The Reveal


Two young men, Gill and Abe head to the bar, both looking for a  good time, to get drinks and food to eat, watch TV, and a place to pick up chicks.   Gill is 5-10, weighing 180 pounds, wearing thick horn rimmed glasses, possessing freckles a beard, and dark brown hair, while wearing a collegiate sweater with a collar, and jeans.

Meanwhile, Abe is a 5-8, 101 pound male, has short, cropped, shiny blonde hair, a trim dark brown goatee, and is wearing a tightly pressed black shirt and skinny jeans hanging off his hips as it’s held together by a strong belt.


On the way to the bar, a bouncer stops them, and checks for their ID’s.


The bouncer, who is big enough to have played football in the pros, checks Gill Hudson’s ID, and immediately gives him the green light to go in.


Then, he checks Gill’s friend’s ID, Abe, before pausing.


The bouncer looks at the ID, before glancing at the blonde-haired androgyne who has seemingly less than believable goatee on him, and is wearing a tightly-pressed black shirt, which is underneath a loosely hung plaid shirt, with men’s blue jeans, and thin rimmed glasses.


The bouncer goes up to Gill’s friend and says, “Alright.   You pass…Abe.   But just so you know, you’re the weeniest looking boy I’ve ever seen.   Beat it and scram, before I lift your shirt and give you a wedgie. ”


The blonde haired androgyne frowns and says, “Whoa, I want no trouble. ”


The bouncer then inquires, “You aren’t related to Lizzie Barnes…. the porn star…are you?”


Abe frowns, panicking before calming down.


He gathers himself and says coolly, “Well, I’m her older brother.   Foster…brother.

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The bouncer then tells his new entrant, “Well, you are one lucky boy, to be able to see her undress. ”


Abe laughs nervously and says happily, “Hehe.   Well, I guess I am.    A lucky boy. ”


The bouncer replies, “Well, good for you.   Tell Elizabeth I said hello. ”


Abe looks at the bouncer timidly, with a scared look in his eye and somewhat repulsed, before looking at the floor and walking in.


The bouncer gives an awkward, icy stare at Abe before letting him walk into the club, as he successfully doesn’t give in to look at Abe’s butt.


The bouncer then says to himself, He’s pretty…but he’s a boy.   Why does Abe look so much like his hot sister?  The big bouncer then slaps himself for having these feelings and starts to cry.

As Gill and Abe get in, Abe notices the surroundings around him, as he removes his glasses, and puts it in his jeans.


Abe thanks Gill for dressing him, whispering, “Thanks for everything.   I like how I have a smooth chest now. ”


Gill whispers back, “No problem Abe.   You’re my homey.

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Abe claps his hands with delight and squeals in a sing-song voice, “I’m a boy, I’m a boy, I’m a boy!”


Gill kicks him, reprimands him, and says, “Quiet!  Just act normal. ”


Abe frowns, and retorts, “I am normal. ”


Gill then says, “Well, remember our bet.   Whoever lands the most chicks wins. ”


Abe then says, “Okay.   I’ll win  because I’m a porn star, remember?”


Confused, Gill then scolds him, replying, “No, you’re Abe.   Remember? But if you’re actually Lizzie, then you’re cheating, and then I win.   I’ll bet 500 dollars. ”


Abe then exclaims with delight, “Alright Gillie boy.   Easy money.   Ha!  You’re going to eat my va…. crotch.   Crotch. ”


Gill raises his eyebrow, and then says, “Win-win either way. ”

Abe raises an eyebrow, before furrowing it, and being disgusted with his answer.

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He kicks him and says, “Eww!  Jerk.   I’ll shove…my big fat cock down your throat since you’re being so rude.   So suck…my dick, hillbilly. ”


Gill apologizes and says, “I’m sorry.   I was joking. ” 


Abe reprimands him and retorts, “Well, it wasn’t funny!  You know I’m not like other guys here.   I’m barely equipped as is to count as one.   I’ll smack you if you blow my cover. ”


Gill replies, “I know.   I should remember, that you’re my best friend right now.   You’re-you’re my…boy. ”

Abe then says reassuredly,” Good.   I am your girl…boy.   I meant boy.   And no hitting on me jokes.

