Two and a half girls! part one


Topic: Friday Afternoon     I sat down on my bus, at the end of school, in the third row. I took out a book, and settled down to read, pushing my knees against the seat rest in front of me. It was Friday again, and I had nothing planned for the weekend. I was going to go paintballing with some friends, but two of them had backed out, and three people for paintball is no fun. I glanced up as a girl got onto the bus, and walked down the length of the bus. Her name is Roberta, and she had two other sisters. The older one is called Sophie and the younger one Camilla. Now, before you comment on the oddness of the names, I live in Mexico.  Roberta is the middle one, and a sophomore. I am a freshman in high school, and I had a crush on her in seventh grade.
She is 1. 69, with long brown hair, flat stomach and brown eyes that twinkle. I am 1. 75 tall, with longish brown hair, slightly curly, blue/green eyes, and an athletic body. Camilla is in seventh grade, with curly black hair that reaches down to her shoulders and Sophie is a junior with black hair as well and with eyes that seem to be x-raying everything she looks at.   Going back to the story, I nodded to Roberta when she said hello in a soft voice.

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   Something about her eyes made me glance at her again when she went to her seat, in the row behind me. Soon, Camilla arrived, panting, and smiled at me in hello. Again, I nodded, and returned the smile. Of the three sisters, she was the lighthearted one, who is always up for a joke. She went and sat next to her sister, and they started whispering, and it seemed to be something important. I simply went back to my book, resting on my knees, and continued reading. A few seconds later, Sophie climbed up into the bus, as the bell rang and the buses turned on their engines. Sophie was the stoic one, and I was surprised to see her eyes glistening.
She went and sat on the other side of the bus, but on the same row as her sisters. This time I pretended to go back to my book, since this conversation seemed to be interesting. Being a musician, a drummer no less, I had tuned my eras to pick up any sound, since it can be a problem to hear the bass drum when making a drum cover.  It turns out that their old man had had a heart attack a couple of minutes ago, and their mother had taken him to the hospital. Sophie, being the oldest, had received the instruction to crash at someone's house. I wondered why Camilla seemed so bright when she arrived, something I would learn later. Roberta and her family lived a street away from me, so when they started asking other people about them staying at their house, I offered.

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   I was the oldest one there on the bus, at fifteen, and the closest one to their house. I put forth my arguments, and they accepted. By now, Camilla was on the verge of tears, Sophie too, and Roberta was the only one who was taking things with relative calmness.
 I was a good cook, and my parents weren't at home. I smiled to myself, wondering what would happen. Being a fifteen year old, you have to forgive my dirty mind. I didn’t ask them what had happened, knowing that they would explain later. When we got to my place, I jumped off the top step of the bus and helped them down, just out of being courteous, and then opened my door. Once inside, I told them to make themselves at home, while I cooked. Camilla dropped her pack on the floor, and burst out in tears. So did Sophie. They went and sat on the couch, hugging each other. Roberta insisted on helping me make lunch, so I let her.
We walked into the kitchen, and I pulled out the ingredients to make pasta and tuna in white sauce. I filled the pan with water, and just then I heard a clatter.

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   I turned around, and saw that Roberta had dropped a white corning wear, where the white sauce was going to go. She her self was leaning against the fridge, struggling to keep the tears in check. I turned her around and hugged her. She hugged me back, and I simply got hard when she pressed her breasts against me, and started crying.  
"How bad is it?" I asked.
“I don't know. Damn it, I don't know!" She whispered in my ear, her voice thick.   
I pulled slightly away from her, and kissed her cheek, near her mouth. She hiccupped, and laid her head against my chest. I couldn't help flexing my chest muscles as she did so. I am the scrum half on my schools rugby team, and I did loads of exercise, so my body felt like chiseled stone most times.    
I leaned over Roberta's shoulder and picked up the phone "What's your mom's cell phone" I asked. She took the phone from me and dialed quickly. I turned and set about boiling the pasta up and frying the flour for the white sauce. I heard Roberta ask a few questions, and give a sigh of relief.

