Truth...or Dare? Part 1


I was in the 6th grade and didn’t really know anybody. I was in a new year around school, and my only friend was a short brunette named Chrissy. She was always hyper, and very funny, and a majority of our pre-teen boys liked her. After a couple of months, I had grown popular and Chrissy remained my best friend. She was from Canada, and had an older sister in the 8th grade named Jamie. We began to talk about private stuff, like normal friends. "Can you keep a secret??" While I thought that she was going to say something like who she has a crush on. . she began telling me weird things about her and her sister. "Well my sister. . . does things to me. She is so stupid. She'll take sharpies and stuff and stick it up her pussy and ask me to do it too" This freaked me out, so I chose to toss it to the other side of my mind. She told me about her sister a lot, and her sister was pretty too with blonde hair, brown eyes, skinny and was only 5' 2".

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   One night, I slept over at her house. Our favorite thing to play was truth or dare and we started off with normal stuff like ding dong ditching and throwing rocks at windows. Jamie got a strange look in her face, "you guys wanna do. . . different kind of dares and skip the truths?" I knew what she was going to do, I had played truth or dare withboys before and knew what it meant when they say "different" kind of Dares. I was scared but at the same time intrigued. I nodded and Chrissy smiled. "I dare you to kiss Jenny. . on the lips. . . with tongue! And by the way, anything that happens here doesn’t leave this room!" Chrissy looked at me with pleading eyes asking for permission. She walked over, leaned in close and I could feel her small breasts against mine.

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   She had boobs, but was probably only a high A. For me, I was big for my age and had a cup size of 36 B. That was the one thing I’m proud of, I’ve always had big breasts and a nice, round ass, that got me my share of boysgrowing up. Chrissys nipples were hard through her thin night shirt, and I suddenly got a shiver as her lips met mine. It wasn’t supposed to be long, but she twisted her mouth a jammed her tongue into mine, making a long passionate kiss. When it was over, I couldn’t believe the shock in Chrissy’s eyes, and I knew I must have had it too because she shook it away and said "there, Idid it. done. " Jamie seemed pleased, and I knew that wasn’t even close to the end. Jamie smiled and said, "That was fun, now I dare both of you to come over here and massage my boob. Jenny, you get left, Chrissy, right. " I hesitated, what was I doing, I thought. This was strange, but at the same time I still walked over to Jaime. Jamie was probably the same size as me. She wasn’tvery tan, like Chrissy, yet she wasn’t pale, like me. She pulled off her black shirt, revealing a black lace bra where the tops of her breast bulged out.

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   I felt heat down in my pussy area, but I knew this all was too weird. She un did her bra and revealed her breasts. I had never seen another girls breasts before, and was surprised to see big brown nipples, while mine were smaller and pink. I watched as Chrissy grabbed her right breasts and began to fondle it, I could tell she had done this before. Jamie looked at me with this look like "get going!" and I grabbed at her breast, liking how it felt in my hands. Jamie's eyes were closed, and she mumbled under her breath as I looked over and saw that Chrissys head was plunged into Jamie’s nipple and shewas sucking and biting. I decided to copy, and moved my head down to begin to suck on her lucious nipple, with the sounds of Jamie's moans in the background. Suddenly, she shot up, "All right. Done. Now its you guys' turn. " Confused, I let go of her throbbing nipple, "turn for what?" Jamie pushed my shoulders to the floor and I lay there in bewilderment. She pulled off my shirt, and Iknew this wasn’t what most girls do, but I still was excited to go on. Now, I was in my pink flowered bra, My breasts bulging out just like Jamie's. Jamie leaned down and began to suck and lick at my flat stomach, ordering Chrissy to do so too. Together they pulled off my bra revealing my large breasts and pink nipples.

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   They hardened quick, when reaching the cold air and Chrissy and Jamie ran their tongues up to my boobs, licking and sucking. It was a sensation I had never felt before, and i began to have tinkley feelings down near my pussy, and also felt very damp. "this isn’t enough!" Jamie replied, and began to shed her jeans off revealing a pink butterfly thong. She took it off, revealing a shaved pink pussy. I had never seen another girls before, and never really considered shaving my own. She sat on top of me so my nipple almost went in her. Chrissy tookher shirt off, bra, and pants to be siting there only in her purple thong, matching her sisters. Chrissy didn’t shave, but all she had was peach fuzz so it didn’t make a difference. I began to feel embarrassed, what if they saw my hair and got disgusted? But before I knew it, they pulled off my jeans revealing my skimpy underwear, but not for long, because like animals they practically ripped it off. I was scared and excited at the same time, and I knew they had donethis before. Maybe even to someone like me, a friend sleeping over. -------TO BE CONTINUED!!-------.