WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson XI


"Attention! Do not read any further if you are either too young, not allowed to view this kind of content in your region/area/whatever, offended by this kind of material, or related to the author by blood!" Trent announced as he read off a piece of paper. "In other words: Read at your own risk!" "Does anyone ever listen?" Eria asked. "Who knows? I wouldn't," Trent replied as he crammed the piece of paper into his mouth and swallowed it. "Mmm. . . minty!" ***** The clear blue skies and the gentle breeze of the wind watched over the town below. The clouds above rolled along with flocks of chirping birds and themselves as their only company. With the setting sun halfway into the horizon, the shadows were long and stretched out into monstrous shapes. The blue skies slowly turned orange as though they were dyed with hot-blooded fire. This created the right kind of atmosphere needed for the training taking place atop the fifty story apartment building. Four shots rang out. Tim stood atop the roof of his apartment building with sunglasses on and a Glock gun in each hand. Both of them were pointed at the eight wooden poles that were around 100 feet away. All eight wooden poles were wearing the standard Dragon Skin body armours (it'd probably be the standard in the future. .

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  . right?) and they were positioned so that four were in front and four directly behind them. Directly above the body armours where the necks would be were the bullet holes made by Tim's two guns. The bullet holes in the four front wooden poles reached all the way to the other side and in line with the holes in the rear wooden poles. The holes in the rear wooden poles were only an inch deep. Four more shots rang out. This time, the young assassin decided to survey the damage done to the wooden poles and examine them closely. He checked the bullet holes in the front wooden poles first. Each of the front wooden poles only had the single hole that stretched from one side to the other. Taking out an extra unused bullet, he placed the bullet into one of the holes and found that it was a perfect fit. He got the same result with the other three poles. When he checked the rear poles, he found that they also only had a single hole each. However, this time they weren't only an inch deep. This time they stretched out from one side to the other. Using the same unused bullet as before, Tim checked to see if it fit perfectly into all the holes in the rear wooden poles, front and back.

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   They all passed. "Master? Dinner's ready," Eria called out as she poked her head over the rooftop. One of the benefits of living on the highest level of a rundown apartment building was the easy access to the rooftop. All Eria needed was the rickety old wooden ladder that was already out on the balcony and the courage to use it. Ever since Eria started living with him, Tim considered getting an actual metal staircase with railings installed. However, Eria assured him that she was just fine with using the ladder and installing a staircase would be too much trouble. "I'll be done soon," Tim replied as he made his way back to the spot he fired his shots from. As he made his way back, he thought about the training he received over the weekend when he was in Sera's "backyard". With the images of the training clear in his mind, he concentrated on surrounding himself with as much chi as possible. As soon as he reached his firing position 100 feet away from the wooden poles, the dark yellow chi around his hands had already enveloped his guns. He turned around and fired. Another four shots rang through the air. ***** Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson XI Class: 4D Room: 104 What do you get if you cross a lollipop with a pussy? ***** "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Please stop!" Metal Mask pleaded as she cried out in pain. She was wearing her metallic mask as usual and her long brown hair with pink bangs was tied back into a ponytail. A piece of red string with two bells encircled each long side-burn as they swayed from side to side.

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   Instead of her usual sunglasses, she wore a black blindfold around her head as commanded by her new master, Liowyuhgu the orange demon. "You were the one who summoned us to catch a blonde wench, a slayer bitch, and a berserker bastard," The orange demon growled bitterly as he clenched the cat o' nine tails in his right hand. His eyes were narrowed and concentrated, though it didn't appear as though he was completely focused on the bound girl before him. "You never told us what kind of people you were sending us after. It's bad enough that you never mentioned anything about that Kenjutsu brat being the Double Sword Demon Slayer's disciple, but you left out the fact that "some guy" was actually a berserker! Then there's that gunslinger, that invincible summoner, and that. . . other blonde freak you oh-so conveniently forgot to mention. What's more. . . that blonde bitch you wanted back alive turned out to be that deadly pair's eldest daughter. Now Mianngu and Koougu are dead because of you! You really expect me to stop after sending us on such a suicide mission?" After the initial attack on certain students of Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School, Metal Mask did her best to hide from her demons. She received word around two days after the attack that the blue and red demons were killed, but the orange one was still alive. With two less demons to worry about, the masked woman got sloppy and that led to her capture four days later.

