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Later that evening Dani scanned the array of doorbells by the front entrance of Miss Haller's building, and after locating her name, she pushed the button and was immediately buzzed in!!! "Did you have any trouble finding the place," her teacher asked after letting her inside of her flat, "I don't believe you've ever been here before have you!?!" "Uh, no I haven't," Dani replied a bit nervously, "but your directions were perfect, I didn't have even a whit of trouble finding your building!!!" "Good," Miss Haller replied, "how about a soft drink before we get started!?!" "Sure, that would be nice," Dani replied, "make it a diet, I'm trying to lose a little weight!!!" Miss Haller returned from the kitchen with a bottle and several glasses of ice and asked, "Why on earth are you trying to lose weight, child, I think your figure is absolutely perfect!?!" "Thank you, Miss Haller," Dani replied red faced, "lately I've put on a few pounds and I just don't want to let it get out of hand, that's all!!!" Dani didn't understand how they got started on this topic, but her teacher pressed on, "How tall are you, dear, about five five!?!" "Uh, yes," Dani replied softly, "that's about right!!!" "And from the looks of you," Miss Haller continued, "I'd guess you weighed in at about one hundred ten pounds, give or take!!!" "Well, that pretty close," Dani answered quickly, "this morning I tipped the scales at one thirteen!!!" Miss Haller nodded her head in agreement, and then, out of the blue she opined, "I have a splendid idea, come into my bedroom, I have some lingerie that I've long since out grown that might just fit you live a glove!!!"The idea of going into Miss Haller's bedroom seemed a little weird to her, but when her teacher grabbed her by the arm and led the way, Dani offered no resistance and followed her into the darkened sleeping quarters!!! Flipping on the reading lamp next to her bed, Miss Haller opened a dresser drawer and began pulling out several sets of panties and bras, which as it turned out were very sheer and revealing!!! "How do you like these," the older lady asked while holding them out in front of her, "they're made of the finest silk and satin!?!" "Uh, they're very nice," Dani stammered, while not quite sure what she should be saying!!! "Okay, dear, off with your cloths so you can try them on," Miss Haller said a matter of factly!!! "Y-you mean take my cloths off right now," an embarrassed Dani mumbled!?! "Of course right now," Miss Haller retorted sternly, "now be quick about it, we don't have all night!!!" There's something about the way teacher's say things that leave little or no room for argument, so with almost shaking hands, Dani slowly began removing her things!!!When she was finally down to her panties and bra, Dani asked soflty, "Even these?!" "Good grief, child, you're going to be trying on bra and panty sets, of course you have to take them off, now stop stalling and get on with it!!! "I dunno, Miss Haller," Dani answered nervously, "maybe I should just put on my things and leave!!!" "My goodness gracious," her teacher exclaimed in exasperation, "turn around and I'll unhook your bra for you, can't you see I'm trying to help you?!?" Seconds later Dani's bra was sliding off her shoulders while her firm young breasts stood proud, firm and naked on her slim chest, as her teacher whispered, "Very nice, dear, you have absolutely perfect breasts, by the way, do you have a boy friend!?!" "Uh, no," Dani replied, "not for a long while now, why do you ask!?!" "Mmmmm, I was just wondering if your nipples were getting the oral attention they obviously deserve," Miss Haller casually asked while softly stroking Dani's arm!?!" "W-why I don't see how that is any of your business," Dani stammered!!! While continuing her caressing, Miss Haller replied, "Oh come now, girl, with nipples so puffy and engorged you must be constantly on the lookout for some to suck them, much like this," and to Dani's utter shock, Miss Haller calmly leaned over and gently took one of her nipples into her mouth and began nursing softly!!!"Stop that this instant," Dani gasped while Miss Haller continued her oral servitude on her nipple, "t-this is wrong, you mustn't do this, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy!!!" Miss Haller expertly nibbled and sucked on Dani's erect nipple until the poor girl didn't even know what day it was, so when