Where am I Part 1


“Where am I?’


“Who am I?”


“What have you done with me?”


I awoke to mere nothingness. No light was present in the damp room that I found myself trapped in. The only thing I could remember was my name. Thomas. I immediately stood up and observed my surroundings: A small room, about 30 feet square, a twin bed, with sheets, a dresser with a lamp, and of course a toilet.

A lamp! I flipped it on with no hesitation. Looking around I noticed what seemed to a door—locked—and a mirror that extended the entire back wall. My mind was racing on what could be happening to me. Was I abducted? Was I some sort of criminal? Am I crazy?

My appearance took me by surprise. Nearly six feet tall, medium brown hair, blue-eyes, and a semi-athletic build. I had blue jeans on, socks, and a bland T-shirt. Maybe 16? 17? My stomach grumbled and almost on queue a panel on the door opened with a click, allowing a tray of food to pass through.

I was going crazy the next few hours, between screaming my head off and questioning my existence.

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   How long would I be here? A couple of hours later I dozed off into a dreamless slumber. When I awoke I was taken by storm. A girl was in the room, curled in the corner, her head placed upon her knees.

“Who are you and why am I here?”


“Hello?” I was furious at my circumstance and the fact that this girl may be involved, but I was over succumbed by curiosity.

“My name is Thomas… I think. Could you at least tell me yours?”

Without notice she sprang to her feet in a fighting stance.

“What have you done to me?!”

“What are you talking about? I’m here without any memory except my name, at least tell me yours. ”

“You’re serious? Me too. I’m pretty sure my name is Kara. ”

When she began to calm down I was finally able to take in her appearance: extremely athletic, long silky black hair, green eyes, and probably the smoothest skin I have ever seen. I couldn’t stop staring. Sure, I loss my memory, but I still remembered what an angel looked like.

“What are you staring at? Am I hurt?”

“No, you’re perfect… uh, I mean, I’m not sure what we are doing here. ”

We both blushed nearly simultaneously.

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   There was no way I could be nervous around a girl at a time like this! The next 24 hours seemed to be much of the same: eat, sleep, get to know each other (which was little more then basic personality traits). Our clothes were beginning to look and feel grime. Once again, whoever had been watching us supplied the goods. The door slid open and two fresh pair of clothes and underwear plopped through the cubby. We decided to turn our backs to one another in order to change in privacy.

Either she didn’t notice, or she just didn’t care, Kara turned to the wall opposite the mirror, leaving me to face it. I dropped my pants not paying much attention to her changing. Once I dropped my boxers, I began to lift my T-shirt over my head. As I did so, I caught a glimpse of pale white skin in the mirror. It was her. Curiosity got the best of me and I stared straight into the mirror.
    Her entire backside was exposed. Even with memory, I don’t think anyone could have had a rounder bosom. That’s not to say it was large per say, but it appeared soft to the touch. She was athletic, that’s for sure, whether it was from an enthusiastic volleyball career, or an extremely fast metabolism.

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    Her face tilted to the side and I could faintly make out a smile.

    “Like what you see?”

    I turned, without the thought of my nakedness to defend my staring.

    “Well, it’s quite obviously you do. ”

    I had no clue what to say, so I covered myself like an idiot.

    “It’s only fair you get to see me I guess. ”

    With that she turned around, exposing her breasts. They weren’t large, like her ass (where’d that word come from? Ass?). Her breasts were past budding, probably past full development, putting her in the 15-16 range like me. Something from my memory pulled through suggesting they were b-cups. Her smile remained. And with it she kicked her clothes to the sky.

    “I guess clothes are kind of pointless at this point wouldn’t you say?”

    I turned and stared into the mirror. Is that what these people want? Is this some kind of experiment? Fine then, let’s put on a show.

    Note: I know it is short and I plan on extending the story well past this, however, i dont want to do so until i am certain that i will have readers, and that it actually gets published (my last story mysteriously dissapeared.

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