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   She hung up, and yelled into the living room, “Dads ok! He will be home in a few days!" She came back and pulled me around. She tilted her chin up and kissed me softly on my lips.
"Thank you so much for all you are doing" She said softly, and hugged me again.  
I was surprised, and felt good. Suddenly I became aware of the sauce burning. I quickly went to the stove and added the tuna fish, then mixed it up.  
"Lunch girls!" I yelled through the door. Sophie walked in a couple of seconds later. That was when I noticed she had taken her trench coat off, and was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top.
"Camilla is in the bathroom, washing her hands. " Sophie said, as she took her seat.
Just then Roberta asked, "Chris, where are your parents, are you all alone?"
I almost smiled with the implications of 'are you all alone' "Yeah, my sister is with her boyfriend the weekend, the other one at my grandparents house the weekend doing her thesis, and my parents had to go to a wedding for the week. "  
Just then Camilla walked in, and I served lunch. We ate in silence, until Sophie asked quietly, "So is anyone going to be at the house tonight, Rob?"
Roberta shook her head, indicating no.
Sophie spoke up again, "Chris, would it be all right if we stay here the night.

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   We aren’t really used to being at home alone. "
Camilla shuddered and Roberta nodded.   
I looked at each girl in turn, wondering. "Sure, I don't see why not?"   
To cut it short, they were very grateful, and later on I ran to their house to pick up the clothes they wanted. I came back, and, Camilla was going through my video games, looking for one she would find halfway decent. She then inserted Lego Star wars into my Xbox, bending over from the hips, and giving me a look at her ass. I snapped my attention away as Sophie walked in, asking where they could sleep.    
I sat down and thought, then said, "We have to guest beds, so two of you could sleep there, and then another girl would sleep in my bed and I sleep in my parents bed, how is that"
"Sure, that would work. " Sophie said.
It was decided that Roberta would sleep there, and the other two girls in the guest beds. When I showed Sophie to the guest rooms, she locked herself up there to have a shower. I took Roberta to my room to show her around. She was very impressed with my drum set, and asked me to play later. I agreed, and just then I heard a scream from the guest room. Being a runner, and a boy scout as well, I reacted faster than Roberta and tore through the house until I got to the guest room.

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   I quickly broke down the door, breaking the lock. I ran into the bathroom to see a sight I would never forget. The first thing I saw was Sophie, naked, standing on the toilet. She had 36 B breasts, I think, and a quite a black bush on her pussy. The next thing I saw was a GIANT scorpion. It was brown, and I was surprised. It was the first brown I had ever seen. Just then Roberta came in running, and Camilla not far behind.    
 I am the kind of guy who knows how to do a lot, since I enjoy risking my life a lot. I knew how to trap insects, so I shot my hand out and grabbed up the scorpion by the tail, right under the poison thing. It hung there, trying to reach my fingers. I gave it a good, short shake and it fell still. I tossed it out the window, and meanwhile I grabbed a towel and offered it to Sophie. She accepted it, and got down and did something that surprised me. Instead of wrapping up the towel to hide herself, she hugged me and started crying.

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   By this time, Roberta had left, being scared of things with more than four legs and so had Camilla, who did not want to miss her game. I guess they left once they realized Sophie was safe. Sophie then pressed her lips against mine.    
What the hell was wrong with them what did they have for kissing me Just then Sophie put the towel on, and asked whether she could bathe in my bathroom. I said sure, why not after that, I walked over to the family room to watch Camilla playing Xbox.    
Later on, Sophie appeared, bathed and refreshed, in one of those really short jean shorts, and in one of those spaghetti strap t-shirts that don’t cover the stomach, I did a double take, but then forced my eyes away from her. Camilla stood up, and asked whether she could bathe in my bathroom as well. I said yes, trying not to think of a dream I had last night, where she had shoved a bottle up her pussy.  Roberta seemed to be doing homework in my room, so I didn't hear of her till later. I put on Love Actually and Sophie and I settled down to watch it. I put my arm around her, trying not to look at her breasts. Then I noticed that she didn’t have a bra on, and her nipples where sticking straight out. Sophie caught my look, and I turned away quickly.   
"What where you looking at" she asked, teasing.  
"Nothing, the TV.

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  " I responded, nervously.    
"Are you sure you weren't looking at these" She asked, rubbing her breasts.   
The act made me lose it.
"Yes" I said, and immediately kicked myself.
Just then, Sophie turned over and straddled me, grabbed my face and kissed me. It was one of those kisses that take your breath away, with our tongues playing, my hands going down her body to grab her ass. What an ass! I kissed her neck, and she moved away. She took her top off, and then pressed against me again. We where sitting there, my face between her breasts when I heard Roberta calling from my room.
I pushed Sophie away from me, trying to breath as I yelled back, "Coming"
Sophie whispered in my ear, "You will be, later. " With that she got off me, putting her top on again.   
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