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   Now she was at the mercy of the very demon whose comrades were led to death by her request. "I-I. . . I didn't mean to! Honest!" Metal Mask continued to beg for mercy as she hung there upside down from the ceiling. Her ankles were shackled together and attached by a single chain to several eye bolts that were planted into the ceiling. Her voluptuous breasts were bound from the top and bottom by even more chains. Her hands were stretched out until they were almost touching the floor below her head with the wrists cuffed tightly together. The cuffs applied to her wrists were put on so tight that there was blood trickling painfully down her throbbing purple hands. The back of the masked girl's body was covered with angry red welts from the demon's whipping earlier. The buttocks in particular suffered the most damage from the cat o' nine tails. There were also serious bruises all over her body, indicating that more than just the whipping occurred. The orange demon wanted revenge so badly that he lashed out with his tails at first, but after several beatings he decided he wanted to keep the girl alive for future torments. Once he made up his mind about letting the girl live as his new slave, he settled on finishing her punishment with a good old fashioned whipping. "Had enough?" Liowyuhgu growled as soon as he stopped whipping the masked girl.

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   Dropping the cat o' nine tails, he stepped back and made a signal with his left hand. As soon as he made the signal, Lana and Jenna stepped forth into view with instruments of torture in their hands. The orange demon chuckled, "That's your cue, my pets. " "Yes master," Both Jenna and Lana said at the same time. Jenna carried a lit red candle in her right hand and a cup of salt in her left hand. She wore a black French maid's outfit that was sleeveless and the hem of the skirt reached only past her pussy. She also wore four inch heels with locks on them so that she was unable to take them off herself. The locks on the heels were also attached to each other by a thin strand of wire, which effectively acted as a hobble. Due to the short skirt of the uniform, it was also quite obvious that she had no panties on at the moment. The orange demon couldn't help but give the brown haired girl a rough pat on the ass. On the other hand, Lana wore a red leather collar around her neck along with a matching red under bust corset around her waist. Both of her nipples were ringed and attached to her collar by chains, causing them to remain erected at all times. She also wore a black ring gag around her head, preventing her from speaking and closing her mouth at the same time. A single silver chain was attached to the underside of the stud in her tongue and ran all the way down to the clitoris hidden behind the chastity belt she was forced to wear. She held in her right hand a plastic bag full of wooden clothespins.

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   "Wh-what do you think you're doing with those?!" Metal Mask exclaimed with a frightened look on her face. She wriggled about in her bonds, but gave up as soon as she knew it was futile. Her hands were so numb at this point that she couldn't even feel them anymore. The welts on her back stung like hell and her breasts were getting chaffed by the chains binding them together. However, she knew such pain was only the beginning of the long and arduous punishment her demonic master had in store for her. Lana was careful to keep her head down at all times to keep from pulling on the chain attached to her clitoris. Since she was forced to wear the chastity belt, she had been denied any orgasms and was tempted numerous times to pull on the chain to reach it on her own. However, she was once caught by Liowyuhgu right before she reached one and was punished severely as a result. Since then, she became afraid to disobey the orange demon and followed any and all orders she was given. With the memory of the punishment in mind, Lana knelt down in front of the bound masked woman and attached the first wooden clothespin to the left nipple. "Ah. . . " Metal Mask struggled in pain as she felt the clothespins on her nipples. Behind the blindfold, her eyes were squeezing tightly in an effort to overcome the burning sensation on her breasts.

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   Tears started pouring out of those eyes as soon as the salt hit the welts on her back and buttocks. Jenna slid the bottom of the lit candle into the masked woman's pussy and positioned it so that the wax dripped onto the thin layer of skin between the pussy and the anus. With one hand free, she was able to proceed with sprinkling salt all over her former captor's whip wounds. As Jenna sprinkled the salt, Lana decorated the bound girl's breasts with 10 clothespins; five on each breast. Realizing that there were only ten more clothespins left to use, she got to her feet and turned her attention on the vulnerable cunt lips before her. Jenna stopped sprinkling the salt once she realized that her fellow prisoner was done with the breasts. Setting the cup of salt down, she pulled out the candle out of Metal Mask's pussy and started dripping wax all over the bound girl's back. Lana attached three clothespins to each of the masked woman's cunt lip and one to each buttock. She held the next one as wide as she could before attaching it to the layer of flesh between the pussy and the anus. The final one was attached directly to the exposed clit. Metal Mask gave out a bloodcurdling scream once the last two clothespins were clipped in place. She was very close to passing out once she felt that last clothespin on her sensitive little love nub. All of her muscles tightened up so much in response to the pain that she barely noticed the burning wax dripping all over her back. She was ready and willing to do anything to get the clothespins off her pussy, but she knew that there was no way that was going to happen anytime soon. She learnt soon after her capture that Liowyuhgu was a cruel bastard when it came to torturing his prey.