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Raising an eyebrow, Gill agrees again, though he shakes his head at the slight or almost Freudian slip his friend made.


A tall, blonde haired woman with DD-cup breasts approaches them, wearing a black fedora, a tank top, suspenders, and dark brown women’s jeans.   She’s 6 feet tall possessing 125 pounds, and has a pierced tongue, nose ring, and nipples beneath her tank top concealed with a nearly oversized coat.


 Meanwhile, a brown haired androgyne sidles up next to this woman, wearing a sweater, a necklace, and black pants.   He states his name as Nathan, as he is barely 5 feet 6 with shoes, weighing about 120 pounds, as he possesses trim abs, with larger hips and a bigger chest than most males his size, and is possibly wearing lifts beneath his soles, adding two inches to his height.


The blonde haired woman says, “Hello, handsome men.   My name is Charlotta Knight, while my friend’s name is Nathan. ”


Nathan, then says, “Yeah, short for Nathaniel Louis Day.   But my friends call me Mr. Day. ”


Nathan gestures for Abe, smiles and licks his lips, and tells him to bring his friend Gill, while Charlotta reaches for Abe’s pants and tugs at it, before Abe puts his hands in front of his crotch.


Hesitating, Abe smiles and tells Charlotta coyly, “Name’s Abe by the way.   I’m here with my friend Gill.   You know, I’m…a shy boy.   I don’t think we should do it here.

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Nathan then says, “Okay Abe.   Well, you and you’re friend, should meet us for some some late night swimming at the rec center.   I’m a good athlete. ”


Charlotta tells them, “Well, arrive at 9:00 p. m.   We’ll be here at 8:45 p. m. , because we know where the place is, handsome. ”


Abe then says, “Cool.   Gill, are you ready to go?”


Gill, who is finishing a beer, then says, “Yeah.   Let’s go. ”


Just before the four of them leave, a man approaches them.   He is 6-5, 220 pounds, and is in his mid-20s, as he is wearing a wife-beater as he is wearing sunglasses indoors as well as cargo pants.


The man approaches Abe and says, “Hey, I see you’re with some company.   You think I should join?  Tell that big-titted, busty lady (Charlotta) that I’m her best lover.

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   Name’s Don Buck, and I’m here to fuck. ”


Charlotta then says, “No thanks, Don.   We’re going to the swimming pool, but you’re not invited. ”


Later she says to Abe, Nathan, and Gill, “Gang?  We ready to go?”

They agree that they are ready to go, and head out to the swimming pool.


Nathan and a new buddy, Otto, arrive at the swimming pool first.


The two of them head into the men’s locker room, as a tall man, being 6-4 in height of an undetermined race walks out, and looks quizzically at them, confused as to wonder if they were really guys, before deciding at the last minute that they are.


As they get to the locker room, Nathan removes his sweater, to show a tightly compressed black shirt.   Otto then removes his jacket, and then ponders whether to remove his shirt before going into the water.


Meanwhile, Gill and Abe finally get to the gym where they are in the middle of an ongoing conversation.


While doing so, Gill asks, “So Nathan is Louise’s brother?”


Abe then says, “I don’t know.   I know Louise personally, and hang out with her occasionally, but she never talks about her family much.   Louise’s like a fun, tomboy sex kitten. ”


They head on to the men’s locker room, as the local college kid checking their ID’s okays them, not even looking twice at them as he gets back to work.


While they head to the men’s room, Abe and Gill look for Nathan, who surprisingly is with another friend, Otto.


Abe speaks up and says, “So Nathan, I assume this is your new friend?  Where the heck is Charlotta?”


Nathan then says, “Oh, she’ll arrive later.

