Tom's Story, Part 1: The Summer of Samantha


I pulled up at the address and quickly realised that Samantha, as girlfriends go, just got way better, as her parents must have been phenominally rich to have afforded a house on the highest hill in town. It was massive, three storeys of brick and marble and a view that took in the whole horizon overlooking the sea. I knocked on the door and was greeted by her dad. Sam was adopted as her parents were English, not asian. As I was brought inside I met her Mum and gaped at the huge house which was decorated with antique furniture and expensive artwork. Then the parents went back to work in their offices on the bottom floor. Samantha came out dressed in a tight little white tennis dress that had the shortest skirt in the known universe. On top of that, she wasn't wearing any bra, and her erect nipples poked through the white cotton of her dress. She was beautiful and so damned sexy that I wanted her right there and then. "How about we go up and play some tennis before the swim, Tom?" she asked playfully, and she came up and kissed me, standing on her tip-toes and wrapping her arms around my neck. Her nubile body pressed against me and Im sure she could feel the bulging in my pants. We went upstairs, hand in hand and came to the top floor, which just happened to be the roof. Under the shade of some sail-cloth, there was a small tennis court and a deep blue pool. Don't ask me how they got a pool on the roof, but man, there was one. We played tennis for about 10 minutes, before I couldn't take the sight of her panties showing every now and again, as the breeze blew her skirt up a little. "Hey, Sammy, how about we go for a swim, Im getting hot" I said, and took off my shirt, and jumped into the pool.

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   The water was great, but I wanted something more than a swim. As I broke the surface, I looked back and saw Sammy taking off her tennis dress. That alone got my cock as hard as a shaft of granite, but she just happened to be wearing a bikini underneath. It was white, and those nipples kept on showing through. I got out of the pool as she stood there, and with water rushing off me, I went over to her and kissed her like a man possessed. My wet body soaked the front of her bikini, and it was as if the material almost dissolved because I could see the rosy pink of her nipples, the curve of her breasts and the thin line of dark pubic hair that grew just above her hot little pussy lips. She was pressing her body against me, and while I was kissing her I knew that she was getting horny. She lifted her hips so she could grind her little clitoris against my hard cock which unfortunately happened to still be in my pants. Just as I was about to take her top off and suck her nipples or just fuck her then and there, her mum called out "Sammy!, Tom!, lunch is ready". We broke off guiltily and grinned at each other. I guess we both realised then that we both had the same problem - sweet and innocent was just an outside shell, while the white hot fires of lust and passion burned fiercly underneath. Nothing major happened later that day, or the next, I still went to work and she came and visited for lunch. Then we went to the park for a picnic on a thursday afternoon. The place was secluded and deserted, and the summer air was warm. We ate on a blanket in the shade of a few trees and sure enough, touching turned into stroking and we began kissing as if life itself depended on it.

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   Sammy was wearing some shorts and a tight little t-shirt that had 'Angel' written on it "Yeah, right" I had thought with a grin. I had jeans on and a button-up shirt. It was starting to get very hot between kisses, and somehow I lost my shirt to a pair of sexy, feminine hands that just about ripped it off. I lay on top of her, covering her little body with my own, squashing her tits against my hard chest tongueing her hot little wet mouth with my snake-like tongue, running my hands over her body and making her groan whenever I touched my thigh against her crotch. I was a virgin in every way, but what do geeky guys do? They read. I had spent countless hours reading those "How to enjoy sex books" that were a turn on and informative at the same time. Who said book-learning wasn't useful? And now I used some of those lessons I learnt on the hot little asian babe underneath me. Still kissing her, I moved my body slightly to one side and ran my hand down her side and then moved it up the inside of her thigh, stroking her silky body gently, but with each movement, moving closer up towards her pussy. I had my hand up her shorts now and I could actually feel the heat of her tight little cunt on my hand. I worked my way further up and brushed her panties, and all the reading in the world didn't prepare me the hot, slippery wet underwear that clung to her sizzling crotch. It was like someone had poured melted honey over her thighs and cunt and all the while she was groaning and trying to fuck herself on my hand.
    My cock was bulging inside my jeans and I wanted just to spear her on it. I couldn't take much more so I peeled her soaking underwear to once side and found her clitoris. It was hot and wet and hard and as I mashed the palm of my hand against it, the effect was awesome. The cute little girl I knew started groaning and panting "Fuck me Tom, fuck my cunt with your hard cock, I've wanted it so long.

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       Oooo, fuck meeee, pleeease, Im gonna come. . . " and come she did. She bucked against my hand and it got even wetter under those shorts. She buried her face into my chest and moaned and moaned until the fever passed. I still was rubbing her clit and my hand was drenched in her juices. My cock was straining though, and the big bulge at the front of my jeans kinda gave my horniness away. She smiled at me and purred "Is there anything that I could do for you Tommy?". I think I must have blushed bigtime, cause she giggled, got up, took me by the hand and we went into a clump of bushes away from prying eyes. I stood, and she sank down to her knees, curling them up under her in a distictly asian sort of way. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said "I think you need a helping hand, Tommy". Her eyes then looked at my bulging jeans and with slow deliberate movements, she undid my belt and unzipped the fly of my jeans. The zip whirred and I inwardly smiled as she discovered that I had no underwear on. My thick cock, drenched in pre-cum, erupted from my jeans, almost smacked her across the face with its length.

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       She gave a little gasp and took it into her hand and started pulling on me. I was almost about to come when she had began cumming on the blanket before, so I didn't need much encouragement. "Sammy, Im gonna come soon, I want you to suck on my cock, baby". She smiled and opened her mouth to let my cock in. This was my first blowjob, so I didn't really know what to expect. But in her hot little asian mouth, her tongue was flicking the eye of my cock and she was taking me all the way into her mouth. It was so hot and wet that I imagined I was fucking her tight pussy, and then I came. With a groan that shook my whole body I sent stream after hot sticky stream of my semen into Samanthas sucking little mouth. She gobbled my cum down greedily and squeezed my balls until there was no more. It had felt so good that my legs were a bit shaky, but I couldn't wiat until I got to fuck her for the first time. Much later, we went back to the blanket and went to sleep in each others arms. My last thought was this would last forever. I was wrong. . is the top online escort agency in Belgium!

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