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   "P-Ple-Please. . . l-let. . . let. . . me. . . " The masked woman continued sobbing through her metallic mask. She stopped struggling with her bindings and simply hung there upside down with a pool of her own blood directly underneath her purpled hands. She didn't even try to resist when she felt a stream of hot piss hit her face.

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   With the plastic bag now empty, Lana had only one task left before she was allowed to sit and watch the rest of her former captor's punishment. She carefully straddled her legs so that her pussy was directly over the masked woman's face. Once she was in position, she let loose a stream of piss through the grillwork of her chastity belt and all over the masked woman's face. Unfortunately for Metal Mask, the mask did not block out all the piss for most of it slipped through along the chin and pooled all over her mouth. Since Lana's piss did not leave through the other side, it filled up the mask and stayed there until the bound girl was forced to swallow it all up. Once she was done, Jenna slipped the candle back into the masked woman's pussy and took her turn pissing all over the bound girl's face. "Excellent work, girls," Liowyuhgu grinned maliciously as soon as his new sex slaves returned to his sides. He cupped each girl's chin in an affectionate yet authoritative manner and stared evilly into their beautifully glazed eyes. "Both of you will be rewarded tonight. Lana, my pet. . . I'll allow you an orgasm tonight. " "Thank you, master!" Lana exclaimed at once with excitement in her glazed eyes. She had waited so long for this and now it was finally here! "Thank you, master!" Jenna tried to emulate Lana's excitement, but unlike her fellow prisoner she was not denied any orgasms since her capture.

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   "Now sit back and watch as I teach this bitch a lesson about messing with demons," Liowyuhgu smirked as he approached the bound masked woman yet again. In each of his hands he held a long and sturdy cane made especially for spanking naughty little girls like the one hung helplessly before him. Metal Mask whimpered before the first two strikes struck their marks. ***** "Back in the day, the Glock had a pretty popular reputation as the plastic pistol that could get pass metal detectors and other security screening devices. So. . . I bought them. " "Is that why you use them, Shihfu?" Shihfu carefully took aim at the inanimate target before him. "That's right. I totally bought that myth when I heard it. " ". . . ?" Bang! Head shot at 25 feet.


   "There's no such thing as a gun invisible to metal detectors. Even if there was such a gun, the bullets inside are still detectable. That's what I learnt as soon as I bought them. " "But. . . yours are undetectable. I've seen you go through metal detectors with them without any problems. " Bang! Neck shot at 50 feet. "The ones I have are different. These aren't normal Glocks. They're X0-series Glocks. After the Glock 45 was made, a new line of undetectable pistols branched out and became the X0-series. The ones the police and military use are from the regular Glock-series. The ones I use are from the undetectable X0-series that you can't legally get anywhere.

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  " "Then the ones you first bought were. . . " Bang! Bang! Right through the eyes at 100 feet. "Antique Glock 39s that came out more than a decade ago in 2005. Here, it's your turn. You'll notice this one's a bit more powerful than the ones you're used to. " ". . . . . " Bang! Klang! ". . .

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  . . " ". . . . . " "Looks like that gun is too strong for you. First time I've seen a gun fly out of a guy's hand like that. " ". . . . . " "Pick it up and try again.