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    She unexpectedly has an autograph show to attend, to which she’s late for that.   This is my friend.   Otto. ”


Otto then says, “Hello, men.   I…am Otto.   Let’s head to the pool. ” 


As Otto and Nathan head to the pool, Gill couldn’t help but stare at the back of Otto’s swimming trunks, as he noticed a plump, round ass on the back of him.


Gill thought to himself, strange, he’s a normal man like myself.    Just don’t do anything weird.  


So the four of them head to the pool in surfer like, black and blue swimming shirts, each wearing swimming trunks, as Gill looks significantly the most masculine of the four, followed by Otto, Nathan, and last, Abe.


They talk to each other, each goofing around.


Gill talks to Otto, “So Otto, how long have you known Nate?”


Otto says to Gill somewhat nervously, “The cute little bastard?  About four years.   We’re not dating, as I’m into girls.   As in chicks.   He’s one of my best friends, and we just hang out and stuff.

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    He’s a maaaaaaan. ” 


Gill then says to Otto, “Cool.   So what is your occupation, Otto?”


Otto replies, “I’m a college student.   Yep, I’m looking to finish a degree so I can head to med school. ”


Gill replies, “So you can be a doctor?”


Otto then says, “Nurse.   I always wanted to be a male nurse. ”


Gill then says, “Cool.   There aren’t too many of those.   I’m in college, too, I’m an aspiring accountant to be, just hanging out with my friend, Abe.   I don’t get out much, as I usually go home on the weekends. ”


Otto then says, “It’s more fun when you do stuff. ”


Gill laughs and says, “Yes it is. ”


Otto asks Gill, “So how do you know Abe?”


Gill replies, “Sh-I mean, he, is in my math class.   I haven’t previously talked much to him except to help him on math homework, but we’ve been hanging out more lately.   He’s just the sweetest boy I’ve ever met, he’s like a cool, younger brother to me.

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Otto replies, “Aww.   That’s so nice.   Good friendship just makes my heart warm. ”


Meanwhile, Abe talks to Nathan.


Abe says, “So Nate, what’s it like to date Charlotta?”


Nathan then says, “Oh, we’re not dating.   We’re casual lovers.   We play around, hang out, it’s totally cool. ”

Abe replies in an almost masculine voice, “But Charlotta is wicked hot!  You must be head over heels for her. ”


Nathan then says, “Not really.    Sometimes, we kiss and stuff, but we’re roomies…with benefits.   It’s all good. “


The four men play around in the water, and goof off, as they have fun until Nathan pulls Abe’s shorts down underwater.



Upset, Abe splashes water at Nathan, grabs his shorts, and storms off, while Otto and Gill take turns diving into the pool.


Abe storms off into the men’s locker room, while Nathan chases him, apologizing furiously.



Otto then follows them in, as Gill is left in the pool, hanging by himself.

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Nathan apologizes sincerely to Abe, and Abe accepts his apology.   Otto then comes in the men’s room afterwards and takes a shower in his swimwear, while using soap to wash his body.



Then, Abe playfully tears off Nathan’s shorts…. to reveal that Nathan is wearing…. a strap-on penis packer underneath.


A tall, muscular, well built, cantankerous man showering next to them, briefly glances at them before going back to shower in the nude.



Abe then asks, “Wait…so Nate, are you…Louisa?”

Nathan pulls his pants up, startled, and exclaims, “No?!?!?!?  I’m a boy.   She’s my sister, you idiot?”



Abe, remembering that they are in the men’s locker room, and absolutely didn’t want to get them him or Nathan kicked out, as he is quite fond of his newfound friend.


Abe then replies, “Well, can I check you for blue balls, sir?”


He winks at Nathan, as Nathan agrees to this.   They then get out of the open shower area into a closed off one-person shower room with a curtain, where there’s a bench, a door that locks, and plenty of room for more than one person to be in.



Abe then says, “Okay Nathan, I will do some things that may refresh your memory.   But don’t’ squeal like a sissy boy, or you’ll get kicked out.   You’re safe here. ”

Abe and Nathan sit down on a bench, both fully clothed, and start jerking their own penises.



