my best sex by far

True Story

she was wearing a black silk dress.

she took off my clothes. and i helped her undress her silk black dress.
we took a shower. she washed my cock, then she showered. she was saying something that she hasnt seen curcumsized guys before.

it was kinda cold when we came out, and we were both shivering. so i turned off the aircon
she pushed me on the bed climbed over me and started kissing
she suck on my nipples abit
then go to sucking my cock
i toss her around
we got back to kissing again after that

she put on a condom on me. and i fuck her in missionary. nice and slowww. i kiss her while fuckin. start kissing her neck. then her nipples i show her how we should fuck nice and sloowwww.

then i lie in a flat kneeling pos and she sit on my cock and she rides my cock, rocking it back and forth, swirling her hips around. while we keep kissing. i'm kissing her ears and neck and shoulders.

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   she's moaning

she gets off and i pull her to the edge of the bed. and start fucking her, more rough this time. she's clawing my back. sometimes i tease her asshole with my fingers and she squeels.

i push her onto the middle of the bed again. then tilting her to the side putting her one leg over my shoulder, and fuck her like a scissor. soon we're kissing again and i'm sucking ber nipples and caressing her. i play with her hair. looking deep into her eyes. she's giggling and smilling. while i'm still in her.

i pull her up on my lap again and we fuck like this. hugging each other close. really feeling each others bodies rock in harmony. kissing and fucking.



i pull out and notice the condom is slipping i pull it up. there's abit of cum coming out but i'm still hard.

i try to do the pos where i fuck her while standing and i'm carrying her. bt she's quite heavy since she's almost my height

i put her on the table top and spread her legs and start fucking her. more rough this time. she's screaming and moaning.

we get on the bed again. she's kinda tired. so i just push my cock in her and leave it in her while saying sweet things to her and caressing her boday. looking into each others eyes. i ask her to flex her pussy muscules and squeeze my cock. at 1st she doesnt get it. bt then she start doing it.

she buckes her hips against me to keep fucking her. i pick up the pace and now we're fucking more rough than earlier.

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   really feel myself deep in her and there's nothing between us. her hads grabbing me to hold her close and clawing my back.

once again i bring her up on my lap to sit on my cock. we fuck like this for a while more intimate than rough. finally still i'm hard bt i pull off the condom. cum leaking out cock still hard like steel. she gave me a hand job but still its hard. then we shower.

afterwards she dress up and help me dress up too. she put on my clothes. even my socks and shoes and we leave the room

we took it nice and slow. this was not just sex, it was making love. lot of kissing. sometimes she was annoyed that my subtle was scratching her. bt it didnt stop her from kissing.

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   i will never forget this girl, the best sex i ever had


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