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  " "Yes, Shihfu. " "This time, use this chain and tie it to your hand. " "Yes, Shihfu. " "There're a hundred cartridges in this box here. Keep trying till you run out, understand?" "Yes. . . " ***** Tim's eyes slowly cracked open to the view of the white ceiling above him. He lay in bed with the sheets up to his armpits and his hands by his side. For some reason, he didn't feel like getting up today. As he lay there, he remembered the time when he first fired an X0-series Glock and how it flew out of his hand as soon as he pulled the trigger. The sheer force behind the recoil stung his hand badly and caused him to flinch in pain, resulting in a miss. The young former assassin also remembered how his Shihfu had him fire the gun over and over again until he got it right. In the end, all one hundred cartridges were used up and only a few lucky shots managed to hit the target in non-lethal areas like the ears, shoulders, and thighs. Although the chain kept him the gun from flying out of his hands again, the recoils did enough damage to his right hand to make it bleed a river of blood.

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   It only took a couple of seconds for Tim to realize that he wasn't in his apartment anymore. Once his brain caught up, he turned his head to the side and immediately realized that he was in the hospital. When he tried to get up, he was quick to notice that both of his hands were wrapped in bandages! Tim urgently sat up, causing the clean white sheets covering him to fall to his waist. Breathing heavily, he examined his bandaged hands with the same sharp and calm look in his eyes. When he felt his fingers move slightly through the bandages, his breathing slowed down to a normal rate. He wouldn't be able to write let alone shoot a gun for a while, but the injuries didn't appear as serious as he first thought. The guns exploded. Tim remembered. That's why he was here. The guns exploded and knocked him out. "Mmm. . . " A familiar voice moaned. Tim looked down to see that the voice belonged to Eria, who was resting her head atop the bed.

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   The little slave girl was fast asleep despite the afternoon sun bathing her long light brown hair with crisp autumn light. Her sweet child-like face breathed peacefully as she snuggled up to the warmth of her master's bed sheets. The normally cold and distant young man couldn't help but brush back the older girl's hair in an affectionate manner and give her a serene smile. Unlike for other people, Tim didn't need to use his sharp piercing eyes to know how worried Eria must have been. The poor girl was probably scared to death and stayed by her master's side all this time. The two of them had known each other for a little over three months, but it felt like they had known each other all their life. Leaning back against the white bars that made up the headboard, Tim placed his hand on Eria's head and enjoyed the peace and tranquillity. ***** Knock! Knock! "Coming!" Bam!!! Bam!!! "I said I'm coming!" Derek shouted as he continued channel-surfing with no real intention of getting up and answering the door. When the door-banging did not stop, he reluctantly got up and answered the door. "Package for a Mr. Derek? Uh. . . this address here is right, right?" The postman scratched his head as he held out a very thick envelope out to the youngster. The man was acting strangely, as though something might jump out of nowhere or something.

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   His hat was lowered to the point where his eyes were hidden in darkness, but it was evident that there was fear in them. "Eh?" Derek accepted the envelope and was surprised at its weight. He was even more surprised when he saw who it was from. "It's from my dad! Eh? Kenya? I thought he and mom were in Egypt. Huh. . . " "Okay, gotta go! See ya!" The postman suddenly exclaimed hastily as he ran off as fast as he could. "Whoa! Hey! Wait! Don't you need me to sign anything?" Derek shouted after the postman, but it didn't look as though the postman heard him. Shrugging his shoulders, he opened up the envelope and a golden brown book fell out onto his awaiting hand. Puzzled as to why his dad would send him a book, he opened it up and was even more puzzled to see that it was completely blank! Well. . . completely blank save for the very last page, which read: "Hey champ! Found your magic yet? -Dad" ***** "So. .

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  . this is where the source of that last spike in energy level readings took place, huh?" A younger teenager who couldn't be over fourteen remarked as he stood next to the creek where the burnt bridge laid in shambles. The intrigued young man had short blonde hair and swampy green eyes. Tucked under his arm was a laptop with what appeared to be five differently coloured gems embedded into the back of the screen. "Well. . . second last spike, anyway. " "Hey, !X says he found a lead to that surge of energy you picked up last night," The voice of a girl around seventeen called out to the younger teen. She had short curly brown hair with string-like sideburns and soft brown eyes. "You wanna check it out? It's not that far from here. " "Where's it at?" ***** "I'm already here," X!, AKA Click announced as he stood in front of a hospital. His left eye appeared glazed for a second, and then it turned completely around revealing that it was a mechanical eye! The left eye now looked completely mechanical with a glowing red pupil in the middle. With this, he was able to see into the hospital and find his target. "I'm going in.

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