Nathan gives himself an erection, by placing a hand underneath his prosthetic balls, and jerks his cock with one hand, while rubbing his pussy with the other.




Meanwhile, Abe does the same, as both of them start to cum with ecstasy.  They quietly stop mid-way, as Nathan takes off his shirt, and takes off his wig, revealing long flowing, dark brown hair, with a painted on mustache on his face.


Abe asks Nathan quietly, “You are Louisa, aren’t you?  I used to date you. ”

Nathan quietly nods his/her head, and is in fact Louisa.  


Louisa/Nathan then whispers quietly, “Natalie is my middle name.   But in here, I’m a transman.   Men’s room?  So call me Nathan, my boy’s name.  Don't turn me in.  I'm jealous, of you, being a real boy. ”


Abe smiles and starts kissing Nathan’s nipples as Nathan starts rubbing his pussy.     As Abe reache his hand to finger Nathan’s pussy, Otto knocks on the door, asking to be let in.



Otto asks, “Hello, are there anyone in there?  I’d like to re-shower in there myself. ”


Abe and Nathan, recognizing Otto’s voice, let him in, as Abe is clothed with his penis packer hanging partially out of his shorts, Nathan wearing only his strapon penis packer, as Otto comes in the room.



Otto starts to undress himself in front of both of them, revealing his rather large buxom of a chest, and lets his hair loose, now wearing only a painted on dark brown goatee to go along with his shiny blonde hair, and shorts to hide his penis (packer).

He starts jerking his weiner to Abe and Nathan, who is now humping Nathan in his pussy while Nathan rubs his prosthetic penis, trying to hide his squeal, as he moans with delight.

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Meanwhile, Abe shoots a glance at Otto, and asks him, “Are you by any chance, Charlotta?”


Otto, rasing an eyebrow, asks Abe, “Are you by any chance…. . Lizzie?”


Abe and Otto both say no, as they both shake their heads.   Realizing that it’s the men’s room, both refuse to state their real names, as both really secretly know the other person’s real name and gender.


Otto continues to masturbate his pussy beneath his strapon penis packer underneath his shorts while rubbing his tits at the same time, until the door being unlocked, gets propped open by Gill.


Hurriedly, Nathan grabs a towel to hide his chest and immediately puts on the wig that was previously on the floor, and Otto wears a shirt to hide his rather large chest, and grabs his realistic looking wig to wear it just before Gill opens the door.


Gill walks in the room, confused, and asks, “Are you guys having gay sex with each other?  Abe?  Nathan and Otto? What’s going on?”


Abe then shoots Gill a fierce look and sternly says, “Yes, but don't tell anyone.  Gill, let us guys be in peace. ”


Gill, not wanting to blow his friend’s cover just yet, agrees, and says, “Okay, my man, I’ll just shower in the open.   You guys are welcome to join if you’re not shy about yourselves. ”


The three other young men laugh quietly as they are all biologically female, while Abe puts a finger to his mouth to have Nathan and Otto keep quiet.   


Meanwhile, Nathan throws his towel and wig to the ground, and lets his boobs hang down as he gets humped in the vagina by Abe.


Meanwhile, Abe gets up from the bench to start humping Nathan in the ass doggystyle as Otto continues to masturbate himself in his crotch area.


This goes on for several minutes, with Abe slapping Nathan’s ass, as Otto’s loving every single minute of it, while Nathan rubs his pussy.


Then, Otto joins in, getting his penis out from his shorts, and goes in to hump Nathan’s pussy as well.

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    Louisa/Nathan yelled, “I want your semen inside me, men!”


