Young Whores in Malibu


Young Whores. Weekend in Malibu

This is a story of forbidden love between a fourty year old man and a sixteen year old prostitute . A work of fiction

My name is Jack Anderson and this is the story of how I learned what true love really is . I'm a fourty years old devorced man. Some would say I'm not bad looking for my age. I'm six foot two 190lbs with a full head of wavy brown hair with a touch of grey and brown eyes . This all began one day with a few drinks with my business partner Mike Jones. At my Malibu California beach house. It was a sunny friday afternoon and we sat out on my deck over looking the ocean . After about three martinis and a few hits of some primo weed . Our conversation turned to sex .

"You know what Jack . mike said "you've been divorced for a year now, "I think you need a little sexual adventure, "My good friend,

"I have an adventure every time I put on one of my hustler barely legal DVD's "All I need is some hand lotion, and my imagination" .

"Buddy I'm talking real sex with a real female, "And a young one from the way you sound". said Mike. "Your fourty years old now and your in your prime .

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   Said mike "shit guy get out and start living a little".

My friend Mike is a tall lean looking fourty year old man with a full head of light brown hair and blue eyes . He's never been married he's been on sex tours in the Orient and Amsterdam . He's a regular Califorinia swinger . And he's told me some things that I always kept secret . Like when he told me he went to a whore house in Amsterdam where the girls were all underage teens . This story both appalled and intrigued me . And part of me had wanted to go. I had been married for ten years. My wife could'nt have children so I never expierienced what it was like to be a father . But I often find my self admiring the sexy youthful looks of todays young teen girls When they come to shop at my stores . Mike and I own about five stores around the L. A. area that cater to teens called Teen Fashions . Mike bought out my wifes half of the chain .

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   After I caught my wife Anna screwing one of our clothing designers and skimming money from our profits so her and Fredrick could run off to Paris together . Well now their living in france but not with any of my money .

Mike took a hit off of a joint and passed it to me .

"Dude I know this pimp that specializes in young teen hookers, "Why don't You and Me give him a call and get laid by some sweet young whores".

"How young are we talking about now buddy". As I blew the sweet smoke slowly out of my lungs

. Mike replied "Oh any age from fifteen to eighteen I hear, "He meets them in bus stations and on the streets, "Their mostly runaways, "You know young chicks who come out here thinking they'll become big stars but end up tired and hungry out on the streets.

"Well the higher I got the more interested I became, "Ok partner you've talked me into it, "When. . . where and how do we meet these young whores,

"Well I'll just break out my trusty I-phone and give old Jimmy John a call".

"Shit you've got this guy on speed dial" I said amazed at how fast my best friend took his cell out to call the pimp.

"Hey Jimmy what it be like bro, Mike said thinking he was impressing the black pimp with his limited Ebonics
"Jimmy This's your main man Mike Jones, "You remember me right.

. Jimmy John is a tall thirty year old black pimp that some say looks a lot like Shaquille O'neil .

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"Yeah bro Mike, you know the tall white dude from the west hollywood Teen Fashion store, "Some of your girls buy their cloths from my stores, And i've been on a couple date's with your girl Trudy that cute sixteen year old with the pretty curly auburn red hair, "I have this old friend of mine here and he wants to take one of your girls up to his pad in Malibu for the weekend, "And if Trudy's available I'd like to take her up here to,

Jimmy John replied "Yeah Guy you the man who took my girl Trudy out a few times, "She really likes you she said you gave her a real fun time, . "So you want to see Trudey again, And you want a young girl about the same age as her for your horny old friend, "Well bro you're in luck because I have a new girl, "She's a foxy little blue eye'd blond named Ashley, And you want them for the whole weekend, "You know that'll cost some heavy change dude".

"How mutch for two days at our pad in Malibu, Mike replied . Jimmy replied "two grand total a grand for each girl plus expences for gas if I have my driver take them out there, "Its a long way from Compton to Malibu, .

"Hey how about we pick the girls up our selves and save you the haslle of coming out her, Said mike trying to save a little money .