she shoved her hand inside of Dani's panties, she not only didn't try to stop her, she spread her legs and offered better access to her now dripping vagina!!! "Are you a virgin," Miss Haller whispered while vigorously fingering Dani's oozing slit, "you seem very tight!?!" "Yes," Dani moaned softly, "I-I'm still a virgin, no ones ever put his thing inside of me, never!!!" "That's a good girl," Miss Haller replied gently, "you want to save yourself for me, don't you child, no naughty and dirty penises for you, right!?!" "No, no penises for me," she said between moans, "just you, ohhhhhhhhhh that feels so nice, oh yes, right there, do my clit, ohhhhhhhh yes, do me harder!!!"By now Dani was so confused and turned on she would have agreed to just about anything, but what was very true at that very moment was that she desperately needed to climax in order to protect her sanity, and while she would have never believed it possible, old lady Haller was giving her the fingering of a lifetime!!! "Are you close, dear," her teacher whispered in her ear, you seem so tense!?!" "I-I'm so close," Dani gasped, "j-just a little more and I'll get there, oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm cumming so fucking hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy!!!" Dani was almost like a hand puppet being worked by the old lady as she bucked and pressed her mons against Miss Haller's insistent finger, and her orgasm was one that left her shaking and quivering like a bowl of Jell-o!!! "So, how was that," Miss Haller said while returning to Dani's nipple for a little nipping and kissing!?! "That was incredible," Dani sighed while luxuriating in the aura of her first woman to woman orgasm, "are you a lesbian!?!" "Do you care," Miss Haller asked while resting her cheek against Dani's breast, "does it really matter one way or the other!?!" "I guess not," Dani replied while gently patting Miss Haller's cheek and hair, "but anyway, that was just unreal, thank you so much!!!"Miss Haller slowly stood up before the shell shocked teenager, and with out any warning, removed all of her clothing and lay back down on the bed with her legs spread wide apart!!! "See my pussy," she asked softly, "it needs some attention, just like yours did, and you're going to take care of it for me, aren't you!?!" Still in a daze, Dani moved between the old woman's legs, and let her fingers trace a line along the length of the hairy slit, but when she began flicking her clit with the end of her finger, she was shocked when Miss Haller reached out and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth directly to the gaping snatch with the order, "I did you, now you do me, suck it!!!" With the musky aroma of freshly aroused vagina filling her nose and mouth, Dani quickly took to eating cunt like a duck takes to water, that being expertly!!! "Oh christ, you little cunt lapper," Miss Haller moaned, "suck me off you little bitch, show me what a good little cunt lapper you really are!!!" Her mind was spinning like a top, and her nerves were a jangled mess, but Dani was finding out two things for sure, one, that she was born to suck cunt and two, that she was very good at it as the moans and sighs of her English teacher betrayed!!! "Oh god, you love it don't you, cunt," Miss Haller moaned, "you love sucking pussy don't you, bitch!?!" Between sucks and nibbles, Dani pulled her mouth away and gasped, "I-I don't believe it, but I love it, and I'm gonna suck you until you cum in my fucking mouth, you fucking old bitch!!!!" Just hearing the hot little trollop talking so dirty was more than the she could stand, so like water rushing down a rapids, her cunt convulsed hard while her pussy shuddered, sending a torrent of juice into Dani's waiting and eager young mouth concluding what she could only describe as a brutally devastating orgasm!!!After Miss Haller had had a chance to come down from her high, Dani crawled on top of the old woman and lay her head on her large breasts and cuddled up close to her new lesbian lover!!! "You're all mine, child," Miss Haller said softly, "whenever I call, you come, go it!?!" Dani didn't even bother answering, but instead she let one of Miss Haller's huge nipples slip into her mouth and began sucking it like a little child!!! Miss Haller caressed her cheek and whispered gently, "From now on, you're my baby, just my little baby!!!THE END
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