     Both Abe and Otto join in to stand up and hump Nathan until both men couldn’t stand it anymore, as Otto removed his cock, with Nathan’s drooling vagina stench dripping onto his Otto’s strapon penis.   Abe pulls out of Nathan’s ass, as the three men rub themselves before pissing through their penis packers and outwardly onto the floor, as all three start to pee and ejaculate like real men.   (Yes.   Abe is a female to male transman posing as a cisguy, while Otto and Nathan are borderline transmen, most likely genderqueer, switching back in forth between lesbian and transmen. )


    Then, Otto rips his shorts wide open, and slides his penis packer, showing his vagina.


    This just confirms to Abe what he felt all along, but didn’t want to say.   Otto is Charlotta.


    Abe puts his penis packer inside his shorts, not wanting to give away himself, but removes his top.   At times, Abe’s breasts would shrink to a B-cup size, so even if he bares his breasts, sometimes he could still get away with looking like a guy.


    Gill opened the door and asked, “Hello…whoa…guys?”


    Gill then walks in the room, shoots a fierce glance at Charlotta/Otto, and asks to hump his/her bushy vagina.


    Otto nods his head slowly, but reconsiders to say, “Only if you call me Otto.   And in the butt only, like a real man!  I don't like being humped in the vag, because I call it my cock. ”


    So, Gill starts humping Otto’s butt, while Otto starts humping Nathan’s vagina, simultaneously with Abe kissing Nathan in the mouth and fingering Nathan’s butt hole.


    Otto then screams like a gay man, and says, “Oh my god, yes!  You’re fantastic, Gill!  You’re the coolest!”


    Gill then humps Otto for several more minutes, before pulling out, as Otto pulls out too, as they both cum onto Nathan, with Abe cumming onto Nathan as well.


    Gill said, “Well men, this has been brilliant.

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        Let’s do this again sometime. ”


    Lizzie, Louisa, and Charlotta, as Abe, Nathan, and Otto, agree, as Otto then says, “You were fantastic, Gill. ”


    Gill says, “You are the most beautiful, hunk of a man I’ve ever seen Charlotta…I mean Otto. ”


    Charlotta laughs, as she grabs her clothes.


    Meanwhile, Lizzie went undetected by Louisa, and somewhat undetected by Charlotta under her guise as Abe, as both Louisa and Charlotta were fascinated with the thin beautiful blonde man, who had more than a normal sized chest for a boy, hidden inside his tightly pressed shirt, as he put his shirt back on.   Louisa and Charlotta couldn’t even fully tell, even when Lizzie had her top off, under her male guise as Abe.


    Charlotta then says to Abe, “For a minute, I thought you were someone I knew.   But I guessed wrong.   You are nice boyfriend for Louisa.   Thanks for hooking up with us. ”


    Blushing, Abe says, “No problem. ”


    And then Lizzie as Abe thanks Charlotta, as Charlotta winks at Abe, as if to secretly know her guise almost the entire time.  


    So, Gill, with Lizzie, Charlotta, and Louisa (the three all dressed as men) walk out of the closed off shower area as they prop open the door to walk past the open shower area and into the locker room.   Several men are still there, getting dressed, and are not paying attention to anything around.


    Lizzie thought, looks like the room they were just in was soundproof to all, except maybe Gill.

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        Strange.   Maybe he has some special detection skills.   But Lizzie thought, but how did he know where the secret bath-house, shower room was?


    Then, all four of them piss in urinals, where they start the pissing contest, with Gill obviously winning, with Charlotta (as Otto) finishing a close second, followed by Lizzie (as Abe), and last Louisa (as Nathan), who was obviously trailing them.   They wrap up and wash their hands, and they proceed to walk out of the open urinals.


    So the four of them walk out of the men’s room, without anyone paying much attention.   As Lizzie, Charlotta, and Louisa are in their male garb, leaving with their breasts bound, and penis packers hanging beneath their waists, but inside their clothing.


    As the four of them walk out of the rec center, Louisa/Nathan kisses Lizzie/Abe, and Charlotta/Otto kisses Gill.