"Ok my man you've got yourself a deal, "You can pick the bitch's up at the Compton Estates apartments over on Central ave, Their in apartment 230, "You pay my girl Keisha she's in charge of the house where they stay, "Oh and one mo thing don't damage my girls, "I cant make money off of damaged whores,

"Hey my friend and I are always perfect gentleman "you've got nothing to worry about, said Mike then he disconnected the call, . "Come on buddy we're going for a drive to Compton, said MIke. "And also this ones on me, I'll pay for the girls, I'll call it an early birthday present, . "But lets take your mercedes, "My Corvettes to small for four people.

Jimmy quickly called his twenty one year old madam named Keisha .

"Hey baby, said the tall beautiful black girl as she answerd her phone . Keisha used to be one of Jimmy's working girls. But now she helpes make sure the girls get to their appointments on time. And also she handled the money they bring back so Jimmy can get his cut .

"Hey sweet heart I've got a couple of rich honkies coming down from Malibu to pick up Trudy and that new chick Ashley, "Tell them to get their shit packed and be ready for a two day trip up to the coast in MalIbu.

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   Said Jimmy .

"Well how the fuck did these two bitches get a gig like that". Said Keisha .

"Now don't you be bitching girl, just get them to start pack'n, The dudes will be there soon, .

"Ok baby but you know you and me ain't been out to the clubs in a while,

"Yeah baby you and I will get out tonight, being as you won't have Trudy and Ashley to babysit, .

"Why now that sounds good babe "I'll tell them to get pack'n right now "By by big man . Keisha hung the phone up and went to tell the girls .

She first knocked on Trudy's door but did'nt find her there . Then she went to Ashleys door and heard the teens giggling and moaning . As she pushed the door open she saw what they were doing . They were laying with each other in a sixty-nine position . Sixteen year old Ashley was on the bottom and sixteen year old Trudy was on top eatch girl was lapping and sucking vigorously on each others young cunts. like two cute kittens drinking a bowl of milk .

"mmm Ash you taste so fucking good girl, said Trudy between licks .

"Oh yeah Trudy this is more fun then I thought it would be, "You taste better then the last cock I sucked, Said Ashley .

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Keisha stood leaning against the door frame she had lifted up the bottom hem of her red silk teddy and began fingering her pussy as she watched the to pretty young white girls eat eatch other out .

"Hey you lezzy's get your faces out of those cunts and get packed you've got a job for the weekend .

This startled both of the girls and made Trudy quickly roll off of Ashley's bare chest exposing the young Kansas farm girls slender young body and small round breast with nickel sized areolas and erect niples to Keisha's leering eye's .
"Why dont you knock first Keisha, Cant we have any privacy,. Said Trudy .

Trudy noticed that the hem of Keisha's teddy was pulled up and smiled. She was turned on by knowing the pretty black woman had been watching them and playing with herself . "Do you girles mind if I play to, Said Keisha , We've got a little time and I've been wanting to taste my new girls pussy, .

Then Keisha started slowly walking towards the bed where Ashley and Trudy still lay totaly nude with both of their wet cunts exposed . As she came closer she lifted her red teddy from her curvasecous brown body . Both girls noticed how beuatiful the young black woman was . Trudy had been sexual with Keisha a few times in the year she had been working for Jimmy . Ashley had been working for Jimmy and Keisha for a little over a month now since she ran away from her home in Junction City Kansas .

But this was Ashley's first time ever with any girl or woman . Trudy and Ashley had been toking on a joint and when Trudy was high enough she decided to seduce her pretty young friend .

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   Trudy undressed herself infront of Ashley and asked her if she'd ever been with a girl befor . Well needles to say one thing led to another and Ashley began haveing her first lesbian experience . Which was starting to get out of control with the beautiful tall slender madam coming into the picture.

"Hey trudy you sit on Ashley's pretty face, "I want to get a taste of her hot little pussy, said Keisha as she reached behined her head and pulled the long wooden pin that kept a leather hair tie in place to hold her thick black hair out of her face . Keisha had beautiful long silky strait black hair . Her mother was white and her daddy was an african emagrant from kenya . Her breast were full and firm and her body long and lean . She kept her black pubic bush well trimed and waxed with just a heart shaped clump of hair just above her pussy lips .

