Xavier, Philip and Alexandra - Chapter 3


Chapter 3


It was Monday, I was walking to school. I always walked; it gave me time to think. I specially needed time to think now. My weekend at Philip’s house seemed so surreal. Even though we had two entire days we did talked or discussed about what happened. I mean, we had sex. I surely was disoriented, I still had emotional and physical feelings for girls (actually only for Alexandra). But I also liked “being” with Philip. But I was mostly stressed about what would happen after that. Would we just ignore it and never mention it again, would we continue this? I still wanted to continue, I think so. But I still had hopes of getting with Alexandra. Anyway I needed Philip to talk about it. Then for the rest of the way I went on with my fantasy about me and Philip, still being careful not to go too far and get a boner.


     When I got at school, I didn’t see Philip. I didn’t want to go looking for him as a madman so I just went to English class. When the bell rang Philip still wasn’t there.


   The teacher talked about something boring, literature, something else boring. Then he handed out some sheets and explained a group project. I decided to be with Philip even if he was absent I knew we would team up we usually work together. So for now I was alone working at my desk when the teacher came up to me and asked:

“This is a team project where is your partner?

-I’m gonna be with Philip, but he’s just absent today.

-Ok, said the teacher half-convinced. ”

He took a look around to see the other teams and said:

“You know what you will be a team of three with Alexandra. He called her and asked her to come here. Alexandra you’ll be with Xavier and Philip. Let’s hope that with these gentlemen you’ll work better, we already talked about your grades.

-What? But, I’m fine with Jen and Clara. ” Jennifer was her best friend she seemed like a nice girl but never really care about her, Clara was the “popular” type I really hated those kinds of people they always act like they own the place or something. It gets on my nerve.

“Come on, just take your stuff and work with Xavier.

-Ok, she said reluctantly. ” She didn’t hate me or anything; we knew each other since we were eight.

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   We were saluted each other in the hallway but she wasn’t the kind people that sees school as an academic place but more as a socializing place. She still had average grades though from what I knew.

     He took her stuff and sat next to me:

“So what work did you choose? she asked?

-I took The Raven by Poe.

-You’re alone?

-No, I’m with Philip he’s just absent.

-Ah! And did you start to work?

-Yeah, I did what I could but we’ll need to do the rest of the research at home.

-What do you mean “we”, I don’t wanna work with you.

I looked at her, rather surprised by her answer and a little heartbroken.

-No I’m just kidding. She said with a smile (I sighed in relief). But I know that if I arrange a meeting I’m just gonna skip it and we’ll never finish it, so we’ll need to do most of it this evening. When is the project due to, again?

-Wednesday of next week, I said.


We continued to work for the rest of the period. When the bell rang I continued to walk a bit with Alexandra and asked her when and where you we meet to do the school project. We would go to the local library right after school. I went to my locker and wanted to pick my stuff for art class but on the way I saw Philip, he saw me too.

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   We just stood there in front of the other for about a minute then he said:


-We need to talk about the weekend.

-Ok, yeah! Let’s go to the go to some place quiet. ”

We went to a staircase at the north part of our school, nobody ever went there because we weren’t allowed too, but there wasn’t any supervisor. And besides all the smoker went to through the main student exit (there were four main exits in our school the teacher’s two for the student on the south which lead to the street and this one which only lead to the parking). So we went to staircase and sat, we still had about ten minutes before we needed to go to class:

“So what did you think about our weekend? I asked.

-It was good, he answered with a smile.

-I’m serious.

-Hum, well. . . you know. . .

-I’d like to do it again, I said because he clearly wouldn’t break the ice.

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-Me too, but. . . like. . . how long have you been thinking about this. I mean thinking about boys.

-A few weeks, but I still have feeling for girls, I think so? And you, how long since. . . ?

-A few months, me too I still have feelings for Alexa. . . hem girls.

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I laughed a bit and continued:

“Talking of the devil she’s in our team for the English project.

    We need to go to the library after school to finish it.

    -I can’t do it tonight I have a family super, would you mind doing it I can do the rest.

    -Yeah, sure. ”


    The conversation being almost over we headed for art class. I wasn’t stressed out or anything with being alone with Alexandra because we were friends since a long time and I had gotten use to be around her. But I would still have preferred if Philip came.

         The rest of the day went on without anything exceptional. At the end of the day I took my stuff and waited in front of Alexandra’s locker. We then went to the library but on our way she asked:

    “Isn’t Philip coming, I saw him earlier?

    -No he has a family super.

    We then continued to talk.


         We went to the same elementary school. But we weren’t friends until Fourth grade, that’s when we were in the same classroom. I instantly fell in love with her but I was pretty shy. Philip did too but I didn’t know it at the time.

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       In first grade of High school we started to talk about our taste in the matter of love/sex. We were both virgins at the time but he always had a little more experience than I, he received a few blowjobs later in the course of high school. We were now in our 11th grade; we recently had a homosexual relationship and still loved her. That’s about what happened with us and Alexandra.


    When we got there she lead me to the far end of the building, she said it would be quieter. So started to work until around 6 pm when she said:

    “I actually hoped Philip wouldn’t come.

    -Hum, what? I asked still concentrated on our project.

    -I wanted for us to be alone, she then repeated.


    She then kissed me, without any warning. Her lips on mine, her face on mine; I was more than surprised she never showed any of these feeling toward me. But I surely wouldn’t miss my opportunity so went on. We kissed for about five minutes, then she took a step back and I looked in her dark mesmerising eyes. I could happiness but also relief, so did she in mine. She smiled, I imitated her, she then kissed me quickly on the lips took her stuff in a hurry and left. I sat there, did knew what to do.

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       After a few minutes I took my books and left.

         What would I do now, would I tell Philip? How would he take it? I wanted both of them. So I taught of a plan to be all together.


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