help from mum

True Story

This is my first story and is true, any comments are welcome. This story happened a couple of years ago when I was 17.

I have always had a thing for sniffing dirty knickers and using my mums was no exception. I had come home from work early as it wasnt busy. I thought no one was home and went straight upstairs. It was a hot day and I was feeling horny.

I went into the bathroom and went through the wash bin, were we store all the dirty washing. Right on the top of the pile was a fresh pair of my mums knickers, they were a silky black thong. I took them into my room and when I looked at them, they were all wet and still creamy. I thought mum must have been horny then got changed and went out.

When I smelt them and tasted my mums juices I got an instant hard on. I let my shorts drop to the floor and wanked furiously while I sniffed and tasted the thong. I must have been really into it as I didnt her mum coming up the stairs. I dont even know how long she been standing there watching. All I heard was a cough.

"Are you enjoying my creamy thong?" she asked me.

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   I nearly collapsed there and then. I dived under the bed sheets, but it was too late she had seen everything. "Dont be embarrased' she said and put her hand down her pants and began rubbig. She came over to the bed ad moved the sheet out of the way.

I couldnt beleive what was happening, my heart was pounding. She picked up the thong and put it to my face, with the other hand she grabbed my cock. It instantly began throbbing again, and when mum felt that she began rubbing it faster and faster. It didnt take me long to cum. It went everywhere, all over my mums hand and all over her pants.

She just wiped the cum off her hands and pants with the thong and then went n got changed leving me lying there in bed. .

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