Trudy did as the madam orderd and climbed up over Ashley's sweet face

. "Hey wait Trudy I'm not ready, said Ashley

. But her friend did'nt listen . Becuase once Trudy was stoned and horny she went into a deep sexual trans that would'nt end until she came .

"Come on Ash eat me, I know you want it girl, Replied Trudy as she lowerd her trimed red hair'd cunt towards Ashley's waiting mouth .

"Hee. .

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  he. . ha, Ashley laughed nervously as her friends cunt came closer to her face and tungue . Ashley was stoned and decided. "What the heck I'm going to eat this girls pussy and eat it good to, Then she put her soft young hands on her best friends thighs and pulled her face to Trudy's sweet snach . "Mmmm baby I love how you taste, said Ashley as she licked away at Trudy's pink cunt .

Then Ashley felt Keisha's warm breath at her wide open crotch and she felt Keisha's fingers pull her cunt lips open Keisha started licking and sucking furiously at her already wet cunt . Then keisha stuck her long fingers in and started fingering Ashley's wet cunt as she licked it .

"mmm Baby I love your little cunt, You taste just like honey baby, . Keisha started tungue fucking and sucking Ashley right into a major orgasm with her exsperienced mouth and tungue . Slurp. . . slurp. .

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  . suck. . slurp .

"Oh god Keisha that feels so good, "Oh please don't stop girl, Ashley screamed out . Between licking and sucking Trudy's driping wet pussy.

"Ohh. . mmm Ashley your not to bad for your first time with a chick, Said Trudy as she rubbed her hot wet snach all over her friends pretty young face . Then they heard the door bell ring . "Hey Trudy why don't you chek who that is maby its your johns, Said keisha mumbling through Ashleys pussy .

"Shit Keish I was just getting ready to come again, said Trudy,

"Girl get yo ass out there now, I'll finish up in here, With this little slut, .

Trudy almost fell as she climbed off of Ashley's face then scurried around looking for some cloths to put on . She finally found her royal blue silk nighty and slid it down over her slender young body . At sixteen Trudy stood about five foot five she wieghed about ninety pounds .


   Her hair was auburn red with soft natural curles . Her eyes were almost an emerald green . Her face was pretty with no blemishes on her pure white skin . As she walked briskly down the hall her firm breast jiggled a little making her niples harden against the silky fabric of her night gown .

"Who's there she yelled through the door, . Then she looked through the peep hole to see who it was . "Mike'y, she yelled and quickly swong the door open .

"We had arrived at the appartments in record time it was about five p. m as I remember, . And the sight of the pretty young teen dressed only in a short royall blue nighty standing in the door way of the old rundown appartment complex almost looked out of place . Then I stood and watched as the teen Jumped up on Mike in a single bound wraping her legs and arms around him hugging him tightly and kissing him.

"Michael I did'nt know you were coming to get us, Said the girl .

"I wanted to surprise you sweet heart, said Mike as his hands and fingers foundled the girls bare bottom as he held her up . "Are you girls packed and ready to go up to my friend Jacks place in Malibu for the weekend,

. The girl looked in to Mike's eyes with a big smile on her face and screamed out .

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"Malibu your taking me and Ashley to Malibu, "This is so cool I've lived in California all my life I've never been there, She looked over at Me and said "Do you live by any movie stars. She looked so young and innocent when she asked me this with a big grin on her wide mouth when she smiled I noticed she had a close resemblance to a young Julia Roberts .

"Why yes my dear Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli have a house just up the beach away's" And my house used to belong to Sammy Hagar "He moved out of it after a brush fire damaged it awhile back" . She looked at me with a puzzled face and said . "Who the hell is Sammy Hagar" . When she said that it gave me a bad feeling "maybe these girls are to young" . Mike then let the pretty teen down and introduced us .

