The Teacher: Part Two


Ellyn sat down in the chair next to Miss Gray's desk, and after taking a moment to let all that sink in, she asked softly, "If I'm a fem, what are you?!?" "I'm a dominant, honey, or dom for short, and in less polite circles they call people like me bull dykes!!!" "I'm so confused," Ellyn replied, "last night when I got home I masturbated thinking about sucking your breasts and vagina, but later on, when I did it again, I was thinking more about doing it with someone more like me, or as you put it a fem!!!" Miss Gray touched her on the arm and responded, "There's no conflict there, dear, most fems tend to group together while satisfying each other's sexual needs, but after a while the urge to be dominated becomes so great, that without fail each fem will search out a dyke to be taken and used hard!!!" Ellyn listened closely to what her teacher was saying, while nodding periodically to indicate she understood what she meant!!! "So," Miss Gray continued, "you can be attracted to another fem, but in the end you will give in to your innate desire to be taken by a dominant bull, and by the way, no matter what the situation, if a bull dyke wants you, you might as well give in because she is going to have you one way or the other!!!The totality of what had occurred over the last two days was all at once too much for the poor girl, and as if someone had turned on a switch, Ellyn broke down as a rain of tears flowed down her cheeks!!! Miss Gray, feeling extremely protective of her young charge, immediately took her into her arms and gently rocked her back and forth while softly cooing into her ear and brushing her softly blond hair with her hand!!! Being held in the arms of the middle aged dyke brought and instantaneous feeling of safety to the young girl, and almost instinctively she unbuttoned Miss Gray's blouse, unhooked the front of her bra, and greedily sucked one of the big nipples into her mouth!!! "You poor, dear," Miss Gray said with a sigh, "all you ever wanted was just a little love, well don't worry about a thing, mama will always be here to make you feel all better!!! Ellyn soon fell into an almost trance like state as she continued nursing at the breast of her teacher!!! As she continued to suckle, Miss Gray said softly, "Dear, I'm sure that your vagina is very aroused, and while in most cases the bull dyke makes sure that she is satisfied first, today I am going to make and exception to that rule and satisfy you first!!!" "Mmmmmm," Ellyn sighed, "are you going to suck my pussy for me?!?" "Uh, not exactly," Miss Gray replied soflty, "but I guarantee that you'll have and incredibly hard orgasm, and after all, isn't that what it's all about!?!"Miss Gray gently pulled Ellyn from her bulging nipple, and much to Ellyn's surprise, the teacher stood up next to her and ordered, "All right now, dear, lift up my skirt for me, please!!!" With slightly shaking hands, Ellyn took the hem of the mid calf length skirt into her hands and slowly lifted it up over Miss Gray's waist!!! Now taking the skirt into her own hands, Miss Gray said, "Now, dear, take off my panty hose!!!" While Miss Gray had a pretty trim figure for a woman of almost fifty, her panty hose, however, were pulled skin tight over her plump bottom, making it a little difficult to get them down, but after several minutes of struggling, she finally managed to pull them down to her ankles!!! "Very good, dear," she said softly, "next my panties!!!" This was going to be a whole lot easier, and with little or no trouble at all, Ellyn quickly slid them down Miss Gray's legs where they joined the panty hose drooping around her ankles, and with a quick kick or two, Miss Gray booted them away from her!!! Ellyn was so concerned with the panties and panty hose that she didn't even notice that tucked back and under her vagina, Miss Gray was wearing seven inch long strap on dildo!!! "Okay, dear," she offered, "now, between my legs, pull it out!!!" Ellyn was a little confused, and at first asked, "Pull what out, Miss Gray," but before her teacher could reply, Ellyn gasped as the big pecker flopped into view, hanging menacingly from a harness around Miss Gray's waist!!!"What's that," Ellyn said in a weak voice as her legs began to shake?!? For the first time since she had poured her heart out, Miss Gray's voice had a decided edge to it as she replied, "Don't play coy with