Forbidden - Chapter 03



This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. I only hope that more is written about male pregnancy/transgender pregnancy. Thank You and Enjoy.


 Forbidden – Chapter 03


            Carefully, Tommy creeps into his father’s bedroom, just as he did the night before when he was bathed in his father’s cum. Tommy smiles to himself as he sees his father’s cock hard and ready, almost as if it was waiting for him to please it. Tommy takes up the same position he did last night, and doesn’t hesitate to take his father’s dick in his hands, and starts to stroke it. His father grunts in his sleep, feeling the warmth on his 12 inch rod.

            In contrast to last night, Tommy wastes no time getting his mouth on the cock in front of him. As his lips slip over the head, and further down the cock, he relishes the salty taste of the pre-cum on his tongue. As Tommy starts to bob his head on his father’s dick, he takes his free hand, and plays with his cum filled balls. Tommy starts out by simply massaging them, but gets rougher as he blows the dick in front of him. Suddenly, Tommy feels the balls in his hands starts to tighten, and smiles to himself as he stops, and pulls off his father’s dick. With a trail of pre-cum connecting the dick, and Tommy’s mouth in mid air, he smiles, and wipes it on his hands.

            Careful not to lose too much of it, he quietly takes off his own pants, which proved quite difficult with his own dick being rock hard. Using the mixture of pre-cum and spit on his hands, Tommy reaches around to his ass, and starts to lube up his tony rosebud.

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   He starts out with a single finger, but quickly expands to three and even four fingers. Tommy comments to himself, “I guess all the stretching I’ve been doin’ on my ass worked. ” As he works his fingers in and out of his ass, he starts pumping his hips on his fingers, desperate to get as much in him as he can.

            Eager to get his father’s monster inside him, he stops teasing his ass, and gives the cock one last good lick before he starts to mount it. At almost a painful pace, Tommy takes it slow as not to wake up his father. He turns around so his ass is facing his father’s sleeping face, and rises up to align the animal that made him with his asshole. As he feels the monstrous head touch his entrance, he shivers in a mix of longing and fear. He slowly sinks down, letting the head force itself past his entrance.

            Tommy gives a great sigh when he feels the head get past his entrance, and slip into him. Taking a moment to savor the feeling, he hears his father muttering something about “that feels great” in his lust-filled dream. He looks back to be greeted with a dreamy smile as his father still remains asleep. Turning his attention back to the task as hand, Tommy carefully sinks himself further into his father’s dick. He gets a couple of inches before he has to stop, and let his insides get used to the size. As he looks down, he sees his own dick, harder than he ever imagined it would be. He feels his own balls touching the intruder in his asshole.

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            Felling more stretched than ever before, Tommy slides down his father’s cock even more, eager to get all of it inside him. As he feels it enter him, he relishes the feeling of every vein pulsing along it, knowing it’s because of him. As he continues to fit his father’s cock inside him, his own lust grows with every inch. Looking down, his lust is lit on fire by seeing the tremendous size of the cock, and seeing it slowly disappear inside his bottom. Suddenly, Tommy feels a rush of pain inside him, and feels a wall. Disheartened, Tommy remarks, “I guess this is the best I can do right now.

    ” Looking down, he’s really disappointed to see that he only had 3 inches to go. “Not too bad, my ass stuffed with 9 inches of baby maker isn’t too bad,” Tommy comments. Slowly, Tommy lifts himself off his father’s dick until only the head is left inside. Feeling empty without it there, he sinks himself back down onto it, careful not to push it too far, afraid that something might tear inside him.

                It only takes a few times pumping himself on the dick that made him, when he felt it. He knew it before it happened, the feeling that the cock was getting bigger inside of him coupled with the moaning behind him from his father’s sleeping form signaled that he was about to get an ass full of cum. Almost on cue, Tommy felt a hot, searing liquid erupt from the cock inside of him. Almost as if it was a reflex, the feeling of boiling hot cum being unloaded inside him signaled that his own dick to do the same, and it spewed its own cum onto the bed. Tommy’s own stream of cum stopped long before his father’s did.

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                It seemed endless, the stream of cum didn’t stop for quite a while. Tommy had never felt so full in his life. He was being pumped full of so much cum, his belly distended, giving his form the look of being early in pregnancy. Unable to keep his composure, Tommy falls forward onto his chest, his ass still plugged by the huge cock. When the eruption of cum finally subsided, his father’s cock softened enough for it to slide completely out of Tommy’s no longer virgin rosebud. All the cum pumped into him instantly gushed out, drenching his asshole, his own dick and balls, and the bed sheets of course.

                “What…. . What is this!?!?” Paul nearly yells as he takes in the scene in front of him, waking up from his slumber. Smiling to himself, Tommy rises up, and turns his head towards his father. As Tommy looks at him, he admires the look of lust, satisfaction, and terror on his face as Paul grasps what just happened. Smiling at his father’s face, Tommy simply responds, “What daddy? You can’t tell me you didn’t like it. ”


    To Be Continued.


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