"Jack this is my favorit girl Trudy, And Trudy this is my good friend Jack Anderson, . Trudy stepped up to me and hugged me . Then the five foot five girl had to stand on her tip toes and give me quick kiss on the lips . When she did this I noticed a familiar taste that first I could'nt figure out but then she said .

"Come inside guys I'll go see if Ashley's ready, "We were doing a little lap licking when you guy's rang the door bell "I better go see if Keisha's finished eating her yet" .

Then she turned to me with a devilish grin and wiggled her index finger for me to follow her down the hallway . "Come on Jack you need to see this its Ashley's first time with a chick" . I followed the sweet young girl back down the hall to the bedroom .


  Where I heard sounds of moaning . As I stepped in to the door way I saw a pretty black girl laying on the bottom of a sixty nine position she looked a little older then the young platinum blond who was laying on top of her . With her face down between the crotch of the black girl .

"Oh. . . ahh. . . yesss. . ahh, baby thats the spot, the black girl mumbled out between licks of the white girls cunt . Then She pushed her tungue deep into the young girls snach . And made the little teen come hard . Ashley then pushed and wiggled her pussy tighter against Keisha's face .

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   Ohhhh. . . shit. . . ohhh. . god. . Yes. . yesss, The blond girl screamed out as she went through her finale stage of an orgasm with the help of keisha's experienced tungue and mouth . This truly was turning me on . And thats where I realized these two young girls were probably more experienced sexualy at least then I was .

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Ashley rolled off from keisha looking exausted her skin was flushed a slight red color . I noticed a clear sheen of her madams pussy juice all around her mouth and lips . They did'nt see me and Trudy standing in the door way . Keisha changed her position so she could lay down beside Ashlee so she could kiss her own juices off from the teens lips with her full red african lips and tungue .

"Mmmm Ashley baby that was so good, Keisha said as she lowerd her lips to Ashley's as she laid on her back breathing heavy in the after glow of her massive orgasm . Ashley kissed the pretty black woman back with passion.

Keisha was one of the second girls she'd kissed today the first was Trudy and she hoped she was doing it right as her tungue licked and danced against Keisha's tungue . She could taste her own pussy flavor . And she liked how it tasted .

"Um. . . Keisha I hate to break you beauties up, But the guys are here to pick us up for the weekend, Trudy said . Then she giggled "Hee. .

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  hee, And placed her hand over her red lips to quiet her laughter . As both Keisha and Ashley
looked at me and Mike standing in the door way .

"Trudy why the fuck did you let them watch us, "Girl I ought'a kick your ass all the way back to Mount Shasta, Where you came from, Said Keisha .

"We're sorry keisha but that was totaly freaking hot girl, Said Mike trying to calm the tall African woman down . Then I butted in . "Excuse me but its getting late and we should be getting back to my place, Befor it gets to late,

"Yeah Ashley get up and get your things packed girl, "Because we're going to MALIBU BABY, screamed Trudy

. Then I watched my girl Ashley jump off from the bed still nude and start jumping up and down as if she had just won the lottery or something "Malibu california here we come, Said Ashley . Both girls showed their chidlish side as they danced and jumped around the room . Then Trudy went over to a CD player and hit the play button and Katy Perry's song California girls started playing .

This let me see all of the girl I was to spend the weekend with . I noticed every perfect curve of her luscious body . Her face was perfect with out any blemishes her eyes were bright blue they reminded me of the Pacific Ocean on a sunny Malibu day . Her hair was a mix of platinum and yellow blond . She kept it cut shoulder length and it was so silky looking . She stood at least five foot six .

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  She may have weigh'd about ninety five pounds . Her body was slender her breast were small round and firm. As she jumped around they jiggled just right . Her tummy was flat and perfect . Below her waist was perfect also . She had just a thin patch of pubic hair that was well trimed . And it looked like she bikini waxed her self between her slender thighs . Her legs "Oh yes her legs" . I thought to myself were perfect not to slender and not to fat . "Needless to say this girl was beautiful"

But she was so young I was so afraid once she met me she would'nt like me due to our twenty four year age difference . Then she surprised me and came over to me still nude . And wraped her arms around me . "Thank you mister" . As she held me tightly she said . "I grew up in a small town in Kansas and I've never seen the pacific ocean befor, "Especially from a place like Malibu" She looked up at me with her bright blue eyes and asked.