    Gill tells Charlotta, “Charlotta, it’s been a great night with you.   You are the loveliest woman I’ve ever been with. ”


    Lizzie and Charlotta both give Gill an awkward stare.   Puzzled, Gill goes to shake Charlotta’s hand.


    Charlotta shakes Gill’s hand and says, “To you Gill, my name is Otto.   Not a famous female porn star like I am to everyone else, but to you, I’m a male tranny boy.   This will be one of our secret get togethers, and times where I get to unleash my male side.  Underneath my popularity, secretly, I am a gay, bisexual man attracted to men and women.

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    Gill then laughs and says, “Alright, you got it, Otto.   You are a handsome, charming, smooth man, and a good friend.   I like hanging with you and your friends. ”


    Otto/Charlotta then says, “Ditto.   Same here.   I love being a boy with you. ”


    Louisa then kisses Lizzie/Abe says, “Abe, it’s been great to fuck you, you and your brains out, as well as all of you.    I’m gonna go play football tomorrow, with some gals out in the fields areas.   I’ll put on a jersey, maybe a dress or most likely pants, and hope I get to see more of you!  You’re sweet, Abe!  You're the best boyfriend, ever!”


    Louisa kisses her friend again, as Lizzie, as Abe blushes.


    Lizzie/Abe then says, “You’re the best, Louisa. ”


    Charlotta, then tells Gill and Lizzie, “I’ll call you.   Don’t know when, but will sometime. ”


    Gill says, “Great.   Good hanging out with you guys. ”


    So they get into their cars, with Gill and Lizzie going in one car, and Charlotta and Louisa going in the other.

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    They drive off in different directions, leaving as the rec center now closes shortly around midnight.


    Lizzie talks to Gill, saying, “So, that was a great night, right Gill?”


    Gill then says, “Yeah, we both got some action.   You as a dude.   And Louisa doesn’t even know.   Totally fooled her. ”


    Lizzie smiles as Gill extends his hand, for Lizzie to high five it.


    Lizzie laughs and says, “But she will know, eventually.   I like being a boy, even if it’s just for today.   I got to show my man side, which I like. ”


    Gill laughs and says, “So, about that bet, let’s call it off. ”


    Lizzie then says, “Right on, brotha. ”


    Gill then puts his arm around Lizzie affectionately, saying, “You’re my adopted bro…sis. ”


    Lizzie laughs and asks, “Aww, thanks.  Am I your bro?”


    Gill then says, “You’re my bro, Liz.   I enjoy going on adventures with you as Abe.

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    Later they drive on, where Gill drops off Liz/Abe, and as Gill drives on home to his apartment.


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    The escort girls in Batumi are a testament to the city's diverse cultural heritage. They represent a wide array of ethnic backgrounds, each bringing their unique beauty, charm, and sophistication. The girls are not just physically attractive but also intellectually engaging, often multilingual and well-versed in various subjects. This makes them excellent companions for social events, business dinners, or simply exploring the city's nightlife.

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    The nightlife in Batumi is a vibrant mix of high-end clubs, cozy bars, and seaside restaurants. The city never sleeps, and neither do its inhabitants or visitors. The escort girls in Batumi are an integral part of this nightlife, often accompanying clients to these venues, providing companionship, and ensuring a memorable night out.
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    Sex in Batumi, especially with the escort girls, is considered a unique experience. It is characterized by mutual consent, respect, and understanding between the parties involved. The girls are professional, discreet, and prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their clients. They are well-versed in various sexual practices, ensuring a diverse and fulfilling experience.

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    Tourism in Batumi is another aspect that draws visitors from all over the world. The city is known for its stunning architecture, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. The escort girls often double as tour guides, taking clients around the city's landmarks, sharing interesting facts and stories, and providing an intimate, personalized tour experience.

    In conclusion, Batumi is a city that offers a unique blend of culture, nightlife, and tourism. The escort girls are a significant part of this experience, providing companionship, entertainment, and a unique perspective of the city. Their beauty, charm, and professionalism make them an unforgettable part of any visitor's journey to Batumi.
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