neighborly lust

True Story

Remembering the night I had taken my neighbor by surprise and how that night introduced me to cheating and fucking other men while I was married.

My ex and I would fantasize about us having a threesome or foursomes with other men while we had sex. He would dare me to find a man or men and bring them home.

Jeff moved across the street from us with his family. I wasted no time in asking my husband to invite them to a welcome to the neighborhood party on the weekend.

We were drinking and all having a good time and getting along. Jeff’s wife was tall, 5’6” or 5’7”, long legs and attractive, light skinned, but carried a little extra meat on her ass. Her hair was blonde just past her shoulders. Me, I am short 5’4” and 115 lbs. I have long black hair. (I died it black for my husband). My breasts are firm at 34 with large round brown nipples, but my husband says my breasts are bigger than 34, my skin is tanned and my Latina ass is tight. My Latina blood is hot and I would crave sex. I have a high sex drive.

I went to the kitchen to grab some more beer and sex on the beach shots for all of us. When I got back to the entertainment room I needed to go to the bathroom and saw the door closed downstairs, so I took a sex on the beach shot and told Jeff’s wife I’ll be back and went upstairs to my bedroom.

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Thinking our new neighbor was downstairs I was expecting to see my husband. I opened the door to the bathroom in my bedroom and there was Jeff, standing and getting ready to take care of business. I couldn’t help but look at his cock. It was long and thick. And that was without a hard on. I said sorry and excused myself, but he said it was ok. I took a bold move, I walked over to him and grabbed his cock with my hand and said let me help you. My hand only covered half the length of his dick and my fingers couldn’t completely wrap around his dick.

Jeff’s dick felt at least 9” long and as thick as a beer bottle. I wanted him so bad; I wanted his dick in the worst way. I had never cheated before, but I also never seen a dick like this before in my life or been fucked by such a large cock. I could feel my pussy getting wet, dripping, my cum running down my thighs.

When he was done I told him not to move and pulled my panties down and raised my skirt and said my turn, I sat down while he stood in front of me and started to play with his dick. His dick started to get hard as I slowly stroked it back and forth as I peed. Jeff’s cock was way bigger than my husbands, and big like I always fantasized.

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   I always wanted to fuck a big cock.

I started to suck his dick; I could taste the pre-cum dripping from the head of his cock. His dick started getting bigger and wider. Jeff’s dick grew before my eyes, at least another 2” maybe 3”. My heart was pounding.

I stopped, thought to myself, “wow, it’s now or never”, and I got up, let my panties fall to the floor and grabbed him by his dick and pulled him to the double sink counter right next to the shower. I sat on the edge of the counter, and as I spread my legs and placed his dick on the tip of my wet pussy, he said “will get caught”, “no we won't, and my husband is too busy entertaining your wife”.

He raised my skirt to see his dick rub my shaved inviting pussy. I couldn’t wait anymore and time was limited. I pushed my pussy toward Jeff and let Jeff’s dick penetrate me. As I fucked his dick, I secretly wanted to be caught by my husband. I wanted my husband to see this huge dick as it slowly spread and stretched my pussy. Jeff fucked me slowly as he shoved his dick halfway in me, he grabbed my breasts. It was painful in the beginning; my pussy couldn’t handle all his dick. But I could see in it his eyes, as he stared at me, what was coming next.

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He grabbed my tits harder and was on the outer motion when all of a sudden he painfully pushed his huge hard long, thick dick in my pussy, I could not help but let out a big OOOWWWWWWW! shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a short and painful fucking, I pushed him out, got off the counter and turned around putting my hands on the counter and bent over, pushing my ass up against his hard dick and started to bounce my ass up and down, rubbing his hard cock with every bounce, I looked into the mirror and saw Jeff grabbed me tight by my hips and placed his hard dick on the edge of my pussy, I could feel my pussy lips opening up by themselves, wanting this big dick, and then, Jeff rammed his dick up my pussy.

I let out a loud moan (fuck) as I started to push my ass toward him, I could feel my pussy stretching with every thrust of Jeff’s cock. I was moaning and begging, Jeff to fuck me harder, “harder, harder, ooohh, damm't fuck me harder”. Jeff grabbed the back of my bra and pulled my bra hard as if he was riding a race horse and started slamming my pussy viciously, I could fell my ass shake and my ass tighten up at the same time.

I looked in the mirror and could see the ecstasy in my mouth and eyes, as I shifted my eyes I saw Jeff licking his fingers. I thought to myself “what is he going to do?” As Jeff’s hand disappeared I suddenly felt his finger on the tip of my asshole as he fucking shoved his finger up my ass and he started to finger fuck my ass, he grabbed my hip with his other hand and started to savagely shove his finger up my ass and his dick up my pussy.

After a short time of being savagely fucked with his dicks fucking motion between my legs and his finger in my ass, it started to make my legs tremble. My pussy was being stretched like nothing I have ever experienced. It was the twice the size as my ex-husband and more than my pussy had experienced.

My pussy was starting to ache, my body was spent, I was out of breath, I could feel my pussy being ripped apart and how it didn’t feel tight anymore, and started begging him to stop.

Every time I moaned stop, Jeff would push his cock harder and go deeper in my pussy as he dug all of his finger up my ass. I tried to get away, but with each attempt to get away, Jeff would grab my hip tighter and slam my pussy harder and deeper with his big dick. I could start to feel his balls slapping against my ass.

My pussy was somehow losing control, somehow, someway; my pussy was taking his entire dick, my pussy swallowing every inch of his long hard thick cock. I was wishing to myself to be fucked by dicks like this all the time.

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As he slipped out of my pussy I turned around and I fell to my knees and started to suck his dick. I ferociously sucked his big dick. I was so horny I tried to shove Jeff’s entire dick in my mouth as my face squirmed to get every inch that I could shove in my mouth. I could feel Jeff’s grab the back of my head and push my face toward his balls, I could not breathe and tried to pull away, but his grip on my hair was too strong as I started to gag, choke on the dick that I always fantasized about taking advantage of me.

My pussy was torn up; I could feel the wide opening he left my pussy as juices of my pussy ran down my thighs.

I could feel his legs buckle; I knew he was ready to cum. I grabbed his balls, squeezed them and let him cum in my mouth. I enjoy the taste of men's cum. Jeff shot his first load down my throat, his cum was thick, sticky, steamy and salty. I swallowed most of it as the rest of his cum ran down my mouth.

I could feel his second load getting ready to shoot, I stuck out my tongue and let Jeff’s cum fall on my tongue and swallowed his second load.

I looked up at Jeff as he shot the last of his load on my face. I tried to lick it with my tongue as I looked at him and said I hope you like it here in the neighborhood.

I said you can call me anytime when you need some sugar and you can definitely fuck me anytime with that beautiful dick.

Needless to say that was the beginning of my affair with him and other men while we were neighbors as I started to crave big dicks and found ways of cheating on my ex-husband.

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As we walked down the stairs my ex asked me where we were and I said I was showing him the house and then kissed my ex- husband and shoved my tongue into him. Hoping he would taste the cum left in my mouth and said “One day baby, I’m going to make all your fantasies and dares come true honey”…. .
One day…………….
As I walked away from my husband I wondered what he thought as I walked with my legs spread apart in the shape of a bow, just like if I had just ridden’ a horse and with my ass up in the air.

I felt my arm being grabbed by husband as he leaned in my ear and said, I dare you to whisper in Jeff’s ear and tell him you want to suck his dick again……………………


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