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   "Is it really as pretty as the picures I've seen"

"Yes its pretty but not as pretty as you are sweet heart" . I said. Then she kissed me . And when she kissed me I felt like a school boy that just received his first kiss from the prettiest girl in school. "Oh how rude of me I haven't introduced my self, "My names Jack Anderson,

"Well hi Jack, "my names Ashley, she said nervously . "Your a very good look'n guy, Mutch better then most of the men Jimmy sets me up with, "I think you and I will have a good time this weekend, Then she said "Well please excuse me I better start packing, And turned and walked over to her dresser .

"Come out her boys and let them pack, Said Keisha now dressed back into her silky red teddy . "Did you bring the money Mike as she gave my friend a kiss on his right cheek . "Yes honey its right her in this envelope, . Then she walked into the living roorm and we followed . The appartment was decorated in an african motif . With animal carvings and pictures of african scenery . As I looked around I liked how Keisha had decorated the place it was pretty compared to the outside of the ran down appartment complex .

"I'm raedy to go Jack" I heard Ashley say from behined me . And I turned to see how truly ready she was .

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   She had put some light blue eye shadow on which made her blue eyes look even bluer . She used gloss pink lip stick that made her lips look so kissable . And for cloths she put on a white peasant blouse that she wore off of her shoulders with no bra on so her pert niples showed through the thin cotton fabric . For her bottom half she put on a pair of tight fitting daisy duke cut off shorts . And she wore a pair of burgandy colored thong panties under her shorts with the lace waste band pulled up high on her hips . On her feet she put on a pair of pink cow girl boots and she complemented her legs with a pair of black fish net stockings .

"Wow" was about all I could say. And again I felt like I was that young school boy . But this brought out the most beautiful smile from this pretty young teen . When she heard my reaction to her sexy outfit .

Then her beautiful best friend Trudy came walking out with her long curly red hair tied back her face was made up perfectly with blue eye shadow and gloss red lip stick . She put on a yellow cotton speghetty strap midrif top . She wore no bra either and her slightly larger breast and niples stood out nicely through the thin material . And she wore a very short pink skirt with a hello kitty belt buckle . On her feet she wore red stelleto heels .

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  And for stockings she wore pink knee high nylons .

"Oh look at you girl" . Said Mike with his eyes almost popping out of his head . As he cheked out her sexy look . "Jack we need to get these little ladies back to our place and soon, Said Mike

"I totaly agree my friend" I replied as I eye'd my sexy young weekend date Ashley . I saw that she packed an old back pack full of her things and I went to take it from her . As I took it she seemed surprised that I wanted to carry her bag . Right away I noticed she was'nt used to guys that were actualy gentelman . "Oh ok thank you so mutch Jack" She said with another big smile . "Come on Mike grab Trudy's bag and lets get going, "Times being wasted her"

At the car I had Ashley sit in front with me . And Mike and Trudy took the back seat . "Oh man this car has a huge back seat Mike'y, "You and me can have us a fuck and suck on wheels back here baby" Said Trudy . Then she bent over to climb across the seat Mike and I both noticed she was'nt wearing any panties .

"Hey trudy baby you forgot your panties, said Mike jokingly . "No baby I did'nt forget my panties, "Now get in here baby I've really been missing you .

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   Said Trudy as she looked back at Mike with a sexy smile. And with her legs wide open . Teasing him as she rubbed her fingers over her bare cunt lips . This made Mike jump in quickly . Then I climbed in to the drivers seat . As I climbed in Ashley scooted up close to me . Then I smelled her intoxicating perfuem .

"Mmm you smell fantastic whats your perfuem called, . I asked Ashley . "Its called Shakira, "Its her new fragrance, Do you really like it . She said as if maybe I did'nt . "Oh yes sweetheart I really do like it . Then I stole a kiss from her sweet lips and started the car . "Hey Mike why don't you spark up that joint you have" . Then I pulled out towards HWY 105 west .


