to get is an ass gobbling," (scooping someone's 
butthole with you fingers. For those of you who don't know. ) Not waiting for a 
response I scooped her butthole and got a reaction that I didn't expect.

Right after I gobbled Sam she just kinda paused for a couple of seconds and I 
thought for sure that she was going to smack me. But damn was I glad I did that.  
When I gobbled her I got a nice feel and her butt felt so good that I probably 
could've jacked off right there. Then like nothing happened she sat down.

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"Sam," my bus driver yelled "are you going to get off the bus?"
"No, I'm going to get off at Jon's house. " She replied
'Ohh shit' I thought to myself 'this could either be really good our really bad.  
Fuck my life I hope its good. '

To be continued. . .


Me and Sophia have been friends for a while and until that day we had been 
nothing more than that. Sophia has dirty blonde hair that's pretty long. Just 
like pretty much all the girls I've been with she has tiny perky boobs which are 
by far my favorite, and a pretty nice ass.  

"Joooonnn!" Sophia yelled as I ran down the hallway.
"Sooophhhiiiaaaa" I responded. "Why are you stealing my stuff?"
"Are you kidding me your the one that stole my flip flop. "
"Ugghhh fine. You can have it back. "
"Thank you now follow me I need to talk to you.

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Not giving me anytime to respond she grabbed my hand and started dragging me 
towards the empty side of the school. After a couple minutes we were still 
walking there and the bell rung.

"Soopphhiiiaaa! I need to go I'm going to miss spanish. "
"Trust me Jon you should stay here. Its well worth it. "
"Nice we gonn smoke some pot. "
"No that's not exactly what I had in mind. Maybe next weekend at ma 
house. "
"Alright alright. "

When she let go of my hand I dramatically dropped to the ground and started 
pretending that she hurt me. Sophia sat down on the opposite side of the hallway 
completely ignoring me. So I decided to quit playing around and I sat down next 
to her as close as I could possibly get.

"Jeez Jon could we be any closer?" Sophia said
"You betcha. " I responded as I somewhat picked her up and placed her on top of my 
lap. "You were saying"
"Hahaha Jon I love you.

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   Your so funny, and I pretty much always end up happy 
after I hang out with you. "

Because sophia loved my massages I then started massaging the small of her back 
moving up and down her back getting as low as her pants line up to the back of 
her neck.

 As I was finishing up I started to massage her neck which seemed extra tense, 
and to my surprise she grabbed hold of both of my hands.  

"Jooonnn" she moaned "I love your hands, rubbing up and down my body"
"Why thank you. " I said as she rubbed her thighs with my hands getting 
dangerously closer to her vagina every time.
"They are so soft and you are amazing at giving massages. Ooohhh. That spot felt 
good. "

Currently she had me massaging her inner thighs and I'm pretty sure if she kept 
going any longer I would've gotten rock hard. But it didn't really matter 
considering in the next 20 seconds I was almost fully hard.

"I have a spot that you'll love to massage Jon. "

And with that she had me full on grab her gorgeous tits.

To be continued. . .

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