me, girl, it's quite apparent what it is, do you take me for a fool!?!" "Uh, no, Miss Gray," Ellyn replied while her vagina was drenching itself, surely anticipating what was about to happen next!!! "How do you want it," Miss Gray asked evenly, while not even showing the slightest concern for Ellyn's feelings!?! "I-I don't know," she stammered while staring at the thick monster, that of course looked even bigger to the eyes of a almost terrified young girl!!! "Okay you little slut, I've had just about all I'm going to take from you, now off with your panties and lean across my desk, and be quick about it," she snapped!!! With her hands visibly quaking, Ellyn fumbled as she shucked her panties and carefully bent over and laid down face first on the big desk!!! Miss Gray flipped up the young girl's skirt, and with a couple of hard kicks, forced Ellyn's legs far apart, leaving her dripping vagina totally exposed and available for anything the hot bull dyke wanted to do to her!!!"You have a very pretty ass," Miss Gray opined while caressing it softly, "just the right size, too, not tot fat and not too thin, just perfect!!!" "Thank you," Ellyn managed to mumble, while she waited for Miss Gray to begin fucking her virginal pussy with big fat dildo!!! "Maybe I should let you keep your cherry and fuck you in the ass," Miss Gray wondered aloud, "what do you think, bitch!?!" "Oh, please, don't fuck my ass," Ellyn begged, "I-I'm so scared!!!" "Good," she replied with a chuckle, "you should be scared, cuz in a couple of minutes I'm gonna be reaming your fucking pussy out and making you scream like the little bitch that you are!!!" The tension in the room was palpable, and although Ellen was terrified, a force inside of her longed to have her tight little pussy taken by her bull dyke teacher!!! Ellyn moaned out loud while Miss Gray softly rubbed the head of her pecker up and down her blonde pussy, even going so far as to beg Miss Cary to take her then and there!!! "How badly do you want it," her teacher asked casually, "you seem to be in real need!?!" "Oh, god," she gasped, "I do need it, please, give it to me, I can't stand waiting much longer!!!" "Of course you can, dear," Miss Gray said teasingly, "maybe I'll just put it away for another time, what do you think about that!?!" "W-why are you torturing me so," Ellyn moaned, "yesterday you were so nice to me, what happened to make you so mean!?!" "Yesterday was a day for education, that part's over, now it's time for you to know your place," Miss Gray explained harshly, "you're a fucking fem and I'm a bull dyke, and that's all there is to it, do you understand me!?!"It was like a red hot poker penetrating her pussy, and for the first instant the pain was almost blinding as Miss Gray attacked Ellyn's pussy with the monstrous piece of latex that hung between her thighs!!! "Oh, god in heaven," Ellyn screamed, "I-I can't stand it, oh it hurts so badly!!!" "Of course it hurts," Miss Gray replied while ramming her weapon all the way to hilt, "bad little girls like you need to be punished, and I can't think of a better way than to get fucked by a long hard thick pecker!!!" With her head rolling from side to side on the desk top, as much as it hurt, incredibly Ellyn began to feel pleasurable sensations emanating from her now steaming pussy!!! With each brutal stroke, a little bit of the pain was replaced with the same amount of pleasure, until Ellyn was meeting Miss Gray's strokes with equal fervor!!! "Oh yeah, fuck with your fucking pecker," Ellyn moaned as her orgasm was being built like a tidal wave ready to smash any and everything in its path!!! Ellyn was far past the point of no return, so when Miss Gray began shoving her hips forward with vicious abandon, the orgasm in her pussy roiled up and out of control as she screamed in ecstasy while her pussy convulsed over and over again, leaving her drain and incredibly sore as Miss Gray fairly jerked the big cock out of her cunt, causing a popping sound to fill the room as air rushed into her gaping pussy!!!Ellyn didn't move a muscle for a long time, so Miss Gray pulled up a chair in front of her and offered, "And that, my dear, is how a dom treats a fem, so get used to it!!!" Ellyn closed her eyes for a second, but when she opened them she said softly, "You can just call me, and I'll come running!!!"THE END
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