   I guess Trudy must have been nice and stoned by this time because she gave Ashely a dare

"Hey Ashley I dare you to flash your tits at these truckers when we pass them. Then Ashley replied . "Your on girl lets do it" . We were rolling along side a large shiny red Peter Built . When they rolled down my tented passenger side windows and pulled their tops up shaking their tits at the trucker as we passed him .

"Hey driver you can look but you cant touch baby" Screamed Trudy as we passed him . This got a little scary when the driver swerved a little trying to get a better look at the two pretty young teens . So although sounding like a father disciplining his children I yelled out .

"Hey stop that girls or you'll get us all killed . "Or give that trucker a heart attack" . But we all had a good laugh about it as I turned up on to Hwy 405 north . As we were driving I heard a sucking and slurping sounds coming from the back seat . I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed Mike had a big smile on his face . Then Trudy's head popped up and she looked at Ashely who had been watching them all along .

"Come on Ash give Jack a blow job he looks a little tense up there" I saw that cute devilish smile on her face in the mirror .

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   And then I heard Ashley giggling . And then I felt her hands and fingers trying to unbuckle my belt .

"I am kind of curious about what kind of package you have in here" She said with a grin as she finally got the buckle and snap undone from my bermuda shorts . Then she pulled down my zipper . Then she reached into my boxer briefs and pulled out my cock with her soft fingers .

"Oh Jack baby you've got a nice big cock, "I don't know if I can get all of this in My little mouth" Said Ashley as she laid herself in to position so she could put my cock in her young mouth .

It was hard at first to keep from swerving but with a little willpower I kept the big Mercedes on the road . It had been a long time since I had received a blow job and I hoped I wouldent come to soon . "Mmm you taste so good, Ashley mumbled then she put me back in her mouth .

"Oh sweety where did you learn to suck cock like that . Her lips felt so soft and warm as she wraped them around my cock "Oh yes baby your doing me real good" I said as I started humping myself up and down a little trying to fuck her mouth . "Slurp. . slurp. .


  suck, Ashley was doing her best to get me off . Then I heard Mike grunting loudly behind me .

"Oh. . . ooh. . . Ahh. . ahh Yes baby your making me come Ohhh. . ha. . ha.

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  . ahh. "Slurp. . slurp. Trudy drank all of Mike's come down and then came up with her hair all a mess and let him watch her swallow it down . "Did you like that baby . Then she leaned up onto the front seat so she could watch her friend finish me off . "Suck that big dick Ashley suck that thing" . She yelled as she watched Ashley do her stuff .

"Oh. . Ahh. . .

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  Ahh. . oh shit I'm going to come" . I told her this thinking maybe the young teen did'nt swallow but as I came she just kept sucking until I was drained dry. "Oh. . shit. . yes. . yessss, "Oh baby that was fucking fantastic" . But then I found myself swerving to the left almost hitting semi as it passed us . I had to come back to my sinses and start driving again . She was laying on her back now looking up at me with my shrinking cock leaning against her right cheek and said "Did I do good Jack Hee. .

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  hee. . ha" She giggled then used her fingers to wipe away any left over come from her pink lips . I replied "Baby I could have killed us all, "But you did a fantastic job"

"Hey Ashley that was fucking hot, "Sit up and let me give you a kiss, "I do believe this was your first mobile B. J baby"

Said Trudy . Ashley replied "your right girl that was my first". As she sat up in the seat . Then they kissed passionately

"Mmm Ash he taste really good on you girl" Said Trudy then they both turned and sat down giggling like school girls.

I thought about it a minute then I said. "Come to think of it that was my first time to receive a blow job while I was driving, Can I get a kiss to . "Why sure handsome you get a kiss to, Said Ashley . Then she kissed me I felt her tungue press against my lips. And I let her sweet tungue enter my mouth and lick against mine . That school boy feeling came back again mixed with an electrical current of pleasure that ran through my body like a Pacific ocean wave .


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  Now go to Part 2 Of Young Whores in Malibu

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